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H2020 projects about "uterus"

The page lists 15 projects related to the topic "uterus".

# achronym  title  year 
1 CANCER-TECH Cervical cancer detection platform based on novel laser processing 2016
2 embryonic rosettes Investigating embryonic development at the time of implantation using embryos and ES cells 2016
3 EVOLPREG Origination of novel gene regulatory networks in the evolution of mammalian pregnancy 2016
4 MOMENDO Molecular Mechanisms of Endometriosis 2016
5 EndoSearch A unique noninvasive diagnostic test based on endometrium tissue analysis, which assesses the presence or absence of endometriosis without surgery, helping the physician to make his diagnosis rapidly 2017
6 ELONGAN Gene editing and in vitro approaches to understand conceptus elongation in ungulates 2017
7 MECHABLASTO Morphogenesis during pre-implantation development: molecular and mechanical regulation 2018
8 MICROBE Metagenomic Investigation of Cow Reproductive Biology and Ecology 2018
9 ASPIVIX Vacuum Medical Device for Safe and Gentle Cervix Grasping Gynecological Applications 2018
10 ONCOFUM Integrating the tissue-specificity and chronology of hereditary renal cancer predisposition 2019
11 GLYCOMENDO Non-invasive clinical markers for diagnosis of endometriosis 2019
12 MicroRepro Medical microbots to support new assisted reproduction techniques 2019
13 EVIE 2.0 A slow release insemination that doubles the success rate of the most common first line treatment of infertility. 2019
15 EndoSolve A novel medical device for the treatment of Endometriosis 2021