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Functional 2D metamaterials at visible wavelengths

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Project "FLATLIGHT" data sheet

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Organization address
address: RUE MICHEL ANGE 3
city: PARIS
postcode: 75794

contact info
title: n.a.
name: n.a.
surname: n.a.
function: n.a.
email: n.a.
telephone: n.a.
fax: n.a.

 Coordinator Country France [FR]
 Project website
 Total cost 2˙000˙000 €
 EC max contribution 2˙000˙000 € (100%)
 Programme 1. H2020-EU.1.1. (EXCELLENT SCIENCE - European Research Council (ERC))
 Code Call ERC-2014-STG
 Funding Scheme ERC-STG
 Starting year 2015
 Duration (year-month-day) from 2015-09-01   to  2021-04-30


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 Project objective

For the last 15 years, optics has undergone a remarkable evolution towards ever decreasing sizes, better integration in complex systems, and more compact devices readily available to mass markets. Whereas traditional optics is at the centimeter scale, newly developed techniques use nanoscale objects to control, guide, and focus light. From the capability to shape metallic and dielectric nanostructures has emerged the field of nanophotonics. Advances in nanophotonics offer the possibility to control the material’s optical properties to create artificial materials with electromagnetic properties not found in nature. Man-made 3D metamaterials have interesting fundamental aspects and present many advantages with respect to conventional devices. Unexpected effects have led to the development of interesting applications like high resolution lenses and cloaking devices. Inspired by this new technology, we have developed new 2D metamaterials. Our flat metamaterials (metasurfaces) are much simpler to manufacture than their 3D counterparts. By depositing a set of nanostructures at an interface, we can immediately control the light properties; unlike refractive optical components, the wavefront is modified without propagation. As of today, these interfaces are created using metallic nanostructures and work in the infrared. In this ERC, we plan to extend the concept of optical metasurfaces in the visible which is the most important wavelength range for applications. By combining with optically active semiconductors such as InGaAlN, we will add optical gain and modulation capability to the system to create new, efficient optoelectronic devices. The response of the metasurfaces is tunable by changing the environment surrounding the nanostructures. We will use this property to create ultrathin reconfigurable flat devices. Metasurfaces will be integrated with AlN/GaN to modulate light at high frequencies and further exploited to control polariton gases in solid state metasystems.


year authors and title journal last update
List of publications.
2019 Mahmoud M. R. Elsawy, Stéphane Lanteri, Régis Duvigneau, Gauthier Brière, Mohamed Sabry Mohamed, Patrice Genevet
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published pages: , ISSN: 2045-2322, DOI: 10.1038/s41598-019-53878-9
Scientific Reports 9/1 2020-02-26
2019 Peinan Ni, Andrès De Luna Bugallo, Victor M. Arellano Arreola, Mario Flores Salazar, Elodie Strupiechonski, Virginie Brändli, Rajath Sawant, Blandine Alloing, Patrice Genevet
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2019 Nikolai Schmitt, Niklas Georg, Gauthier Brière, Dimitrios Loukrezis, Sébastien Héron, Stéphane Lanteri, Charalambos Klitis, Marc Sorel, Ulrich Römer, Herbert De Gersem, Stéphane Vézian, Patrice Genevet
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2019 Gauthier Brière, Peinan Ni, Sébastien Héron, Sébastien Chenot, Stéphane Vézian, Virginie Brändli, Benjamin Damilano, Jean‐Yves Duboz, Masanobu Iwanaga, Patrice Genevet
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Advanced Optical Materials 7/14 2020-02-26
2019 Peinan Ni, Andrés De Luna Bugallo, Xun Yang, Victor M Arellano Arreola, Mario Flores Salazar, Elodie Strupiechonski, Blandine Alloing, Chongxin Shan, Patrice Genevet
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published pages: 374001, ISSN: 0022-3727, DOI: 10.1088/1361-6463/ab2aba
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 52/37 2020-02-26
2019 Adrian Hierro, Miguel Montes Bajo, Mario Ferraro, Julen Tamayo-Arriola, Nolwenn Le Biavan, Maxime Hugues, Jose M. Ulloa, Massimo Giudici, Jean-Michel Chauveau, Patrice Genevet
Optical Phase Transition in Semiconductor Quantum Metamaterials
published pages: , ISSN: 0031-9007, DOI: 10.1103/physrevlett.123.117401
Physical Review Letters 123/11 2020-02-26
2019 Haoran Ren, Gauthier Briere, Xinyuan Fang, Peinan Ni, Rajath Sawant, Sébastien Héron, Sébastien Chenot, Stéphane Vézian, Benjamin Damilano, Virginie Brändli, Stefan A. Maier, Patrice Genevet
Metasurface orbital angular momentum holography
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Nature Communications 10/1 2020-02-26
2017 Jun Rong Ong, Hong Son Chu, Valerian Hongjie Chen, Alexander Yutong Zhu, Patrice Genevet
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2016 Roman Gansch, Stefan Kalchmair, Patrice Genevet, Tobias Zederbauer, Hermann Detz, Aaron M Andrews, Werner Schrenk, Federico Capasso, Marko Lončar, Gottfried Strasser
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2018 Fei Ding, Patrice Genevet, Sergey Bozhevolnyi
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published pages: 1727, ISSN: 2076-3417, DOI: 10.3390/app8101727
Applied Sciences 8/10 2020-02-26

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