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H2020 projects about "prototyped"

The page lists 32 projects related to the topic "prototyped".

# achronym  title  year 
1 FUTURE-FOOD Faster Upcoming Technology Uptake Relevant for the Environment in FOOds Drying 2015
2 MusicBricks MusicBricks: Musical Building Blocks for Digital Makers and Content Creators 2015
3 NEPHELE eNd to End scalable and dynamically reconfigurable oPtical arcHitecture for application-awarE SDN cLoud datacentErs 2015
4 MOSART Advanced Automated Process for Low Cost Efficient Custom Mosaic Manufacturing 2014
5 RoadCast Dynamic Road Sign Casting 2015
6 ExaFLOW Enabling Exascale Fluid Dynamics Simulations 2015
7 SafeSky SafeSky - Integrated system for critical infrastructure and personal sphere monitoring and protection against aerial threats 2015
8 MySpark The Complete Solution for Fast and Cost-efficient Yeast Separation Process in Production of High Quality Sparkling Wine 2016
9 IceXL IceXL: Advanced modeling and slicing software for additive manufacturing 2016
10 IMPaCT Implementing Multi-Party Computation Technology 2016
11 RVCR KGYAT have developed the RVCR, the world’s first commercially viable Rotary Variable Compression Ratio (VCR) engine. 2016
12 GN4-2 GN4-2 Research and Education Networking - GÉANT 2016
14 HOTFLOW A Photothermal Lateral Flow Test for Visual Point of Care Detection 2017
15 MetaTox-HS Advanced Solutions for High Sensitivity Metabolism and Toxicity Assays 2017
16 Prisma Innovative and highly-efficient solar thermal collector for Building façades 2017
17 MySustainableForest Operational sustainable forestry with satellite-based remote sensing 2017
18 FREYA Connected Open Identifiers for Discovery, Access and Use of Research Resources 2017
19 MIRACLE Mid-infrared arthroscopy innovative imaging system for real-time clinical in depth examination and diagnosis of degenerative joint diseases 2018
20 PLUGandFLOW VessConnect “Plug Flow” innovative technology providing patients a safer, more effective and less costly procedure for vascular anastomosis 2017
21 ARRECIFE Coral Reef wisdom to capture Wave Energy 2018
22 IMBALS IMage BAsed Landing Solutions 2018
23 COLONINFO Improving COLOrectal cancer screening: Novel INverse and FOrward algorithms for a new real-time microwave endoscopy 2018
24 ICONET New ICT infrastructure and reference architecture to support Operations in future PI Logistics NETworks 2018
25 GFAB Commercial-scale Graphene Electronic Devices Fab 2018
26 GLAZER A breakthrough laser technology for all types of glass processing (ordinary, laminated, tempered, smart, low-energy and other) 2018
27 Prolific Integrated cascades of PROcesses for the extraction and valorisation of proteins and bioactive molecules from Legumes, Fungi and Coffee agro-industrial side streams 2018
28 BEF 2.0 Bee Ethic Frames 2.0 a disruptive technology in Apiculture 2018
29 SKIDLESS Enhancing car safety through accurate and real time side-slip angle assessment 2019
30 NANOGO Innovative, automatic, fast and cost-effective nanovesicles manufacturing equipment 2019
31 COS4CLOUD Co-designed Citizen Observatories Services for the EOS-Cloud 2019
32 ONEedge A Software-defined Edge Computing Solution 2019