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H2020 projects about "000"

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# achronym  title  year 
1 Let's Do The Science Life is Science, Science is Life: LET'S DO THE SCIENCE! 2014
2 NEXTRUST Building sustainable logistics through trusted collaborative networks across the entire supply chain 2015
3 NDI Nano-diamond tracers for MRI molecular imaging 2014
4 Carbon Heaters Next-generation of high performance, ultra-light carbon nanotube based heaters 2014
5 BUStoB BUILD UP Skills to Business 2015
6 bettervest Crowdfunding for a low carbon energy system: addressing major challenges for EU-wide public and private investments in energy and carbon saving measures 2014
7 GEOAPPS APPS for geotechnical field work 2014
8 TISSUE Tissue In Stroke Stratification Using e-ASPECTSTW 2014
9 PhenoMeNal PhenoMeNal: A comprehensive and standardised e-infrastructure for analysing medical metabolic phenotype data 2015
10 WISE WISE – Wide Instantaneous Support Equipment 2015
11 Springwave2014 Transitioning to microalgae as a sustainable, high-quality large-scale food source through launching the first daily drink containing spirulina 2015
13 PREKIND PreEclampsia diagnosis by Early Kidney Injury Detection 2015
14 DAHDAC DAHDAC project: Disruptive Approach to Highly Distributed Application Creation 2015
15 DISCO Data Integrated Supply Chain Optimisation 2015
16 iLABOUR Online Labour: The Construction of Labour Markets, Institutions and Movements on the Internet 2015
17 CROWD4ROADS CROWD sensing and ride sharing FOR ROAD Sustainability 2016
18 HRE Heat Roadmap Europe (HRE): Building the knowledge, skills, and capacity required to enable new policies and encourage new investments in the heating and cooling sector 2016
19 GrapheneCore1 Graphene-based disruptive technologies 2016
20 HyTile Sensitive integrated Solar Hybrid Roofing for historical buildings. 2016
21 SWITLER SWITLER:Small WInd Turbine Lightwight Efficient generatorR 2016
22 STAMP Separation Technology for A Million Peaks 2016
23 DISCO Data Integrated Supply Chain Optimisation 2016
24 DRYLAP DRY LAPping machine for water saving finishing processes in ceramic sector 2016
25 BSD Euler systems and the conjectures of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer, Bloch and Kato 2016
26 SolTile A roof integrated solar tile system to develop cost-effective distributed solar power generation 2016
27 OrmoSys Orthopaedic Modular System for a systematic diagnosis and treatment of foot and related musculoskeletal deformities 2016
28 EOMORES Earth Observation based services for Monitoring and Reporting of Ecological Status 2016
29 SCIENCEatHOME Let's Celebrate Cutting-Edge Science at Home! 2016
30 SNOWTECH A novel method for prolonging the melt time in snow and ice through restructuring and electro smog removal 2017
31 EMBRACED Establishing a Multi-purpose Biorefinery for the Recycling of the organic content of AHP waste in a Circular Economy Domain 2017
32 EUCALIVA EUCAlyptus LIgnin VAlorisation for Advanced Materials and Carbon Fibres 2017
33 TheMotion The most cost-efficient video ad creation platform; +5.000.000 video-minutes per hour of hyper-personalised videos instantly and at massive scale 2017
34 Andromeda Predictive Maintenance for railway switches. Smart sensor networks on a machine learninganalytics platform 2017
35 WHIITE Waste Heat Integrated Industrialised Trucks and Tractors Engine 2017
36 OSTOF Ostoform; Using advanced material combinations to improve ostomy skin health. 2018
37 PAGITA PAGITA - The platform digitizing the world of vending machines 2018
38 FibreCarb “World’s first techno-economic viable recycling technology for waste woodboards” 2017
39 TRILLIO TRILLIO, a porTable pRescription assistant Improving heaLth of Europeans citizens by increasing therapeutic adherence in eLderly people and in patIents affected by chrOnic diseases 2018
40 SQ Building SQ Building – Solving the Trilemma of Comfort, Energy and Operational Costs in Buildings 2018
41 RiNG-18-19 European Researchers' Night in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018-2019 2018
42 StART StART: Science through ART 2019
43 EnviroLENS Copernicus for environmental law enforcement support 2018
44 Caladan Micro assembled Terabit/s capable optical transceivers for Datacom applications 2019
45 ARIADNEplus Advanced Research Infrastructure for Archaeological Data Networking in Europe - plus 2019
46 EDE The Sustainable Renovation Hub for Existing Buildings 2019
47 TOPSPIN Topotronic multi-dimensional spin Hall nano-oscillator networks 2019
48 STRATOS SOCP-Tailored Real-time Algorithm for Trajectory Onboard Synthesis 2020
49 CRUZIVAX Vaccine for prevention and treatment of Trypanosoma cruzi infection 2019
50 SensoGenic SensoGenic: empower food allergy sufferers and their families with the freedom to enjoy eating safely everywhere & anytime 2019
51 OSTOFORM Novel Device for Improving Ostomy Skin Condition 2019
52 XSPERINSE X-ray SPEctral detectors for Reliable, Intelligent and INnovative SEcurity 2019
54 CAARESYS CAARESYS: vehicle passenger monitoring system based on contactless low emission radio frequency radar. 2019
55 BISANCE Biphasic Heat Transport integration for efficient heat exchange within Composite materials Nacelle 2019