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1 MECANEX Multimedia Content Annotations for Rapid Exploitation in Multi-Screen Environments 2015
2 SET IT Organization and Delivery of the Italian Presidency Conference on the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) – the SET IT Project 2014
3 Old and New How Old and New Media Influenced Each Other and Society in Iceland during the 16th and 17th Centuries 2015
4 HAHPEC House and home: physical and emotional comfort in the country house, England and Sweden c.1680-1820 2015
5 AB ENGINE Advanced Back end as a service Engine 2015
6 Andrupos Automatic non-destructive recognition of used printing techniques on substrates 2015
7 DIGITAL ALFIERI Digital Alfieri. Dynamic Digital Editions: Case study Alfieri 13 2016
8 TASTGCEP “Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae Ia IIae translated by Demetrius Cydones and Bessarion’s incomplete Compendium of the translation – A Critical Editio Princeps” 2016
9 ARGUE_WEB Probabilistic Argumentation on the Web 2016
10 KASKO KASKO – delivering insurance as a service at the point of demand 2016
11 COMWORK Improving access to digital cultural heritage for multiple users and uses via a disruptive cloud based software as a service 2016
12 PJ28 IAO Integrated Airport Operations 2016
13 CONNECT Combinatorics of Networks and Computation 2017
14 PerfectDashboard 2.0 First single platform for efficient and security aware management of CMS based websites 2016
15 CM Prevention of Cosmetic-Induced Non-Communicable Diseases and Micro Plastics entering Food Chains with the CosmEthics- Health App 2016
16 LightFasTR Understanding the light-fastness of heritage Turkey Red textiles through modern dye chemistry and historical dyeing technology to inform sustainable display and access 2017
17 TSH The Spirited Horse: Human-equid relations in the Bronze Age Near East 2017
18 Austere Reasons Do Desires, and only Desires, Justify Action? Evaluating a Radical Version of 'Internalism about Reasons' 2017
19 ALEXANDRIA Large-Scale Formal Proof for the Working Mathematician 2017
20 BEATIK E-ClassicalMusic for everyone 2017
21 Kjuicer Knowledge Juicer: Readers get Superpowers 2018
22 Media andConspiracy Lost in an Ocean of Information? Media in the Everyday Life of Conspiracy Theorists 2019
23 GODELIANA The Gödel Enigma: Unveiling a Hidden Logical Heritage 2018
24 NewsEye NewsEye: A Digital Investigator for Historical Newspapers 2018
26 STOPTHEFRAUDINOLIVEO Fighting counterfeiting in Olive Oil with blockchain - a working product has arrived 2019
27 Ribler Technology Green revolution in Bookbinding for Print on Demand 2019
28 Phyron Phyron platform for automated production of top-quality customizable product videos with 80% higher conversion rate for a fraction of today`s cost 2019