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H2020 projects about "digitization"

The page lists 53 projects related to the topic "digitization".

# achronym  title  year 
1 CULTURALBASE Social Platform on Cultural Heritage and European Identities 2015
2 Scan4Reco Multimodal Scanning of Cultural Heritage Assets for their multilayered digitization and preventive conservation via spatiotemporal 4D Reconstruction and 3D Printing 2015
3 Filmcolors Film Colors. An Interdisciplinary Approach. 2015
4 XS2I4MS Access to I4MS 2015
5 PAPHOS Parallel photogrammetry system for object panoramas 2015
6 Terpsichore Transforming Intangible Folkloric Performing Arts into Tangible Choreographic Digital Objects 2016
7 INCOMMON In praise of community: shared creativity in arts and politics in Italy (1959-1979) 2016
8 PRIZM2016 Soft launch for the first thinbking music player 2016
9 SCOUT Safe and COnnected aUtomation in road Transport 2016
10 PHABLABS 4.0 PHotonics enhanced fAB LABS supporting the next revolution in digitalization 2016
11 ODYCCEUS Opinion Dynamics and Cultural Conflict in European Spaces 2017
12 FAST FAST (Film Archive Superior Transfer) – A new paradigm for digital preservation of audio visual heritage through fast and cost-efficient film digitization 2016
13 5GCAR Fifth Generation Communication Automotive Research and innovation 2017
14 FED4SAE Federated CPS Digital Innovation Hubs for the Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative 2017
15 DIATOMIC Digital Innovation Hubs boosting European Microelectronics Industry 2017
16 DABCAST Digital radio game changer 2017
17 AgroPestAlert High Tech and Disruptive Prices Global Solution for Real Time Alerts on Agrifood Pest, based on wing beat, unique features on insects biometric 2017
18 CATALYST Converting DCs in Energy Flexibility Ecosystems (CATALYST) 2017
19 REWAM Next generation renewable energy portfolio asset management based on predictive analytics 2017
20 ACTPHAST 4.0 ACceleraTing PHotonics innovAtion for SME’s: a one STop-shop-incubator 2017
21 MEDIACHINA Social Media and Traditional Media in China: Political and Economic Effects 2018
22 CBCLASER Revolutionizing Industrial Materials Processing with Optical Phased Array Coherent BeamCombined High Power, Digitally controlled Lasers. 2018
23 Kjuicer Knowledge Juicer: Readers get Superpowers 2018
24 SuPerCom Sustainable Performance for High-Performance Embedded Computing Systems 2018
25 NewsEye NewsEye: A Digital Investigator for Historical Newspapers 2018
26 Next Gen Bluetech Making container shipping more sustainable and efficient through digital technologies and data science 2018
27 SCOPIO High-resolution, all-digital microscope that applies computational methods to bring revolutionary benefits of digital microscopy to small and medium sized laboratories 2018
28 NegaWh EXchange Balancing demand-response platform for an efficient, reasonably-priced and sustainable electricity market 2018
29 VeCoScan Development of a Multispectral, Versatile Film Scanner 2018
30 CHANGE Cultural Heritage Analysis for New GEnerations 2019
31 EVOCATION Advanced Visual and Geometric Computing for 3D Capture, Display, and Fabrication 2018
32 PLUS Platform Labour in Urban Spaces: Fairness, Welfare, Development 2019
33 OSCAR Open ScienCe Aeronautic & Air Transport Research 2019
34 DIHNET.EU Next Generation European DIH Network 2018
35 Neural Grader Neural Grader - Digitizing the Wood Industry 2019
36 MoonVision 2.0 Using AI Computer Vision 2.0 for Visual Inspection in the Industry 2019
37 MINT.extract Truly refreshing document digitalisation Unlock the full potential of your documents using machine learning 2019
38 PRESQUE A predicting platform for designing semiconductor quantum devices 2019
39 3DConfigurator Fully-automated software platform with 3D freeform configurator for design and production of individual and affordable furniture 2019
40 DESIRA Digitisation: Economic and Social Impacts in Rural Areas 2019
41 MICADO Measurement and Instrumentation for Cleaning And Decommissioning Operations 2019
42 Usersnap Suite Analyzing Smart Bug Tracking and Customer Experience Feedback to Create and Evolve Software Products Users Love 2019
43 QLX300 Launching the World’s Most Power Efficient GNSS System-On-Chip 2019
44 HEARTBIT_4.0 HeartBIT_4.0 - Application of innovative Medical Data Science technologies for heart diseases. 2020
45 doks Innovation Automated AI-based inventory management for logistics 2019
46 QI AI-powered image forgery detection 2019
48 reCreating Europe Rethinking digital copyright law for a culturally diverse, accessible, creative Europe 2020
49 FEST Future Experiments seek Smart Technologies 2020
50 DigiFed Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) federation for large scale adoption of digital technologies by European SMEs 2020
52 LINX4RAIL System architecture and Conceptual Data Model for railway, common data dictionary and global system modelling specifications 2019
53 PharmaLedger PharmaLedger 2020