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H2020 projects about "pcp"

The page lists 40 projects related to the topic "pcp".

# achronym  title  year 
1 BRODISE BROWNFIELD Decontamination In Southern Europe. Preparing PCP to R+D for efficient, cost effective and innovative solutions for brownfields decontamination 2015
2 SAEPP Smart Ambulance: European Procurers Platform (SAEPP) 2015
3 EPP - eHealth European Procurers Platform - eHealth - Transforming the market for eHealth Solutions 2015
4 PRO4VIP Innovative PROcurement for Visual Impaired People 2015
5 EURECA Datacenter EURECA Project 2015
6 REDOxHEART The Role of Adipose-Tissue Derived wnt-ligands in the Regulation of Myocardial Redox Signalling 2015
7 ORISON Innovative infrastructure for astronomical research based on stratospheric balloons 2016
8 HNSciCloud Helix Nebula – The Science Cloud 2016
9 MAGIC Mobile Assistance for Groups Individuals within the Community - STROKE REHABILITATION 2016
10 SELECT for Cities SELECT for Cities (Standardized, opEn, data-driven, service-oriented user-centric pLatform Enabling large-scale Co-creation, Testing validation of IoE services for Cities) 2015
11 THALEA II THALEA II - Telemonitoring and Telemedicine for Hospitals Assisted by ICT for Life saving co-morbid patients in Europe As part of a Patient personalised care program of the EU 2016
12 TOTAL Technology transfer between modern algorithmic paradigms 2016
13 Quaco QUAdrupoleCOrrector 2016
14 SPICE Support Procurements for Innovative transport and mobility solutions in City Environment 2016
15 PJ31 DIGITS Initial Trajectory Information Sharing 2016
16 MARINE-EO Bridging Innovative Downstream Earth Observation and Copernicus enabled Services for Integrated maritime environment, surveillance and security 2017
17 PJ28 IAO Integrated Airport Operations 2016
18 SMART.MET PCP for Water Smart Metering 2017
19 ANTI-SUPERBUGS PCP ANTI-SUPERBUG Precommercial procurement 2016
20 PJ27 IOPVLD Flight Object Interoperability VLD Demonstration 2016
21 innoPROCUR Improving support services to foster SMEs’ participation to PCP and PPI 2017
22 CoordPEFC Active-site modulation of metal-ligand Coordinated complex electrocatalysts for PEFCs 2018
23 SynPCP Synapse formation and maturity through planar cell polarity pathway 2018
24 POSIDON POlluted SIte DecontaminatiON - PCP 2018
26 FABULOS Pre-Commercial Procurement of Future autonomous bus urban level Operation Systems 2018
27 BroadWay Innovation activity to develop technologies to enable a pan-European interoperable broadband mobile system for PPDR, validated by sustainable testing facilities 2018
28 SHUTTLE Scientific High-throughput and Unified Toolkit for Trace analysis by forensic Laboratories in Europe 2018
29 Airline Team xStream Airspace User Support to Arrival Management 2018
30 HARMONIC Discrete harmonic analysis for computer science 2019
31 PIPPI Platform for Innovation of Procurement and Procurement of Innovation 2018
32 EURIPHI EURopean wide Innovative Procurement of Health Innovation 2019
33 ARCHIVER Archiving and Preservation for Research Environments 2019
34 PCPABF Challenging Computational Infeasibility: PCP and Boolean functions 2019
35 iProcureNet innovation by developing a European Procurer Networking for security research services 2019
36 iProcureSecurity Strategic Partnership of Emergency Medical Service Practitioners for Coordination of Innovation Procurement 2019
37 PREVENT PRocurEments of innoVativE, advaNced systems to support security in public Transport 2019
38 AI4Cities AI accelerating Cities transition to carbon neutrality 2020
39 Instand-NGS4P Integrated and standardized NGS workflows for Personalised therapy 2020
40 EconCell Aligned one-dimensional nanostructure electrodes from Electrically Conductive pOrous coordiNation polymer for proton exChange mEmbrane fueL celLs 2021