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H2020 projects about "suspect"

The page lists 13 projects related to the topic "suspect".

# achronym  title  year 
1 LAW-TRAIN Mixed-reality environment for training teams in joint investigative interrogation-Intelligent interrogation training simulator 2015
2 Invest INtelligent Video analytics to analyse complex scenes and Enhance Security of critical infrastructure and urban soft Targets 2015
3 PICOPROP Photo Induced Collective Properties of Hybrid Halide Perovskites 2015
4 PRION2020 Function and malfunction of the prion protein 2015
5 BiOp-FibEnd Biopsy equivalent Optical Fiber multifunctional Endoscope 2016
6 rDNAevol Population genomics and experimental evolution of ribosomal RNA gene variants in Arabidopsis thaliana 2017
7 RACE Rheumatoid Arthritis Caught Early: investigating biological mechanisms preceding chronification of joint inflammation to identify patients prior to presentation of classic chronic arthritis 2017
8 SAREE The Social Anthropology of Rabies Epidemiology and Elimination 2018
9 PyroProf Chemical Profiling of Inorganic and Pyrotechnic Explosives 2017
10 SARA Search And Rescue Aid and Surveillance using High EGNSS Accuracy 2018
11 OROARAB The Orosius Arabicus and the Arab Vision of the Graeco-Roman World: Researches on theMediterranean Responsiveness 2018
12 BALANCED LETHALS Untangling the Evolution of a Balanced Lethal System 2019
13 MAMSCAN New Method for Early Stage Breast Cancer Detection 2019