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H2020 projects about "deafness"

The page lists 18 projects related to the topic "deafness".

# achronym  title  year 
1 ISIFit Individualised and self-adapting sound processing for cochlear implants 2015
2 3D Tune-In 3D-games for TUNing and lEarnINg about hearing aids 2015
3 Visualfy Visual Notify - Improving Deaf People's Life 2015
4 CP-FunMoD Cross-modal plasticity and functional modularisation in the deaf 2015
5 ChiLTERN Children’s Liver Tumour European Research Network 2016
6 FLAMENCO A Fully-Implantable MEMS-Based Autonomous Cochlear Implant 2016
7 SURE Exploring Subtitle Reading Process with Eyetracking Technology 2016
8 UshTher Clinical trial of gene therapy with dual AAV vectors for retinitis pigmentosa in patients with Usher syndrome type IB 2018
9 Talking Hands Talking Hands 2018
10 DEVINAC Identifying the proteins of the cochlear mechanoelectrical transduction machinery that are also involved in the development of auditory cortex interneurons. 2019
11 Signs For Europe A new social business model for Europe to promote the integration of deaf people in the professional market 2018
12 COLLHEAR 3D printed COLLagen type I-Hydroxyapatite prostheses for the middle EAR 2018
13 ReadCalibration Phonemic representations in speech perception and production: Recalibration by readingacquisition 2019
14 Natural BionicS Natural Integration of Bionic Limbs via Spinal Interfacing 2019
15 TFZN Understanding the mechanisms that govern organ morphostasis and repair 2019
16 Clockstop A Fast Throughput Drosophila Model to Identify Drug Treatments for Age-related Hearing Loss (ARHL) 2019
17 AT Interactive and Accessible Sign Language Translation - AccessibleTranslation 2019
18 ELISA The Emergence of Language in Social Interaction 2020