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H2020 projects about "articulate"

The page lists 33 projects related to the topic "articulate".

# achronym  title  year 
1 SUPERSEDE SUpporting evolution and adaptation of PERsonalized Software by Exploiting contextual Data and End-user feedback 2015
2 iBoard Large scale interactive multi-touch displays 2014
3 BeSec Beyond the Secular: Narrativizing religious change in contemporary German novels 2016
4 DRESSINGTHENEWWORLD Dressing the New World. The Trade and the Culture of Clothing in the New Spanish Colonies (1600-1800) 2015
5 SPRINT Social Protection Innovative Investment in Long Term Care 2015
6 EL-CSID European Leadership in Cultural, Science and Innovation Diplomacy 2016
8 BigPicnic Big Picnic:Big Questions - engaging the public with Responsible Research and Innovation on Food Security 2016
9 Art and Ethics Art and Ethics: Restarting and Advancing a Stalled Debate 2017
10 T.A.MA 'Sharing without Solidarity: Politics, Heritage and Pilgrimage in a Divided European Society' 2017
11 COPWOM The Continuation of Politics with Other Means: War and Protest, 1914-2011 2017
12 UCOC Understanding the Commitment in Organized Crime 2018
13 Spor-oikos The role of aquatic hyphomycete spores in headwater stream food webs: a food quality approach. 2017
14 FIEC Fiction, Imagination, and Early Cinema 2017
15 FOOD CITIZENS Food citizens? Collective food procurement in European cities: solidarity and diversity, skills and scale 2017
16 PIC Personalised In-Silico Cardiology 2017
17 EXPRESS From the Expression of Disagreeement to New Foundations for Expressivist Semantics 2018
18 EVOTONE The emergence and evolution of linguistic tone 2018
19 CELL HORMONE Bringing into focus the cellular dynamics of the plant growth hormone gibberellin 2018
20 SUPERA Supporting the Promotion of Equality in Research and Academia 2018
21 GO Religioscapes Churches, Arks of Migratory Narratives: A Comparative Study of the Greek-Orthodox Religioscapes in Germany and Great Britain 2018
22 IAL Imagination As A Lens 2018
23 NEEM The New Ecology of Expressive Modes in Early Modern South India 2018
24 ETIPWind ETIPWind- Aligning Wind Energy Research and Innovation Strategies 2019
25 TechChild Just because we can, should we? An anthropological perspective on the initiation of technology dependence to sustain a child’s life 2019
27 MEUS Multi-Religious Encounters in Urban Settings 2019
28 BAnDIT Blockchain Attack and Defense Techniques 2019
29 NAVSCHEN Navigating Schengen. Historical Challenges and Potentialities of the EU Free Movement of Persons, 1985-2015 2019
30 COLLECTITUDE Building the collective at times of precarity: precarious labour and its countermovements 2020
31 RecBord Recording the Borders: Sounding Displacement and Integration in Europe 2019
32 LIP-ATG The missing link: how do membrane lipids interplay with ATG proteins to instruct plant autophagy 2020
33 PACT Populism and Conspiracy Theory 2020