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H2020 projects about "translationally"

The page lists 15 projects related to the topic "translationally".

# achronym  title  year 
1 Syncrip_2014 The molecular basis of learning and memory: uncovering the link between neuronal activation and localized translation at the synapse. 2015
2 MechanoFate From mechanical stress to vascular fate 2016
3 TranslationRegCode Cracking the Translation Regulatory Code 2016
4 IMAGINE Widefield Raman imaging probe for intraoperative margin assessment of cancers 2016
5 SIRFUNCT Chemical Tools for Unravelling Sirtuin Function 2017
6 Tau Seeding Identification and validation of human proteins that control tau seeding in cell-based and in vivo models 2017
7 srpabsotcpfaaieps Selective ribosome profiling and biochemistry studies on the co-translational protein folding and assembly in eukaryotic protein synthesis 2018
8 AUTOCOMPLEMENT The role of complement in the induction of autoimmunity against post-translationally modified proteins 2017
9 TransFold Molecular Biology of Nascent Chains: Co-translational folding and assembly of proteins in eukaryotes 2017
10 NterAct Discovery and functional significance of post-translational N-terminal acetylation 2018
11 RIBOFOLD Ribosome Processivity and Co-translational Protein Folding 2018
12 MHCIbiopic MHC-I biogenesis and degradation at the endoplasmic reticulum membrane 2019
13 CellsBox CellsBox: a modular system for automated cell imaging experiments 2019
14 CANSAS Clustering functional connectivity alterations in Autism Spectrum Disorders 2020
15 REMODEL Research models in infection, cancer and regeneration: replacement and translation 2019