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H2020 projects about "complex"

The page lists 16 projects related to the topic "complex".

# achronym  title  year 
1 CRITICS Critical Transitions in Complex Systems 2015
2 HJMIGRA Single-molecule analysis of Holliday-junction (HJ) migration by the human double-HJ dissolvasome 2015
3 TOSSIBERG Theory of Stein Spaces in Berkovich Geometry 2015
4 ELC The evolution of linguistic complexity 2016
5 CoTraDy Combinatorics in Transcendental Dynamics 2017
6 HIntNets Higher-order interactions and Laplacian dynamics in complex networks: structure, dynamics and control 2017
7 NanoAID Advanced In-situ Techniques for the Development of Metal Oxide Nanostructures. 2017
8 TGRIP Nanostructured gripping material for clamping complex workpieces 2017
9 resiliANT Resilience in ant societies 2017
10 LearnAnx_CircAmyg Learning and Anxiety in Amygdala-based Neural Circuits 2017
11 iCOMM New Frontiers in Nanophotonics: Integrating Complex Beams and Active Metasurface Devices 2018
12 InvestorCliques Investor Cliques in Stock Markets 2018
13 SoEvoFish Coral reef fish shape our understanding of social evolution 2019
14 LYP-RIG Lyapunov exponents and rigidity phenomena in dynamical systems and mathematical physics 2019
15 MUCUS Modelling revolUtion for Complex flUid flow over Surfaces and walls 2020
16 AMPERE A Model-driven development framework for highly Parallel and EneRgy-Efficient computation supporting multi-criteria optimisation 2020