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H2020 projects about "zoonotic"

The page lists 23 projects related to the topic "zoonotic".

# achronym  title  year 
1 ParaFishControl Advanced Tools and Research Strategies for Parasite Control in European farmed fish 2015
2 COMPARE COllaborative Management Platform for detection and Analyses of (Re-)emerging and foodborne outbreaks in Europe 2014
3 ARENAVIRUS Molecular mechanisms of arenavirus cell entry and antibody-mediated neutralization 2015
4 ZOONOMARKS Development of simple to use point of care tests for zoonotic pathogens and their validation for use in clinical research setting 2015
5 SAL ETHVI Innovative, easily applicable vaccine for poultry industry against five Salmonella serovars: Enteritidis, Typhimurium, Hadar, Virchow and Infantis – SAL ETHVI 2016
6 DiseaseRecognition Selection to outsmart the germs: The evolution of disease recognition and social cognition 2017
7 HONOURs Host switching pathogens, infectious outbreaks and zoonosis; a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Training Network 2017
8 COV RESTRIC Unravelling species barriers of coronaviruses 2017
9 SAREE The Social Anthropology of Rabies Epidemiology and Elimination 2018
10 VetBioNet Veterinary Biocontained facility Network for excellence in animal infectiology research and experimentation 2017
11 PIGSs Program for Innovative Global Prevention of Streptococcus suis. 2017
12 NOVITREP Novel viral therapy through targeting DNA repair 2017
13 VIVALDI Veterinary Validation of Point-of-Care Detection Instrument 2018
14 DualDur DualDur: A Disruptive Diagnostic Technology that Enables for the First Time an Early and Accurate Diagnosis of the tick-borne Lyme Disease. 2018
15 AMP-FWBD Advanced Molecular Platform for detection of Food- and WaterBorne Diseases 2019
16 HybridImmunogenetics Effects of major histocompatibility complex immunogenetic profiles of wild hybrid and non-hybrid marmosets on their susceptibility to arbovirus infections 2019
17 uEcologies Urban Ecologies: governing nonhuman life in global cities 2018
18 BGV1 New vaccine for a paradigm shift in Brucellosis 2018
19 SENTIMOUV Spatial and demographic dynamics of disease transfer at the wildlife-human interface 2020
20 AVANT Alternatives to Veterinary ANTimicrobials 2020
21 BGV1 New vaccine for a paradigm shift in Brucellosis, one of the world’s most widespread zoonotic diseases affecting humans 2020
22 BeePath Impact of vector-mediated transmission on the evolution and ecology of a bee virus 2020
23 BatSECoV Canonical and non-canonical secretory mechanisms of cytokines in bat and human cell cultures in response to coronavirus infection: a comparative study 2021