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H2020 projects about "interactors"

The page lists 18 projects related to the topic "interactors".

# achronym  title  year 
1 RhomBioID Molecular mechanisms of rhomboid-like proteins in human immunity 2015
2 STOPAPCG1IMP Spatial-temporal regulation of APC/C, its role on G1 arrest and impact on terminal differentiation 2015
3 ChloroQuality Dissecting chloroplast protein quality control specificity for rational plant reprogramming 2016
4 SilentFACT Functional networks and cancer roles of the essential histone chaperone FACT 2015
5 ALS-Networks Defining functional networks of genetic causes for ALS and related neurodegenerative disorders 2017
6 Tau Seeding Identification and validation of human proteins that control tau seeding in cell-based and in vivo models 2017
7 MITODYN Role of calcium fluxes in mitochondrial dynamics 2017
8 VOLSIGNAL Volume regulation and extracellular signalling by anion channels 2017
9 noRAG-TOR Rag-independent regulation of mTOR by Amino Acids 2018
10 Sense2SurviveSalt Surviving salinity: How do plants sense Na+? 2018
11 SelectiveTGFb-inhib Pro-tumorigenic effects of TGFb - elucidation of mechanisms and development of selective inhibitors 2018
12 MONET Merkel cell polyomavirus Oncogenic Network 2019
13 GainGrain Understanding genetic hubs in rice inflorescence architecture to increase grain yield 2019
14 ABA-GrowthBalance Growth balance regulation by SnRK1 under ABA-stress conditions 2019
15 INODE INODE - Intelligent Open Data Exploration 2019
16 EPICAMENTE At the epigenetics-cancer metabolism interface 2019
17 PARPinhibit A systems biology approach to tackle PARP-inhibitors resistance and identify novel therapeutic targets to overcome it 2020
18 FBC predisposition Unraveling novel Familial Breast Cancer (FBC) predisposition genes. 2020