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H2020 projects about "rotorcraft"

The page lists 32 projects related to the topic "rotorcraft".

# achronym  title  year 
1 5 LIVES Search, Challenge, Fight, Care, Rescue for Lives. 2015
2 FRCDoorDemonstrator Flightworthy Flush Lightweight doors for unpressurized Fast Rotorcraft 2015
3 CA3TCH Comprehensive Aerodynamic-Aeroacoustic Analysis of a Trimmed Compound Helicopter 2015
4 HElAIrcOPT Helicopter Engine Air Intake OPtimization Tool 2016
5 FURADO Full Fairing Rotor Head Aerodynamic Design Optimization 2016
6 VOLT Innovative high VOLTage network battery concept 2016
7 NITROS Network for Innovative Training on ROtorcraft Safety 2016
8 ACTIonRCraft Anti-Crash lightweight fuel bladder Tank Integrated on a new RotorCraft 2016
9 MUTR Multipurpose test rig for transmissions gearboxes. 2016
10 PJ01 EAD Enhanced Arrivals and Departures 2016
11 AMATHO A.dditive MA.nufacturing for T.iltrotor HO.using 2016
12 PJ02 EARTH Increased Runway and Airport Throughput 2016
13 NO-ICE-ROTOR Development and demonstration of materials and manufacturing process for ultra high reliability electric Anti-ice/De-ice thermal layers for high strain rotor blades and helicopter airframe sections 2017
14 DREAM Design and Realization of equipped engine compartments including cowling for a fast compound rotorcraft 2017
15 DEFENDER DEsign, development, manufacture, testing and Flight qualification of nExt geNeration fuel storage system with aDvanced intEgRated gauging and self-sealing capabilities 2018
16 iGear Intelligent Gearbox for Endurance Advanced Rotorcraft 2017
17 SABRE Shape Adaptive Blades for Rotorcraft Efficiency 2017
18 NAFTI Noise Abatement Fms with Tactile Interface 2017
19 DEPART2050 Design Evaluation and Performance Assessment of Rotorcraft Technology by 2050 2017
20 FORROT2035 ATS Level Rotorcraft 2035 Forecast 2017
21 GRADE GNSS Solutions for Increased GA and Rotorcraft Airport Accessibility Demonstration 2018
22 CONCERTO Computation of cOmpouNd rotorCraft latEral RoTor nOise 2018
23 AFPMeT Automatic Fiber Placement Metitalia Tooling 2018
24 cLEvER Lightweight and rEliable Emergency exits and cabin footstep for fast Rotorcraft 2018
25 HIRIS Helicopter Innovative Rotating Instrumentation System 2018
26 FRC GAM 2018 Fast Rotorcraft 2018
27 ICE GENESIS Creating the next generation of 3D simulation means for icing 2019
28 TRIcEPS Tilt Rotor Integrated Air Intake and Engine Protection Systems 2019
29 RoCS Rotorcraft Certification by Simulation 2019
30 LOLAS Precise and reliable autonomous landing for drones, helicopters and other rotorcraft 2019
31 TAILTEST Development of a multipurpose test rig and validation of an innovative rotorcraft vertical tail 2019
32 PJ01-W2 EAD PJ01 Wave 2 Enhanced Arrivals and Departures 2019