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H2020 projects about "cog"

The page lists 38 projects related to the topic "cog".

# achronym  title  year 
1 PQC Photonic Quantum Computing 2015
2 HyMAP Hybrid Materials for Artificial Photosynthesis 2015
3 SENSE-Cog Ears, Eyes and Mind: The ‘SENSE-Cog Project’ to improve mental well-being for elderly Europeans with sensory impairment 2016
4 3D2DPrint 3D Printing of Novel 2D Nanomaterials: Adding Advanced 2D Functionalities to Revolutionary Tailored 3D Manufacturing 2016
5 BSD Euler systems and the conjectures of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer, Bloch and Kato 2016
6 GBM-CPP Developing an anti-Myc cell-penetrating peptide for cancer treatment 2016
7 INTER Innovative Neutron source for non destructive TEsting and tReatments 2017
8 SEAL Sound and Early Assessment of Leakage for Embedded Software 2017
9 NICHOIDS Nichoid: nanoengineered three-dimensional substrate for stem cell expansion 2017
10 NeurIMM Neuroimmune activation as a novel therapeutic approach for IBD 2017
11 safenolaTiCancerDrug Highly and Widely Effective, Water Stable, and Non Toxic Titanium-Phenolato-based Anticancer Chemotherapy 2017
12 ECO-ZEN Enabling Catalytic Cross Couplings with only Zinc Electrophiles, Nucleophiles and Boranes 2018
13 SaveHER The inhibition of sorting proteins as a therapeutic avenue in HER2 positive breast cancer 2018
14 COG-LO COGnitive Logistics Operations through secure, dynamic and ad-hoc collaborative networks 2018
15 NEUTRAMENTH A redox-neutral process for the cost-efficient and environmentally friendly production of Menthol 2018
16 SYST-iMYC Development of an effective and safe systemic Myc inhibitor for the treatment of multiple cancer types. 2018
17 IT4B-ALL Therapeutic immunotherapy targeting NG2 and CD22 antigens for MLL-rearranged and MLL-germline B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 2019
18 CellsBox CellsBox: a modular system for automated cell imaging experiments 2019
19 BiopSense Proof of concept and pre-commercialisation of personalised liquid biopsies in cancer therapy 2018
20 MOAB Miniaturised optically accessible bioreactor for drug discovery and biological research 2018
21 MILESTONE From mineral inclusions in zircon to continents: An in situ isotopic perspective on the evolution of the continental crust, the onset of plate tectonics and the development of a habitable Earth 2019
22 CIRCUS Crosspoint In-memoRy CompUting Systems 2019
23 MIX2FIX Hybrid, organic-inorganic chalcogenide optoelectronics 2019
24 F-ELEMENT_ARCHITECT Building Precise Molecular Architectures to Unlock Remarkable f-Element Properties 2019
25 T-GRAND-SLAM Translating the Global Refined Analysis of Newly transcribed RNA and Decay rates by SLAM-seq 2019
26 VOILA Validation of Innovative Lipopeptide Antibiotics 2019
27 THINK THINK: TeraHertz emitting INK 2019
28 IL7RsignaTHER Antibody-based IL-7R targeted therapies 2020
29 PhoMatFlow Photocatalytic Materials for Cartridge and Microchannel Flow Reactors 2019
30 SLAM4AR Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Augmented Reality 2019
31 CHANCE Structure guided inhibition of IDOL to treat atherosclerosis and the metabolic syndrome 2019
32 STRATIFY Diagnostic autoantibody assay to stratify bone marrow failure diseases 2020
33 Apollo Apollo: developing a powerful and easy to use platform for choice model estimation and application with full user-customisation 2020
34 SmartIR Graphene-based adaptive thermal shields for satellites 2020
35 Light-COAT Visible Light-Activated Photoinitiators for Applications in Domestic Coatings 2020
36 NIMBUS4CIP Effective management of pregnant cancer patients through a cloud-based integrative and highly specialized advisory board platform 2020
37 Financing_Entrep Financing Frictions in High-Potential Entrepreneurship 2020
38 RASATaC Regulating RAS Activity to Target RAS-Driven Cancers 2020