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H2020 projects about "negotiate"

The page lists 39 projects related to the topic "negotiate".

# achronym  title  year 
1 VEGFDANI Novel enhancers of functional recovery after stroke 2015
2 NEGOTIATE Negotiating early job-insecurity and labour market exclusion in Europe 2015
3 REINVEST Financing Affordable Housing Under Localism 2015
4 EUTHORITY Conflict and Cooperation in the EU Heterarchical Legal System 2015
5 NLAFET Parallel Numerical Linear Algebra for Future Extreme-Scale Systems 2015
6 Smart Ski Smart Ski 2015
7 Q4HEALTH Quality of Service and prioritisation for emergency services in the LTE RAN stack 2016
8 OriginStories Chinese Heritage Tours and Adoptive Origin Stories: Towards a Transnational Adoptive Field 2016
9 STRIKE3 Standardisation of GNSS Threat reporting and Receiver testing through International Knowledge Exchange, Experimentation and Exploitation 2016
10 NIMBLE Collaboration Network for Industry, Manufacturing, Business and Logistics in Europe 2016
11 PADUA Perception–action based design for urban accessibility: principles for inclusive design grounded in an understanding of first-person control of locomotion in the urban setting 2016
12 ONLINERPOL Faith Online: Transnational Religious Politics on New Media in India and Europe 2017
13 LamelliActin Mechanical Adaptation of Lamellipodial Actin Networks in Migrating Cells 2017
14 SDD Spirits of Displacement and Diaspora 2017
15 BIRDBARRIER The Importance of Barriers to Bird Migration 2018
16 MIGRANT LAW RUSSIA Migration, Shadow Economy and Parallel Legal Orders in Russia 2018
17 ASA Understanding Statehood through Architecture: a comparative study of Africa's state buildings 2018
18 iPER University students' negotiation of physics identity in informal physics programs 2018
19 MISFIRES Misfires and Market Innovation: Toward a Collaborative Turn in Organising Markets 2018
20 IslamExpertEducation Educating Islamic experts in Western Europe: Between traditional and academized forms of knowledge formation and authority 2019
21 HYSCALA Hybrid SCAlable sparse matrix Linear Algebra for industrial applications 2018
22 SPAGAD Speech Acts in Grammar and Discourse 2019
23 MNEMOSYNE EU ERA Chair in Digital Cultural Heritage: Mnemosyne 2019
24 SensPD SensPD: Early Diagnosis of Autism 2018
25 OFF-SITE Violence, State formation and memory politics: an off-site ethnography of post-revolution Iran 2019
26 Governance Democratic governance in a turbulent age 2018
27 METABODY METABODY: Body Metacognition, Mentalization and Metamorphosis 2019
28 UnRef Unlikely refuge? Refugees and citizens in East-Central Europe in the 20th century 2019
29 BirthControlEnvirons Contraception meets the environment: everyday contraceptive practices, politics, and futures in a toxic age 2019
30 STRESS-Mums Study on TRansition and Exclusion in Society of Single-Mums 2019
31 MigrEnAb Encoding, Absorption and Abandonment of Cultural Material during Migration: : The Case of Judeo-Spanish Songbooks 2020
32 YouthExistInTourism Youth negotiation of tourism-based employment in Goa and Lisbon 2019
33 NHNME Networked Holiness: New Media Entrepreneurship of Catholic Monastic Communities 2019
34 FAIRWORK FAIRWORK: Building a Fairwork Foundation 2019
35 TRANSLATING MEMORIES Translating Memories: The Eastern European Past in the Global Arena 2020
36 uHeart A beating Heart-on-Chip for pre-clinical early detection of drugs cardiac safety 2019
37 CONTESTED_TERRITORY From Contested Territories to alternatives of development: Learning from Latin America 2020
38 RE-NUP Spousal Reunification and Integration Laws in Europe 2020
39 BONEZ Baltic Paganism, Osteology, and New Examinations of Zooarchaeological Evidence 2021