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H2020 projects about "chemotaxis"

The page lists 12 projects related to the topic "chemotaxis".

# achronym  title  year 
1 MagProtoCell Magnetic micromachines based on protocell design and engineering 2015
2 SUPRACELL_COMMUN_CCT Supracellular contractility dynamics and cell communication during collective chemotaxis. 2016
3 IMMUNE CELL SWARMS Innate Immune Cell Swarms: Integrating and Adapting Single Cell and Population Dynamics in Inflamed and Infected Tissues 2017
4 GRADIENTSENSING Cellular navigation along spatial gradients 2017
5 HITSCIL How intraflagellar transport shapes the cilium: a single-molecule systems study 2018
6 TLA-Gut Novel Personalized Cellular Therapy Approach for Immune Diseases 2018
7 ChemLife Artificial micro-vehicles with life-like behaviour 2018
8 Biosensor Design Engineering Chemotactic Biosensors for a Diverse Spectrum of Metastatic Markers 2020
9 SUMMIT Novel roles of dimethylated sulphur in marine microbial interactions 2019
10 MingleIFT Multi-color and single-molecule fluorescence imaging of intraflagellar transport in the phasmid chemosensory cilia of C. Elegans 2020
11 OMIT The role of microbial Oxylipins in the MIcrobe-hosT dialogue 2020
12 STOPATT Stochastic pattern formation in biochemical systems 2020