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H2020 projects about "step"

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1 BlueSCities Blueprints for Smart Cities: Developing the methodology for a coordinated approach to the integration of the water and waste sectors within the EIP Smart Cities and Communities 2015
2 STEP_BY_STEP Step by step commitments for energy saving 2015
3 REFURB REgional process innovations FOR Building renovation packages opening markets to zero energy renovations 2015
4 STEPDYN H2 and CH4 Dissociation Dynamics on Stepped Metal Surfaces via First-Principles Simulations 2016
5 MINDS Multivariate analysis for the Imaging of Neuronal activity using Deep architectureS 2016
6 SAFESEAT A new generation car seat for babies 2015
7 PlugBioIn Plug and play enzymes for an accelerated uptake of Biocatalysis in the Pharmaceutical Industry 2015
8 Peer-BIT Peer learning in business innovation tools for SMEs 2015
9 SurgASSIST A novel 3D Stereoscopic e-learning SolutIon for theoretical Surgical Training 2016
10 QOM3D Quantum Optomechanics in 3D 2016
11 ReWaCEM Ressource recovery from industrial waste water by cutting edge membrane technologies 2016
12 XF-ACTORS Xylella Fastidiosa Active Containment Through a multidisciplinary-Oriented Research Strategy 2016
13 VisionBot Innovative and Affordable Pick and Place Robots with 10µm high mechanical accuracy and Advanced Computer Vision Algorithms for automatic electronics assembly manufacturing 2017
14 MULTIPROSMM MULtiple PROperties Single Molecule Magnets 2017
15 OceanModes Basin modes of the ocean: their role in the interannual to interdecadal climate variability 2018
16 iBROAD Individual Building (Renovation) Roadmaps 2017
17 EEN INNOS New extended EEN innovation support service for innovative SMEs in Serbia 2017
18 MEMO Mechanics with Molecules 2017
19 ALDREN ALliance for Deep RENovation in buildings (ALDREN) Implementing the European Common Voluntary Certification Scheme, as back-bone along the whole deep renovation process 2017
20 GlycoSkin Dissection of Glycan Function by Engineered Tissue Models 2018
21 TransSec Autonomous emergency manoeuvring and movement monitoring for road transport security 2018
22 PI2FA Partial Ionisation: Two-Fluid Approach 2018
23 STEP-IN Using Living Labs to roll out Sustainable Strategies for Energy Poor Individuals 2018
24 PreSTO Pilot scale hybrid Photocatalytic Processes for the simultaneous removal of Pathogens and Pharmaceuticals from wastewaters 2018
25 MUSIC-haic 3D MUltidisciplinary tools for the Simulation of In-flight iCing due to High Altitude Ice Crystals 2018
26 SPEAR Supporting and Implementing Plans for Gender Equality in Academia and Research 2019
27 FOrLedger A Blockchain-based Middleware Platform for Food Tracking Ledger Builder 2019
28 MaGnum Majorana bound states in Ge/SiGe heterostructures 2019
29 SNNO Strategic Narrative of Nuclear Order 2019
30 B-GOOD Giving Beekeeping Guidance by cOmputatiOnal-assisted Decision making 2019
31 FuSy The world’s first Full-System Simulation tool to revolutionize software programming in autonomous driving, aviation, embedded vision and further highly innovative applications 2019
32 YesElf We help employees to adopt digital solutions 2019
33 OriginIoT OriginIoT - Expediting Cellular IoT Device Development 2019
34 DIGNITY DIGital traNsport In and for socieTY 2020