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H2020 projects about "faults"

The page lists 74 projects related to the topic "faults".

# achronym  title  year 
1 WAVES Waves and Wave-Based Imaging in Virtual and Experimental Environments 2015
2 TM Field Analyzer Developing a monitoring system for urban gas pipelines by utilizing state of the art accelerometers, advanced signal processing, and advanced intelligent algorithm based recognition 2014
3 ImagiNE Imaging Nonlinear Elasticity for seismology 2016
4 FEAT The role of Fluid pressure in EArthquake Triggering 2015
5 DEGASS An experimental approach to understand inDuced sEismicity in GAS Shales 2016
6 ResMet Resampling methods for nonstationary stochastic processes 2015
7 PASS Paleozoic Seafloor Spreading 2015
8 TECOOVAL High Technology, Energy and Water saving integrated hydraulic control valve for all purpose with 40% reduction in head losses 2015
9 iPIM Development of an Intelligent Onshore Pipeline Integrity Monitoring System 2015
10 FCL Upgrading a commercially-available Fault Current Limiter to a more cost-effective device for enabling additional capacity and improving energy efficiency, by limiting destructive fault currents 2015
11 Synchronverter Smart Synchronous inverter for grid’s stability 2015
12 PALEOSEISQUAKE New approaches in subaqueous PALEOseismology using high‐resolution SEISmics to derive single net paleoearthQUAKEs displacement and to characterize the seismic cycle on active faults 2016
13 OPTIMISED Operational Planning Tool Interfacing Manufacturing Integrated Simulations with Empirical Data 2015
14 PoroFrac A high-fidelity isogeometric simulation methodology for fracture in porous media 2016
15 VISION Validation of Integrated Safety-enhanced Intelligent flight cONtrol 2016
16 SOPHIA Securing Software against Physical Attacks 2016
17 TUNE Testing the Untestable: Model Testing of Complex Software-Intensive Systems 2016
18 E-SAVING ULTRASONICS Game-changing Ultrasonic Technology for Energy Saving in Predictive Maintenance 2016
19 Cable Sentry Distributed Acoustic Sensing for Cable Monitoring and Surveying for Offshore Wind Farms providing movement, depth, surface disruption and free-span readings 2016
20 Fabriscale Fabric management for the software defined data centre 2016
21 GO0D MAN aGent Oriented Zero Defect Multi-stage mANufacturing 2016
22 CSEM The Collaborative Seismic Earth Model Project 2017
23 PREDATORS Plate-rate experimental deformation: Aseismic, transient or seismic fault slip 2017
24 GESINNE PRO Intelligent Power Supply Regulator 2016
25 CableSENS Underground power cables remote monitoring by a smart control system based on a novel optical sensor platform 2016
26 Gridsense Sensors monitoring environmental and electrical parameters of electrical high voltage lines 2017
28 INSIGHT ImplementatioN in real SOFC Systems of monItoring and diaGnostic tools using signal analysis to increase tHeir lifeTime 2017
29 TIC-AUV Towards Intelligent Cognitive AUVs 2017
30 MICA Mechanics of slow earthquake phenomena: an Integrated perspective from the Composition, geometry, And rheology of plate boundary faults 2017
31 SMR Seismic Moment and Recurrence (SMR) using Luminescence Dating Techniques 2017
32 STRAIN fault STRength breAkdown and Implications for earthquake Nucleation 2017
33 AMONTRACK Acoustic monitoring of railway track quality 2018
34 GEOTRIBE Generation and Evolution Of Transform-Ridge Interaction and Behavior on Earth 2018
35 MoniTank Underground Storage Tanks Risk Mitigation System for petrol fuel stations 2017
36 Domognostics Intelligent Building Automation Diagnostics 2017
37 ToRH A Theory of Reliable Hardware 2017
38 Green-linker Innovative eco-friendly crosslinker for leather and textile finishing 2017
39 F-IMAGE Seismic Functional Imaging of the Brittle Crust 2017
40 VERT Vertex switch – the foundation for a more sustainable and reliable railway transport system 2017
41 DIAG-PANTOGRAPH Train Pantograph equipped with diagnostic system for reduction of faults and maintenance cost 2017
42 SENTRY Distributed Acoustic Sensing for Cable Monitoring and Surveying for Offshore Wind Farms providing movement, depth, surface disruption and free-span readings 2017
43 CITCOM A Complimentary Inspection Technique based on Computer Tomography and Plenoptic Camera for MEMS Components 2017
44 GEO-4D Geodetic data assimilation: Forecasting Deformation with InSAR 2018
45 CoQuake Controlling earthQuakes 2018
46 EASY-RES Enable Ancillary Services bY Renewable Energy Sources 2018
47 SynchroGuard Real-time distribution grid monitoring and automated fault management system 2018
48 RIFT-O-MAT Magma-Assisted Tectonics: two-phase dynamics of oceanic and continental rifts 2019
49 MEPHISTO MEchanisms and PHysical processes governing Induced Seismicity: insights from Theoretical models and seismological Observations 2018
50 CAYMAN Illuminating Ultra-Slow Spreading Centres: a seismic approach to the Cayman Trough 2019
51 NERUDA Numerical and ERT stUdies for Diffusive and Advective high-enthalpy systems 2018
52 FOCUS Fiber Optic Cable Use for Seafloor studies of earthquake hazard and deformation 2018
53 SEISMAZE Data-intensive analysis of seismic tremors and long period events: a new paradigm for understanding transient deformation processes in active geological systems 2019
54 TRANSDAT From the space communication to the drone industry 2018
55 Motorlisten AI-based acoustic condition monitoring of industrial machinery 2018
56 PRESEISMIC Exploring the nucleation of large earthquakes: cascading and unpredictable or slowly driven and forecastable 2019
57 MONIFAULTS Monitoring real faults towards their critical state 2019
58 WINDMIL RT-DT An autonomous Real-Time Decision Tree framework for monitoring and diagnostics on wind turbines 2018
59 RockDEaF Dynamics of rock deformation at the brittle-plastic transition and the depth of earthquake faulting 2019
60 MDD Denis Ferranti JTI-CS2-2017-CfP07-LPA-01-40 2018
61 FTHPC Fault Tolerant High Performance Computing 2019
62 EDOWE Economical Deep Offshore Wind Exploitation 2019
63 SO-ReCoDi Spectral and Optimization Techniques for Robust Recovery, Combinatorial Constructions, and Distributed Algorithms 2019
64 DAMAGE seismic off-fault Deformation: A multi-scale iMAGing to constrain Earthquake energy budget 2020
65 FaultScan Passive seismic scanning of the preparation phase of damaging earthquakes 2019
66 SLIP exhumed foSsiL shear zones: a key to Investigate Present middle-crustal seismicity 2019
67 TECTONIC The physics of Earthquake faulting: learning from laboratory earthquake prediCTiON to Improve forecasts of the spectrum of tectoniC failure modes: TECTONIC 2020
68 FAULT-LEARNING Online Class Imbalance Learning for Fault Diagnosis of Critical Infrastructure Systems 2019
69 Windrone Zenith Autonomous & Intelligent UAV-based Wind Turbine Inspection System for Cost-effective, Reliable, Safe and Actionable Blade Fault Detection and Prediction 2019
70 SiC nano for PicoGeo SiC optical nano-strain-meters for pico-detection in Geosciences (SiC nano for picoGeo) 2019
72 TECHEYE Artificial Intelligence beyond quality 2019
73 FINSEIS Quantitative analysis of the structural controls of faults on induced seismicity magnitude 2021
74 ARMISTICE Analysis and Risk Mitigation measures for Induced Seismicity in supercriTICal gEothermal systems 2021