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H2020 projects about "nl"

The page lists 59 projects related to the topic "nl".

# achronym  title  year 
1 CREEP Complex RhEologies in Earth dynamics and industrial Processes 2015
2 SUSPOL European Joint Doctorate in Organocatalysis and Sustainable Polymers 2015
3 Do CHANGE Do Cardiac Health: Advanced New Generation Ecosystem 2015
4 Flex-ON Flexible Optical Networks – Time Domain Hybrid QAM: DSP and Physical Layer Modelling 2015
5 NPCChr A role for nuclear pore complexes in chromatin organization during early development? 2016
6 ICSIS The interaction and clearance of senescent vascular cells by the innate immune system 2015
7 ADR1EN First European System for Active Debris Removal with Nets 2015
8 Delirium Monitor Objective delirium detection with an innovative EEG-based spot monitor 2015
9 ParkBee Private garages’ access system, through a real-time and keyless solution, for cheaper and faster prime inner-city parking. 2015
10 EuBI PPII Euro-BioImaging Preparatory Phase II - Project 2016
11 EEN Northern NL EEN Northern Netherlands: enhancing the innovation capacity of SME's 2015
12 POWER2DM POWER2DM - Predictive model-based decision support for diabetes patient empowerment 2016
13 SOLSA Sonic Drilling coupled with Automated Mineralogy and chemistry On-Line-On-Mine-Real-Time 2016
14 ESPrIT Strengthening the Occupational Health Expertise and Scientific Capacity of Public Health Institution of Turkey [ESPRIT] 2016
15 BrainCrossTalk Large-scale cortical communication: Brain oscillatory mechanisms of attention allocation and selective inhibition 2017
16 AIMMS STAR-PLUS Scientific Top Training in Antimicrobial Research 2016
17 EUREST-PLUS European Regulatory Science on Tobacco:Policy implementation to reduce lung diseases 2016
18 CLAiR-CITY Citizen Led Air pollution Reduction in Cities 2016
19 DITOs Doing It Together science (DITOs) 2016
20 WIRE2016 WIRE2016 - The Power of Ecosystems 2016
21 NLPRO Natural Language Programming: Turning Text into Executable Code 2016
22 BROKERS Participatory Urban Governance between Democracy and Clientelism: Brokers and (In)formal Politics 2016
23 ACTTiVAte PAn-European Clusters for Technology Transfer and new VAlue chains 2016
24 TCR Feasibility Assessment on Thermal Catalytical Reforming 2016
25 MarPipe Improving the flow in the pipeline of the next generation of marine biodiscovery scientists 2016
26 FRESH FRESH - Fully bio based and bio degradable ready meal packaging 2017
27 CIRDinnova Shifting the limits of resuscitation with “CIRD Controlled Integrated Resuscitation Device” 2016
28 RITMOCORE Arrhythmias monitoring and comprehensive care 2016
29 MUSIC Multisystem Cell Therapy for Improvement of Urinary Continence 2017
30 APROCS Automated Linear Parameter-Varying Modeling and Control Synthesis for Nonlinear Complex Systems 2017
31 MOPEAD Models Of Patient Engagement for Alzheimer’s Disease - Sofia ref.: 115985 2016
32 CAD WALK CAD WALK: Enabling Computer Aided Diagnosis of Foot Pathologies through the use of Metric Learning 2017
33 INNOVATE Integrated solutioNs for ambitiOus energy refurbishment of priVATE housing 2017
34 MUV Mobility Urban Values 2017
35 DESIGNSCAPES Building Capacity for Design enabled Innovation in Urban Environments 2017
36 Amphiro en-Gage Amphiro en-Gage: Technology for a Smart and Sustainable Use of Hot Water 2017
37 CellPrintArray CellPrintArray – on-demand nano-scale printing of live cells and compounds for miniaturized cell screening applications 2017
38 My-TRAC My TRAvel Companion 2017
39 ZEOSEP Enhancing Separation Efficiency in European Syngas Industry by using Zeolites 2018
40 DOIT Entrepreneurial skills for young social innovators in an open digital world. A European Initiative 2017
41 IRIS Integrated and Replicable Solutions for Co-Creation in Sustainable Cities 2017
42 PECUNIA ProgrammE in Costing, resource use measurement and outcome valuation for Use in multi-sectoral National and International health economic evaluAtions 2018
44 CULTURED BEEF A cost-effective production process to open worldwide the cultured meat market 2017
45 ARM-B The ARM-B skin-allergy diagnostics patch is a compact, easy to apply, low-cost allergy testing product. 2018
46 POC PieceOfCake: an AI-driven chatbot to manage complex business data 2018
47 DeltaScan Public private partnership to revolutionize delirium care in hospitals 2018
48 SUSTONABLE From bottle to stone. Recyclable engineered stone for countertops. 2019
49 GRAND-PAHs A laboratory study of astronomically relevant large polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (GRAND-PAHs) 2019
50 ENSMOV Enhancing the Implementation and Monitoring and Verification practices of Energy Saving Policies under Article 7 of the EED 2019
51 HARMONY Title: Holistic Approach for Providing Spatial & Transport Planning Tools and Evidence to Metropolitan and Regional Authorities to Lead a Sustainable Transition to a New Mobility Era 2019
52 Plan2fix Nitrogen-enriched plasma activated water, an unparalleled plant feeding system 2019
53 NL4XAI Interactive Natural Language Technology for Explainable Artificial Intelligence 2019
54 POCITYF A POsitive Energy CITY Transformation Framework 2019
55 RRI2SCALE Responsible Research and Innovation Ecosystems at Regional Scale for Intelligent Cities, Transport and Energy 2020
56 LT LaserTrain 2019
57 PAVax A training network for the design of new synthetic carbohydrate-based vaccines to combat antibiotic resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa 2020
58 DIGNITY DIGital traNsport In and for socieTY 2020
59 SUSTONABLE From bottle to stone. Recyclable engineered stone for kitchen countertops. 2019