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H2020 projects about "hepatitis"

The page lists 32 projects related to the topic "hepatitis".

# achronym  title  year 
1 CARBALIVE Clinical evaluation of carbons of controlled porosity as a new therapeutic for the treatment of liver cirrhosis and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. 2015
2 TARGEPILIVER Characterization of Key Epigenetic Targets in Hepatic Fibrosis and Hepatocellular Carcinoma Development. Generation of New Antifibrotic and Antitumoral Drugs. 2015
3 LiVirIn 3D Liver Organoids: Modelling Host Hepatitis B Virus Interaction 2015
4 HBV1 Innate immune responses to human hepatotropic viral infections 2015
5 HEPCIR Cell circuits as targets and biomarkers for liver disease and cancer prevention 2016
6 HEP-CAR Mechanisms underlying hepatocellular carcinoma pathogenesis and impact of co-morbidities. 2016
7 CMIL Crosstalk of Metabolism and Inflammation 2016
8 CollBioImag Development of a cell-based system for high-throughput screening of antifibrotics 2016
9 HepatoMetaboPath Cellular and molecular mechanisms of metabolic immune activation triggering non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and HCC 2016
10 THUNDER Development of the Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Inhibitor VS2-370 to Target HIV-associated Malignancies and to Purge Viral Reservoir 2017
11 HBVssNMR Investigating the structural role of the Hepatitis B virus core protein C-terminal domain in assembly and maturation using solid-state NMR 2017
12 PRELICAN Treatment of liver disease and cancer prevention 2017
13 FATE Functional Biology of Hepatic CD8+ T cells 2017
14 HEPASPHER Mimicking liver disease and regeneration in vitro for drug development and liver transplantation 2017
15 VIRO-FLOW Enabling Technologies and Drug Discovery: Continuous Flow Processes to Discover Novel Antiviral Inhibitors 2017
17 HepaCheC HepaCheC - an in vitro diagnostic assay for the early detection of liver cancer 2018
18 MISFIRES Misfires and Market Innovation: Toward a Collaborative Turn in Organising Markets 2018
19 RNAfate RNAfate- revealing regulation of cellular “noise”. 2019
20 Composite Gloves Protective Composite Gloves for Health Care 2018
21 Safe-Blood A cost and time effective blood test to detect multiple bloodborne diseases 2018
22 HIPShot HBV GenetIc and Proteomic Screen 2019
23 SmartSyringe SmartSyringe, world easiest, safest and fastest blood collection ever made. 2018
24 COCLICAN COllaborative Consortium for the early detection of LIver CANcer 2018
25 VIRUSES AND RNA RNA regulation during viral infection 2019
26 PanCaVax Personalised Pancreatic Cancer Vaccination Therapy derived from Autologous Tumor Cells and Neoantigens 2018
27 ABT AXVIRIUM BIOACTIVE TECNOLOGY_ The first medical device able to eliminate the fluids biological hazard 2019
28 HEPCAN A Humanized Monoclonal Anti-Claudin1 Antibody (anti-CLDN1 mAb) for Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) 2019
29 SafeGlov Safety Gloves for Protection of Health Care Professionals 2019
30 IP-cure-B Immune profiling to guide host-directed interventions to cure HBV infections 2020
32 LiverScreen Screening for liver fibrosis - population-based study across European countries 2020