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H2020 projects about "incredible"

The page lists 32 projects related to the topic "incredible".

# achronym  title  year 
1 FUSION NIGHT Find Your Passion for Science on Researchers Night 2014
2 RAd RAd (Responsible Advertising) - An innovative donate-per-view digital video advertising model 2015
3 LOFAR Searching for The Origin of Cosmic Rays and Neutrinos with LOFAR 2015
4 B3Africa Bridging Biobanking and Biomedical Research across Europe and Africa 2015
5 Time2Life Advanced signal processing of time-domain data in mass spectrometry to leverage life sciences 2015
6 WISER WISER – the energy saving and burglar proof window that breathes for enhanced indoor comfort 2015
7 MODEM Multipoint Optical DEvices for Minimally invasive neural circuits interface 2016
8 SunAqua18 Sustainable Desalination System 2016
9 RMBLStrip Self-adjusting air deflectors for heavy trucks 2016
10 Videona Videona: The first Video Social Network for journalist and prosumers allowing them to optimize the generation of quality audio-visual content through mobile phones. 2017
11 SELFCONTROLHEALTH Childhood Self-Control, Social Conditions, and Adult Health 2018
12 ACME ACME, fly with me, fly with ACME 2017
13 PHOTMAT Photonically fused molecular materials 2017
14 CAPABLE Composite integrated photonic platform by femtosecond laser micromachining 2017
15 3ants Enhancing security of digital property rights and citizens’ awareness through an innovative anti-piracyframework of digital content based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 2017
16 MaxiMem Improved Performance, Larger Memory, Longer Battery Smartphones 2017
17 IoTCrawler IoTCrawler 2018
18 Life-Cycle Life-like Supramolecular Materials based on Reaction Cycles with Designed Feedback 2018
19 CALMUSgaming A new tool for creating real-time music within computer games 2017
20 INCREdible Innovation Networks of Cork, Resins and Edibles in the Mediterranean basin 2017
21 InflaBoot Bootstrapping Inflationary Cosmology 2018
22 LAKEBOS The role of cattle at Prehistoric lake-dwelling sites in Switzerland: an investigation of husbandry practices and the spread of cultural influence. 2018
23 OCSIC The Optical Coding System of the Information Channel 2018
24 SQ Building SQ Building – Solving the Trilemma of Comfort, Energy and Operational Costs in Buildings 2018
25 CONCORDIA Cyber security cOmpeteNce fOr Research anD Innovation 2019
26 Starborne Novel map-population and rendering techniques for reinventing massively multiplayer online computer games 2019
27 SCORE Signal Correction to Reveal other Earths 2020
28 DoReMI Dominating redox mechanisms in iron-mediated C-C bond formations: reactivity, new paradigms and applications 2020
30 HEPHAESTUS Heating Electric-fields in a Plasma CVD reactor to Heighten Ability to grow Eeco-friendly and Sublime Type IIA Diamonds (which are Unique Stones) 2019
32 SHINE Chemical Approach to Scalable Fabrication of Hybrid Plasmonic Materials in the Strong-Coupling Regime 2020