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H2020 projects about "fruition"

The page lists 18 projects related to the topic "fruition".

# achronym  title  year 
1 TRADITOM Traditional tomato varieties and cultural practices: a case for agricultural diversification with impact on food security and health of European population 2015
2 PICSE Procurement Innovation for Cloud Services in Europe 2014
3 SMASH SMASH, SMArt SHaring device for mobility 2015
4 EISCAT3D_PfP EISCAT_3D: Preparation for Production 2015
5 PEARRL Pharmaceutical Education And Research with Regulatory Links: Innovative drug development strategies and regulatory tools tailored to facilitate earlier access to medicines 2016
6 BWBN Black Women/Black Nationalism – Feminist Discourses on Nation-building in American and British Literature and Visual Arts 2016
7 DUBs26S Role of a novel proteasome-associated DUB – A boon for therapeutics 2017
8 IoMUT The Internet of Musical Things - An ecosystem of interoperable devices connecting performers and audiences 2017
9 ARIB Advanced Research Incubator in Biosciences (ARIB): A centre of excellence for disseminating quality biomedical research and boosting the next research generation for sustainable growth 2017
10 WFNQMC Development of a Novel Computational Toolbox for Stochastic Electronic Structure in Chemistry and Condensed Matter 2018
11 DiCrEd Towards a Digital Critical Edition of The Works of Giuseppe Verdi 2019
12 ITS A DIVE Individual Three-dimensional Spatial Auditory Displays for Immersive Virtual Environments 2019
13 RI-VIS Expanding research infrastructure visibility to strengthen strategic partnerships 2019
14 MAU Making Africa Urban: The transcalar politics of large-scale urban development 2019
16 MEMEX MEMEX: MEMories and EXperiences for inclusive digital storytelling 2019
17 EASYRIGHTS Enabling immigrants to easily know and exercise their rights 2020
18 ELISA The Emergence of Language in Social Interaction 2020