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H2020 projects about "chronology"

The page lists 32 projects related to the topic "chronology".

# achronym  title  year 
1 EPOCH GeoChem Early POpulations in Cretan History: Investigating residential mobility in the eastern Mediterranean using isotope GeoChemistry 2016
2 TEMPI The Time of Early Metalwork in Prehistoric Italy 2015
3 OCTANT Modeling the chronology of deep ocean circulation changes during abrupt climate transitions 2016
4 BIRTH Births, mothers and babies: prehistoric fertility in the Balkans between 10000 – 5000 BC 2015
5 ZF_Blood Less is more: Single Cell Analysis of Zebrafish Blood Development 2016
6 TIMBER Northern Europe's timber resource - chronology, origin and exploitation 2016
7 MedCoRes Mediterranean Coastal Resources: benefits and constraints for Prehistoric hunters-gatherers 2017
8 GECEM Global Encounters between China and Europe: Trade Networks, Consumption and Cultural Exchanges in Macau and Marseille (1680-1840) 2016
9 IFAMID Institutional Family Demography 2016
10 CLASP A Consolidated Library of Anglo-Saxon Poetry 2016
11 ECHOES Exact Chronology of Early Societies 2017
12 CROSSROADS Human Evolution at the Crossroads 2017
13 SIFINS Stable isotope signatures in dorsal fin spines as a non-invasive and non-lethal alternative to otoliths for reconstructing fish life and environmental history 2017
14 Womenswriting Women’s Plague Writing in Early Modern England 2017
15 BIOSTASIS BIOlogical SignaTures of AnhydrobioSIS via comparative transcriptomics on different evolutionary lineages within tardigrades 2018
16 CT ‘Challenging Time(s)’ – A New Approach to Written Sources for Ancient Egyptian Chronology 2018
17 EuroDag The first European daggers: Function, meaning, and social significance 2019
18 MINERVA Mapping intentionality: demonstrating innovation in Neolithic pottery uptake in the Eastern Balkans. 2018
19 BabyRhythm Tuned to the Rhythm: How Prenatally and Postnatally Heard Speech Prosody Lays the Foundations for Language Learning 2018
20 ChromaChron Development and commercialisation of a new purification system for contaminant-free radiocarbon dating 2019
21 SILVER Silver and the Origins of the Viking Age 2019
22 RESOLUTION Radiocarbon, tree rings, and solar variability provide the accurate time scale for human evolution and geoscience 2019
24 GeoArchMag Beyond the Holocene Geomagnetic field resolution 2018
25 ICORDA Ice CORe DAting tools revisited to infer the dynamic of glacial – interglacial transitions over the last 1.5 million years 2019
26 DEChriM Deconstructing Early Christian Metanarratives: Fourth-Century Egyptian Christianity in the Light of Material Evidence 2019
27 LArcHer Breaking barriers between Science and Heritage approaches to Levantine Rock Art through Archaeology, Heritage Science and IT 2019
28 MAYURB Understanding ancient urbanism: site planning and unintended consequences of the Classic Maya city as a model 2020
29 ARCHCAUCASUS Technical and Social Innovations in the Caucasus: between the Eurasian Steppe and the Earliest Cities in the 4th and 3rd millennia BC 2019
30 Back2theFuture Back to the Future: Future expectations and actions in late medieval and early modern Europe, c.1400-c.1830 2020
31 IsoCAN Isolation and Evolution in Oceanic Islands: the human colonisation of the Canary Islands 2020
32 EQUATE Bridging Europe: A Quaternary Timescale For The Expansion And Evolution Of Humans 2020