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H2020 projects about "appreciation"

The page lists 42 projects related to the topic "appreciation".

# achronym  title  year 
1 PEGASUS Public Ecosystem Goods And Services from land management - Unlocking the Synergies 2015
2 GADGET Geometry and Anomalous Dynamic Growth of Elastic instabiliTies 2015
3 aidsocpro Aiding Social Protection: the political economy of externally financing social policy in developing countries 2015
4 ENERGISE ICT-based ENERgy Grid Implementation – Smart and Efficient 2015
5 EDUCEN European Disasters in Urban centres: a Culture Expert Network (3C – Cities, Cultures, Catastrophes) 2015
6 HISTHEOL History and Theology 2015
7 COINS Complex and Open Innovation for Networked Society 2015
8 LuxFaSS Luxury, fashion and social status in Early Modern South Eastern Europe 2015
9 INDUCT Interdisciplinary Network for Dementia Utilising Current Technology (INDUCT) 2016
10 ETFA Enough to feed an army. Carthaginian rural exploitation during the late third century BC 2015
11 CREATIONS CREATIONS - Developing an Engaging Science Classroom 2015
13 SWEETOOLS Smart Biologics: Developing New Tools in Glycobiology 2016
14 COHESIFY The Impact of Cohesion Policy on EU Identification 2016
15 PSYCHOCONTEXT Contextualising psychosocial wellbeing and mental health within sociocultural dynamics 2016
16 Dig-For-Arch Digital Forensic Archaeology 2017
17 CREATIVITY European Researcher's Night in France 2016
18 CYPRESS CYprus Promotes RESearch and Science 2016
19 PERCEIVE Perception and Evaluation of Regional and Cohesion policies by Europeans and Identification with the Values of Europe 2016
20 MUYA The Multimedia Yasna 2016
21 e-Confidence Confidence in behaviour changes through serious games 2016
22 LatinNow The Latinization of the North-western Roman Provinces: Sociolinguistics, Epigraphy and Archaeology 2017
23 NEUROPHAGY The Role of Autophagy in Synaptic Plasticity 2017
24 FLUDD Late Stage Fluorination and its Applications to Drug Discovery 2017
25 POSEIDoN Atlantidae: Predators at the Ocean SurfacE as InDicators of chaNge. 2017
26 PROGLUTASIS Protection of cardiometabolic inflammation by modulation of myeloid glutamine homeostasis 2017
27 UbiArchitect Understanding the complexity and architecture in protein ubiquitination 2017
28 E-RIHS PP The European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science Preparatory Phase 2017
29 QRES Transforming the limits of resolution by utilizing quantum information 2018
30 CHIEF Cultural Heritage and Identities of Europe's Future 2018
31 Solar Bank Virtual Energy Trading IT System to couple photovoltaic production and electric vehicles charging. 2018
32 TIMB3 Twin to Illuminate Metals in Biology and Biocatalysis through Biospectroscopy 2018
33 HUMAN_ERA Night European Researchers' Night in Cyprus: The Human Era 2018
34 ScienceWars ScienceWars - May Science be with you! 2018
35 iDysChart Charting key molecules and mechanisms of human immune Dysregulation 2019
36 DriveToTheFuture Needs, wants and behaviour of 'Drivers' and automated vehicle users today and into the future 2019
37 Metabinnate Metabolic crosstalk in the regulation of inflammation 2019
38 DINNOS Diversity innovation support scheme for SMEs 2019
39 C-PlaNeT Circular Plastics Network for Training 2020
40 EJP SOIL Towards climate-smart sustainable management of agricultural soils 2020
41 FuncDis3D Deconstructing gene regulation through functional dissection of the 3D genome 2020
42 LiTechAe Lithic Technology, Social Agency and Cultural Interaction in the Bronze Age Aegean. Percussive stone tools related to stone masonry techniques seen through experimentation and use-wear analysis. 2020