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H2020 projects about "moduli"

The page lists 34 projects related to the topic "moduli".

# achronym  title  year 
1 FOSICAV Families of Subvarieties in Complex Algebraic Varieties 2015
2 STROMINGER The Strominger system of differential equations 2015
3 INVLOCCY Invariants of local Calabi-Yau 3-folds 2015
4 QuantGeomLangTFT The Quantum Geometric Langlands Topological Field Theory 2015
5 STRINGFLATION Inflation in String Theory - Connecting Quantum Gravity with Observations 2015
6 1stProposal An alternative development of analytic number theory and applications 2015
7 StabilityDTCluster Stability conditions, Donaldson-Thomas invariants and cluster varieties 2015
8 DefAlgS Deformation theory of algebraic structures 2016
9 HIGGSBNDL Higgs bundles: Supersymmetric Gauge Theories and Geometry 2016
10 AFFMA Approximation of Functions and Fourier Multipliers and their applications 2016
11 K3CRYSTAL Moduli of Crystals and K3 Surfaces 2016
12 AlgTateGro Constructing line bundles on algebraic varieties -- around conjectures of Tate and Grothendieck 2016
13 MSMA Moduli Spaces, Manifolds and Arithmetic 2016
14 GALOP Galois theory of periods and applications. 2017
15 NEDAG New Directions in Derived Algebraic Geometry 2017
16 F-IMAGE Seismic Functional Imaging of the Brittle Crust 2017
17 HToMS Homotopy Theory of Moduli Spaces 2018
18 MODULISPACES Topology of moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces 2018
19 NewtonStrat Newton strata - geometry and representations 2018
20 StabCondEn Stability Conditions, Moduli Spaces and Enhancements 2018
21 TRANSHOLOMORPHIC New transversality techniques in holomorphic curve theories 2018
22 TropicalModuli Foundations and applications of tropical moduli theory 2018
23 LowDegModCurve Low Degree Points on Modular Curves 2018
24 Loops and groups Loops and groups: Geodesics, moduli spaces, and infinite discrete groups via string topology and homological stability 2018
25 MACI Moduli, Algebraic Cycles, and Invariants 2018
26 UNISCAMP The unity of scattering amplitudes: gauge theory, gravity, strings and number theory 2019
27 WallCrossAG Wall-Crossing and Algebraic Geometry 2019
28 StringyGeometry Stringy geometry: quantum corrections and the fate of string compactifications from spacetime and the worldsheet 2020
29 HIPSAM HIgher Polylogarithms and String AMplitudes 2020
30 SYZYGY Syzygies, moduli and topological invariants of groups 2020
31 MODSTABVAR Moduli spaces of stable varieties and applications 2020
32 Extr3Me Extreme Mechanics of Metamaterials: From ideal to realistic conditions 2020
33 HyperK Modern Aspects of Geometry: Categories, Cycles and Cohomology of Hyperkähler Varieties 2020
34 ROGW Real and open Gromov-Witten theory 2020