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H2020 projects about "broadcasters"

The page lists 31 projects related to the topic "broadcasters".

# achronym  title  year 
1 MECANEX Multimedia Content Annotations for Rapid Exploitation in Multi-Screen Environments 2015
3 DBRLive Accelerating innovative augmented reality broadcast applications through new industrial camera design 2015
4 DABCAST Integrated, economical cloud-based service for digital radio broadcasting 2015
5 InVID In Video Veritas – Verification of Social Media Video Content for the News Industry 2016
6 VISUALMEDIA Immersive and Interactive Real Time 3D Social Media Graphics Environments for the Broadcast Industry 2016
7 TOUCHVIE Catch what you watch; a game-changer technology that will change how people watch TV and revolutionise in-movie advertising and product placement 2016
8 ReCAP Real-time Content Analysis and Processing (ReCAP) for Agile Media Production 2016
9 FAST FAST (Film Archive Superior Transfer) – A new paradigm for digital preservation of audio visual heritage through fast and cost-efficient film digitization 2016
10 TELLY A 2nd screen mobile application solution providing interactive multiplayer game and real-time votingcapabilities, based on TV content, to better engage TV audiences and sports fans. - TELLY 2017
11 MediaRoad MediaRoad – European Media Ecosystem for Innovation 2017
12 CPN Content Personalisation Network 2017
13 FuturePulse FuturePulse: Multimodal Predictive Analytics and Recommendation Services for the Music Industry 2017
14 5G-MEDIA Programmable edge-to-cloud virtualization fabric for the 5G Media industry 2017
15 HRadio Hybrid Radio everywhere for everyone 2017
16 Hyper360 Enriching 360 media with 3D storytelling and personalisation elements 2017
17 ImAc Immersive Accessibility 2017
18 Content4All Personalised Content Creation for the Deaf Community in a Connected Digital Single Market 2017
19 EDIFLO PRO Smart video for smart devices 2017
20 DABCAST Digital radio game changer 2017
21 MARCONI Multimedia and Augmented Radio Creation: Online, iNteractive, Individual 2017
22 ReTV Enhancing and Re-Purposing TV Content for Trans-Vector Engagement 2018
23 MoDELS Metadata Distillery and ExpLoitation System 2018
24 SPOTT Pioneering ICT-platform setting the new standard on advertising and how consumers shop 2018
25 ENHANCEplayer An Artificial Intelligence Enhancing Video Quality Locally to Limit Internet Traffic Tied to Video Streaming 2018
26 SoundID The Smart Broadcast Monitoring and Management System 2019
27 SPECTO Athletics Advanced Sports Data Measurement and Analysis Solution for Athletics 2019
28 spike Unique Virtual Reality solution recreating live indoor sports to increase audience 2019
29 Keemotion Auto-Producing TV Broadcasting System for Sport Events 2019
30 VIRTUOSA Scalable Software Defined Network Architectures for Cooperative Live Media Production exploiting Virtualised Production Resources and 5G Wireless Acquisition 2019
31 OZeye Developing Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence for best-quality and cost-effective live sports production and distribution 2019