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H2020 projects about "oct"

The page lists 33 projects related to the topic "oct".

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1 OCT4IOL Optical Coherence Tomography for Intraocular Lenses 2015
2 ToEfDeCo Towards Guaranteeing the Right to Effective Assistance of Defence Counsel in Member States in Trans-border Criminal Cases 2016
3 MD-SD-OCT An innovative double technologies medical device for corneal diseases. 2015
4 OPTIMALZ Optical imaging of ocular pathology in Alzheimer’s disease 2015
5 AMEFOCT Add-on module for optical coherence tomography with en-face view option 2015
6 OCTCHIP Ophthalmic OCT on a Chip 2016
7 Fluzo.Tv e-Sports Platform: Watch, Train Win 2016
8 MOIPB Multi-modal optical imaging platform for Biology 2017
9 FOIPO Functional optical probes for otology 2017
10 BiOp-FibEnd Biopsy equivalent Optical Fiber multifunctional Endoscope 2016
11 OC-Tech OC-Tech: Innovative vessel for cleaning-up activities in marine and fluvial environments. 2016
12 MOON Multi-modal Optical Diagnostics for Ocular and Neurodegenerative Disease 2016
13 ESOTRAC Hybrid optical and optoacoustic endoscope for esophageal tracking. 2017
14 PICCOLO Multimodal highly-sensitive PhotonICs endoscope for improved in-vivo COLOn Cancer diagnosis and clinical decision support 2017
15 GALAHAD Glaucoma – Advanced, LAbel-free High resolution Automated OCT Diagnostics 2016
16 SMART Scattering Matrix Approach in Reflection applied to Turbid media 2017
17 OCTARRAY Scaling up to the Normandie Hydro Open-Centre Tidal Turbine Pilot Array 2017
18 AdaSmartRes Adapter for a commercial grade camera or a smart phone to perform depth resolved imaging 2017
19 EASED3D Early screening of eye diseases using automated diagnosis of high-fidelity 3D images 2017
20 MetaTox-HS Advanced Solutions for High Sensitivity Metabolism and Toxicity Assays 2017
21 MERLIN Multi-modal, multi-scale retinal imaging 2017
22 NannoChem Using Nannofossil Chemistry to constrain the cellular response of marine phytoplankton to changing carbon dioxide concentrations in the surface ocean 2019
23 EyeTREAT Innovative tool for personalized treatment of patients with neovascular age-macular degeneration: dosage optimization for long term efficacy treatment 2018
24 ICOFAS Improved Coherence Fast Swept Source Lasers for Optical Imaging Applications 2019
25 COPKIT Technology, training and knowledge for Early-Warning / Early-Action led policing in fighting Organised Crime and Terrorism 2018
26 reinventing the tyre A disruptive innovation improving functionality, increasing product life span and removing the need for tyre change through a patented modular tyre system. 2018
27 Touchless Automation A touchless microcomponent gripper for precision handling and microassembly 2018
28 memetis Modular fluidic platform with Shape Memory Alloy miniature valves to disrupt medical technology industry (memetis) 2019
29 OCTAV A novel approach to non-invasive and personalized skin cancer diagnosis 2019
30 Nocturne The eye as a window to the brain, extending lifelong brain health 2019
31 ISSO Innovative Swept Source for next generation OCT devices 2019
32 NETLAS NExt generation of Tuneable LASers for optical coherence tomography 2020
33 HandheldOCT Handheld optical coherence tomography 2020