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H2020 projects about "prohibitive"

The page lists 44 projects related to the topic "prohibitive".

# achronym  title  year 
1 BrainFrame Automated framework for rapid simulations of high-detail brain models 2015
2 FlowMachines Flow Machines 2015
3 CloudLightning Self-Organising, Self-Managing Heterogeneous Cloud 2015
4 ACfoil Anti-counterfeit foil for security packaging 2014
5 PAYPLUG LABS Next generation online payments and fraud detection API for European SMEs 2015
6 IMPROVER Improved risk evaluation and implementation of resilience concepts to critical infrastructure 2015
7 ARTIST Advancing Rechargeable-Batteries Through In Situ Techniques 2015
8 RESSALE Resale Second-hand SoftwAre's License for Enterprises 2016
9 Teraki Making Big Data Small for the Internet of Things 2016
10 AM4INFRA Common Framework for a European Life Cycle based Asset Management Approach for transport infrastructure networks 2016
11 Lattice Cage Titanium based Cervical Spine Implants manufactured using 3D laser sintering to produce a structure optimised for graft-free bone in-growth 2016
12 FASTPARSE Fast Natural Language Parsing for Large-Scale NLP 2017
13 FRAMED Fracture Across Scales and Materials, Processes and Disciplines 2017
14 Adaptive Simulations Bringing to market an open source CFD framework as a fully automated simulation service with high performance computing cloud-based access 2016
15 VisionBot Innovative and Affordable Pick and Place Robots with 10µm high mechanical accuracy and Advanced Computer Vision Algorithms for automatic electronics assembly manufacturing 2017
16 RAD-FIRE Efficient methods for radiative heat transfer analysis in fires and water sprays for fire suppression 2017
17 PlantSenseKit Plants as sensors for standardization and calibration of controlled environment chambers 2017
18 VIRIDIS MIST A toxin-free, food-safe, autonomous mobile misting disinfection system that eradicates pathogenswithin 5 minutes and gives residual protection for 24 hours reducing the need for water and antibiotics 2017
19 W2W - Wind and Solar Innovative system for medium scale water desalination 100% powered by renewable energies 2017
20 MaxiMem Improved Performance, Larger Memory, Longer Battery Smartphones 2017
21 EuroNeurotrophin A European training network for the discovery of neurotrophins small molecule mimetics as candidate therapeutic agents for neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation 2018
22 ENVISION Enhanced Situational Awareness through Video Integration with ADS-B Surveillance Infrastructure on Airports 2018
23 Starcounter In-Memory Computing and Artificial Intelligence Platform for Building Next Generation Enterprise Software 2017
24 AirEx AirEx - Smart Ventilation Control 2017
25 Aerial Insights Aerial Insights: facilitating access to aerial drone imagery services through novel and cost-effective data analytics solutions 2017
26 SEA-TITAN SEA-TITAN: Surging Energy Absorption Through Increasing Thrust And efficieNcy 2018
27 kANNa Knowledge graph completion using Artificial Neural Networks for Herb-Drug Interaction discovery 2019
28 SPECs Sustainable plasmon-enhanced catalysis 2019
29 TOROS A Theory-Oriented Real-Time Operating System for Temporally Sound Cyber-Physical Systems 2019
30 DELPHI Computing Answers to Complex Questions in Broad Domains 2019
31 Morphotonix Protecting consumer and industrial products against counterfeiting with unforgeable nanoscale security elements 2019
32 GuidedNW-PV High-Voltage Micro-Photovoltaic Cells and Photodetectors Based on Guided Nanowires for On-Chip Powering of Autonomous Microsystems 2019
33 Lakhesys Lakhesys: building the machine to make the medicines of tomorrow 2019
34 SoundID The Smart Broadcast Monitoring and Management System 2019
35 eOutboard High Performance Electric Outboard Motor System and Supply Chain Innovation 2018
36 PhotoWann Bulk Photovoltaic effect via Wannier functions 2019
37 FracTAlS High Cycle Fatigue Cracking of Meso- and Micromechanical Testpieces of Aluminide Intermetallics, with in situ Nanoscale Strain Mapping 2020
38 MDURANCE Pervasive muscle response monitoring for everyone, a physiotherapy revolution 2019
39 GRE.A.TE.R.S. GREen Advanced TEchnologies for the Retrofitting of masonry Structures 2019
40 ImmunoGrow Making life-saving cancer therapies more widely available by simplifying production processes, reducing costs and enhancing patient safety through its patent-protected biomimicking mesh material. 2019
41 BioPP BioProtect Paper: Off-line machine for advanced bio-coating paper 2019
42 BRILLIANCE Bright, coherent and focused light to resolve neural circuits 2020
43 ReReDMFT Development and implementation of reduced density matrix functionals for relativistic quantum chemistry. 2021
44 QFluidsNano Structural and thermophysical properties of quantum fluids adsorbed on nanostructured surfaces 2020