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H2020 projects about "confront"

The page lists 34 projects related to the topic "confront".

# achronym  title  year 
1 preQFT Strategic Predictions for Quantum Field Theories 2015
2 ADEMU A Dynamic Economic and Monetary Union 2015
3 REGMat Rotational effects on strongly gravitating systems with matter 2015
4 INDIMACRO Individual decisions and macroeconomic robustness 2015
5 MagneticYSOs Interpreting Dust Polarization Maps to Characterize the Role of the Magnetic Field in Star Formation Processes 2016
6 InvisiblesPlus InvisiblesPlus 2016
7 ELUSIVES The Elusives Enterprise: Asymmetries of the Invisible Universe 2016
8 CBTC The Resurgence in Wage Inequality and Technological Change: A New Approach 2016
9 B-response Memory and innate-like B-cell subsets: deciphering a multi-layered B-cell response in mice and humans 2016
10 GIFT Meaningful Personalization of Hybrid Virtual Museum Experiences Through Gifting and Appropriation 2017
11 Burst3D Type I bursts in 3D 2016
12 GLOBALPROD The Global and Local Organization of Production 2017
13 time-data Time-Data Trade-Offs in Resource-Constrained Information and Inference Systems 2017
14 CHILDMOVE The impact of flight experiences on the psychological wellbeing of unaccompanied refugee minors 2017
15 QUAKE4PRELIMAT Quantum Kinetic Equations for Pre-thermal Light and Matter 2018
16 GenHumChild Gender and transnational Humanitarian Commitment for Children (Europe - 1980-2007) 2017
17 FAIR LIMITS Can Limitarianism Be Justified? A Philosophical Analysis of Limits on the Distribution of Economic and Ecological Resources 2017
18 IN-PREP An INtegrated next generation PREParedness programme for improving effective inter-organisational response capacity in complex environments of disasters and causes of crises 2017
19 SPACE Space-time structure of climate change 2017
20 CyberGenetics Cybergenetics: Theory and Design Tools for Biomolecular Control Systems 2017
21 CIO Common Interactive Objects 2017
22 PISSARRO Photonic integrated devices for second order nonlinear optical processes 2018
23 CHILECTO Measuring Convergence and Divergence in Varieties of Chinese: A Lectometric Approach 2018
24 SOLARYS Composition of solar system small bodies 2018
25 NoLiMit Non-Linear Bayesian partition-modeling of the Earth's mantle transition zone 2018
26 highECS Reining in the upper bound on Earth’s Climate Sensitivities 2018
27 ModGravTrial Modified Gravity on Trial 2019
28 EuroPLEx European network for Particle physics, Lattice field theory and Extreme computing 2019
29 PROMINENT Solar prominences: unraveling the ultimate condensation catastrophe 2019
30 QTB4AMR Utilizing an innovative chemical platform to defeat antimicrobial resistance 2019
31 PRIDISP Understanding price dispersion: new structural models of price discrimination and applications 2020
32 IMPACTOUR IMproving Sustainable Development Policies and PrActices to assess, diversify and foster Cultural TOURism in European regions and areas 2020
33 PODCAST Predictions and Observations for Discs: Planetary Cores and dust Aggregates from non-ideal MHD Simulations with radiative Transfer. 2020
34 DhostHunt A new avenue in the hunt for dark energy 2020