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H2020 projects about "wilson"

The page lists 12 projects related to the topic "wilson".

# achronym  title  year 
1 ASB Amplitudes, String and Branes 2015
2 IQFT Integrable Structures in Quantum Field Theory 2015
3 HiggsEFTatNLO Precise Higgs Properties in the LHC Era 2017
4 QLO-QG Quasi-local observables in quantum gravity 2016
5 MBD Mapping bacterial division in Bacillus subtilis 2016
6 SHAPPI Scaffold hybridization approach targeting PPIs 2017
7 AFFINITY Amplitudes and form factors via integrability 2018
8 CRITISUP2 Criticality and Dual Superfluidity 2017
9 DOGMATiCC Digestion, OsmoreGulation and Metabolism in fish relevant to AquaculTure and in a Changing Climate 2019
10 nalimdif Non-Archimedean limits of differential forms, Gromov-Hausdorff limits and essential skeleta 2019
11 LAMININ Light-switchable proteins and Adhesion Micropatterns to Illuminate the Navigation machInery of Neurons 2020
12 SUBIMAP SUBduction Initiation at Magma-poor rifted margins: an Atlantic Perspective 2021