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The page lists 2951 projects related to the topic "fundamental".

# achronym  title  year 
1 MULTIMOT Capture, dissemination and analysis of multiscale cell migration data for biological and clinical applications (MULTIMOT) 2015
2 Paragone PARAGONE: vaccines for animal parasites 2015
3 lightMaterInt Exploiting light and material interaction 2015
4 IN2RAIL Innovative Intelligent Rail 2015
5 PRISM Ice-binding proteins: from antifreeze mechanism to resistant soft materials 2015
6 OMICON Organic Mixed Ion and Electron Conductors for High-Energy Batteries 2015
7 EMPOWER EMPOWERING a reduction in use of conventionally fueled vehicles using Positive Policy Measures. 2015
8 SatisFactory A collaborative and augmented-enabled ecosystem for increasing SATISfaction and working experience in smart FACTORY environments 2015
9 EXTREME EXTREME Dynamic Loading - Pushing the Boundaries of Aerospace Composite Material Structures 2015
10 JSPEC Josephson Junction Spectroscopy of Mesoscopic Systems 2015
11 EGSIEM European Gravity Service for Improved Emergency Management 2015
12 realFlow Virtualization of Real Flows for Animation and Simulation 2015
13 MathAm Mathematical Structures in Scattering Amplitudes 2015
14 FourByThree Highly customizable robotic solutions for effective and safe human robot collaboration in manufacturing applications 2014
15 FLEXILOG Formal lexically informed logics for searching the web 2015
16 X-probe Advanced XFEL and Synchrotron based Probes of Protein Structure and Dynamics 2015
17 ENTANGLED-TM-ALKANE Entangled pincer ligand architectures and their application in the transition-metal-mediated activation of alkanes 2015
18 GADGET Geometry and Anomalous Dynamic Growth of Elastic instabiliTies 2015
19 CoqHoTT Coq for Homotopy Type Theory 2015
20 GQCOP Genuine Quantumness in Cooperative Phenomena 2015
21 LUPINROOTS Unravelling cluster root development in white lupin 2015
22 FlyContext Neural processing of context-dependent innate behavior 2015
23 Lensless High-resolution microscopy without lenses: a new generation of imaging technology 2015
24 Cu4Energy Biomimetic Copper Complexes for Energy Conversion Reactions 2015
25 NEURAL AS Functions and evolutionary impact of transcriptomic novelties in the vertebrate brain 2015
26 GAN Groups, Actions and von Neumann algebras 2015
27 NanoSOFT Fluid transport at the nano- and meso- scales : from fundamentals to applications in energy harvesting and desalination process 2015
28 Highland Connections Remoteness and Connectivity: Highland Asia in the World 2015
29 QUEST QUantum Hall Edge State Tunnelling spectroscopy 2015
31 HBQFTNCER Holomorphic Blocks in Quantum Field Theory: New Constructions of Exact Results 2015
32 Regenerate Self-regenerating Functional Surfaces – Towards a Technology Platform for New Materials and Devices 2015
33 CONT-ACT Control of contact interactions for robots acting in the world 2015
34 ResiBots Robots with animal-like resilience 2015
35 FunCatDesign Fundamental Studies in Catalysis – Reactivity Design with Experimental and Computational Tools 2015
36 CoordinatedDopamine Coordination of regional dopamine release in the striatum during habit formation and compulsive behaviour 2015
37 FOC Foundations of Cryptographic Hardness 2015
38 MolStruKT Molecular structure and cell cycle regulated assembly of the kinetochore 2015
39 NewAve New avenues towards solving the dark matter puzzle 2015
40 Spray-Imaging Detailed Characterization of Spray Systems using Novel Laser Imaging Techniques 2015
41 new-ppd-environments First-principles global MHD disc simulations: Defining planet-forming environments in early solar systems 2015
42 NeurogenesisCode Deciphering the role of adult neurogenesis in hippocampal memory codes by optically imaging neuronal activity in freely behaving mice 2015
43 EURO-LAB Experiment to Unearth the Rheological Oceanic Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary 2016
44 CIRCUITASSEMBLY Development of functional organization of the visual circuits in mice 2015
45 STATOPINS Theory of statistical topological insulators 2015
46 VOICES Voices Of Individuals: Collectively Exploring Self-determination 2015
47 AArteMIS Aneurysmal Arterial Mechanics: Into the Structure 2015
48 FIDUCEO Fidelity and Uncertainty in Climate data records from Earth Observations 2015
49 BeeDanceGap Honeybee communication: animal social learning at the height of social complexity 2016
50 DNAendProtection DNA end protection in Immunity and Cancer 2015
51 CORPNET Corporate Network Governance: Power, Ownership and Control in Contemporary Global Capitalism 2015
52 Weakinteract Weak interactions in self-organizations studied by NMR spectroscopy in the supramolecular solid-state 2015
53 NSECPROBE Probing quantum fluctuations of single electronic channels in model interacting systems 2015
54 Nano Harvest Flexible nanowire devices for energy harvesting 2015
55 BSMFLEET Challenging the Standard Model using an extended Physics program in LHCb 2015
56 FLATLIGHT Functional 2D metamaterials at visible wavelengths 2015
57 ComBact How complement molecules kill bacteria 2015
58 TIME-BRIDGE Time-scale bridging potentials for realistic molecular dynamics simulations 2015
59 FLUID-INTERFACE Analysis of moving incompressible fluid interfaces 2015
60 PROCELLDEATH Unraveling the regulatory network of developmental programmed cell death in plants 2015
61 FELICITY Foundations of Efficient Lattice Cryptography 2015
62 aCROBAT Circadian Regulation Of Brown Adipose Thermogenesis 2015
63 MIRAGE 20-15 Mid Infra-Red near-field control by Adiabatic frequency Generation Enabling 20fs/15nm resolution 2015
64 INTHERM Design, manufacturing and control of INterfaces in THERMally conductive polymer nanocomposites 2015
65 InfoInt An Information Theory of Simple Interaction 2015
66 NAPOLI Nanoporous Asymmetric Poly(Ionic Liquid) Membrane 2015
67 preQFT Strategic Predictions for Quantum Field Theories 2015
68 SENSQUID Scanning SQUID view of emergent states at interfaces 2015
69 IMAGINE Imaging magnetic fields at the nanoscale with a single spin microscope 2015
70 CLC Cryptography with Low Complexity 2015
71 RELOS Reducing empiricism in luminescence geochronology: Understanding the origins of luminescence from individual sand grains 2015
72 NEURAMORPH Dynamics of Amorphous Semiconductors: Intrinsic Nature and Application in Neuromorphic Hardware 2015
73 PHYSFISH The Role of Physiology in the Causes and Consequences of Fisheries-Induced Evolution 2015
74 BASTION Leveraging Binary Analysis to Secure the Internet of Things 2015
75 MST Moonshine and String Theory 2015
76 EUSTACE EU Surface Temperature for All Corners of Earth 2015
77 BACI Detecting changes in essential ecosystem and biodiversity properties – towards a Biosphere Atmosphere Change Index: BACI 2015
78 FLARECAST Flare Likelihood and Region Eruption Forecasting 2015
79 TIME SCALE Technology and Innovation for Development of Modular Equipment in Scalable Advanced Life Support Systems for Space Exploration 2015
80 RYSQ Rydberg Quantum Simulators 2015
81 A-LIFE Absorbing aerosol layers in a changing climate: aging, lifetime and dynamics 2015
82 COSIP Clarifying Optimal Sodium Intake Project 2015
83 CRASK Cortical Representation of Abstract Semantic Knowledge 2015
84 DHaptics DHaptics: Creating silent and sharp Mid-air Haptics using phased array of ultrasound transducers 2014
85 DOLFINS Distributed Global Financial Systems for Society 2015
86 AQuS Analog quantum simulators for many-body dynamics 2015
87 ShaleXenvironmenT Maximizing the EU shale gas potential by minimizing its environmental footprint 2015
88 QUCHIP Quantum Simulation on a Photonic Chip 2015
89 TIMESTORM Mind and Time: Investigation of the Temporal Traits of Human-Machine Convergence 2015
90 QUIC Quantum simulations of insulators and conductors 2015
91 CIMPLEX Bringing CItizens, Models and Data together in Participatory, Interactive SociaL EXploratories 2015
92 GEO VISION GNSS driven EO and Verifiable Image and Sensor Integration for mission-critical Operational Networks 2015
93 SKPLUS Super-Kamiokande plus 2014
94 BIOPOL Biochemical and mechanochemical mechanisms in polarized cells 2015
95 MEDEA Molecular Electron Dynamics investigated by IntensE Fields and Attosecond Pulses 2015
96 ONCORNET ONCOgenic Receptor Network of Excellence and Training 2015
97 DEFNET DEFect NETwork materials science and engineering 2015
98 PROMIS Postgraduate Research on Dilute Metamorphic Nanostructures and Metamaterials in Semiconductor Photonics 2015
99 5G Wireless Innovative Architectures, Wireless Technologies and Tools for High Capacity and Sustainable 5G Ultra-Dense Cellular Networks 2015
100 BRODISE BROWNFIELD Decontamination In Southern Europe. Preparing PCP to R+D for efficient, cost effective and innovative solutions for brownfields decontamination 2015
101 EURO-SEQUENCES Monomer sequence control in Polymers : Toward next-generation precision materials 2015
102 InnoMan_NRW Enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany 2014
103 ArcInTex ETN ArcInTex ETN 2015
104 GEO-C Joint Doctorate in Geoinformatics - Enabling Open Cities 2015
105 MET-A-FOR Metabolomic analysis for the forensic detection of drugs of abuse in performance and food producing animals 2015
106 AdapTT Real time therapy planning for Thermal based therapy modalities in oncology care. 2015
107 SPRInG Short Period Superlattices for Rational (In,Ga)N 2015
108 SELECTA Smart ELECTrodeposited Alloys for environmentally sustainable applications: from advanced protective coatings to micro/nano-robotic platforms 2015
109 Mid-TECH Infrared sensing made visible: Combining infrared light sources and upconversion sensors for improved sensitivity in medical applications and gas analysis 2015
110 COLLDENSE Hybrid Colloidal Systems with Designed Response 2015
111 InCeM Research Training Network on Integrated Component Cycling in Epithelial Cell Motility 2015
112 SUPRABARRIER SUPRAmolecular polyolefins as oxygen BARRIER materials 2015
113 PACE Perception and Action in Complex Environments 2015
114 NanoHeal Nano-tailoring organo-mineral materials -Controlling strength and healing with organic molecules in mineral interfaces 2015
115 WAKEUPCALL Applied mathematics for risk measures in finance and insurance, in the wake of the crisis 2015
116 HyMedPoly Drug-Free Antibacterial Hybrid Biopolymers for Medical Applications 2015
117 Biorapid Rapid Bioprocess Development 2015
118 ABWET Advanced Biological Waste-to-Energy Technologies 2015
119 QoE-Net innovative Quality Of Experience maNagement in Emerging mulTimedia services 2015
120 iKaaS intelligent Knowledge-as-a-Service Platform 2014
121 FLEXI-PYROCAT Development of flexible pyrolysis-catalysis processing of waste plastics for selective production of high value products through research and innovation 2015
122 OpenAIRE2020 Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe 2020 2015
123 FoodSMART Shaping Smarter Consumer Behaviour and Food Choice 2015
124 CRYDIS Driving innovation in pharmaceuticals: integrated studies of physical dissolution properties of crystalline and amorphous forms using enhanced orthogonal monitoring techniques 2015
125 MIXMAX Development and Implementation of new generation of Pseudo Random Number Generators based on Kolmogorov-Anosov K-systems 2015
126 JENNIFER Japan and Europe Network for Neutrino and Intensity Frontier Experimental Research 2015
127 WITDOM empoWering prIvacy and securiTy in non-trusteD envirOnMents 2015
128 women entrepreneurs Transforming European Women’s Entrepreneurship: The Education and Training for Success Programme 2015
129 AXIOM Agile, eXtensible, fast I/O Module for the cyber-physical era 2015
130 METCOPH Metallocomplexes of macrocyclic compounds for photonic devices 2015
131 DECADE Deploying High Capacity Dense Small Cell Heterogeneous Networks 2015
132 NonMinimalHiggs Non Minimal Higgs 2015
133 FRIENDS2 Framework of Innovation for Engineering of New Durable Solar Surfaces 2015
134 MACIVIVA MAnufacturing process for Cold-chain Independent VIrosome-based VAccines 2015
135 INSPIRED INdustrial Scale Production of Innovative nanomateRials for printEd Devices 2015
136 SMPFv2.0 Next generation single molecule protein fluorescence 2015
137 PeroxiSystem Systematic exploration of peroxisomal structure and function 2015
138 SymplecticEinstein The symplectic geometry of anti-self-dual Einstein metrics 2015
139 SINGWAVES Singularity formation in nonlinear evolution equations 2015
140 TUNNELCHEM Atom-Tunneling in Chemistry 2015
141 DIMR Data Intensive Modelling of the Rhizosphere Processes 2015
142 TUSUPO Tubular Supramolecular Polymers: A new class of therapeutic polymers 2015
143 FlexNets Quantifying Flexibility in Communication Networks 2015
144 QUINCY Quantifying the effects of interacting nutrient cycles on terrestrial biosphere dynamics and their climate feedbacks QUINCY 2015
145 SOLACYLIN A preparative approach to geometric effects in innovative solar cell types based on a nanocylindrical structure 2015
146 MathModExp The Evolution of Competition and Cooperation: how polymorphisms in microbial populations optimise virulence and mediate drug resistance 2015
147 SUPERNEMS Superconducting Diamond Quantum Nano-Electro-Mechanical Systems 2015
148 SSBD Small Summaries for Big Data 2015
149 CC Combinatorial Construction 2016
150 NChIP Chromatin dynamics during DNA replication 2015
151 3DSPIN 3-Dimensional Maps of the Spinning Nucleon 2015
152 EPAF Role of Epithelial Apoptotic Force in Morphogenesis 2015
153 SpoKiGen Spore killer genomics: elucidating causes and consequences of a fungal meiotic drive element 2015
154 PHOROSOL Integrating photochemistry in nanoconfined carbon-based porous materials in technological processes 2016
155 GLYCO-TOOLS Bio-Inspired Tools for Glycoscience 2015
156 FNPMLS Fundamental nuclear properties measured with laser spectroscopy 2015
157 WILLOW WIreLess LOWband communications: massive and ultra-reliable access 2015
158 CSF From Cloud to Star Formation 2015
159 GAINBYSTRAIN Gain by Strain: Precise Cuts of Cyclopropanes as Key to Molecular Complexity 2015
160 LEXICAL Lexical Acquisition Across Languages 2015
161 3MC 3D Model Catalysts to explore new routes to sustainable fuels 2015
162 QLev4G Quantum control of levitated massive mechanical systems: a new approach for gravitational quantum physics 2015
163 BAS-SBBT Bacterial Amyloid Secretion: Structural Biology and Biotechnology. 2015
164 ISIGrowth Innovation-fuelled, Sustainable, Inclusive Growth 2015
165 FairTax Revisioning the ‘Fiscal EU’: Fair, Sustainable, and Coordinated Tax and Social Policies 2015
166 eyePoC Clinical validation of a new diagnostic and monitoring PoC medical device based on quantification of biomarkers in tear fluids to improve the quality of eye health care 2014
167 SeaChange Sea Change 2015
168 GasOn Gas-Only internal combustion engines 2015
169 EU-CIVCAP Preventing and responding to conflict: developing EU CIVilian CAPabilities for a sustainable peace 2015
170 Phil-Threats The Representation of External Threats in the Configuration of Spanish Power in the Philippines (1600-1800) 2016
171 FOX Forever Open infrastructure across (X) all transport modes 2015
172 iNEXT Infrastructure for NMR, EM and X-rays for translational research 2015
173 SafeCloud Secure and Resilient Cloud Architecture 2015
174 DEVOLEMPA The developmental and evolutionary basis of human intersubjectivity 2015
175 ACTRIS-2 Aerosols, Clouds, and Trace gases Research InfraStructure 2015
176 GRENHAS Green and Smart Communications with Energy Harvesting: A Signal Processing Approach 2015
177 AIDA-2020 Advanced European Infrastructures for Detectors at Accelerators 2015
178 NONNH Mechanism of hydrogenation and transfer hydrogenation of polar unsaturations catalyzed by non N-H systems 2015
179 ToEfDeCo Towards Guaranteeing the Right to Effective Assistance of Defence Counsel in Member States in Trans-border Criminal Cases 2016
180 GREAT Deformations of fundamental Groups of REpresentATions 2016
181 FLYELEC Quantum Optics with single flying electrons 2015
182 ActiDoC Active Doping in Colloids 2015
183 RESCUE THE HEART Understanding nervous mechanisms of cardioprotection to save the ischaemic and failing hearts 2016
184 HSPACE High Capacity Space Division Multiplexing Systems 2016
185 HoogsCG Development of a multiscale modeling strategy to decipher how hybrid DNA/RNA triplexes and G-quadruplexes affect gene expression regulation 2015
186 ITNUN Family, Power, Memory: Female Monasticism in Italy from 700 to 1100 2015
187 COGNAC Readdressing Convective-Surface Interaction in Global Climate Models 2015
188 JUNO Joint Volumetric Reconstruction and Automated Analysis of the Fetal Heart from Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Images 2015
189 RhomBioID Molecular mechanisms of rhomboid-like proteins in human immunity 2015
190 CircaDopamine The Role of Dopamine in the Regulation of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms 2015
191 AUDICON Neural mechanisms of spectral context effects on auditory processing 2015
192 Q-METAPP Quantum Metrology in Applications 2015
193 STROMINGER The Strominger system of differential equations 2015
194 WOODSofCHANGE Cambium genetics in Arabidopsis and Aspen: basic science meets wood production 2015
195 HAP4MARBLE Multi-functionalization of hydroxyapatite for restoration and preventive conservation of marble artworks 2015
196 HiDDaProTImA High-dimensional data processing: from theory to imaging applications 2016
197 3DWISE 3D Full Waveform Inversion on seismic data at the East Pacific Rise 2015
199 SexDiff Sex differences in expression in the shared genome 2016
200 GATTACA Genetics of Alternative Transcript Abundance upon immune Cellular Activation 2015
201 Inflammafish Cross-talk between inflammation and autophagy in tuberculosis 2016
202 Metabolic cost of walking Stepping forward in understanding the Metabolic Cost of Human Walking 2015
203 MuMoSiSt Multidisciplinary approach to multilayer monumental sites studies: the case of the Quirinal Hill in Rome 2015
204 UFOX Unveiling complexity in Functional hybrid OXides 2015
205 LOVe Linking Objects to Vectors in distributional semantics: A framework to anchor corpus-based meaning representations to the external world 2015
206 SYNPT The role of autophagy in presynaptic protein turnover 2015
207 HYBRIPORE Hybrid DNA-protein nanopores with large and uniform pore sizes 2015
208 ISOTRAPSS Isoform specific inhibition by transient protein state stabilization 2015
209 Polyphemus Towards a new framework for reception: Gongora’s poetics, ‘new’ readers and the material world 2015
210 EMCOP9CRL Structural basis of Cullin-RING ligase regulation by the COP9 signalosome 2015
211 FITINV Fitness consequences of chromosome inversion polymorphism in mimetic butterflies 2015
213 EMPOWER Empowering parents through the development of an online evidence-based mental health promotion school engagement resource 2015
214 MYSTICETI The oldest and the rarest - combining insight from both hemispheres to gain a global picture of baleen whale origins and macroevolution 2015
215 Turb. Bound. Layers Effects of multi-scale rough patches on hydrodynamics and scalar dispersion in turbulent boundary layers 2015
216 AutismRigidPercept Investigation and modification of atypical dynamic brain activity underlying perceptual inflexibility of autism spectrum disorders 2015
217 Super MagneFiQuE Superconducting magnetic-field compatible quantum electronics 2015
218 ION-QNET Cavity-QED Ion Quantum Network 2015
219 MoTOR Analysis of the “moonlighting” proteins in the mTOR-signalling pathway 2016
220 GUTWORM Unravelling host intestine-parasite interactions that define immune responses to whipworms 2015
221 ClOThIlde The Cluster Observations and Theory Intersection: Providing selection functions and scaling relations to set constraints on the physics of the accelerating universe. 2016
222 Transnat_farright Transnational nationalism. Far-Right Nationalist Groups in East Central Europe in the 20th and 21st centuries 2015
223 CortexVisionBehavior Neocortical circuits underlying visually-guided behaviors in mice. 2016
224 ETAB Entangled Twin Atom Beams 2015
225 FASTQUANTUM Ultrafast Sepctroscopy of Quantum Structures 2015
226 ChloroQuality Dissecting chloroplast protein quality control specificity for rational plant reprogramming 2016
227 COUPCAT Coupling dimerisation and metathesis reactions to produce propene from ethanol using heterogeneous catalysts and microreactor systems 2015
228 FUDACT FUll Duplex Active Cancellation for wireless communication and co-exisTence 2015
229 RESILIENCE RESILIENT2: A novel thermosensory module at the interface of temperature and defense signaling 2015
230 Exo-C Insights into cloudy exoplanet atmospheres 2016
231 REE Value Chain Rare Earth Supply Chain and Industrial Ecosystem: A Material Flow Assessment of European Union 2015
232 PINQUAR Polaritons IN the QUAntum Regime (PINQUAR) 2015
233 MRTGS Mechanical regulation of tissue growth and signalling 2016
234 CompositeSPTphases Composite-particle approach to Symmetry Protected Topological Phases 2015
235 MIDGESYM Symbiotic bacteria in midges: understanding their role in determining vector competence and transmission of viruses 2015
236 GAMMALAS Towards gamma-ray lasers via super-radiance in a Bose-Einstein condensate of 135mCs isomers 2015
237 OUTstandINg Cell-surface immobilized vs. internalized magnetic nanoparticles for magnetic hyperthermia studies 2015
238 GlidArc Towards a fundamental understanding of a gliding arc discharge for the purpose of greenhouse gas conversion into value-added chemicals 2015
239 WINTERC-3D Thermochemical imaging of the Earth’s mantle: Global inversion of seismic waveforms, satellite gravity data and surface elevation 2015
240 PhoLED Photonic nanostructures for Light-Emitting Devices. 2015
241 SMI REP Investigating eukaryotic replisome dynamics at the single molecule level 2015
242 SuSiPOD Broadband Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors 2015
243 SNBinaries Close binary progenitors and ejected donor remnants of supernovae type Ia 2015
244 ATTOCHEM Attosecond imaging and control of chemical dynamics 2015
245 OPTIMAL NMR Optimal control methods for biological solid state nuclear magnetic resonance 2015
246 BETAPEV Beyond Empathy: Toward a phenomenological Ethics of Vulnerability 2015
247 NITEC NITEC: a Negative Ion Time Expansion Chamber for directional Dark Matter search 2015
248 CHLAMYS Chlamys: The cultural biography of a garment in Hellenistic Egypt 2015
249 CAPITULA Variation on a theme: evolutionary-developmental insights into the Asteraceae flower head 2015
250 HYPERLIGHT Combining hyperspectral luminescence imaging and mineralogical identification to date mixed-component samples from volcanic eruptions 2015
251 OceanLiNES Ocean Limiting Nutrients – Examination from Space 2015
252 OSCAR Operando study of the catalytic activity of gold nanoparticles by Surface Differential Reflectivity Spectroscopy (SDRS): from plasmonic response to morphology 2016
253 seQureNet Secure information processing in quantum networks 2015
254 EPICA Exploring Photon-photon Interactions with Cold Rydberg Atoms 2015
255 FOREMOTIONS Formal Frameworks for Modal Notions Conceived as Predicates 2016
256 SIBG Strongly Interacting Bose Gases 2015
257 DEEPER Deep Earth Elastic Properties and Effective Rheology 2015
258 OsteoNano Spatial nanoscale control of growth and adhesion factors to enhance the osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells 2015
259 NANOSPHERE NANOStructure Photochemistry via Hot Electron driven REactions 2015
260 DEGASS An experimental approach to understand inDuced sEismicity in GAS Shales 2016
261 PolAME Polarimetry of Anomalous Microwave Emission: Implication for B-mode Polarization Detection and Galactic Science 2016
262 NanoBragg Nanofiber-based atomic Bragg structures 2015
263 DYS_FUNCTION Novel use of exon skipping technology to study structure-function relationship of dystrophin 2016
264 MWMI Mesoscopic characterization of human white-matter: a computational in-vivo MRI framework 2015
265 DISC Distributed storage based on sparse-graph codes 2015
266 SOLLAY Soft Chemical Control of the Physical Properties of Layered Solids 2016
267 jamclay Chemical Tools to Probe the Role of Bromodomains in the Parasite Trypanosoma cruzi 2016
268 MaSCheNav Mass Spectrometry-Based Chemoproteomic Profiling of Nav1.7, a Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel 2015
269 OSS Spatio-temporal control of the Src kinase activation through Optogenetics in Cell invasion 2016
270 ExMeCy Cyclone processes leading to extreme rainfall in the Mediterranean region 2016
271 SocForVul The impact of supplementary feeding on the food searching strategies and social behaviour in anendangered top scavenger 2015
272 GROUPIND Collective personalities: from individuals to groups, and back 2015
273 NEXTGENPDF Parton Distribution Function determinations for the future of particle physics phenomenology 2015
274 Magnetic HEART Targeting the Human Myocardial Remodeling Process Using Novel Magnetic Force-Based Human Heart Tissue 2016
275 SPAFIL Structured photonics for advanced fibre lasers 2015
276 RNA Transport and Control Mechanisms of kinesin-dependent RNA transport and translational regulation 2015
277 ReconsolidationDynamics A Cross-Species Investigation of Memory Replay During Reconsolidation 2015
278 MIM Enhancing Motion Interaction through Music Performance 2016
279 DPaTh-To-Adapt Rethinking climate change vulnerability: Drivers patterns of thermal tolerance adaptation in the ocean. 2016
280 CYBERNETS Cybernetic Communication Networks: Fundamental Limits and Engineering Challenges 2015
281 STAR An Extended Local Scattering Theory for Acoustic-radiation and Receptivity of Trailing-edge Flows 2016
282 Subpopulations Investigating Fibrotic and Regenerative Fibroblast Populations in Muscular Dystrophy 2016
283 ABDES An astrochemical study of the early evolutionary stages of sub-stellar mass objects 2015
284 BIMEDA Big Medical Data Use in Primary Care: an ethnographic, socio-technical, investigation of challenges and opportunities 2015
285 EpiAnodes Heteroepitaxial α-Fe2O3 photoanodes for solar water splitting 2015
286 Imperial Recipes Food in the Spanish and British Caribbean in the Nineteenth Century: Encounters, Exchanges, Identities 2015
287 STEPDYN H2 and CH4 Dissociation Dynamics on Stepped Metal Surfaces via First-Principles Simulations 2016
288 SWITCHCATALYSIS Switchable catalytic activity of spin crossover materials 2015
289 FISHNAV Following a path of breadcrumbs: How fish recognize landmarks during navigation 2015
290 PREDACTION Prediction and Anticipation of Actions: Modelling How We Foresee the Others 2016
291 Consciousness online A real-time, online study of the functions of consciousness 2015
292 MEMBRANEPROT Membrane proteins – development of new computational approaches and its application to G-Protein Coupled Receptors 2016
293 ZPVMH Synaptic integration in the ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus in aggressive behaviour 2015
294 CSDP Construction of Self-Dividing Protocells 2015
295 PBIGP Plant-Bacillus Interaction: Gain of Function Project 2016
296 ReACT A Realizability Approach to Complexity Theory 2015
297 miRNAs in TH2 cells Role of extracellular miRNAs in T cell development, TH2 cell differentiation and TH2 cell-mediated effector function 2015
298 ExTRyG Excitonic transport in cold Rydberg gases 2015
299 MEMOTION Changing the course of cognitive decline in normal aging with positive emotions by training brain plasticity 2016
300 BRIDGES Bioinformatic approaches to identify and detect both disease- and drug-related genomic alterations in breast cancer patients 2015
301 MWGRAV High Sensitivity Matter-Wave Gravitation Sensors 2016
302 SAC_EarlyEmbryo SAC robustness in the transition from meiosis to mitosis 2016
303 OPTIMAPIC Mapping the neuronal representation in dorsal inferior colliculus through optical imaging, stimulus optimization and optogenetics 2015
304 FLEXGENOME The Flexible Genome: understanding the genetic regulation of Phenotypic Plasticity. 2015
305 ISPADMEC Integrin specificity in rigidity sensitive proliferation, activation and directional migration of endothelial cells 2015
306 CP-RehOP Responding or not responding to training; prediction of balance rehabilitation outcome from structural and functional brain networks in Cerebral Palsy. 2016
307 POSEIDON novel bioreactor Platform for reprOducible, Scalable ExpansIonand cardiac DifferentiatiON of hiPSC in suspension culture 2015
308 QuantumPhotosynth Quantum coherence in photosynthesis: towards single-molecule light-conversion devices 2015
309 SuperMag Cooperation between Superconductivity and Magnetism in Mesoscopic systems: towards Majorana states 2015
310 MolNANOtox Nanomaterial surface interactions at the molecular level and their impact on ecotoxicity 2015
311 APT-Met Atom Probe Tomography (APT) Metrology for future 3D semiconductor devices 2015
312 ICE-OTOPE “Weathering and nutrient export from subglacial environments: A novel stable isotope approach” 2015
313 HIGGS-BSM-EFT Higgs and Beyond the Standard Model Effective Field Theory, systematic developments. 2015
314 SORT1LIG Identification and characterization of new cytosolic ligands of Sortilin 2016
315 OceanIS Ocean Interaction with Antarctic Ice Shelves 2016
316 GACD Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases Secretariat 2015
317 EQUIP Elemental quota in marine phytoplankton for effective carbon sequestration, clean energy and biogeochemical modelling 2015
318 SYMULGAS Synthetic magnetism with ultracold Fermi gases of strontium 2015
319 virus-DNP-NMR Development of high-field DNP-enhanced MAS NMR techniques for structure determination of viral capsids 2015
320 MoDATS Model-based Data Analysis of Transcription and Splicing 2016
321 DECAGON Doping Colloidal Nanoplatelets: Synthesis, Self-assembly and Spectroscopy 2016
322 NEARCONTROL NEARshore geological CONTROL on coastal morphodynamics: monitoring and modelling in high-resolution 2016
323 G4invivo Probing intracellular folding and dynamics of telomeric DNA structures with single-molecule FRET 2016
324 SiPhoN Single-Photon Non-Locality 2015
325 SoWHat Solar Wind Heating and Turbulence 2015
326 IDEA Investigating Dishonesty with Experimental Applications: Evidence from the Lab and the Field 2015
327 BASILA Identification and characterization of bacterial effectors that interfere with Transcriptional GeneSilencing in Arabidopsis 2015
328 Pre2Pos PREcession-based drive mechanisms for high-PREcision energy-efficient POSitioning devices (Pre2Pos) 2015
329 SCATMET Developing a multispectral volume scattering meter for measuring the optical properties of sea andocean water 2015
330 HEALTH-TECH Centre of Excellence in Science and Technology for Healthy Ageing 2015
331 PHOCCS Photon Cross Correlation Spectroscopy 2015
332 ADR1EN First European System for Active Debris Removal with Nets 2015
333 MCTDC Multi-channel time-to-digital converter sensor with ultra high resolution 2015
334 CIP Categorical Interoception Project: How generalization and classification strategies link anxiety and interoception 2016
335 Enabling Excellence Graphene-based nanomaterials for touchscreen technologies: Comprehension, Commerce and Communication 2015
336 MEDICIS-PROMED MEDICIS-produced radioisotope beams for medicine 2015
337 SAFARI Scalable And Flexible optical Architecture for Reconfigurable Infrastructure 2014
338 MASSIVE Multinationals, Institutions and Innovation in Europe 2015
339 PrecisionTools4LHC High precision predictions and tools for LHC Physics 2015
340 TOSSIBERG Theory of Stein Spaces in Berkovich Geometry 2015
341 QuantGeomLangTFT The Quantum Geometric Langlands Topological Field Theory 2015
342 MtbTransReg Translational regulation in the persistence and drug susceptibility of Mycobacterium tuberculosis 2015
343 lincSAFARI Sequence and Function Relationships in Long Intervening Noncoding RNAs 2015
344 iTPX In-cavity thermophotonic cooling 2015
345 SEXSEA Origin and evolution of the sexes and reproductive systems: novel insights from a distant eukaryotic lineage 2015
346 ComplEvol Evolutionary origins of complex ecological adaptations 2015
347 PersoNews Profiling and targeting news readers – implications for the democratic role of the digital media, user rights and public information policy 2015
348 MultiScaleNeurovasc Quantifying the structure-function of the neurovascular interface: from micro-circuits to large-scale functional organization 2015
349 CONSTRAINTS Ecophysiological and biophysical constraints on domestication in crop plants 2015
350 VIBCONTROL Vibronic control of organic electronic devices 2015
351 ProPlantStress Proteolytic processing in plant stress signal transduction and responses to abiotic stress and pathogen attack 2015
352 GREEN-WIN Green growth and win-win strategies for sustainable climate action 2015
353 BAMB Buildings as Material Banks: Integrating Materials Passports with Reversible Building Design to Optimise Circular Industrial Value Chains 2015
354 WiVi-2020 Wireless Visionaries for 2020 2015
355 APESA Advanced Pump Engineering for Severe Applications 2015
356 Enhancer ID Identification and functional characterization of mammalian enhancers and transcriptional co-factors during cellular signaling and cell fate transitions 2015
357 AEDMOS Attosecond Electron Dynamics in MOlecular Systems 2015
358 ENSURE Exploring the New Science and engineering unveiled by Ultraintense ultrashort Radiation interaction with mattEr 2015
359 BlackHoleMaps Mapping gravitational waves from collisions of black holes 2015
360 QuantumMagnonics Interfacing spin waves with superconducting quantum circuits for single magnon creation and detection 2015
361 AdLibYeast Synthetic platforms for ad libitum remodelling of yeast central metabolism 2015
362 AUTAR A Unified Theory of Algorithmic Relaxations 2015
363 9 SALT Reassessing Ninth Century Philosophy. A Synchronic Approach to the Logical Traditions 2015
364 QUANTUMMETALINK Quantum Metamaterials: A Theoretical and Computational Approach Towards Seamlessly Integrated Hybrid Classical/Quantum Nano-structures 2015
365 ICONICAL In control of exciton and charge dynamics in molecular crystals 2015
366 BrightSens Ultrabright Turn-on Fluorescent Organic Nanoparticles for Amplified Molecular Sensing in Living Cells 2015
367 TWORAINS Winter Rain, Summer Rain: Adaptation, Climate Change, Resilience and the Indus Civilisation 2015
368 C9ND C9orf72-mediated neurodegeneration: mechanisms and therapeutics 2015
369 corr-DFT Improving the accuracy and reliability of electronic structure calculations: New exchange-correlation functionals from a rigorous expansion at infinite coupling strength 2015
370 NOSY New Operational Sensing sYstem 2015
371 nuClock Towards a nuclear clock with Thorium-229 2015
372 DEDALE Data Learning on Manifolds and Future Challenges 2015
373 CHROMAVISION Super-resolution visualisation and manipulation of metaphase chromosomes 2015
374 PEGASUS-2 [PEGASUS]², giving wings to your career. 2015
375 CIRCLE Coordinating European Research on Molecular Communications 2015
376 DYNAMO Energy and charge transfer nonadiabatic dynamics in light-harvesting molecules and nanostructures 2015
377 NanoREG II Development and implementation of Grouping and Safe-by-Design approaches within regulatory frameworks 2015
378 SUSPINTRONICS Magnetic, electric-field and light induced control of spin-polarized supercurrents: fundamentals for an offbeat electronics 2015
379 CEZAMAT-Environment CEZAMAT-Environment - Self-Organizing Networks for Real-Time, Wireless Monitoring of Natural Environment 2015
380 QCUMbER Quantum Controlled Ultrafast Multimode Entanglement and Measurement 2015
381 ULTRAQCL Ultrashort Pulse Generation from Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers 2015
382 CoPS Coevolutionary Policy Search 2015
383 proLungPlasma Validation of a Lung Cancer Plasma Reflex Test Using Epigenetic Biomarker for Cancer Detection 2015
384 WayTO Wayfinding Through Orientation 2015
385 CONC-VIA-RIEMANN High-Dimensional Convexity, Isoperimetry and Concentration via a Riemannian Vantage Point 2015
386 NOVELNOBI Novel Nanoengineered Optoelectronic Biointerfaces 2015
387 GREENT Greenhouse Gas Mitigation through Advanced Nitrogen Removal Technology 2015
388 CoPIRL CoPIRL: Compact High Power Picosecond Infrared Laser for Scar Free Surgery and Bio-Diagnostics. 2015
389 AQUAINVAD-ED AQUAtic INVAders: Early Detection, Control and Management 2015
390 NACCA New Approaches in the Conservation of Contemporary Art 2015
391 MIGRATE Research and training network on MIniaturized Gas flow for Applications with enhanced Thermal Effects 2015
392 DAFNEOX Designing Advanced Functionalities through controlled NanoElement integration in OXide thin films 2015
393 PLANTMOVE Plant movements and mechano-perception: from biophysics to biomimetics 2015
394 THREEDCELLPHYSICS The physics of three dimensional chromosome and protein organisation within the cell 2015
395 GREENLIGHT_REDCAT Towards a Greener Reduction Chemistry by Using Cobalt Coordination Complexes as Catalysts and Light-driven Water Reduction as a Source of Reductive Equivalents 2015
396 ZF-MEL-CHEMBIO Chemical Biology in Zebrafish: Drug-Leads and New Targets in the Melanocyte Lineage and Melanoma 2015
397 GLOBAL INHERITANCES Global Inheritances: Personal Identification and Inheritance Rights in the Early Modern Spanish Empire 2015
398 Multi-JOBINSEC Micro- and Macro-Level Determinants of Job Insecurity Perceptions: Individual, Organizational and Social Consequences. Multilevel Analysis and Comparisons among Countries 2015
399 MorePheno Collider Phenomenology and Event Generators 2015
400 PROVIDES PROcesses for Value added fibres by Innovative Deep Eutectic Solvents 2015
401 FoReCaST Forefront Research in 3D Disease Cancer Models as in vitro Screening Technologies 2015
402 ERAatUC Enhancing Research in Ageing at the University of Coimbra 2015
403 BIOELECPRO Frontier Research on the Dielectric Properties of Biological Tissue 2015
404 NANOSHOCK Manufacturing Shock Interactions for Innovative Nanoscale Processes 2015
405 TEC_Pro Molecular control of self-renewal and lineage specification in thymic epithelial cell progenitors in vivo. 2015
406 sRNA-EMB Small RNA regulation of the body plan and epigenome in Arabidopsis embryos 2015
407 ACTOMYO Mechanisms of actomyosin-based contractility during cytokinesis 2015
408 SENSORTHALAMUS Thalamic control of Neuroplasticity 2015
409 CORONALDOLLS Multi-Scale Coronal Heating: A New Approach to an Old Question. 2015
410 AVS-ISS Analysis, Verification, and Synthesis for Infinite-State Systems 2015
411 BIOCONT6SS Inter-bacterial competition mediated by the type VI secretion system (T6SS): promising role in the biocontrol properties of Pseudomonas putida 2016
412 SMART-POM Artificial-Intelligence Driven Discovery and Synthesis of Polyoxometalate Clusters 2015
413 NLAFET Parallel Numerical Linear Algebra for Future Extreme-Scale Systems 2015
414 ESCAPE Energy-efficient SCalable Algorithms for weather Prediction at Exascale 2015
415 ORCHEXTRA A disruptive innovation in mobile marketing and business intelligence for drastically increasing SMEs competitiveness 2015
416 SMART DESIGN Spin-orbit mechanism in adaptive magnetization-reversal techniques, for magnetic memory design 2015
417 MaGRaTh Matter and strong-field gravity: New frontiers in Einstein’s theory 2015
418 DesignerPores Understanding and Designing Novel NanoPores 2015
419 SELECTION Improving Educational Outcomes by Transforming the Selection of Future Teachers 2015
420 DECRESIM A Chemical Approach to Molecular Spin Qubits: Decoherence and Organisation of Rare Earth Single Ion Magnets 2015
421 SESE Social Evolution and Social Engineering of bacterial Infections 2015
422 DIVI Direct Visualization of Light-Driven Atomic-Scale Carrier Dynamics in Space and Time 2015
424 SmartMic Smart Multimodal Microscopy for High-Throughput Developmental Biology in Real-Time 2015
425 Allelic Regulation Revealing Allele-level Regulation and Dynamics using Single-cell Gene Expression Analyses 2015
426 T6SS-PSEUDO-LIP Type VI-dependent Pseudomonas aeruginosa phospholipases and host manipulation 2016
427 ARTIST Advancing Rechargeable-Batteries Through In Situ Techniques 2015
428 low Pt loading FCCHP Innovative fuel cell system for CHP application in Low Carbon Buildings 2016
429 MaGic The Materials Genome in Action 2015
430 INSULATRONICS Controlling Electric Signals with Insulating Antiferromagnets and Insulating Ferromagnets 2015
431 ArtifiCell Synthetic Cell Biology: Designing organelle transport mechanisms 2015
432 NEWPHYS-MOLECULES Probing Physics beyond the Standard Model from Molecules 2015
433 PHOSFUN Phosphorene functionalization: a new platform for advanced multifunctional materials 2015
434 ALKAGE Algebraic and Kähler geometry 2015
435 EXTRA Exploiting eXascale Technology with Reconfigurable Architectures 2015
436 InnoMan_NRW_2 Establishing Services Enhancing the Innovation Management Capacity of SMEs in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany 2015
437 FLOWERPOWER Establishing a new generation of horticulturists: Multidisciplinary approach for breeding innovative novelties using classical and biotechnological methods 2016
438 HYPHEN HYPHEN: Hybrid Photonic Engines for Massive Cloud Connectivity 2015
439 SESAME thermal hydraulics Simulations and Experiments for the Safety Assessment of MEtal cooled reactors 2015
440 ROBUSTNET Quantitative developmental genetic analysis of phenotypic buffering and cryptic variation 2015
441 LAA-THz-CC Lens Antenna Arrays for Coherent THz Cameras 2015
442 BRAIN MICRO SNOOPER A mimetic implant for low perturbation, stable stimulation and recording of neural units inside the brain. 2015
443 PLANTSTEMS Decoding the Lateral Expansion of Plant Stems 2015
444 CilDyn Molecular analysis of the Hedgehog signal transduction complex in the primary cilium 2015
445 ESTUARIES Estuaries shaped by biomorphodynamics, inherited landscape conditions and human interference 2015
446 LEGO Multimodal glycoconjugates: a molecular Lego approach for antitumoral immunotherapy 2015
447 COMNACTSS Controlling micro- and nano-channel transport with selective solvation 2015
448 Com4Com Collective modes in 4d-metal compounds and heterostructures 2016
449 SYSTEM-RISK A Large-Scale Systems Approach to Flood Risk Assessment and Management 2016
450 Synchronverter Smart Synchronous inverter for grid’s stability 2015
451 HomeoBalanceExcInh Homeostatic balancing of excitation and inhibition in vivo 2015
452 MolCellTissMech Molecular and cellular determinants of cell monolayer mechanics 2015
453 QAffine Representations of quantum affine algebras and applications 2015
454 dynamicmodifications Complexity and dynamics of nucleic acids modifications in vivo 2015
455 EcOILogy Microbial life in oil 2015
456 VOLCANO Microbiology of extremely acidic terrestrial volcanic ecosystems 2016
457 ARPEMA Anionic redox processes: A transformational approach for advanced energy materials 2015
458 LineageDiscovery Laying the Biological, Computational and Architectural Foundations for Human Cell Lineage Discovery 2015
459 MIMAS Multi-dimensional interferometric amplification of ultrashort laser pulses 2015
460 PLANETDIVE Planetary diversity: the experimental terapascal perspective 2016
461 Ada Ada 2020 | Visual Reasoning Support for Healthcare Professionals 2015
463 NoNoMeCat Non-Noble Metal Catalysis - NoNoMeCat 2016
464 Phd Deciphering PI3K biology in health and disease 2015
465 TERRE Training Engineers and Researchers to Rethink geotechnical Engineering for a low carbon future 2015
466 INFORM Interfaces in opto-electronic thin film multilayer devices 2015
467 DCOMM Deictic Communication - A Multidisciplinary Training 2016
468 HHFDWC The History of Human Freedom and Dignity in Western Civilization 2016
469 BestPass Boosting plant-Endophyte STability, compatibility and Performance Across ScaleS 2015
470 POP Performance Optimisation and Productivity 2015
471 PHOTONET-C4 Characterising the Gene Regulatory Networks Governing Photosynthesis: From Basic Understanding to Targeted Engineering 2015
472 SPIRE Stars: dynamical Processes driving tidal Interactions, Rotation and Evolution 2015
473 SEDAL Statistical Learning for Earth Observation Data Analysis. 2015
474 NOC2D Nucleation of Organic Crystals onto 2D materials 2015
475 IL7sigNETure IL-7/IL-7R signaling networks in health and malignancy 2015
476 MADE Migration as Development 2015
477 Cancer-Recurrence Tumor cell death supports recurrence of cancer 2015
478 GRACE Resource Bounded Graph Query Answering 2015
479 INFANT EARTH The Making of the Earth – Reading the Geochemical Code from Meteorites and the Earth’s Oldest Rocks 2015
480 MyFUN Myopia: Fundamental understanding needed 2016
481 Time2Life Advanced signal processing of time-domain data in mass spectrometry to leverage life sciences 2015
482 MotMotLearn Motivating Motor Learning: The Role of Reward, Punishment and Dopamine 2015
483 CVI_ADAPT Unraveling the history of adaptation in an island model: Cape Verde Arabidopsis 2015
484 NutrientSensingVivo The Physiology of Nutrient Sensing by mTOR 2016
485 WORKANDHOME Reshaping society and space: home-based self-employment and businesses 2015
486 PROMISE Origins of the Molecular Cloud Structure 2016
487 TransCTNeurodev Transgenerational transmission of maternal childhood trauma and its sequelae – Altered maternal physiology during pregnancy and implications for newborn neurodevelopment 2015
488 TOPOmics Global dynamics of topoisomerase-induced DNA breaks 2015
489 ULT-NEMS Ultra-Cold Nano-Mechanics: from Classical to Quantum Complexity 2015
490 Code4Memory Neural oscillations - a code for memory 2015
491 ANT Automata in Number Theory 2015
492 EQuO Electron Quantum optics in quantum Hall edge channels 2015
493 NOVEL Emergence of novel phenotypes in co-evolving biological systems: allelic diversification and dominance at the Self-incompatibility locus in Arabidopsis. 2015
494 IMFDforHIC Improved Fluid Dynamics for Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions 2016
495 BHstabNL The fate of black holes in high-energy physics -- exploring their dynamical instabilities 2016
496 CREATE The CREAtion of the Department of Physical Chemistry of Biological SysTEms 2015
497 FamilyComplexity Intergenerational Reproduction and Solidarity in an Era of Family Complexity 2015
498 Amygdala Circuits Amygdala Circuits for Appetitive Conditioning 2016
499 Diversity6continents Ecological determinants of tropical-temperate trends in insect diversity 2015
500 CELLPLASTICITY New Frontiers in Cellular Reprogramming: Exploiting Cellular Plasticity 2015
501 SCALE Scalable Quantum Photonic Networks 2015
502 HADES Benthic diagenesis and microbiology of hadal trenches 2016
503 SEACELLS Marine phytoplankton as biogeochemical drivers: Scaling from membranes and single cells to populations 2015
504 EXMOLS Excited electronic states in extended molecular systems 2015
505 SIMBIONT A data-driven multiscale simulation of organogenesis 2015
506 BacCellEpi Bacterial, cellular and epigenetic factors that control enteropathogenicity 2015
507 SYSMET Systems Biology of Membrane Trafficking 2016
508 SYNECT Immunological synapse derived ectosomes in T cell effector function 2015
509 BROADimmune Structural, genetic and functional analyses of broadly neutralizing antibodies against human pathogens 2015
510 ScienceSquared ERC = ScienceSquared 2015
511 MapCOM Geographic mapping of radio signals 2016
512 DIMAP Novel nanoparticle enhanced Digital Materials for 3D Printing and their application shown for the robotic and electronic industry 2015
513 PHRESCO PHotonic REServoir COmputing 2015
514 RUBICON Training network for Research on molecUlar and Biomechanical Interactions in CONnective tissue disorders 2016
515 TACTILENet TACTILENet: Towards Agile, effiCient, auTonomous and massIvely LargE Network of things 2016
516 SOLIRING Solitons and frequency combs in micro-resonators 2016
517 MicroParticleControl Controlled synthesis of particulate matter in microfluidics 2016
518 MAGNEURON Hijacking cell signalling pathways with magnetic nanoactuators for remote-controlled stemcell therapies of neurodegenerative disorders 2016
519 GLOBE Global Lensing Observations to go Beyond Einstein 2015
520 Sequence Barcodes Product identification using sequence-controlled oligomers 2015
521 KMaaS Key Management as-a-Service 2016
522 RADIOFOREGROUNDS Ultimate modelling of Radio foregrounds: a key ingredient for cosmology 2016
523 StronGrHEP Strong Gravity and High-Energy Physics 2016
524 SORBET Spin Orbitronics for Electronic Technologies 2015
525 SBSI Structure-based subwavelength imaging 2015
526 ACTOMYOSIN RING Understanding Cytokinetic Actomyosin Ring Assembly Through Genetic Code Expansion, Click Chemistry, DNA origami, and in vitro Reconstitution 2015
529 DIMENSION Directly Modulated Lasers on Silicon 2016
530 HUNTER Advanced Humidity to Electricity Converter 2015
531 NeuRAM3 NEUral computing aRchitectures in Advanced Monolithic 3D-VLSI nano-technologies 2016
532 VaVeL Variety, Veracity, VaLue: Handling the Multiplicity of Urban Sensors 2015
533 CONNECT CarbON Nanotube compositE InterconneCTs 2016
534 OPERA lOw Power heterogeneous architecture for nExt generation of smaRt infrastructure and platforms in industrial and societal Applications 2015
535 MULTILAT Multi-phase Lattice Materials 2016
536 HURMUR Human Rights – MUtually Raising excellence 2016
537 SuperSART Commercialization of an innovative tomographic reconstruction algorithm (Super-sampling SART) for various geometry setups 2016
538 TheoryDL Practically Relevant Theory of Deep Learning 2016
539 QUANTUM DYNAMICS New Geometry of Quantum Dynamics 2016
540 BILUM Novel applications based on organic biluminescence 2016
541 SMARTHERM Pilot line production of functionalized CNTs as thermal interface material for heat dissipation in electronics applications 2016
542 FLIRT Fluid Flows and Irregular Transport 2016
543 SELFORGANICELL Self-Organization of the Bacterial Cell 2016
544 WD3D Evolution of white dwarfs with 3D model atmospheres 2016
545 LocalOrder Localization and Ordering Phenomena in Statistical Physics, Probability Theory and Combinatorics 2016
546 L-SID Light and sound waves in silicon and nonlinear glass waveguides 2016
547 QUANTMATT Dynamics and transport of quantum matter --- exploring the interplay of topology, interactions and localization 2016
548 PHOBIC2ICE Super-IcePhobic Surfaces to Prevent Ice Formation on Aircraft 2016
549 UMnD Urban modelling in higher dimensions: embedding generalisation of 3D data in a 4D model 2016
550 MicMactin Dissecting active matter: Microscopic origins of macroscopic actomyosin activity 2016
551 FOVEDIS Formal specification and verification of distributed data structures 2016
552 DARKJETS Discovery strategies for Dark Matter and new phenomena in hadronic signatures with the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider 2016
553 RivRNAStructureDecay Investigating the role of in vivo RNA structure in RNA degradation 2016
554 AnTraQuGa Anderson Transition in a Quantum Gas Signatures and Characterization 2016
555 HBMAP Decoding, Mapping and Designing the Structural Complexity of Hydrogen-Bond Networks: from Water to Proteins to Polymers 2016
556 SHAPE Structure-dependent microkinetic modelling of heterogeneous catalytic processes 2016
557 DMAP Data Mining Algorithms in Practice 2016
558 YlideLigands Tailoring Ylidic Compounds as Ligands for Organometallic Chemistry 2016
559 BEACON Hybrid Digital-Analog Networking under Extreme Energy and Latency Constraints 2016
560 AcetyLys Unravelling the role of lysine acetylation in the regulation of glycolysis in cancer cells through the development of synthetic biology-based tools 2016
561 STRIGES Escaping from the Franck-Condon region : a theoretical approach to describe molecular STructural ReorganIzation for reversible EnerGy and information storage at the Excited State 2015
562 D3 Smart propulsive device for controlled satellite decommissioning and reentry. 2015
563 SWEETOOLS Smart Biologics: Developing New Tools in Glycobiology 2016
564 TopInSy Novel phases of matter emerging from topology, interactions, and symmetries 2016
565 MagneticYSOs Interpreting Dust Polarization Maps to Characterize the Role of the Magnetic Field in Star Formation Processes 2016
566 MALIG A mathematical approach to the liquid-glass transition: kinetically constrained models, cellular automata and mixed order phase transitions 2016
567 METAWARE Behavioral and neural determinants of metacognition and self-awareness in human adults and infants 2016
568 Local State State Formation Through the Local Production of Property and Citizenship 2016
569 EPIROSE Self-Organising Capacity of Stem Cells during Implantation and Early Post-implantation Development: Implications for Human Development 2016
570 NEUROVESSEL Cell-cell interactions at the neurovascular interface 2016
571 ZF-BrainReg Regeneration of the adult zebrafish brain 2016
572 CHEMCOMRHIZO Chemical communication in the rhizosphere of plants 2015
573 OptoHear Cochlear Optogenetics for Auditory Research and Prosthetics 2015
574 ADOPT BBMRI-ERIC implementAtion anD OPeration of the gateway for healTh into BBMRI-ERIC 2015
575 OXYGEN Quantifying the evolution of Earth's atmosphere with novel isotope systems and modelling 2016
576 CFS modelling Chromosomal Common Fragile Sites: Unravelling their biological functions and the basis of their instability 2016
577 BLUEGNSS Promoting EGNSS Operational Adoption in BLUEMED FAB 2016
578 PROTEUS Scalable online machine learning for predictive analytics and real-time interactive visualization 2015
579 CROWD4ROADS CROWD sensing and ride sharing FOR ROAD Sustainability 2016
580 Endoo Endoscopic versatile robotic guidance, diagnosis and therapy of magnetic-driven soft-tethered endoluminal robots 2015
582 IMAGE Innovative Methodologies and technologies for reducing Aircraft noise Generation and Emission 2016
583 Flintstone2020 Next generation of superhard non-CRM materials and solutions in tooling 2016
584 AMOS Additive Manufacturing Optimization and Simulation Platform for repairing and re-manufacturing of aerospace components 2016
585 NANO-SUPREMI “Tracking nano-bioprocesses using Super-Resolution Microscopy Techniques” 2016
586 PELICO Peptidomimetics with photocontrolled biological activity 2016
587 CARDIALLY Capturing and quantitative analysis of multi-scale multi-channel diagnostic data. 2015
589 PRUV Preparedness and Resilience to address Urban Vulnerability 2016
590 WiseFeed Improving sustainability and performance of aquafeeds 2016
591 Bi-Stretch-4-Biomed BIaxial STRETCHing of PLLA-WS2 nanocomposites FOR thinner and stronger BIOMEDical scaffolds 2016
592 CENTRE-PD TWINNING for a Comprehensive Clinical Centre for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Parkinson's Disease 2016
593 BET-EU Materials Synergy Integration for a Better Europe 2016
594 E2District Energy Efficient Optimised District Heating and Cooling 2016
595 AGRIDEASCOURSE.TRADE Ideas and Legitimating Discourse in EU and US Agricultural Policy-Making and their Implications for Transatlantic Trade Relations 2016
596 NICH Novel interactions and species’ responses to climate change 2016
597 GROWTHPATTERN Coordination Of Patterning And Growth In The Spinal Cord 2016
598 ArchAIDE Archaeological Automatic Interpretation and Documentation of cEramics 2016
599 DYNAMICMARCH Dynamics of Multiple, Interacting and Concurrent Markov Chains 2016
600 EduMAP Adult Education as a Means for Active Participatory Citizenship 2016
601 LIQUISWITCH External Control of Liquid Nanofilms for Switchable Friction and Adhesion 2016
602 BIOACTIVECOATINGS BioActive Coatings in multi-well cell culture plates 2016
603 Emergent-BH Emergent spacetime and maximally spinning black holes 2016
604 FADAMS Foundations of Factorized Data Management Systems 2016
605 SEAQUEL Structured Ensembles of Atoms for Quantum Engineering of Light 2016
606 RCSB Regulation of cell size and shape in bacteria 2016
607 GEMCLIME Global Excellence in Modelling of Climate and Energy 2016
608 TIMEnzyme Implementation of Enzymatic Activity in a Naïve, de novo Designed Protein Scaffold by Rational Design and Laboratory Evolution 2016
609 CoEND Correlated Electron-Nuclear Dynamics: A novel mixed quantum-semiclassical approach 2016
610 TFtoChromatin Transcription factor binding as a function of chromatin 2017
611 KeyDynamics Addressing key challenges for forecasting climate change effects on biodiversity: an assessment of dispersal limitation, priority effects and intra-species trait variation in range dynamics 2017
612 SDDM-TEA Static and Dynamic Decision Making under Uncertainty: Theory and Applications 2016
613 ERAD_SELMA Mechanisms of protein translocation in ER-associated protein degradation and the related protein import into the apicoplast of Plasmodium falciparum 2016
614 InvisiblesPlus InvisiblesPlus 2016
615 GPS-Bat Foraging Decision Making in the Real World – revealed from a bat’s point of view by on-board miniature sensors 2016
616 In-Need III-Nitrides Nanostructures for Energy-Efficiency Devices 2016
617 SOPHIA Securing Software against Physical Attacks 2016
618 SOCISS Spin-Orbit Coupling at Interfaces from Spintronics to new Superconducting effects 2016
619 AMO-dance Strong Field Dynamics of Atoms and Molecules: History-dependent Functionals and Exact Kohn-Sham Potentials of the Time-dependent (multi-component) Density Functional Theory 2016
620 DIGITAL ALFIERI Digital Alfieri. Dynamic Digital Editions: Case study Alfieri 13 2016
621 MECHANOGENOMICS Unravelling mammalian mechanosensor diversity by functional genomics 2016
622 MICA Mineral Intelligence Capacity Analysis 2015
623 INAPEM International Network on Advanced high energy Permanent Magnets 2016
624 CellStretch A Cardiomyocyte Workout:Using Dielectric Elastomer Actuators for Mechanical Stimulation of in-vitro Cells 2016
625 ARIADNE ARgon ImAging DetectioN chambEr 2016
626 globalfertilitychain Tracing the global fertility chain- A new political economy of outsourced reproduction 2017
627 DIPPHASE Exotic quantum phases with dipolar Fermi gases of spin-polarized Erbium atoms in reduced dimensions 2016
628 TEMPO Terrestrial vertebrates and the evolutionary origins of morphological diversity 2016
629 HetScaleNet Analysis and control of large scale heterogeneous networks: scalability, robustness and fundamental limits 2016
630 BIGCODE Learning from Big Code: Probabilistic Models, Analysis and Synthesis 2016
631 PARPin Regulation of (ADP-ribosyl)ation signalling in the DNA damage response: elucidating the function of a novel PARP1/ARTD1 interactor 2016
632 IPAHOT-PVC Integral p-adic Hodge Theory and p-adic Vanishing Cycles 2016
633 QUASIFT Quantum Algebraic Structures In Field Theories 2016
634 HISOL High Energy Optical Soliton Dynamics for Efficient Sub-Femtosecond and Vacuum-Ultraviolet Pulse Generation 2016
635 QBH Quantum Black Holes: A macroscopic window into the microstructure of gravity 2016
636 LightPipe Antiresonant Hollow Optical Fibres for a Quantum Leap in Data and Optical Power Transmission 2016
637 MISFIT Mass-Independent SulFate IsoTopes 2016
638 DRIVOME Multi-modal interrogation of instinctive behaviours and intrahypothalamic connectivity 2016
639 GaugedBH Black holes in gauged Supergravity: Supersymmetric and Holographic properties 2017
640 SOLARACT Solar Dinitrogen Activation 2016
641 CV SUBUNIQC Sub-Universal Quantum Circuits in Continuous Variables 2016
642 SOFT-TISSUES Mathematical modelling of soft tissues 2017
643 RGDQG Renormalisation Group methods for discrete Quantum Gravity 2016
644 ERIFORE Research Infrastructure for Circular Forest Bioeconomy 2016
645 AlterMateria Designer Quantum Materials Out of Equilibrium 2016
646 ComplexSwimmers Biocompatible and Interactive Artificial Micro- and Nanoswimmers and Their Applications 2016
647 BioMNP Understanding the interaction between metal nanoparticles and biological membranes 2016
648 HARVEST Plant foods in human evolution: Factors affecting the harvest of nutrients from the floral environment 2017
649 RespMicroFlows Unravelling respiratory microflows in silico and in vitro: novel paths for targeted pulmonary delivery in infants and young children 2016
650 Q-PHOTONICS Quantum fluids of photons in optically-induced structures 2016
651 MetamorphChip Dynamic Microfluidic Structures for Analysis of Single Cell Systems 2016
652 HeteroDynamic Evolutionary Stability of Ubiquitous Root Symbiosis 2016
653 HOLDING-HANDS Holding hands: cell-cell junctions in breast cancer metastasis and resistance to therapy 2016
654 DAPP Data-centric Parallel Programming 2016
655 DEEPVISION Information-age microscopy for deep vision imaging of biological tissue 2016
656 ProFoundNet Probabilistic Foundations for Networks 2016
657 PRILA Prisons: the Rule of Law, Accountability and Rights 2016
658 GeneBodyMethylation Resolving the Nuts and Bolts of Gene Body Methylation 2016
660 QuModQu Quantification and modality in the realm of questions 2016
661 COSI Cerebellar modules and the Ontogeny of Sensorimotor Integration 2016
662 GrDyAp Groups, Dynamics, and Approximation 2016
663 SIRPOL Strongly interacting Rydberg slow light polaritons 2016
664 ExtremeQuantum Quantum materials under extreme conditions 2016
665 FANOEC Fundamentals and Applications of Inorganic Oxygen Evolution Catalysts 2016
666 QUESS Quantum Environment Engineering for Steered Systems 2017
667 CLUSTER Birth of solids: atomic-scale processes in crystal nucleation 2016
668 PolyDomFormFuncReg Discovering how polycomb domains form and function in gene regulation 2016
669 ANGI Adaptive significance of Non Genetic Inheritance 2016
670 MIMIC Modeling microgels: from microscopic design to macroscopic description 2016
671 BUILDUP Galaxy Buildup in the Young Universe: from the First Billion Years through the Peak Activity Epoch 2016
672 APPELS A Probe of the Periodic Elements for Life in the Sea 2016
673 TransModal Translating from Multiple Modalities into Text 2016
674 TERAMAG Ultrafast spin transport and magnetic order controlled by terahertz electromagnetic pulses 2016
675 SolarALMA ALMA – The key to the Sun’s coronal heating problem. 2016
676 BEAL Bioenergetics in microalgae : regulation modes of mitochondrial respiration, photosynthesis, and fermentative pathways, and their interactions in secondary algae 2016
677 TissueMaps Integrating spatial and genetic information via automated image analysis and interactive visualization of tissue data 2016
678 RustBelt Logical Foundations for the Future of Safe Systems Programming 2016
680 NOVAMAG NOVel, critical materials free, high Anisotropy phases for permanent MAGnets, by design. 2016
681 REFLEX Analysis of the European energy system under the aspects of flexibility and technological progress 2016
682 OptiFrame An Optimization Framework for Trajectory Based Operations 2016
683 Topological-Plasmonics Robust light manipulation in plasmonic nanostructures assisted by topological protection 2016
684 MULTI2DSWITCH MULTIfunctional optoelectronic devices based on hybrid heterostructures of 2D materials and photochromic SWITCHes 2016
685 OUTCROSS Operator semigroup techniques in the control of delay systems 2016
686 OPRAS Olfactory processing of repellent and attractive stimuli in the brain of Drosophila 2017
687 ConAQuMe Quantum Control for Advanced Quantum Metrology 2016
688 NAMDIA NonAdiabatic Molecular Dynamics of organic Intermediates in Atmospheric chemistry 2016
689 OptoNMDA Optical strategies to investigate NMDA receptor functional diversity and its therapeutic potential 2016
690 UMIC Association of Uranium with Organic Matter- and Iron-bearing Colloids in Wetland Environments 2016
692 MagNem Hydrodynamics of Ferromagnetic Nematic Liquid Crystals 2016
693 SF-QFT Fundamental physics with intense laser fields 2016
694 Spin1D Spinor Bose Gases in 1D: Equilibrium properties, Dynamics, and Spin-orbit coupling 2016
695 AmpiDots Exponential Amplification and Rapid Detection of miRNAs using DNA-Quantum Dot Bioconjugates for Disease Diagnostics 2017
696 BiMetArylation Bimetallic catalytic arylation of simple arenes 2016
697 EYEPOD The vision-strike conversion: Neural control of the predatory strike behavior in stomatopods 2016
698 reSGulating Functional analysis of Stress Granules formation in plant adaptation to stress 2017
699 URBANet Urban networks: multidisciplinary research into the formation of early urban societies in Campania (Italy) 2016
700 Cryoetch Computer modelling and experimental validation of plasmas and plasma- surface interactions, for a deep insight in cryogenic etching 2016
701 OEMBS Out-of-equilibrium entangled many-body systems 2016
702 HOMER Hydrocarbon Oxidation Mechanisms Elucidated from Radical scavenging 2016
703 MTUB-ANGIO Microtubule Dynamics during angiogenesis 2016
704 iGEMMdev Development and Characterisation of New Immunogenic GEMMs of Lung Cancer 2017
705 DynOMIS Dynamic Origins of MHC class I Selector function 2016
706 MAGPLANT Localized Corrosion Studies for Magnesium Implant Devices 2016
707 SmartCubes An innovative class of nanoparticles (“SmartCubes”) for the targeted delivery of protein therapeutics 2016
708 FETA Fluid impacts in EarTh Accretion 2016
709 CFQMLD A Computational Framework For Quantitative Modeling of Leaf Development in Arabidopsis and Cardamine 2017
710 PURKINJEREG Identification of cellular identities and characterization of the STAT3 signalling pathway in Purkinje cell layer regeneration 2016
711 ClusterDynamics Characterising the dynamical properties of size-selected supported metal clusters 2017
712 HyCoRod Hybrid Co-based nanorods for biosensing and catalysis 2016
713 CCDSA Control of cell division in Sulfolobus acidocaldarius 2017
714 Integrating Memories Integrating memories: Exploring knowledge integration enhancement at the intersection of education and neuroscience 2016
715 PROCEED PROCess-based sEamless development of useful Earth system predictions over lanD 2017
716 FlexBatteries Flexible Li ion Batteries via Nanocrystal-Nanocarbon Scaffolded Structures 2016
717 CharmingAntimatter Measurement of charm matter-antimatter asymmetries 2017
718 SILYCAT Asymmetric Catalysis with Chiral Silylium Cations 2017
719 InfGroups Foundations for computing with infinite linear groups 2016
720 HONEYDIAB-8 Characterization of islet-specific CD8 T cells in the honeymoon of type 1 diabetes 2016
721 MPSC Membrane Potential and Stem Cell Potency in Normal and Malignant Tissues 2016
722 CO2-RR-MODCAT Towards the discovery of efficient CO2 electroreduction catalysts: well-defined RuOx and MoSx nano catalysts 2016
723 POLAR Synthetic Mimicry of Cellular Polarisation 2017
724 CHERI Chromatin targeting and remodelling by bacterial effectors in plant immunity 2016
725 GlobalPolicyUncertainty Global Policy Uncertainty and International Asset Markets 2016
726 PIM PROTEOMICS Unravelling PIM kinase signal integration in the T cell response 2017
727 PalmHydraulics Palm hydraulics linking biodiversity and functioning of tropical forests under climate change 2016
728 cOMPoSe Optical Metamaterials by Polymer Self-assembly 2016
729 Ko-Tsah-To Temperatures, ash and soil hydrology: predicting fire impact from plant traits 2016
730 BrightPhoton Black phosphorus interlayer coupling in heterostructures with boron nitride for photonics 2016
731 PACEMech The structure and molecular mechanism of transport proteins within the PACE family of multidrug efflux pumps 2017
732 TranspvdW Vertical Transport and Photoresponse in van der Waals hybrid structures 2016
733 CHIMMM Discovery of novel chiral magnetic molecular materials for the study of magnetochiral effects 2016
734 NGUEC Nanostructuring graphene under electrochemical control 2016
735 AAT-NAA Advancing Apatite Thermochronology: Novel analytical approaches for high eU apatites. 2016
736 European early warning system for systemic risk. 2016
737 RAMSES Aryl amide metallofoldamersas selective saccharide sensors 2016
738 NanoCap Sustainable Polypeptide Nanoparticle Platform for Drug Delivery 2016
739 SpinReMag Molecular Spintronics using Isolated Rare Earth Magnets 2017
740 FusionSystems Simple fusion systems and linking systems 2016
741 BiominAB-3D Revealing the composition and formation mechanism of carcinogenic asbestos bodies in human lungs 2016
742 LORD First R'n'D and Physics Results with a Novel Opaque Neutrino Detector 2016
743 SPicEs Smart Pickering Emulsions 2016
744 HeartAtaK Targeting the Anti-Target: From Structure to Drug in the heart Kv11.1 channel 2016
745 ANOXIA-MEM Probing the Memory of Earth Anoxia: New Stable Isotope Constraints on the Rise of Oxygen 2016
746 NiCoFlow Nature-inspired control of turbulent flows 2016
747 JHSIGNAL Modulation of juvenile hormone signaling by receptor phosphorylation 2017
748 IRS-PEC Elucidating the water photo-oxidation mechanism by infrared spectroscopy 2017
749 SRR Sovereignty and the Right to Regulate 2017
750 PRONKJEWAIL Protecting patients with enhanced susceptibility to infections 2016
751 SmartCOMBI Energy savings in residential buildings using a modular platform to control an all-in-one unit for water heating, climate control, and ventilation 2016
752 SLMK The Scope and Limits of Mathematical Knowledge 2016
753 MIR-CHROM-C Investigating the microRNA-chromatin remodelling circuitry in cardiac development 2016
754 COSMOFLAGS Cosmology with future large-scale surveys 2016
755 QUANTUM LOOP Quantum Light Spectroscopy of Polariton Lasers 2016
756 ARCDIV Up-scaling Arctic diversity analysis to link community organisation and ecosystem functioning 2016
757 FLUOPHOT Remotely quantifying vegetation productivity: exploiting sun-induced fluorescence-photosynthesis relationships through field and modelling methods 2016
758 POSEIDOMM Photochemistry at the Ocean's Surface: Effects and Interactions of Dissolved Organic Matter with Microplastics 2016
759 ForestRege Tree generation replacement in a European natural forest– unravelling the role of canopy gaps using a spatially explicit approach 2016
760 PATH PAssive Tracking of people and things for physical beHavior analysis 2016
761 3DRM Accurate Full-Field 3D Shape Measurement Technique of Specular Surfaces by Phase-to-Depth Deflectometry 2016
762 TECHSUS Technology for Sustainability in Organisations: Case Studies on Agricultural Production 2017
763 ELUSIVES The Elusives Enterprise: Asymmetries of the Invisible Universe 2016
764 METAL-AID Metal oxide Aided Subsurface Remediation: From Invention to Injection 2016
765 RanDM Randomness and pseudorandomness in discrete mathematics 2016
766 MITOPLASTICITY Mitochondrial regulation of structural and functional plasticity within adult neurogenic circuits 2016
767 BRISC Bounded Rationality in Sensorimotor Coordination 2016
768 BRISC Bounded Rationality in Sensorimotor Coordination 2016
769 RESHAPE REstoring the Self with embodiable HAnd ProsthesEs 2016
770 DECOR Decorative Principles in late Republican and early Imperial Italy 2016
771 Dynasore Dynamical magnetic excitations with spin-orbit interaction in realistic nanostructures 2016
772 ColloQuantO Colloidal Quantum Dot Quantum Optics 2016
773 QOM3D Quantum Optomechanics in 3D 2016
774 IL-E-CAT Enhancing electrocatalysis in low temperature fuel cells by ionic liquid modification 2016
775 FLUDYCO Fluid dynamics of planetary cores: formation, heterogeneous convection and rotational dynamics 2016
776 SEEWHI Solar Energy Enabled for the World by High-resolution Imaging 2016
777 xPRINT 4-Dimensional printing for adaptive optoelectronic components 2016
778 REPSUMODDT Mechanisms and regulators coordinating replication integrity and DNA damage tolerance. 2016
779 QBox Quantum Gas in a Box 2016
780 HGTCODONUSE The evolutionary significance of synonymous variations: Can codon usage preferences drive the propagation of antibiotic resistance? 2016
781 MatEnSAP Semi-Artificial Photosynthesis with Wired Enzymes 2016
782 e-Cat The Electron as a Catalyst 2016
783 GravityLS Large Scale Structure Constraints of General Relativity 2016
784 SmartCast Smart casting of concrete structures by active control of rheology 2016
785 High-Spin-Grav Higher Spin Gravity and Generalized Spacetime Geometry 2016
786 MATRIX MAchine for Time Reversal and Immersive wave eXperimentation 2016
787 OMNES Open Many-body Non-Equilibrium Systems 2016
788 MICROLIPIDS Microbial lipids: The three domain ‘lipid divide’ revisited 2016
789 PertQCD Automatization of perturbative QCD at very high orders. 2016
790 NuBSM From Fermi to Planck : a bottom up approach 2016
791 COCONIS Coherent multidimensional spectroscopy of controlled isolated systems 2016
792 SOLMAG Solar magnetic field and its influence on solar variability and activity 2016
793 ESTIA Exponential sums, translation invariance, and applications 2016
794 CANVAS Constructing an Alliance for Value-driven Cybersecurity 2016
795 DiSIEM Diversity Enhancements for SIEMs 2016
796 PrinTeam Political knowledge as teamwork: The Academy of Zamość print shop (1594-1627) 2016
797 PMTFOS Plant metallothioneins as potential players in food security 2017
798 PlantCellMech Quantification of the role of mechanical stresses in plant cell morphogenesis. 2016
799 GENETONE Genetic dissection of a tonically active neural circuit 2017
800 BAC-STAR Bacterial Adhesion Control through Surface TArgeted Regulation 2017
801 2for1-SingletFission 2 for 1: Quantum Dynamics of Singlet Fission 2016
802 BIJOU Biomolecular Identification of Ornaments 2017
803 COPQE Composite Pulses for Quantum Engineering 2016
804 MBD Mapping bacterial division in Bacillus subtilis 2016
805 STEPN-UP Stilbene and entomopathogenic nematodes: Unlocking the potential 2017
806 VORTSHEET Vortex sheets - from new intuitions to crucial questions. 2017
807 Back2theFuture Back to the Future. Perceiving the future and the development of early modern capitalism, 1500-1700 2016
808 OBESOGENS Environmental chemicals as obesogens 2016
809 OPTEX Costs and optimality of gene expression levels in Escherichia coli 2017
810 FUTURE-MOBILE Distributed Massive MIMO for Next Generation Wireless Communications 2016
811 MULTIPLY International Mobility and Training in Photonics Programme 2016
812 PET3D PET Imaging in Drug Design and Development 2016
813 SCoTMOF Combined Chemo- and Radiotherapies by Controlling the Surface Chemistry of Truncated Metal Organic Framework Nanoparticles 2016
814 Ubl-Code Revealing the ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like modification landscape in health and disease 2016
815 CAMERA Characterizing Adaptation and Migration Events with Modern and Ancient Genomes 2016
816 MATTERDESIGN New Science and Technology of Artificial Layered Structures and Devices 2016
817 NanoFab2D Novel 2D quantum device concepts enabled by sub-nanometre precision nanofabrication 2016
818 REpiReg RNAi-mediated Epigenetic Gene Regulation 2017
819 SPRINT Ultra-Short Pulse laser Resonators IN the Terahertz 2016
820 NanoThermo Energy Conversion and Information Processing at Small Scales 2016
821 CELLFUSION Molecular dissection of the mechanisms of cell-cell fusion in the fission yeast 2016
822 HybCell Engineering of hybrid cells using lab-on-chip technology 2016
823 Frontiers in Design Frontiers in Mechanism Design: Methodology and Applications 2016
824 HOW2WALKAGAIN Mechanisms of recovery after severe spinal cord injury 2016
825 LIPA A unified theory of finite-state recognisability 2016
826 APEG Algorithmic Performance Guarantees: Foundations and Applications 2016
827 GlobalMass Global land ice, hydrology and ocean mass trends 2016
828 LHCDMTOP Novel Dark Matter Searches with Top Quarks at the Large Hadron Collider 2016
829 HECATE Hydrogen at Extreme Conditions: Applying Theory to Experiment for creation, verification and understanding 2016
830 ASGARD Analysis System for Gathered Raw Data 2016
831 SUCCESS Securing Critical Energy Infrastructures SUCCESS - Securing Critical Energy Infrastructures 2016
832 YouthCult The Cultural Experience of International Students: Narratives from North and South Europe 2016
833 MIDOC Multimodal Imaging of Disorders of Consciousness 2016
834 MultisensoryIntegration Multisensory Integration in Time and Space 2016
835 MAtISSE Multichannel Investigation of Solar Modulation Effects in Galactic Cosmic Rays 2016
836 EPIDYN Life on a leaf: species interactions and community dynamics in epiphyll communities 2016
837 GrInflaGal Gravity, Inflation, and Galaxies: Fundamental Physics with Large-Scale Structure 2016
838 WHIPLASH WHat next? an Integrated PLanetary Atmosphere Simulator: from Habitable worlds to Hot jupiters 2016
839 Sense of Commitment An Integrative Framework for Modeling the Sense of Commitment 2016
840 CentSatRegFunc Dissecting the function and regulation of centriolar satellites: key regulators of the centrosome/cilium complex 2016
841 T6S Multi-scale model of bacterial cell-cell interactions 2017
842 ATUNE Attenuation Tomography Using Novel observations of Earth's free oscillations 2016
843 PRESTISSIMO Plasma Reconnection, Shocks and Turbulence in Solar System Interactions: Modelling and Observations 2016
844 PaDyFlow Particle dynamics in the flow of complex suspensions 2016
845 LUMINOUS Studying, Measuring and Altering Consciousness through information theory in the electrical brain 2016
846 GIANTSYN Biophysics and circuit function of a giant cortical glutamatergic synapse 2017
847 HIEXP High Dimensional Expanders, Ramanujan Complexes and Codes 2016
848 NanoStaph Force nanoscopy of staphylococcal biofilms 2016
849 DENOVOMUT An integrated approach to understanding the impact of de novo mutations on the mammalian genome 2017
850 SYSDYNET Data-driven Modelling in Dynamic Networks 2016
851 EUREC4A Elucidating the Role of Clouds-Circulation Coupling in Climate 2016
852 neuroXscales Microtechnology and integrated microsystems to investigate neuronal networks across scales 2016
853 MILEPOST Microscale Processes Governing Global Sustainability 2016
854 Milli-Tech Milli-Volt Switch Technologies for Energy Efficient Computation and Sensing 2016
855 HERACLES HEritage Resilience Against CLimate Events on Site 2016
856 MADAME Mesoscopic lAttices of ryDbergs for quAntuM thErmalization 2016
857 DryMIN Mineral weathering in the unsaturated zone from the molecular to macro scale 2017
858 MinimalSelf Embodiment, Intersubjectivity, and the Minimal Self 2016
859 PhononGap Heat transfer and friction between two closely spaced objects due to phonon transfer across a vacuum gap 2016
860 ACTECH Ancient ConstructionTECHniques between East and West. Building traditions, technological innovations and workmanship circulation: from Roman Arabia to Medieval Europe. 2017
862 A-LITHIA Plastic nanoscale electronics via novel fabrication paradigms 2016
863 MOMIC Migration Of Molecules In Coatings 2016
864 VISMEM Visualising memories of violence in urban places: gender and wellbeing in Istanbul 2016
865 NeTNPPAO Near-term predictability of net primary production in the Atlantic Ocean 2017
866 ADMIN Interaction between posterior parietal and prefrontal cortices with occipital visual cortex in visual attention and perceptual decision making. 2017
867 DYNAMAG Exploring high-frequency DYNAmics in artificial MAGnetic frustrated systems 2016
868 LiRichFCC A new class of powerful materials for electrochemical energy storage: Lithium-rich oxyfluorides with cubic dense packing 2016
869 GOAL-Robots Goal-based Open-ended Autonomous Learning Robots 2016
870 AG-GF Behavior-dependent interactions between frontal and somatosensory cortices 2016
871 NUTS Nuclei Using Topological Solitons 2016
872 INTFACDYN Studying Interfacial Dynamics by Interferometric Scattering 2016
873 FIBROCAN Defining the immunological interplay between fibroblastic reticular cells and anti-tumour T cells 2016
874 GeNoSOS Generation of Non-classical States in Optomechanical Systems 2016
875 UNICODE Evolution and Impact of Heterochromatin on a Young Drosophila Y chromosome 2016
876 MagnonCircuits Nano-Scale Magnonic Circuits for Novel Computing Systems 2016
877 CHROMTOPOLOGY Understanding and manipulating the dynamics of chromosome topologies in transcriptional control 2016
878 CombiCompGeom Combinatorial Aspects of Computational Geometry 2016
879 AFFORDS-HIGHER Skilled Intentionality for 'Higher' Embodied Cognition: Joining forces with a field of affordances in flux 2016
880 Antibodyomics Vaccine profiling and immunodiagnostic discovery by high-throughput antibody repertoire analysis 2016
881 TRANSREG Structural and biochemical studies on the regulation of transcription during elongation 2016
882 HBIS The Human Behavioral Immune System: Consequences for Health and Innovation 2016
883 CondStruct Structural basis for the coordination of chromosome architecture by condensin complexes 2016
884 EpiMech Epithelial cell sheets as engineering materials: mechanics, resilience and malleability 2016
885 TIDE Travel, Transculturality and Identity in England, c.1550 – 1700 2016
886 Outgroup Consequences of out-group conflict 2016
887 PIWI-Chrom Understanding small RNA-mediated transposon control at the level of chromatin in the animal germline 2016
888 SOFTCHARGE Charge Carrier Transport in Soft Matter: From Fundamentals to High-Performance Materials 2016
889 GraphInt Principles of Graph Data Integration 2016
890 SELIS Towards a Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space 2016
891 DAMOCLES Simulating Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Atmospheric Multicomponent Clusters 2016
892 SPLICE3D CryoEM studies of the spliceosome 2016
893 ToxoPersist Molecular Basis of Toxoplasma gondii Encystation and Persistence 2016
894 S.D.S. an innovative system for building hulls for recreational and work boats 2016
895 AFTAT “Animal-Free Testing for Acute Toxicity” 2016
896 ERN16-17 SVK Festival of Science European Researchers´ Night 2016 - 2017 in Slovakia 2016
897 STATLEARN The reading brain as a statistical learning machine 2016
898 VERTEBRATE HERBIVORY Evolution of herbivory in vertebrates: developing combined isotope (Ca, Sr) and dental surface texture analysis as deep time diet proxies 2016
899 ELC The evolution of linguistic complexity 2016
900 SOLID Search for a new form of matter: the sterile neutrino 2016
901 BIGSEA Biogeochemical and ecosystem interactions with socio-economic activity in the global ocean 2016
902 PhyMeBa The Physical Mechanics of Swimming Bacteria 2016
903 CorPain Dissection of a cortical microcircuit for the processing of pain affect 2016
904 OSARES Output-Sensitive Algorithms for Reactive Synthesis 2016
905 EMoBookTrade The Early Modern Book Trade: An Evidence-based Reconstruction of the Economic and Juridical Framework of the European Book Market 2016
906 CloudRadioNet Cloud Wireless Networks: An Information Theoretic Framework 2016
907 PROTEGO Procedural Tools for Effective Governance (PROTEGO) Patterns, Outcomes and Policy DesignProcedural Tools for Effective Growth: Patterns, Outcomes and policy Design 2016
908 Smartphon Small - and nano - scale soft phononics 2016
909 DG-PESP-CS Deterministic Generation of Polarization Entangled single Photons Cluster States 2016
910 DENDRITECIRCUITS The origins of dendritic computation within mammalian neural circuits 2016
911 AD-HOC Artificial Dielectrics for High-frequency On-Chip antennas 2016
912 PHOSave Innovative solution for phosphate recovery from exhausted extinguishing powders 2016
913 NLPRO Natural Language Programming: Turning Text into Executable Code 2016
914 SensoNMDA Impact of NMDA receptor diversity in sensory information processing 2016
915 USECFrontiers Frontiers of Usable Security – Principles and Methods for Administrator and Developer Usable Security Research 2016
916 NEWRON New and mature neurons in adult circuits: telling memories apart 2016
917 CoBABATI Cofactor Binding Antibodies – Basic Aspects and Therapeutic Innovations 2016
918 SynapticMitochondria Quality Control and Maintenance of Synaptic Mitochondria 2016
919 LIQUIDMASS High throughput mass spectrometry of single proteins in liquid environment 2016
920 EDWEL Empirical Demand and Welfare Analysis 2016
921 UTOPES Unifying concepts in the topological design of non-crystalline materials 2016
922 Film Tourism Worlds of Imagination. A Comparative Study of Film Tourism in India, Brazil, Jamaica, South Korea and the United Kingdom. 2016
923 BiT How the Human Brain Masters Time 2016
924 MAPLE Measuring and Analysing the Politicisation of Europe before and after the Eurozone Crisis 2016
925 ACoolTouch Neural mechanisms of multisensory perceptual binding 2016
926 BCM-UPS Dissecting the role of the ubiquitin proteasome system in the pathogenesis and therapy of B-cell malignancies 2016
927 LANGBOOT Language bootstraps cognitive complexity 2017
928 RESPONDER Resolving subglacial properties, hydrological networks and dynamic evolution of ice flow on the Greenland Ice Sheet 2016
929 ConvergeAnt An Integrative Approach to Understanding Convergent Evolution in Ant-eating Mammals 2016
930 ETMD_ICEC Efficient pathways to neutralization and radical production enabled by environment 2016
931 NMDADYN NMDA receptor diversity: from molecular dynamics to synaptic physiopathology 2016
932 GeCo Data-Driven Genomic Computing 2016
933 ILID Ionic Liquid Interface Dynamcis 2016
934 Scale-FreeBack Scale-Free Control for Complex Physical Network Systems 2016
935 COREMA Cell division and the origin of embryonic aneuploidy in preimplantation mouse development 2017
936 HITSUPERJU Higher-dimensional topological solids realized with multiterminal superconducting junctions 2016
937 IsoMet Bacterial isoprene metabolism: a missing link in a key global biogeochemical cycle 2016
938 ELOXY Eliminating Oxygen Requirements in Yeasts 2016
939 ChromADICT Chromatin Adaptations through Interactions of Chaperones in Time 2016
940 FOODHABITS Empirical evidence on the formation of habits, self-control and non-separabilities in food choices 2016
941 INTENT Structured Reactors with INTensified ENergy Transfer for Breakthrough Catalytic Technologies 2016
942 RitualModes Divergent modes of ritual, social cohesion, prosociality, and conflict. 2016
943 TACKLE TACK Superphylum and Lokiarchaeota Evolution: Dissecting the Ecology and Evolution of Archaea to Elucidate the Prokaryote to Eukaryote Transition 2016
944 AdOMiS Adaptive Optical Microscopy Systems: Unifying theory, practice and applications 2016
945 GUPPYSEX Evolutionary genetics of guppy sex chromosomes 2016
946 TAROX Targeting oxidative repair proteins for treatment of cancer and inflammation 2016
947 MSG Making Sense of Games: A Methodology for Humanistic Game Analysis 2016
948 INDUCE The Innovation, Dispersal and Use of Ceramics in NW Eurasia 2016
949 NOVAMOX Novel niches for anaerobic methane oxidation and their biogeochemical sigificance 2016
950 HOLOGRAM Holomorphic Dynamics connecting Geometry, Root-Finding, Algebra, and the Mandelbrot set 2016
951 PicoCB Exploring the Chemical Biology of Sequence Space via Picoliter Droplets 2016
952 Jellyclock Light Actuated Self-Pulsing Mircogels 2016
953 IMMUNOALZHEIMER The role of immune cells in Alzheimer's disease 2016
955 SURE Exploring Subtitle Reading Process with Eyetracking Technology 2016
956 EPP-Am The Early Peopling of Amazonia and the Beginning of Plant Domestication 2016
957 WINDASH Wireless with Increased Network Density, Antennas, Spectrum and Heterogeneity 2016
958 QBAS A Quantum Boost for Atomic Sensors 2016
959 Detect and React Distracted drivers in autonomous cars: Do drivers safely detect and react to unexpected warning signals? 2016
960 MoGEs Modelling of Generic Extreme mass-ratio inspirals 2017
961 SCOUTFermi2D Strongly correlated ultracold fermions in two-dimensional tailored optical potentials: pairing, superfluidity and disorder 2016
962 HippAchoMod Deciphering the cholinergic modulation of the hippocampal place code. 2016
963 dsRNAEnvFate Environmental fate of double stranded RNA (dsRNA) from RNA interference crop protection technology in agricultural systems: A systematic assessment of dsRNA hydrolysis, adsorption, and photolysis 2016
964 ELECTRIFIC Enabling seamless electromobility through smart vehicle-grid integration 2016
965 MAGTEST MAGTEST: Simple and specific next generation lab-on-a-chip in-vitro molecular diagnostic device 2016
966 QTOOL Commercialization of Single-Photon Light Sources 2016
967 DRYMIX Feasibility Study of energy efficient, sustainable, innovative Ceramic powders Dry-Mix method and enabling additives 2016
968 LAB2MARKET Zebra Academy Ready to Market Feasibility Study 2016
969 ENRICH Enriched communication across the lifespan 2016
970 BeyondtheElite Beyond the Elite: Jewish Daily Life in Medieval Europe 2016
971 MATRICAN Matrix during cancer progression 2016
972 DevelopingTheatre Developing Theatre: Building Expert Networks for Theatre in Emerging Countries after 1945 2016
973 SuperMagnonics Supercurrents of Magnon Condensates for Advanced Magnonics 2016
974 NEUROMEM A Neurocomputational Model of Episodic Memory 2016
975 Cathedral Post-Snowden Circuits and Design Methods for Security 2016
976 DALI Disagreements and Language Interpretation 2016
977 SMJCY Single Molecule Junctions With Non-Conventional Architectures, Crafted In Silico 2016
978 HoTRiverS Heterogeneity of Temperature in Rivers and Streams 2017
979 PreMotive Beyond the blob: characterizing Prefrontal Cortex networks in prediction and motivation with simultaneous EEG-fMRI recordings 2016
980 CONCOM Control Over Noisy Communication Media 2016
981 MetCogCon Metacognition of Concepts 2016
982 OPTOACOUSTOGENETICS Hybrid Volumetric Optoacoustic-Ultrasound Tomography for Noninvasive Large-Scale Recording of Brain Activity with High Spatiotemporal Resolution 2016
983 TransMID Translational and Transdisciplinary research in Modeling Infectious Diseases 2016
984 EPoCH Exploring and Preventing Cryptographic Hardware Backdoors: Protecting the Internet of Things against Next-Generation Attacks 2016
985 STRATIFY Brain network based stratification of mental illness 2016
986 DILIPHO Diffusional limitations to C4 photosynthesis 2017
987 FluoroDendriNostic Combined fluorinated polymer and poly-L-lysine dendrimer as new potential contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging 19F 2016
988 TGDNL Mechanisms of cellular fatty acid homeostasis 2017
989 DNA Dendritic integration by nanoscale neuroanatomy 2016
990 OTOLOG Otoliths as metabolic loggers: Examining the physiological basis for climate resilience in wild populations of marine fish 2016
991 BRCANCER A novel approach for modeling development of breast cancer 2016
992 ELENA Low energy ELEctron driven chemistry for the advantage of emerging NAno-fabrication methods 2016
993 SAINT Science and Innovation with thunderstorms 2017
994 LubISS Lubricant impregnated slippery surfaces 2017
995 EU-GliaPhD Training, Research and Raising of Public Awareness in Cell Biology and Pathology of Neuroglia 2016
996 SUNDIAL SUrvey Network for Deep Imaging Analysis and Learning 2017
997 PATHSENSE Training Network to Understand and Exploit Mechanisms of Sensory Perception in Bacteria 2017
998 SPM2.0 Scanning probe microscopies for nanoscale fast, tomographic and composition imaging 2017
999 AVA Accelerators Validating Antimatter physics 2017
1000 MCnetITN3 Innovative Network for Monte Carlo Event Generators for LHC Physics 2017
1001 DownToTen Measuring automotive exhaust particles down to 10 nanometres 2016
1002 DNAREPAIRMAN Regulated Assembly of Molecular Machines for DNA REPAIR: a Molecular Analysis training Network 2017
1003 IMCA Immersive Cabin 2016
1004 ICN2020 ICN2020: Advancing ICN towards real-world deployment through research, innovative applications, and global scale experimentation 2016
1005 FLATLAND Electron-lattice-spin correlations and many-body phenomena in 2D semiconductors and related heterostructures 2016
1006 COSMIC-DANCE Unraveling the origin of the Initial Mass Function 2016
1007 DanioPattern Development and Evolution of Colour Patterns in Danio species 2016
1008 reLIVE Unraveling complex organ regeneration through live imaging and molecular profiling approaches 2017
1009 NANOPTO Novel processing of colloidal nanocrystals for optoelectronic applications 2016
1010 EXPECTBRAIN How the human brain combines the certainty of prior expectations and the clarity of sensory input during speech perception 2017
1011 DIAL-IN Dynamic Integrated structural and proteomic Analysis of the LUBAC complex and its involvement in NF-κB and inflammation 2016
1012 NEWBITS NEW Business models for ITS 2016
1013 InterWiring Wiring up the SomatoSensory Cortex 2016
1014 HyperQC Hyper Quantum Criticality 2016
1015 TOPSIM Topology and symmetries in synthetic fermionic systems 2016
1016 NLO-CO Large scale structure of the Universe and fundamental physics 2017
1017 MOFcat Fundamental and Applied Science on Molecular Redox-Catalysts of Energy Relevance in Metal-Organic Frameworks 2017
1018 PHOSPHOR Synthesis of Novel Phosphor Sensor Particles for Advanced Flame Diagnostics 2017
1019 FLEDGED FLExible Dimethyl ether production from biomass Gasification with sorption-enhancED processes 2016
1020 VIRUSCAN Optomechanics for Virology 2016
1021 COEMS Continuous Observation of Embedded Multicore Systems 2016
1022 INSPIRAL Spin-Delocalization with a Twist: Chiral Open-Shell Helices 2017
1023 DIAL Dynamics of Inequality Across the Life-Course: structures and processes 2016
1024 FASTO-CAT Fundamentals of ASymmeTric Organo-CATalysis 2017
1025 GENOMIS Illuminating GENome Organization through integrated MIcroscopy and Sequencing 2018
1026 CSEM The Collaborative Seismic Earth Model Project 2017
1027 Blue-Action Arctic Impact on Weather and Climate 2016
1028 BIOFAGE Interaction Dynamics of Bacterial Biofilms with Bacteriophages 2017
1029 NURE Nuclear Reactions for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay 2017
1030 MUSTANG Multi-scale Star Formation Across Nascent Galaxies 2017
1031 TimePROSAMAT Time-Programmed Self-Assemblies and Dynamic Materials 2016
1032 CONTROLPASTCO2 Quantifying the link between weathering and past CO2 levels 2017
1033 MOR-PHON Resolving Morpho-Phonological Alternation: Historical, Neurolinguistic, and Computational Approaches 2016
1034 NEIL Nanoscale Electrochemistry in Ionic Liquids 2016
1035 Q-DIM-SIM Quantum spin simulators in diamond 2017
1036 LOLITA Information Theory for Low-Latency Wireless Communications 2017
1037 DRY-2-DRY Do droughts self-propagate and self-intensify? 2017
1038 DeNovoImmunoDesign Computational Design of Novel Functional Proteins for Immunoengineering 2017
1039 PLASMECS NanoPlasmoMechanical Systems 2016
1040 SYNC_DEV The importance of transcriptional coordination during development 2017
1041 ASNODEV Aspirations Social Norms and Development 2016
1042 APPEL Approaching efficiency limits of perovskite solar cells by overcoming non-radiative recombination losses 2016
1043 PSINFONI Particle-Surface Interactions in Near Field Optics: Spin-orbit Effects of Light and Optical/Casimir Forces 2017
1044 CONNEXIO Physiologically relevant microfluidic neuro-engineering 2016
1045 OSIRIS Organic Semiconductors Interfaced with Biological Environments 2017
1046 AlCat Bond activation and catalysis with low-valent aluminium 2017
1047 CHROMIC effiCient mineral processing and Hydrometallurgical RecOvery of by-product Metals from low-grade metal contaIning seCondary raw materials 2016
1048 ST4RT Semantic Transformations for Rail Transportation 2016
1049 EndoSubvert Common mechanisms of host membrane trafficking subversion by intracellular pathogens to rupture bacterial containing vacuoles 2017
1050 Nexus The Nexus: an experimental system to study marine larval dispersal 2017
1051 HHGhole2 High-harmonic spectroscopy for core-hole dynamics 2016
1052 Quantum BOSS Quantum Broadband Optical Solid-State Memories for Large-Scale Photonic Networks 2016
1053 CyBioSys An affordable Cyber Biological System combining swarming biosensors and robotics 2016
1054 HARMONIC Studies in Harmonic Analysis and Discrete Geometry: Tilings, Spectra and Quasicrystals 2016
1055 FatemapB High Resolution Mapping of Fetal and Adult B Cell Fates During Ontogeny 2017
1056 EnteroBariatric Investigating Host-Microbial Interactions after Bariatric Surgery 2017
1057 PaPaAlg Pareto-Optimal Parameterized Algorithms 2017
1058 MATERIALIZABLE MATERIALIZABLE: Intelligent fabrication-oriented Computational Design and Modeling 2017
1059 PJ15 COSER Common Services 2016
1060 IRESCO Innovative REtrofitting for Substandard COnstruction 2016
1061 GEOWAKI The analysis of geometric non-linear wave and kinetic equations 2017
1062 PREDATORS Plate-rate experimental deformation: Aseismic, transient or seismic fault slip 2017
1063 PowAlgDO Power of Algorithms in Discrete Optimisation 2017
1064 VADEMECOM VAlidation driven DEvelopment of Modern and Efficient COMbustion technologies 2017
1065 PHENOSPACE Quantifying behavioural phenotype space: chemistry-to-gene screens and combination therapies 2016
1066 QCDforfuture QCD for the Future of Particle Physics 2017
1067 InStance Intentional stance for social attunement 2017
1068 HybridSolarFuels Efficient Photoelectrochemical Transformation of CO2 to Useful Fuels on Nanostructured Hybrid Electrodes 2017
1069 VOSTARS Video Optical See-Through Augmented Reality surgical System 2016
1070 GHaNA The Genus Haslea, New marine resources for blue biotechnology and Aquaculture 2017
1071 MIMESIS A novel systems biology approach to develop preclinical assets from innovative drug discovery starting points inspired by viruses 2016
1072 SmILES Smart Integration of Energy Storages in Local Multi Energy Systems for maximising the Share of Renewables in Europe’s Energy Mix 2016
1073 NextGEOSS Next Generation GEOSS for Innovation Business 2016
1074 COLOURTEST The development, evaluation and commercialisation of an early years test of colour vision deficiency. 2016
1075 CollectSwim Individual and Collective Swimming of Active Microparticles 2017
1076 AtoFun Atomic Scale Defects: Structure and Function 2017
1077 DeepLight Deep imaging with time-reversed light 2017
1078 2DNANOPTICA Nano-optics on flatland: from quantum nanotechnology to nano-bio-photonics 2017
1079 DiGGeS Discrete Groups and Geometric Structures 2017
1080 INFUSION Engineering optoelectronic INterfaces: a global action intersecting FUndamental conceptS and technology implementatION of self-organized organic materials 2017
1081 PHYSIC Photovoltaic with superior crack resistance 2017
1082 INTEGRID An INTEgral optimisation toolbox for smart GRID data communication network design and planning 2016
1083 ElGrid The Tool Supporting (r)Evolution In Forecasting and Optimizing Power Distribution Networks 2016
1084 HF-BWT Safeguarding shipping operations via a novel modular high frequency power converter to boost installation and performance of ballast water treatment systems 2016
1086 ALS-Networks Defining functional networks of genetic causes for ALS and related neurodegenerative disorders 2017
1087 EVALVE Biomechanics and signaling in models of congenital heart valve defects 2016
1089 DisCont Discontinuities in Household and Family Formation 2017
1090 SPARCLEs Self-assembled Plasmonic Aggregates for Raman sensing and Catalysis in Liquid Environments 2017
1091 SPanD Stellar Populations and Dynamics: a comprehensive IMF analysis 2017
1092 LCLW Literary Communities and Literary Worlds 2017
1093 FASTPARSE Fast Natural Language Parsing for Large-Scale NLP 2017
1094 FAFC Foundations and Applications of Functional Cryptography 2017
1095 SOLARIS Large-Scale Learning with Deep Kernel Machines 2017
1096 IlluMitoDNA Illuminating the mechanisms of mitochondrial DNA quality control and inheritance 2017
1097 OPREP Operator Based Representations for Geometry Processing 2017
1098 STRINGENCY Control of Bacterial Multidrug Tolerance and Stress Response by Alarmone Synthetase SpoT 2017
1099 VISIRday VISible to far-IR optical tuning: passive DAYtime cooling by hierarchical structures and hybrid materials 2017
1100 RAPID Chromatin dynamics resolved by rapid protein labeling and bioorthogonal capture 2017
1101 BEAM-EDM Unique Method for a Neutron Electric Dipole Moment Search using a Pulsed Beam 2017
1102 Baby DCs Age-dependent Regulation of Dendritic Cell Development and Function 2017
1103 bioPCET Functional Proton-Electron Transfer Elements in Biological Energy Conversion 2017
1104 SMART Structured nonlinear Metamaterials for efficient generation and Active functional control of Radiation of THz light 2017
1105 CAVEHEART Heart regeneration in the Mexican cavefish: The difference between healing and scarring 2017
1106 Learn2Walk Brain meets spine: the neural origin of toddler’s first steps 2017
1107 OPTRASTOCH Optimal Transport and Stochastic Dynamics 2017
1108 SweetAim Selective glycoimmuno-targeting for cancer therapy 2016
1109 BeyondBlackbox Data-Driven Methods for Modelling and Optimizing the Empirical Performance of Deep Neural Networks 2017
1110 ClustersXCosmo Fundamental physics, Cosmology and Astrophysics: Galaxy Clusters at the Cross-roads 2017
1111 BrainDyn Tracking information flow in the brain: A unified and general framework for dynamic communication in brain networks 2017
1112 ColOpt Collective effects and optomechanics in ultra-cold matter 2017
1113 SEPOMO Spins for Efficient Photovoltaic Devices based on Organic Molecules 2016
1114 FluoSurf FLUOrinated SURFactant formulations for droplet-based microfluidics 2016
1115 CONIN Effects of confinement on inhomogeneous systems 2017
1116 SONAR Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance in doped semiconductor nanocrystals 2017
1117 is3DMIMO indoor small-cell Networks with 3D MIMO Array Antennas 2017
1118 LCPT SONOLIS ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM: Lithium Capacitor Power Transfer 2016
1119 COSMOS Control and measurement of single macromolecules in space and time 2018
1120 SYSCID A Systems medicine approach to chronic inflammatory disease 2017
1121 Mini Brains Cerebral organoids: human mini brains in a dish open up new possibilities for drug development in neurodegenerative and developmental diseases 2017
1122 MiniBrain Cerebral Organoids: Using stem cell derived 3D cultures to understand human brain development and neurological disorders 2017
1123 BACCO Burning on Accreting Compact Objects 2017
1124 DAMOC Diabetes Approach by Multi-Organ-on-a-Chip 2017
1125 BONEPHAGY Defining the role of the FGF – autophagy axis in bone physiology 2017
1126 BrainInBrain Neural circuits underlying complex brain function across animals - from conserved core concepts to specializations defining a species’ identity 2017
1127 NICEDROPS Precise and smart nanoengineered surfaces: Impact resistance, icephobicity and dropwise condensation 2017
1128 CITIZINGLOBAL Citizens, Institutions and Globalization 2017
1129 IllegalPharma Competitive Dynamics in the Informal Economy: The case of Illegal Pharmaceutical Drugs 2017
1130 ChemEpigen The chemical understanding of biomolecular recognition in epigenetics 2017
1131 ATOM Advanced Holographic Tomographies for Nanoscale Materials: Revealing Electromagnetic and Deformation Fields, Chemical Composition and Quantum States at Atomic Resolution. 2017
1132 QD-NOMS Elementary quantum dot networks enabled by on-chip nano-optomechanical systems 2017
1133 NANOPHOM Nanophosphor-based photonic materials for next generation light-emitting devices 2017
1134 FREEMIND FREE the MIND: the neurocognitive determinants of intentional decision 2017
1135 ventralHippocampus Neuronal circuits for emotions in the ventral CA1 hippocampus 2017
1136 IniReg Mechanisms of Regeneration Initiation 2017
1137 CSP Cross-Layer Design of Securing Positioning 2017
1138 TRANSPIRE Terahertz RAdio communication using high ANistropy SPIn torque REsonators 2017
1139 ULTRACHIRAL Ultrasensitive chiral detection by signal-reversing cavity polarimetry: applications to in-situ proteomics, single-molecule chirality, HPLC analysis, medical diagnostics, and atmospheric studies 2017
1140 FraMoS Multi-resolution Fracture Models for High-strength Steels: Fully Ductile Fracture to Quasi-cleavage Failure in Hydrogen Environment 2016
1141 iNAPS Illuminating Neuronal-Astrocytic Pathways for Sleep homeostasis 2017
1142 Keep Control Industrial Academic Initial Training Network towards specific diagnosis and treatment of age-related gait and balance deficits 2017
1143 chromo-SUMMIT Decoding dynamic chromatin signaling by single-molecule multiplex detection 2017
1144 SolMAG Unravelling The Structure and Evolution of Solar Magnetic Flux Ropes and Their Magnetosheaths 2017
1145 OMCIDC Optical Manipulation of Colloidal Interfaces, Droplets and Crystallites 2017
1146 time-data Time-Data Trade-Offs in Resource-Constrained Information and Inference Systems 2017
1147 ACCELERATE ACCELERATing Europe's Leading Research Infrastructures 2017
1148 CO2MPRISE CO2 absorbing Materials Project- RISE 2017
1149 NESPINT NEutron Spectrometry to Prevent Illicit Nuclear Trafficking 2017
1150 DRAMATIC Development of Relevant Approaches to Mathematically Model Increasingly Complex Microbially-driven Processes 2017
1151 SynchroSelf Harnessing reversibility of peptide Self-Assembly processes to Synchronise Extracellular Matrix substitutes with cellular driven tissue reconstruction 2016
1152 MIGRAGEN The genetic and environmental basis of migration in the marmalade hoverfly 2016
1153 MacroReflEx Macro Experiments on Reflexivity and Economic Crises 2016
1154 HIntNets Higher-order interactions and Laplacian dynamics in complex networks: structure, dynamics and control 2017
1155 SUPRACELL_COMMUN_CCT Supracellular contractility dynamics and cell communication during collective chemotaxis. 2016
1156 ACTING-NOW Algorithmic Containment of Threats in Graphs, Networks or Webs 2016
1158 TORPEDO Understanding the molecular mechanisms controlling the orientation of plant cell divisions 2017
1159 DRANOEL Deciphering RAdio NOn-thermal Emission on the Largest scales 2017
1160 ECHOES Exact Chronology of Early Societies 2017
1161 Spiders Fundamental Physics Using Black Widow, Redback and Transitional Pulsar Binaries 2017
1162 MAGNETIC-SPEED-LIMIT Understanding the speed limits of magnetism 2017
1163 GenGeoHol Non AdS holography and generalized geometric structures 2017
1164 DIMO6FIT DIMO6FIT: Extending the Standard Model -- Global Fits of Optimal Variables in Diboson Production 2017
1165 GLYCONOISE Emergent properties of cell surface glycosylation in cell-cell communication 2017
1166 DELPHI DELPHI: a framework to study Dark Matter and the emergence of galaxies in the epoch of reionization 2017
1167 GIANTCLIMES Giants through Time: Towards a Comprehensive Giant Planet Climatology 2017
1168 HIGH-GEAR High-valent protein-coordinated catalytic metal sites: Geometric and Electronic ARchitecture 2017
1169 GALOP Galois theory of periods and applications. 2017
1170 DarkMix Illuminating the dark side of surface meteorology: creating a novel framework to explain atmospheric transport and turbulent mixing in the weak-wind boundary layer 2017
1171 RECEPT Real-time precision tests of lepton universality 2017
1172 UniCoSM Universality in Condensed Matter and Statistical Mechanics 2017
1173 SuperRepel Superslippery Liquid-Repellent Surfaces 2017
1174 MAFRAN Mathematical Frontiers in the Analysis of Many-particle Systems 2017
1175 M2M mapKITE to market 2017
1176 CONSCIOUSNESS Towards a neural and cognitive architecture of consciousness 2017
1177 BACCO Bias and Clustering Calculations Optimised: Maximising discovery with galaxy surveys 2017
1178 AQUARAMAN Pipet Based Scanning Probe Microscopy Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy: A Novel Approach for TERS in Liquids 2017
1179 EspLORE Extending the science perspectives of linear wires of carbon atoms from fundamental research to emerging materials 2017
1180 3D-BioMat Deciphering biomineralization mechanisms through 3D explorations of mesoscale crystalline structure in calcareous biomaterials 2017
1181 CIC Context, Identity and Choice: Understanding the constraints on women's career decisions 2017
1182 WISE A novel approach to remote and real-time aircraft maintenance 2017
1183 OPHOCS On-chip Photonic Cluster State Generation 2017
1184 COEXIST Confined, Optically Enhanced, X-ray Imaging Source for Tomography 2017
1185 PHOTO-BORAD Boron chemistry in a new light: exploring the radical reactivity of boronate complexes through photochemical strategies 2017
1186 QSUP Demonstration of Quantum Supremacy in A Photonic Device 2017
1187 CoLiDR Collision of Light in Dielectric Resonators - Optically Induced Symmetry Breaking 2017
1188 TERA Coding for terabit-per-second fiber-optical communications 2017
1189 So2Sat Big Data for 4D Global Urban Mapping – 10^16 Bytes from Social Media to EO Satellites 2017
1190 Waterscales Mathematical and computational foundations for modeling cerebral fluid flow. 2017
1191 MICROGLIA-CIRCUIT Microglia action towards neuronal circuit formation and function in health and disease 2017
1192 PEPCo Problems in Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics 2017
1193 RE-FASHIONING Re-fashioning the Renaissance: Popular Groups, Fashion and the Material and Cultural Significance of Clothing in Europe, 1550-1650 2017
1194 GLYCONTROL Understanding and Controlling Glycosylation Reactions 2017
1195 INTERACT International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic 2016
1196 MaQSens Magnetomechanical Platforms for Quantum Experiments and Quantum Enabled Sensing Technologies 2017
1197 DEXCORE The Digest and the Exploitation of the Countryside in the Western Roman Empire (2d cent. BC-3rd cent. AD). Evidence of the water control 2017
1198 ELIQED Exploring Laser Interaction with Matters in the Quantum Electrodynamics Regime 2017
1199 MODIO Numerical modelling of the structural controls on Irish Zn-Pb ore deposits 2017
1200 NExtNCNaBatt Novel Extended solids based on N=C chemistry for future Na-ion Batteries 2017
1201 LamelliActin Mechanical Adaptation of Lamellipodial Actin Networks in Migrating Cells 2017
1202 ROSETTA Robust self-testing with applications to device-independent cryptography 2017
1203 HyQuIP Hybrid Quantum Integrated Photonics 2017
1204 SPERMAGE No country for old sperm: male aging, sperm aging, and external stressors as determinants of sperm quality and fertility 2017
1205 NeuroModSense Peptidergic Neuromodulation of Sensory Representation in the Brain 2017
1206 EUTWIC European Travel Writing in Context. The Socio-Political Dimension of Travelogues 1760-1850 2017
1207 RelPro Relativistic non-linear optical property calculations with density functional theory 2017
1208 PlantaSYST Establishment of a Center of Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology for the translation of fundamental research into sustainable bio-based technologies in Bulgaria 2017
1209 FunGlass Centre for functional and surface-functionalized glasses 2017
1210 single-C Automatized Catalysis and Single-Carbon Insertion 2017
1211 MMUSCLES Modification of Molecular structure Under Strong Coupling to confined Light modES 2017
1212 NONLINMAT Functional extreme nonlinear nanomaterials 2017
1213 CellStructure Structural cell biology in situ using superresolution microscopy 2017
1214 MULTIFLEXO Hierarchical multiscale modeling of flexoelectricity and related materials properties from first principles 2017
1215 MacroStability Stability and dynamics at different spatial scales: From physiology to Alzheimer's degeneration 2017
1216 Des.solve When solids become liquids: natural deep eutectic solvents for chemical process engineering 2017
1217 DISFILM Fluorescent-based innovative measure in thin liquid films: A way to understand stability and energy dissipation in foams and emulsions 2017
1218 POLYAMACHINES The polyA machinery: Elucidating the molecular mechanisms of mRNA polyadenylation, deadenylation and RNA recognition 2017
1219 OPERANDOCAT In situ and Operando Nanocatalysis: Size, Shape and Chemical State Effects 2017
1220 TheSBIE Thermodynamic Stabilization by Interface Engineering 2017
1221 TeleoLogic Logical and Psychological Foundations for a Teleosemantic Theory of Productivity 2017
1222 Perceptual Learning Perceptual Learning 2017
1223 Lightsheetelegans In-toto imaging of C. elegans larval development using adaptive optics light-sheet microscopy 2017
1224 AgentSeal Movement of Harbour seals: an individual-based modelling framework as a reliable management tool 2018
1226 SILICON Self-Injection-Locked Integrated Analog-to-Digital Converter 2017
1227 MILORD Managing trIplets for fLuorescence in ORganics: Towards a predictive moDel (MILORD) 2017
1228 THEcore Thermally efficient, cost-reduced nanostructured foams for vacuum insulation panels 2017
1229 AMAM Ageing Multiphysics of Asphalt Materials 2017
1230 SCAVENGER Determining the drivers and importance of scavenging behaviors in a changing world using agent based modeling approaches. 2017
1231 TEROPPLATE Testing the role of thermo-chemical piles in the generation and continuation of plate tectonics 2018
1232 MATESI Multi-modal Approaches for Treatment and Evaluation of Swallowing Insufficiencies 2018
1233 GlycoNanoPep Glyco and Nano Peptide Conjugates for Selective Cell Penetration 2017
1234 Repro_organoid Direct reprogramming of human astrocytes into functional neurons in cerebral organoids derived from genome edited hiPSCs 2017
1235 GeoInSight Geological constraints on the crustal structure at InSight landing site, Elysium Planitia, Mars 2017
1236 ThReDS A Theory of Reference for Distributional Semantics 2017
1237 3D-POWER Three-Dimensional Perovskite Oxides as Working ElectRochemical devices 2017
1238 2D-COF-WS Designing and screening two dimensional covalent organic frameworks for effective water splitting 2017
1239 EpiMethFly Study of the role of m6A RNA methylation in the nervous system of Drosophila melanogaster: an in-vivo model to dissect the impact of epitranscriptome reprogramming in physiology and cancer 2017
1240 MAAP Multidimensional Analysis of Axis Patterning in Plant Embryo 2017
1241 SLATE Submarine LAndslides and Their impact on European continental margins 2017
1242 ULTIMATE Towards the ultimate dark matter detector 2017
1243 GRADIENTSENSING Cellular navigation along spatial gradients 2017
1244 AMPLITUDES Novel structures in scattering amplitudes 2017
1245 BG-BB-AS Birational Geometry, B-branes and Artin Stacks 2017
1246 2DQP Two-dimensional quantum photonics 2018
1247 HYPNOTIC Hybrid Indium Phosphide on Silicon nanophotonics for ultimate laser diodes, flip-flops and memories 2017
1248 Monomark A comparative clinical study of a stool-based versus a blood-based screening test for earlydetection of CRC 2017
1249 KAM2CY3 Key Services for Enhancing Innovation Management Capacity of SMEs in Cyprus through the local member of Enterprise Europe Network – KAM2CY3 2017
1250 OILY MICROCOSM Mechanistic Microscale Approach to the Microbial Degradation of Oil-Droplets in Subsea Crude Oil Releases 2017
1251 EPIC2D Engineering Electron-Phonon Interactions of Two-Dimensional Materials from First-Principles 2017
1252 ACTIVEMOTION3D Experimental Study of Three-dimensional Dynamics of Active Particles 2017
1253 CriTiClean Supercritical carbon dioxide for delipidation of soft tissue - Suppressing transplant rejection. 2017
1254 coolDips Direct cooling of dipolar molecules 2017
1255 ISEBI Individual Specialisation in Established Biological Invasions: importance and Ecological Impact 2017
1256 ThromboForce Platelet tractions through the Glycoprotein (GP) GPIb receptor as a potential marker for platelet reactivity 2017
1257 BH-STRING-HOLO Black Holes in String Theory and Holography 2017
1258 STRAIN fault STRength breAkdown and Implications for earthquake Nucleation 2017
1259 MODCOMS Modulated Composite Structures: A 3D Bulk Approach to Incoherent Hetero-Structure Interface Engineering in Oxides for Future Low Temperature Energy Applications 2018
1260 SIMOF Single-Molecule Spintronics: a Coordination Chemistry Approach to Quantum Computing 2017
1261 GRECO Groundwater effects on coastal ecosystems 2017
1262 quasiTENS Quantum Systems Investigated through Tensor Network States 2017
1263 CO2 Intermediates From CO2, Water and Sunlight to Valuable Solar Fuels: Tracking Reaction Intermediates in Solar Fuel Generation with Ultrafast Spectroscopy for More Efficient Catalysis 2017
1264 BIO-CAPTURE Biomechanical Characterization of Carotid Plaque Rupture 2017
1265 AFFINITY Amplitudes and form factors via integrability 2018
1266 WhiteShift A calcifying phytoplankter’s response to climate change and its role in sinking carbon in the Subarctic Ocean using spaceborne and in situ observations and ecological modelling 2017
1267 MOSK Gravity and Kinematic Space 2017
1269 BROS Blockchain: a new framework for swarm RObotic Systems 2017
1270 FRAGMENTOME FRAGMENT screening from advanced-sampling molecular dynamics simulations on a proteOME scale. 2017
1271 ExItALS RNA-mediated intercellular miscommunication: role of extracellular vesicle cargos in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 2017
1272 TRAIN SPOTTING Mapping the Intraflagellar Transport - A High-resolution Study of Intraflagellar Transport Trains in Chlamydomonas Cells 2017
1273 ENERGYMAPS Revealing the electronic energy landscape of multi-layered (opto)electronic devices 2017
1274 EVORULES The cultural evolution and ecology of institutions: An integrated evolutionary approach to the interrelated rules that regulate human social organization and cooperation 2017
1275 ActiveBioFluids Origins of Collective Motion in Active Biofluids 2017
1276 SOFT-PHOTOCONVERSION Solar Energy Conversion without Solid State Architectures: Pushing the Boundaries of Photoconversion Efficiencies at Self-healing Photosensitiser Functionalised Soft Interfaces 2017
1277 NascenTomiX Ribosome inhibition by nascent or antimicrobial peptides 2017
1278 FocAd Structural Studies on Focal Adhesions 2017
1279 PICKLE Planetary Interiors Constrained by Key Laboratory Experiments 2017
1280 INTERCELLAR The role of the symplast in host-pathogen interactions – how does the symplastic, intercellular exchange of molecules regulate the outcomes of defence and infection? 2017
1281 SYMCELLS Resolving the molecular mechanisms of intracellular coral-algal symbiosis 2017
1282 ACCENT Algebraic Covering Codes Enabling Network Transmissions 2018
1283 PIONEER The effect of seagrass bed habitat quality on selected ecosystem services 2018
1284 UltraSafe Advanced modelling of ultrasonic wave interaction with damage for enhanced failure identification technologies in industrial composite structures 2018
1285 EXPECTATION Emerging Visual Expectation in the Brain 2018
1286 OPLD Organic Polariton Laser Diode 2017
1287 PHOTOPEROVSKITES Photoexcitation Dynamics and Direct Monitoring of Photovoltaic Processes of Solid-State Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Perovskite Solar Cells 2017
1288 WAGETRANS Wage transparency in companies 2017
1289 RESILIENCE Understanding the resilience of Amazonian floodplain ecosystems 2017
1290 ChromoDrive Investigating how anaphase chromosomal motion is generated during mitosis and meiosis 2017
1291 PhARRAO Photo- And Radical induced Reactivity of Atmospheric Oxidants 2017
1292 SedSulphOx Quantification of oxidative sulphur cycling in marine sediments 2017
1293 MicACol Microrheology of two-dimensional active colloidal crystals and glasses 2017
1294 HiProLoop Scattering Amplitudes for Higgs Production at High-Order as touchstone for Automated Multiloop Feynman Calculus 2018
1295 EcoEvoClim Ecological and Evolutionary consequences of predator-prey phenological match-mismatch driven by climate change 2017
1296 SIOMICS SIngle-cell multi-OMICs approach to study intra-tumour heterogeneity of soft tissue Sarcomas 2017
1297 TeloChromatin Dissecting the chromatin dynamics at telomeres during mouse pre-implantation development. 2017
1298 ROJAVA The Kurds in Syria: A complex interplay between local, regional and transnational 2017
1299 TEMPOMATH Temporal delays in mathematical models of cell biology processes 2017
1300 RELMED Electricity in the Mediterranean: Promoting good regulatory governance 2017
1301 DiskTorqueOnPlanets New Frontiers in Modeling Planet-Disk Interactions: from Disk Thermodynamics to Multi-Planet Systems 2017
1302 TURKEY Uncovering the Transatlantic History of Turkey Husbandry and Breeding using a Multi-Disciplinary Approach 2017
1303 MER-CURE Using global marine metagenomics to understand MERcury microbial associated processes: finding a CURE for mercury contaminated environments 2018
1304 umCryofix A microfluidic cryofixation method for time-resolved correlative microscopy 2017
1305 StressEBOV Ebola virus manipulation of the cellular stress responses 2017
1306 FOUNDATION Fusarium oxysporum mediated underpinning of cell type-specific modulation in multiple host interaction 2018
1307 GLAZE The use of glazing traditions to examine the dynamics of interaction between cultures in contact: A case study of Cypriot glazed wares from the 11th to 17th centuries AD 2017
1309 PhthaloSupra Exploiting supramolecular interactions in phthalocyanine chemistry 2017
1310 HousePoetics House Poetics. An 'assemblage' approach to the production and transmission of value in Bronze Age Crete. 2017
1311 SexSelec_Invasion Understanding sexual selection to help controlling an invasive pest species 2018
1312 UCHIRAL Ultrafast opto-electronic twists: Controlling the chirality of electrons and extreme-UV photons by ultrafast laser pulses (UCHIRAL). 2017
1313 YEFF Comprehensive analysis of yeast expression-fitness functions (EFFs) 2018
1314 AcTaferon Revitalizing the clinical potential of type I IFNs in fighting influenza A virus infections with AcTaferon. 2017
1315 PlaN Vibrational Polariton Nonlinear Optics and Chemistry 2017
1316 PATO Porous material Analysis Toolbox - Open source 2018
1317 EcoEvoProspectS Ecology and Evolution of Prospecting Strategies 2017
1318 GEOTRIBE Generation and Evolution Of Transform-Ridge Interaction and Behavior on Earth 2018
1319 2DQOptics Two dimensional materials for lasing and frequency metrology 2017
1320 ECtomics Dissecting spinal cord ependymal cell heterogeneity by single-cell transcriptomics 2017
1321 exciTitania Excitonic quasiparticles in Titania 2017
1322 VAC2VAC Vaccine lot to Vaccine lot comparison by consistancy testing - Sofia ref.: 115924 2016
1323 ADAPTED Alzheimers Disease Apolipoprotein Pathology for Treatment Elucidation and Development - Sofia ref.: 115975 2016
1324 NeuroTRACK Tracking and predicting neurodegeneration spreading across the brain connectome 2017
1325 NEDM The Neutron Electric Dipole Moment: pushing the precision to understand the matter-antimatter asymmetry 2017
1326 MassiveCosmo Massive Gravity and Cosmology 2017
1327 UbiArchitect Understanding the complexity and architecture in protein ubiquitination 2017
1328 SmartCells Smart Lab-On-Chips for the Real -Time Control of Cells 2017
1329 CODE4Vision Computational Dissection of Effective Circuitry and Encoding in the Retina for Normal and Restored Vision 2017
1330 SUBDECODE Dendritic encoding of movement in space 2017
1331 FUNCOPLAN Functions of plasticity in adult-born neurons 2017
1332 INTERSPINE From Neurons to Robots: Non-Invasive, General-Purpose Interfacing With Human Spinal Motor Neurons 2017
1333 HybridMat New Material Hybrids With Helical Inner Architecture: Fundamentals And Technology 2018
1334 FCSpecTRe Frequency Comb Spectroscopy of Temperature-dependent Reactions 2017
1335 PresWoodenHeritage Preserving Wooden Heritage. Methods for monitoring wooden structures: 3D laser scanner survey and application of BIM systems on point cloud models 2017
1336 MPAmplitudes Multi-particle scattering amplitudes for precision collider physics 2018
1337 MOD-PROT The role of tRNA processing and modifications in protein quality control. 2018
1338 BTMG Birational and Tropical Methods in Geometry 2018
1339 IMME-NEM Imaging the Motion of Magneto-Excitons in New Emerging Materials 2017
1340 VHPC Optical valley Hall effect in gapped graphene for infrared and terahertz light photodetection 2017
1341 TherSpinMol Exploring Thermoelectric and Spintronic properties of Molecular Devices 2017
1342 CALLIRHEO Multi-scale computational hemodynamics in obese children and adolescents: enabling personalised prediction of cardiovascular disease 2018
1343 NeuCoSe The neural correlates of the self in altered states of consciousness. 2017
1344 SynPCP Synapse formation and maturity through planar cell polarity pathway 2018
1345 MeGa DNA Methylation dynamics during Gastrulation 2018
1346 SusFRPRC Sustainable Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Concrete (FRP-RC) Structures 2017
1347 BIRDBARRIER The Importance of Barriers to Bird Migration 2018
1348 SREACEP Sparse Robust Expander with Applications in Combinatorial Embedding Problems 2018
1349 DRiveR How does dopamine link QMP with reproductive repression to mediate colony harmony and productivity in the honeybee? 2018
1350 MACROSS Multimedia Communication and Processing over Vehicular Cloud Networks for AutonomousDriving 2018
1351 MixAmox Understanding nitrogen metabolic interactions in mixed anammox-based microbial communities 2017
1352 SAFS Development of screw anchors for floating Marine Renewable Energy system arrays incorporating anchor sharing 2017
1353 srpabsotcpfaaieps Selective ribosome profiling and biochemistry studies on the co-translational protein folding and assembly in eukaryotic protein synthesis 2018
1354 SOLISYNTH Synthesis of Low Noise Microwaves Using Solitons Locked to an Ultra-Stable Cavity 2017
1355 BVCGA The BV Construction: a Geometric Approach 2017
1356 VirBAcous Virtual building acoustics: a robust and efficient analysis and optimization framework for noise transmission reduction 2017
1357 NavigationCircuits Neural circuits for route planning in goal-directed spatial navigation 2017
1358 SABRE Shape Adaptive Blades for Rotorcraft Efficiency 2017
1359 MFreeB Membrane-Free Redox Flow Batteries 2017
1360 ISA-NPC-ASI In Situ structural Analysis of Nuclear Pore Complex ASsembly Intermediates by cryo-FIB-tomography 2018
1361 InsideLoops Colour and Kinematics of Quarks and Gluons inside Loops 2017
1362 ANGRAM Antimatter gravity measurement: How does antihydrogen fall? 2017
1363 NUMELAT Numbers in the brain: the impact of brain lateralization on numerical abilities 2018
1364 UFICS-QRNG Development of an Ultra-Fast, Integrated, Certified Secure Quantum Random Number Generator for applications in Science and Information Technology 2017
1365 PULSE2D Pulsed plasma technology for 2D materials integration 2017
1366 BeBOP Quantum Dynamics Beyond the Born-Oppenheimer Picture: Making the most of wave function and trajectory-based approaches 2017
1367 QUSMI Translating quantum sensing into cost-effective molecular imaging 2017
1368 FRESCOatCNAP FrontierResearchCompentences@CNAP 2017
1369 HERPES Herpesvirus Effectors of RNA synthesis, Processing, Export and Stability 2017
1370 GEOCOG Cognitive Geometry: Deciphering neural concept spaces and engineering knowledge to empower smart brains in a smart society 2017
1371 FOGHORN FOG-aided wireless networks for communication, cacHing and cOmputing: theoRetical and algorithmic fouNdations 2017
1372 RepTime Molecular control of DNA replication timing in mammalian cells 2017
1373 B-PhosphoChem Exploration of the 2D-Chemistry of Black Phosphorous 2017
1374 EnFAIT Enabling Future Arrays in Tidal 2017
1375 HoloBH Infinite-dimensional symmetries, black holes, and holography 2019
1376 IoMUT The Internet of Musical Things - An ecosystem of interoperable devices connecting performers and audiences 2017
1377 EpiAGPs Breaking frontiers in plant reproduction: understanding the roles of AGPs and epigenetics regulating male-female crosstalk towards fertilization 2017
1378 EPGR The Evolution Problem in General Relativity 2017
1379 GEOSTICK Morphodynamic Stickiness: the influence of physical and biological cohesion in sedimentary systems 2017
1380 COGTOM Cognitive tomography of mental representations 2017
1381 FRAGCLIM The Combined Effects of Climatic Warming and Habitat Fragmentation on Biodiversity, Community Dynamics and Ecosystem Functioning 2017
1382 NanoMOFdeli Design of NanoMOFs Capsules for Drug Delivery and Bioimaging. 2017
1383 DDD Diffusive Droplet Dynamics in multicomponent fluid systems 2017
1384 FERROVOLT For a better understanding and design of ferroelectric photovoltaics: First-principles study of optical absorption and charge-carrier transport at ferroelectric domain walls in BiFeO3 2017
1385 3DviralRNA Structural and functional characterization of large viral and human non-coding RNA motifs involved in HIV infection 2018
1386 BIMEET BIM-based EU -wide Standardized Qualification Framework for achieving Energy Efficiency Training 2017
1387 AIMS Automated Integrated Monitoring System 2017
1388 SuPERPORES Structure-performance relationships in porous carbons for energy storage 2017
1389 RECAP constRaining the EffeCts of Aerosols on Precipitation 2017
1390 Fireworks Celestial fireworks: revealing the physics of the time-variable sky 2017
1391 D-TECT Does dust triboelectrification affect our climate? 2017
1392 D-TECT Does dust triboelectrification affect our climate? 2017
1393 CAM-RIG ConfocAl Microscopy and real-time Rheology of dynamIc hyroGels 2017
1394 OPenPal Open Correspondence Publishing and Visualization Platform. 2017
1395 InnoMan.NRW_3 Establishing services enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs by the Enterprise Europe Network in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, in 2017 -2018 2017
1396 eQG Exceptional Quantum Gravity 2017
1397 LETS-CROWD Law Enforcement agencies human factor methods and Toolkit for the Security and protection of CROWDs in mass gatherings 2017
1398 GeoBrown Brownian geometry: at the interface between probability theory, combinatorics and mathematical physics. 2017
1399 TRIVALENT Terrorism pReventIon Via rAdicaLisation countEr-NarraTive 2017
1400 TIMEJ Time in Medieval Japan 2017
1401 MoQuOS Molecular Quantum Opto-Spintronics 2017
1402 NEDAG New Directions in Derived Algebraic Geometry 2017
1403 EVOSOM Evolution of multicellularity and somatic cell specialization 2017
1404 NANOCHEM Nanopores for New Molecular Nitrogen Chemistry 2017
1405 SQH Superconducting quantum heat engines and refrigerators 2017
1406 SMALLOSTERY Single-molecule spectroscopy of coordinated motions in allosteric proteins 2017
1407 DYNAMINT Dynamics of Probed, Pulsed, Quenched and Driven Integrable Quantum Systems 2017
1408 SMART Scattering Matrix Approach in Reflection applied to Turbid media 2017
1409 ABACUS Algae for a biomass applied to the production of added value compounds 2017
1410 QUCLN Quantum control of levitated nanoparticles 2017
1411 QUESCA Quantum Enhanced Sensing with Cold Atoms 2017
1412 MCIATTP Molecular to Continuum Investigation of Anisotropic Thermal Transport in Polymers 2017
1413 ACFD Acoustical and Canonical Fluid Dynamics in numerical general relativity 2017
1414 GreQuE Grenoble Quantum Engineering Doctoral Programme 2017
1415 Auxilia Hybrid Drive for Commercial Ships and Yachts 2017
1416 PALAEOSILKROAD A Silk Road in the Palaeolithic: Reconstructing Late Pleistocene Hominin Dispersals and Adaptations in Central Asia 2017
1417 Abiota, Biota, Constraints in Macroevolutionary Processes 2018
1418 ThymusTolerance Delineation of molecular mechanisms underlying the establishment and breakdown of immunological tolerance in the thymus 2017
1419 MDDS Mechanism Design for Data Science 2017
1420 FeedSax Feeding Anglo-Saxon England: The Bioarchaeology of an Agricultural Revolution 2017
1421 AAA Adaptive Actin Architectures 2017
1422 F-IMAGE Seismic Functional Imaging of the Brittle Crust 2017
1423 Xenoscope Towards a multi-ton xenon observatory for astroparticle physics 2017
1424 BIOMOTIVE Advanced BIObased polyurethanes and fibres for the autoMOTIVE industry with increased environmental sustainability 2017
1425 ACTICELL Precision confiner for mechanical cell activation 2017
1426 HApi HApi - Hyperthermia in Apculture - A new product against the Deformed Wing Virus of honey bees. 2017
1427 MetalJet Liquid-metal jet X-ray source for high performance non-destructive testing 2017
1430 EnergyMemo Dynamic Interplay between Energy and Memory 2017
1431 CLUNATRA Discovering new Catalysts in the Cluster-Nanoparticle Transition Regime 2017
1432 Beacon Bentonite mechanical evolution 2017
1433 ATLASplus Advanced Structural Integrity Assessment Tools for Safe Long Term Operation 2017
1434 BrainConquest Boosting Brain-Computer Communication with high Quality User Training 2017
1435 DissectPcG Dissecting the Function of Multiple Polycomb Group Complexes in Establishing Transcriptional Identity 2017
1436 TransfoPneumo Structure and Function of the Bacterial Transformasome 2017
1437 BigFastData Charting a New Horizon of Big and Fast Data Analysis through Integrated Algorithm Design 2017
1438 RHEA Rotifers Highlight the Evolution of Asexuals: the mechanisms of genome evolution in the absence of meiosis 2017
1439 EU-JUSTICE Building EU civil justice: challenges of procedural innovations bridging access to justice 2017
1440 RELATE Environmental Spaces and the Feel-Good Factor: Relating Subjective Wellbeing to Biodiversity 2017
1441 NEWS NEw WindowS on the universe and technological advancements from trilateral EU-US-Japan collaboration 2017
1442 ADSNeSP Active and Driven Systems: Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics 2017
1443 ADORA Asymptotic approach to spatial and dynamical organizations 2017
1444 ALGSTRONGCRYPTO Algebraic Methods for Stronger Crypto 2017
1445 mtDNA-CURE Treating mitochondrial disease caused by pathogenic mtDNA mutations 2018
1446 NOSCEMUS Nova Scientia. Early Modern Scientific Literature and Latin 2017
1447 STEM-AGING Tissue regeneration and aging: the decisive quiescent stem-cell state 2017
1448 IRiMaS Interactive Research in Music as Sound:Transforming Digital Musicology 2017
1449 Redox Relays Detecting, understanding and exploiting intracellular redox signaling relays 2017
1450 TOPMAT Topological Materials: New Fermions, Realization of Single Crystals and their Physical Properties 2017
1451 AXION Axions: From Heaven to Earth 2017
1452 BRCA-ERC Understanding cancer development in BRCA 1/2 mutation carriers for improved Early detection and Risk Control 2017
1453 MECSPEC Interaction and feedback between cell mechanics and fate specification in vertebrate gastrulation 2017
1454 MIST Molecules, magnetic fields and Intermittency in coSmic Turbulence – Following the energy trail. 2017
1455 Ub-BAC Dissecting and targeting ubiquitin networks in the course of bacterial infections 2017
1456 AMPLIPORE Understanding negative gas adsorption in highly porous networks for the design of pressure amplifying materials 2017
1457 EMPhAsIS Electrochemical Testing Platform for Advanced Energy Materials 2017
1458 EPIC Enabling Practical Wireless Tb/s Communications with Next Generation Channel Coding 2017
1459 ENABLE European Network for Alloys Behaviour Law Enhancement 2018
1460 serverChill Server liquid cooling for Data Centres... done right! 2017
1461 ITUL Information Theory with Uncertain Laws 2017
1462 LETHE Levels and Trends of Health Expectancy: Understanding its Measurement and Estimation Sensitivity 2017
1463 MAGTOPRECON Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy: from Topological Defects to Reconfigurable Magnetic Devices 2018
1464 MAT_STOCKS Understanding the Role of Material Stock Patterns for the Transformation to a Sustainable Society 2018
1465 MaxiMem Improved Performance, Larger Memory, Longer Battery Smartphones 2017
1466 MCircuits Connectivity, plasticity and function of an olfactory memory circuit 2017
1467 NewLoops Higher-loop amplitudes on the sphere: a new approach to the perturbative expansion of quantum field theories 2017
1468 OpenPhilology Open Philology: The Composition of Buddhist Scriptures 2018
1469 RICAIP Research and Innovation Centre on Advanced Industrial Production 2017
1470 SOMBOT Soft Micro Robotics 2017
1471 SYNEME Systems Neuroscience of Metabolism 2017
1472 TOLERANCE FOOTPRINT Clonal Deletion versus Clonal Diversion: Footprints of Self-Tolerance in the T CellRepertoire 2017
1473 TrACE The Establishment of a Transport Analytics Centre of Excellence in Cyprus (TrACE) 2017
1474 TransFold Molecular Biology of Nascent Chains: Co-translational folding and assembly of proteins in eukaryotes 2017
1475 XSTREAM X-ray-waveforms at the Space-Time Resolution Extreme for Atomic-scale Movies 2017
1476 CSRS A Comparative Study of Resilience in Survivors of War Rape and Sexual Violence: New Directions for Transitional Justice 2017
1477 HIGCC Search for Higgs bosons decaying to charm quarks 2017
1478 ArcheoDyn Globular clusters as living fossils of the past of galaxies 2017
1479 f-ex f-block hydrocarbon interactions: exploration; exploitation 2017
1480 CYCLODE Cyclical and Linear Timing Modes in Development 2017
1481 DarkGAMBIT Global searches for dark matter and new physics with GAMBIT using effective field theory 2018
1482 Clinnova Centre of Excellence in Digital Health and Personalised Medicine 2017
1483 CARBAT CAlcium Rechargeable BAttery Technology 2017
1484 TIN-ACT Research School for TINnitus Assessment, Causes and Treatments 2017
1485 Tumor-Treg-Targeting Training Network for the education of the next generation scientist in targeting the supressive capacity of regulatory T-cells specifically within tumours 2018
1486 UbiCODE European Research Training to Decipher The Ub Code : identification of potential biomarkers and drug targets 2018
1487 VisIoN European Training Network on Visible light based Interoperability and Networking 2017
1488 WAVECOMBE mmWave Communications in the Built Environments 2017
1489 YEASTDOC Yeast Biotechnology Doctoral Training Programme 2017
1490 ASPIN Antiferromagntic spintronics 2017
1491 ASSEMBLE Plus Association of European Marine Biological Laboratories Expanded 2017
1492 COSINE Training network for COmputational Spectroscopy In Natural sciences and Engineering 2018
1493 COSMICS Concepts and tools in molecular spintronics 2017
1494 DyViTo DyViTo: Dynamics in Vision and Touch - the look and feel of stuff 2017
1495 EASITrain European Advanced Superconductivity Innovation and Training 2017
1496 EFINED Energy Filtering Non-Equilibrium Devices 2018
1497 FibreNet A Training Network on Designing Novel Bio-based Fibre Products for Targeted Advanced Properties and New Applications 2017
1498 FogGuru FogGuru: Training the Next Generation of European Fog Computing Experts 2017
1499 KDD-CHASER Knowledge Discovery in Data as Collaboration of Human and Software Actors 2018
1500 mCBEEs Advanced integrative solutions to Corrosion problems beyond micro–scale: towards long-term durability of miniaturized Biomedical, Electronic and Energy systems 2017
1501 POLYTE European Industrial Doctorate in Innovative POLYmers for Lithium Battery TEchnologies 2018
1502 QuSCo Quantum-enhanced Sensing via Quantum Control 2017
1503 RECOMS Building Resourceful and Resilient Communities through Adaptive and Transformative Environmental Practice 2018
1504 SAFER Selective Agonists For Serotonin Receptors 2017
1505 MOLEMAT Molecularly Engineered Materials and process for Perovskite solar cell technology 2017
1506 ErasmusBlink ErasmusBlink: A low cost and easy to use measurement system for medical research with diagnostic potential 2017
1507 SmartPhoneSmartAging Smartphones, Smart Ageing and mHealth 2017
1508 INCOVID Inpainting-based Compression of Visual Data 2017
1509 UneqDems Unequal Democracies 2017
1511 TUCAS Tuneable Catalyst Surfaces for Heterogeneous Catalysis – Electrochemical Switching of Selectivity and Activity 2018
1512 PHONUIT Phononic Circuits: manipulation and coherent control of phonons 2018
1513 COSMOS Computational Simulations of MOFs for Gas Separations 2017
1514 BEFINE mechanical BEhavior of Fluid-INduced Earthquakes 2018
1515 CAstRA Comet and Asteroid Re-Shaping through Activity 2018
1516 SPADE from SPArsity to DEep learning 2017
1517 FEEDGALAXIES A new vantage point on how gas flows regulate the build-up of galaxies in the early universe 2018
1518 RobustHormoneTrans Robustness and specialization among hormone transporters: Redundant and unique roles 2018
1519 SELFOR How our adaptive immune system separates “self” from “foreign” – a physicochemical study of binding in cell contacts 2018
1520 BioNet Dynamical Redesign of Biomolecular Networks 2018
1521 PARATOP New paradigms for correlated quantum matter:Hierarchical topology, Kondo topological metals, and deep learning 2018
1522 MICRORULES Structural and Functional Architectures of Multi-Kingdom Microbial Consortia Colonizing Plant Roots 2017
1523 SUBLINEAR Sublinear Algorithms for Modern Data Analysis 2018
1524 SNOWISO Signals from the Surface Snow: Post-Depositional Processes Controlling the Ice Core IsotopicFingerprint 2018
1525 S4CE Science for Clean Energy 2017
1526 ViBrANT VIral and BacteRial Adhesin Network Training 2018
1527 TRABIT Translational Brain Imaging Training Network 2017
1528 LightDyNAmics DNA as a training platform for photodynamic processes in soft materials 2018
1529 MultiMind The Multilingual Mind 2018
1530 INSIGHTS International Training Network for Statistics in High Energy Physics and Society 2017
1531 DRIVE Driving next generation autophagy researchers towards translation 2017
1532 EvoCELL Animal evolution from a cell type perspective: multidisciplinary training in single-cell genomics, evo-devo and in science outreach 2018
1534 PEGASUS Plasma Enabled and Graphene Allowed Synthesis of Unique nano Structures 2017
1536 TWIST TOF PET With Strip SiPMs 2018
1537 LIFEGATE Holographic super-resolution micro-endoscopy for in-vivo applications 2017
1538 PUMA antiProton Unstable Matter Annihilation 2018
1539 2D-TOPSENSE Tunable optoelectronic devices by strain engineering of 2D semiconductors 2018
1540 FlexAnalytics Advanced Analytics to Empower the Small Flexible Consumers of Electricity 2018
1541 HYPERION HYbrid PERovskites for Next GeneratION Solar Cells and Lighting 2017
1542 DarkGRA Unveiling the dark universe with gravitational waves: Black holes and compact stars as laboratories for fundamental physics 2017
1543 CM3 Controlled Mechanical Manipulation of Molecules 2018
1544 NewPhysLat Search for new physics through lattice simulations 2017
1545 3DMOSHBOND Three-Dimensional Mapping Of a Single Hydrogen Bond 2018
1546 PrecisionNuclei Strong interactions for precision nuclear physics 2018
1547 ASYMMEM Lipid asymmetry: a cellular battery? 2018
1548 RECONFMATTER From colloidal joints to reconfigurable matter 2017
1549 CHAOS-PIQUANT Universality and chaos in PT-symmetric quantum systems 2018
1550 Q-ROOT Quantum optomechanics at ROOm Temperature 2018
1551 DORMANTOOCYTE Understanding the Balbiani body: A super-organelle linked to dormancy in oocytes 2018
1552 ExoAI Deciphering super-Earths using Artificial Intelligence 2018
1553 SOFTWATER Soft Water: understanding what makes a fluid behave like water 2018
1554 MemoMOFEnergy Constructing polar rotors in metal-organic frameworks for memories and energy harvesting 2018
1555 HANDmade How natural hand usage shapes behavior and intrinsic and task-evoked brain activity. 2018
1556 AV-SMP Algorithmic Verification of String Manipulating Programs 2017
1557 TRAC Tailor-made Recycled Aggregate Concretes 2018
1558 Meta_Mind The workings of metacognition in decision-making 2018
1559 LARNUEXP Searching for new physics with liquid argon time projection chambers and developing the technology for the future of neutrino physics 2018
1560 HiRISE High-Resolution Imaging and Spectroscopy of Exoplanets 2017
1561 GEO-4D Geodetic data assimilation: Forecasting Deformation with InSAR 2018
1562 MuBoEx Mushroom Body Expansion in Heliconius butterflies 2018
1563 TreeMort Redefining the carbon sink capacity of global forests: The driving role of tree mortality 2018
1564 CFT-MAP Charting the space of Conformal Field Theories: a combined nuMerical and Analytical aPproach 2018
1565 MuDiLingo A Multiscale Dislocation Language for Data-Driven Materials Science 2017
1566 SUNMAG SUNMAG: Understanding magnetic-field-regulated heating and explosive events in the solar chromosphere 2018
1567 ReVolusions Quantifying Recycling Fluxes of Earth Surface Materials and Volatiles in Subduction Zones using Melt Inclusions 2018
1568 BOND Bringing Organisations and Network Development to higher levels in the farming sector in Europe 2017
1569 TREAT-NPM1-AML Improving therapy of NPM1-mutated AML 2017
1570 CLOTHILDE CLOTH manIpulation Learning from DEmonstrations 2018
1571 MoThal Functional exploration of the contributions of brainstem-motor thalamic pathways to motor execution and learning 2018
1572 FELLINI FELLowship for Innovation at INFN 2018
1573 NANOELECTROCHEM Electrocatalytic Nanoreactors for Absorption, Detection and Decontamination of Hazardous Compounds 2017
1574 OOID The Ocean's Oxygen Isotopes Deciphered: Combining Observations, Experiments and Models 2018
1575 CRISS CRISPR Gene Correction for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Caused by Mutations in Recombination-activating gene 1 and 2 (RAG1 and RAG2) 2017
1576 CriBLaM Critical behavior of lattice models 2018
1577 SuperGenE Supergene evolution in a classic plant system - bringing the study of distyly into the genomic era 2018
1578 ScaleOpt Scaling Methods for Discrete and Continuous Optimization 2018
1579 QuantumNet A Scalable Quantum Network based on Individual Erbium Ions 2018
1581 NEBULAR Novel Blueprints for the Visible-Light-Mediated Assembly of C–N Bonds via Nitrogen Radicals 2018
1582 ENTRAINER Enhancing brain function and cognition via artificial entrainment of neural oscillations 2018
1583 NEIMO Neuronal regulation of immunity 2017
1584 sCENT Cryptophane-Enhanced Trace Gas Spectroscopy for On-Chip Methane Detection 2018
1585 EPIC Energy transfer Processes at gas/wall Interfaces under extreme Conditions 2017
1586 TOP Towards the Bottom of the Periodic Table 2018
1587 activeFly Circuit mechanisms of self-movement estimation during walking 2017
1588 CUTLER Coastal Urban developmenT through the LEnses of Resiliency 2018
1589 GREENPATROL Galileo Enhanced Solution for Pest Detection and Control in Greenhouse Fields with Autonomous Service Robots 2017
1590 NOCTURNO Non-Conventional Wave Propagation for Future Sensing and Actuating Technologies 2018
1591 RECOPHARMA Removal and Recovery of Pharmaceutical Persistent Pollutants from Wastewater by Selective Reagentless Process 2018
1592 ANTNAM Optical NanoActuators for Nanomachines and Microfluidic Chips 2018
1593 IoTCrawler IoTCrawler 2018
1594 cleanMOULD CleanMOULD: Advanced low friction and fretting-resistant diamond-like coating solution 2017
1595 LinPro Principles of Neural Stem Cell Lineage Progression in Cerebral Cortex Development 2017
1596 SENSIT Sensitivity of human tumors to T cell attack 2017
1597 ErasingFear Understanding the Stability and Plasticity of Emotional Memory 2018
1598 AgeCogCity How visual perception shapes our cities: a cognitive model of ageing population 2018
1599 MAGSPEC Spectra of Molecules in Strong Magnetic Fields 2018
1600 EXOGENESIS Syntenin-phosphatidic acid interaction in exosome biogenesis and cell-cell communication: a structure-function based approach 2018
1601 Precaution Being precautionary: how rational? How ethical? 2018
1602 MECODIHR MEchanisms of Coupling of Ocean Dynamics and Intermediate trophic levels: High Resolution study 2018
1603 MRECS Managing Risk in Early Complex Societies in Syria-Palestine: An Investigation of Changing Animal Herding Strategies through the 4th-2nd Millennia BC Using Multi-Element Isotopic Analysis 2018
1604 ChromoCats The geometry of chromatic categories 2018
1605 ECoWeB Assessing and Enhancing Emotional Competence for Well-Being (ECoWeB) in the Young: A principled, evidence-based, mobile-health approach to prevent mental disorders and promote mental well-being 2018
1606 BANDWIDTH The cost of limited communication bandwidth in distributed computing 2018
1607 CoopCat Cooperative Catalysis: Using Interdisciplinary Chemical Systems to Develop New Cooperative Catalysts 2018
1608 moreSense The Motor Representation of Sensory Experience 2018
1609 SINGULARITY Singularities and Compactness in Nonlinear PDEs 2018
1610 YEAST-TRANS Deciphering the transport mechanisms of small xenobiotic molecules in synthetic yeast cell factories 2017
1611 WorkOD Work on Demand: Contracting for Work in a Changing Economy 2018
1612 CounterLIGHT Interaction and Symmetry Breaking of Counterpropagating Light 2018
1613 COGNAP To nap or not to nap? Why napping habits interfere with cognitive fitness in ageing 2018
1614 FUN-NOTCH Fundamentals of the Nonlinear Optical Channel 2018
1615 HamInstab Instabilities and homoclinic phenomena in Hamiltonian systems 2018
1616 ATMO Atmospheres across the Universe 2018
1617 MEMCIRCUIT Deconstruction of a neural circuit for working memory: hubs, coding mechanisms, and signal routing 2018
1618 PROTEUS Paradoxes and Metaphors of Time in Early Universe(s) 2018
1619 PyraSig Pyrazine Signalling in Commensal and Pathogenic Bacteria 2018
1620 ONEDEGGAM The search for new physics through precision measurements of the CKM angle gamma 2018
1621 AGEnTh Atomic Gauge and Entanglement Theories 2018
1622 THEMPO The missing link between Perception and Cognition: The case of multiple-person scenarios 2018
1623 CENEVO A new paradigm for centromere biology:Evolution and mechanism of CenH3-independent chromosome segregation in holocentric insects 2018
1624 TIMEISNOW The Time is Now: Understanding Social Network Dynamics Using Relational Event Histories 2018
1625 GEODESI Theoretical and observational consequences of the Geometrical Destabilization of Inflation 2018
1626 INFLUENCE Influence-based Decision-making in Uncertain Environments 2018
1627 SOLARX Photon Management for Solar Energy Harvesting with Hybrid Excitonics 2018
1628 AltCheM In vivo functional screens to decipher mechanisms of stochastically- and mutationally-induced chemoresistance in Acute Myeloid Leukemia 2018
1629 PIVOTAL Predictive Memory Systems Across the Human Lifespan 2018
1630 PredictingPain Deconstructing pain with predictive models: from neural architecture to pain relief 2018
1631 1D-Engine 1D-electrons coupled to dissipation: a novel approach for understanding and engineering superconducting materials and devices 2018
1633 TissueLymphoContexts Tissue-resident Lymphocytes: Development and Function in “real-life” Contexts 2018
1634 GreatMoves General Relativistic Moving-Mesh Simulations of Neutron-Star Mergers 2018
1635 CELL HORMONE Bringing into focus the cellular dynamics of the plant growth hormone gibberellin 2018
1636 BSP Belief Systems Project 2018
1637 FAIRFISH Hidden Hunger, Forgotten Food 2018
1638 PINNACLE Perovskite Nanocrystal-Nanoreactors for Enhanced Light Emission 2018
1639 CatDT Categorified Donaldson-Thomas Theory 2017
1640 3DCellPhase- In situ Structural Analysis of Molecular Crowding and Phase Separation 2018
1642 ISCQuM Imaging, Spectroscopy and Control of Quantum states in advanced Materials 2019
1643 mRNP-PackArt Nuclear mRNA Packaging and mRNP Architecture 2018
1644 H2H EGNSS Hull-to-Hull 2017
1645 EWC Enabling Weak lensing Cosmology 2018
1646 FunFiCO Fundamental fields and compact objects: theory and astrophysical phenomenology 2017
1647 NoMADS Nonlocal Methods for Arbitrary Data Sources 2018
1648 SPEME Questioning Traumatic Heritage: Spaces of Memory in Europe, Argentina, Colombia 2018
1649 TransFerr Transition metal oxides with metastable phases: a way towards superior ferroic properties 2017
1650 ENGIMA Engineering of Nanostructures with Giant Magneto-Piezoelectric and Multicaloric Functionalities 2017
1651 SERENA gan-on-Silicon Efficient mm-wave euRopean systEm iNtegration plAtform 2018
1653 FENTEC Functional Encryption Technologies 2018
1654 TheyBuyForYou Enabling procurement data value chains for economic development, demand management, competitive markets and vendor intelligence 2018
1655 YellowHarbour Creating Partnerships between NGOs and Businesses 2017
1656 Outsense Phase-1 Toilet IoT sensor for medical monitoring and wellness tool 2017
1657 EO-ALERT Next Generation Satellite Processing Chain for Rapid Civil Alerts 2018
1658 HIV ECLIPSE HIV-1 acquisition and the future of prevention strategies: deciphering the eclipse phase through modelling and phylogenetics 2018
1659 BETWEEN THE TIMES “Between the Times”: Embattled Temporalities and Political Imagination in Interwar Europe 2018
1660 DeepSPIN Deep Learning for Structured Prediction in Natural Language Processing 2018
1661 SIRI Serendipity in Research and Innovation 2018
1662 SUMMA Stimulating mir-106b expression to regenerate the myocardium 2018
1663 LSO Liver Spatial Omics 2018
1664 ECO-ZEN Enabling Catalytic Cross Couplings with only Zinc Electrophiles, Nucleophiles and Boranes 2018
1665 PolSymAGA Polarity and Central-Symmetry in Asymptotic Geometric Analysis 2018
1666 MEL-Interactions An integrative approach for the exploration of melanoma genetic and immunological interactions 2018
1667 COMPLEX-FISH Complex eco-evolutionary dynamics of aquatic ecosystems faced with human-induced and environmental stress 2018
1668 CoCoSym Symmetry in Computational Complexity 2018
1669 SeleCHEM Overcoming the Selectivity Challenge in Chemistry and Chemical Biology via Innovative Tethering Strategies 2019
1670 PolarizeMe Feeling Polarity: Integrating intracellular mechanics and forces for a biophysical understanding of epithelial polarity 2018
1671 DEFEAT DiseasE-FreE social life without Antibiotics resisTance 2018
1672 REBUILDCNS Redirecting glial progenitor fate to rebuild the injured Brain 2018
1673 StabCondEn Stability Conditions, Moduli Spaces and Enhancements 2018
1674 DYNACQM Dynamics of Correlated Quantum Matter: From Dynamical Probes to Novel Phases of Matter
1675 SOPHY The role of Softness in the Physics of Defects: Probing Buried Interfaces in Perovskites Optoelectronic Devices 2018
1676 PROMOFS Nanoengineering and Processing of Metal-Organic Framework Composites for Photonic Sensors 2018
1677 SHINE Seeing hydrogen in matter 2018
1678 PISSARRO Photonic integrated devices for second order nonlinear optical processes 2018
1679 QUANtIC Quantum Nanowire Integrated Photonic Circuits 2019
1680 SynarchiC Investigating the functional architecture of microbial genomes with synthetic approaches 2018
1681 APOGEE Atomic-scale physics of single-photon sources. 2018
1682 SIMDAMA Strong-interaction matter coupled to electroweak probes and dark matter candidates 2018
1683 DynaMO_TB Spatiotemporal regulation of localization and replication of M. tuberculosis in humanmacrophages 2018
1684 JetDynamics High precision multi-jet dynamics at the LHC 2018
1685 DarkSERS Harvesting dark plasmons for surface-enhanced Raman scattering 2018
1686 ScaleCell Scalable Kinetic Models: From Molecular Dynamics to Cellular Signaling 2018
1687 SMAC-MC Small Molecule Activation by Main-Group Compounds 2018
1688 PTRCSP Phase Transitions in Random Constraint Satisfaction Problems 2018
1689 NEUROFISH Whole-brain circuits controlling visuomotor behavior 2018
1690 EuroPACE Developing, piloting and standardising on-tax financing for residential energy efficiency retrofits in European cities 2018
1691 SWITCH2MARKET Switchable adhesives for the robotics and handling market 2018
1692 Blinkers Next generation bicycle lights. Be visible, understood and expected by other vehicles, whatever the weather, angle and situation. 2018
1693 FITT-iN Fast IoT market take-up through The Things Networks 2018
1694 Ctrl-ImpAct Control of impulsive action 2018
1695 STEMpop Mechanisms of stem cell population dynamics and reprogramming 2018
1696 DarkComb Dark-Soliton Engineering in Microresonator Frequency Combs 2018
1697 FRECOM Nonlinear-Distortion Free Communication over the Optical Fibre Channel 2018
1698 POLYADAPT Molecular-genetic mechanisms of extreme adaptation in a polyphagous agricultural pest 2018
1699 XLS CompactLight 2018
1700 UBIQUITON Development of a tool kit to investigate protein ubiquitylation in biomedical research 2018
1701 SISCAN Single-shot dispersion-scan device for the characterization of ultrashort laser pulses 2018
1702 SI Structural and functional characterization of the ICOS/ICOSL immune complex 2018
1703 GrowthControl Mechanical and systemic control of growth during Drosophila abdominal development 2018
1705 quMercury Ultracold mercury for a measurement of the EDM 2018
1706 HIV B Cell Function Understanding HIV-specific B cell function and viral immunogenicity 2018
1707 ImageToSim Multiscale Imaging-through-analysis Methods for Autonomous Patient-specific Simulation Workflows 2019
1708 CIRCOMMUNICATION Deciphering molecular pathways of circadian clock communication 2018
1709 CLAUSTRUM The Claustrum: A Circuit Hub for Attention 2018
1710 QSIMCORR Quantum Simulation of Strongly-Correlated Systems 2018
1711 RIFT-O-MAT Magma-Assisted Tectonics: two-phase dynamics of oceanic and continental rifts 2019
1712 PHOENEEX Pyrolytic Hierarchical Organic Electrodes for sustaiNable Electrochemical Energy Systems 2018
1713 nanoAXON Nano-physiology of small glutamatergic axon terminals 2018
1714 CoreSat Dynamics of Earth’s core from multi-satellite observations 2018
1715 QUEM-CHEM Time- and space- resolved ultrafast dynamics in molecular-plasmonic hybrid systems 2018
1716 ACOUSTIC Assessment of cardiac function by new ultrasound imaging strategies: towards a reliable clinical routine 2018
1717 MEPHISTO MEchanisms and PHysical processes governing Induced Seismicity: insights from Theoretical models and seismological Observations 2018
1718 CHARISMA CHARge transport in Intermediate-Sized Molecules on Attosecond time scales 2018
1719 ATTOPIE Attosecond plasmon imaging with electrons 2018
1720 GlueCore Mapping the 3-dimensional gluon structure of the proton 2018
1721 DANHIMC Development and Application of Novel Hydrogenase-Inspired Mn Complexes 2018
1722 PHOTOCHIRO Photocatalysis to crop protection: asymmetric cascades for chiral heterocycles 2018
1723 FERHAZ Multiscale Investigations on Si-integrable Ferroelectric Hafnia-Zirconia Systems: From Fundamental Understanding to Everyday Electronics 2018
1724 Treat2ReUse Treatment of Animal Waste to Reduce Gaseous Emissions and Promote Nutrient Reuse 2019
1725 pERFEcTO EmpoweRing FundamEntal physics and Technology with quantum Optomechanics 2018
1726 BiomCatOx Biomimetic Dicopper Architecture for Catalytic Oxygen Activation 2018
1727 TET-Lanthanide Triplet Energy Transfer at Hybrid Organic-Lanthanide Nanoparticle Interfaces 2018
1728 PublicApp Revolutionise and enhance citizen engagement through a unique dedicated public platform 2018
1729 LINKSPM Linking atomic-scale properties of 2D correlated materials with their mesoscopic transport and mechanical response 2018
1730 MicroMOUPE Microscopy - Making optimal use of photons and electrons 2018
1731 EpiSyStem Epigenetics and System Biology of Stem cells and Reprogramming 2018
1732 SOCIOCOMPLEXITY Sociocomplexity — new paradigms for understanding complex group-level adaptation 2018
1733 FRAGMENT FRontiers in dust minerAloGical coMposition and its Effects upoN climaTe 2018
1734 SpeedDMN Quantum speed limits in thermodynamic processes and coherent control 2018
1735 PARADA Parallel Donor and Acceptor Semiconductor Crystals for Organic Field Effect Transistors 2018
1736 DNA-ENC SYNCELLS DNA Lattice-Encoded Information for Genotype-to-Phenotype Evolution of Self-Replicating Synthetic Cells 2018
1737 SplicEcomplex Deciphering the structure and dynamics of the early spliceosome assembly 2018
1738 TNFL-TMML Topological New Fermions under Laser and New Topological Material Exploring via Machine Learning 2018
1739 IRONAGE Iron as a driver of fibrosis and regeneration 2018
1740 GABASSEMBLY The role of GABAergic circuits in the orchestration of hippocampal neuronal assemblies 2019
1741 NEQC Noise-Enhanced Quantum Control 2018
1742 CaLecLig Calcium-dependent Lectins in Human Pathogenic Infections: From Atomistic Understanding to Ligand Design 2018
1743 NovoFold De novo protein discovery as a tool for understanding the folding conundrum 2019
1744 TiPS-DNA Transcription-induced Plectonemic Supercoiled DNA 2018
1745 PWAQUTEC Phononic Waveguide-based Platforms for Quantum Technologies 2018
1746 OROARAB The Orosius Arabicus and the Arab Vision of the Graeco-Roman World: Researches on theMediterranean Responsiveness 2018
1747 NutriCoRe An RNA-based mechanism for the nutritional control of bacterial DNA replication initiation 2018
1748 HiBriCarbon Mixed Biotic and abiotic functionalysed electrodes for Plant Microbial Fuel Cells applications 2018
1749 xFATE The Fate of Excitation Energy in Photoinhibited Chloroplasts 2018
1750 CROWDASSAY Folding Pathways of DNA G-quadruplexes in Crowding Conditions, and Implications for Mass Spectrometry-based Ligand Screening Assays 2018
1751 MAPGenome Mapping migration and adaptation in genomes 2018
1752 SEG Anatomical and functional characterization of the neural circuits controlling ejaculation 2019
1753 BetweenTwoBrains Between Two Brains: Brain oscillatory basis of human collaboration 2018
1754 BHmapping Mapping the inner flow around accreting black holes 2019
1755 Biased AI Biased Artificial Intelligence: Openness, innovation and the remaking of mental health 2018
1756 RESISTO RESIlience enhancement and risk control platform for communication infraSTructure Operators 2018
1757 BREFMC2017 Deciphering the function(s) of the C-type lectin DCIR/CLEC4A in tuberculosis 2018
1758 BridgeScan Laser Scanning for Automatic Bridge Assessment 2019
1759 BRIDGING The function of membrane tethering in plant intercellular communication 2018
1760 CABUM An investigation of the mechanisms at the interaction between cavitation bubbles and contaminants 2018
1761 CARBS Compositional Approximate Reasoning via Bialgebraic Semantics 2019
1762 CASACAMAhyps Cucurbit[8]uril Assisted Supramolecular Architectures of Carbon Materials for Hydrogels, Photocatalysis and Sensing 2018
1763 CASCADE-X CO2 to light olefins conversion by cascade reactions over bifunctional nanocatalysts: an ‘all X-ray’ approach 2018
1764 CeramCom New Generation Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites for Aerospace Industry 2018
1765 CHEMPUFF Atmospheric surfactants Chemistry: imProving the predictions of cloUd Formation and Features (CHEMPUFF) 2018
1766 ChiralComm Chiral Communications at the Nanoscale 2018
1767 CHNIEQ Wealth Acumination and Inequality in China and its Neighboring Emerging Countries: Trends, Drivers and Policy Implications 2018
1768 COBOM Convective Boundary Mixing in Stars 2018
1769 COMAMOC Coherent Manipulation of Rotational States of Single Molecules via Direct Frequency Comb Excitation 2018
1770 Complementarity A unifying model: bulk chondrite complementarity by individual chondrule-matrix mentality 2018
1771 COMPRESS NETS Compressed Sensing Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks 2018
1772 Crater Chron Understanding the role of impact cratering in Earth's evolution through state-of-the-art geochronology 2018
1773 DARKHIGGS Dark Higgs Hunting at the Large Hadron Collider 2018
1774 DC-SIGN-MFN Dissecting Multivalent Viral Receptor-carbohydrate Interactions Using Polyvalent Multifunctional Glycan-Quantum Dot 2018
1775 DNAcheck Mechanistic analysis of DNA damage signaling and bypass upon replication of damaged DNA template in human cells. 2018
1776 DOMES Exhumation mechanisms of deep crust and formation of metamorphic domes in orogens: a Synergybetween naturalistic and numerical approaches 2019
1777 ECOFOULPEST From marine molecules to eco-friendly tools for agriculture 2018
1778 ELECNANO Electrically Tunable Functional Lanthanide Nanoarchitectures on Surfaces 2018
1779 EMOMETER EMOMETER: Developing an Integrated Toolbox for the Assessment of Emotional Functioning in Dogs 2018
1780 JUSTEMOTIONS The construction of objectivity - An international perspective on the emotive-cognitive process of judicial decision-making 2018
1781 NEURODIAM High density full diamond cortical implant for long life time implantation 2018
1782 NEW_DEMOCRACY Meeting Great Expectations Through Democratic Innovations 2018
1783 COGOV Co Production and Co Governance: Strategic Management, Public Value and Co Creation in the Renewal of Public Agencies across Europe 2018
1784 AMPERE Accounting for Metallicity, Polarization of the Electrolyte, and Redox reactions in computational Electrochemistry 2018
1785 RYD-QNLO Quantum nonlinear optics through Rydberg interaction 2018
1786 NeoplAT Neoplatonism and Abrahamic Traditions. A Comparative Analysis of the Middle East, Byzantium and the Latin West (9th-16th Centuries) 2018
1787 FatTryp Exploring the hidden life of African trypanosomes: parasite fat tropism and implications for disease 2018
1788 HydroSocialExtremes Uncovering the Mutual Shaping of Hydrological Extremes and Society 2018
1789 3D-CAP 3D micro-supercapacitors for embedded electronics 2018
1790 LASSO Layered semiconductors and hybrid systems for quantum optics and opto-valleytronics 2019
1791 Rotational Waves Controlling and resolving rotational quantum states in a molecule-surface collision: Matter-wave magnetic interference experiments with ground state molecules. 2018
1792 COLOURMIND Colouring the Mind: the Impact of Visual Environment on Colour Perception 2018
1793 ProLiCell Engineered Protein Nanosheets at Liquid-Liquid Interfaces for Stem Cell Expansion, Sorting and Tissue Engineering 2018
1794 THIRST Third Strategy in Tissue Engineering – Functional microfabricated multicellular spheroid carriers for tissue engineering and regeneration 2018
1795 QNETWORK Quantum networks wired by multi-spin entanglement 2018
1796 TRANSHOLOMORPHIC New transversality techniques in holomorphic curve theories 2018
1797 RAVEN Rapid mass loss of debris covered glaciers in High Mountain Asia 2018
1798 MMGNRs Molecular Magnetic Graphene Nanoribbons 2019
1799 IONOS An iono-electronic neuromorphic interface for communication with living systems 2018
1800 ESC2RAD Enabling Smart Computations to study space RADiation effects 2018
1801 SCALMS Engineering of Supported Catalytically Active Liquid Metal Solutions 2018
1802 SOIL-4-CONTROL Linking plant-soil feedbacks to aboveground-belowground interactions for noxious weed control 2019
1803 FLEET Flying Electromagnetic Toroids 2018
1804 PROPHETS Preventing Radicalisation Online through the Proliferation of Harmonised ToolkitS 2018
1805 LIGNOCAP Lignin-derived carbon fiber flexible supercapacitors 2018
1806 FOLDOUT Through-foliage detection, including in the outermost regions of the EU 2018
1807 CCI Cutting Crime Impact – Practice-based innovation in preventing, investigating and mitigating high-impact petty crime 2018
1808 REALM Re-inventing Ecosystem And Land-surface Models 2018
1809 IN-Fo-trace-DG Role of GABAergic interneurons in the formation of new memory traces in the Dentate Gyrus ofbehaving mice 2018
1810 POLY-SAAR Conjugated Hybrid Polymers from Unsaturated Heavier Group 14 Building Blocks 2019
1811 MarHIST Historical dynamics of coastal and marine ecosystem services. 2018
1812 SurvCom Surveilling Communities: Public office holders and popular control in Southern Europe (13th-15th century) 2018
1813 COSMICLENS Cosmology with Strong Gravitational Lensing 2018
1814 2DHIBSA Nanoscopic and Hierachical Materials via Living Crystallization-Driven Self-Assembly 2018
1815 ROBOTGENSKILL Generalizing human-demonstrated robot skills 2018
1816 UltraPal Ultimate Paleo-Ocean Records from Biogenic Calcites 2019
1817 NEMO Network Motion 2019
1818 DYNAMIN Dynamic Control of Mineralisation 2018
1820 Re-Leaf Environment-coupled metabolic models for engineering high-temperature and drought REsistant LEAF metabolism. 2018
1821 CARENET Content-Aware Wireless Networks: Fundamental Limits, Algorithms, and Architectures 2018
1822 NegCap Negative capacitor based on a ferroelectric nano-dot 2018
1823 MetChromTx Macrophage metabolism and signal-induced chromatin and transcription changes: an integrated, multi-layer approach 2018
1824 REvolTURN Managing Migrant Return through 'Voluntariness' 2018
1825 ORANG ORogenic cycle revised: Post-subduction tectonics at A contineNtal marGin 2019
1826 AMACONOE Advanced modelling and control of nitrous oxide emissions from wastewater treatment plants 2018
1827 GOLD-ICE Next generation analysis of the oldest ice core layers 2018
1828 MAGIC Multimodal Agents Grounded via Interactive Communication 2018
1829 VALSL Valorisation of splice-switching oligonucleotides for lung cancer therapy 2018
1830 InCell High speed AFM imaging of molecular processes inside living cells 2018
1831 PHILOS PHILOS: Real-time Detection and Automated Mitigation of BGP Prefix Hijacking Attacks 2019
1832 IntEL Investigating Climatic Extreme Events in Lakes 2018
1833 LOFUPRO The Logical Function of Property Talk 2018
1834 NewBorN Unveiling new B-, N- containing structures through photoredox catalysis 2018
1835 TC-Evo Molecular and functional evolution of human CD8+ T cell repertoires 2018
1836 GENIUS Gaussian entropic inequalities and uncertainty relations for communication and secure quantum key distribution 2018
1837 MachineCat Machine Learning for Catalytic Carbon Dioxide Activation 2018
1838 WomENt Women's journey through entrepreneurship in the tourism industry 2018
1839 Mo-IoNT Molecular Communications for Internet of Nano-Things 2018
1840 NOJUNKDNA A strategy to investigate cell type-specific effects of non-coding regulatory elements to be applied in neurodegeneration research 2018
1841 FunGraW Fundamental physics in the era of gravitational-wave astronomy 2019
1842 NELMA Nanoscale Electrochemistry on Light Metallic Alloys 2018
1843 HI-SiMed Hemodynamics in an Infarcted heart: from multi-physics Simulations to Medical analysis 2019
1844 TropicalModuli Foundations and applications of tropical moduli theory 2018
1845 Amplitudes Bootstrap The Bootstrap Method for General Amplitudes 2018
1846 Meta-Origami Metabolic engineering of Ustilago trichophora: an isotope-assisted metabolomics approach for the improvement of malate production from glycerol 2019
1847 FORAGEKID Foraging Behavior in children: A new way to understand attentional development 2018
1848 QTherm-2D Development of a new first-principle Framework for Quantum Thermoelectricity — Application to 2D materials 2018
1849 MIMOP Modelling Ice-shelf Melting and ice-Ocean Processes via the phase-field method and direct numerical simulation 2018
1850 ALPINE Ultrastructural analysis of phosphoinositides in nerve terminals: distribution, dynamics and physiological roles in synaptic transmission 2018
1851 NanoSpace Self-assembled Tubular Nanostructures with Functional Pores 2019
1852 DDQF Dipolar Droplets in Quantum Ferrofluids 2018
1853 AirSens High-Accuracy Indoor Tracking and Augmented Sensing using Swarms of UAVs 2018
1854 InflaBoot Bootstrapping Inflationary Cosmology 2018
1855 TransparencyMeters Transparency instruments to quantify the method transparency, analytic robustness, and replicability of empirical research 2018
1856 TELIOTES Thermal and ELectronic Transport in Inorganic-Organic ThermoElectric Superlattices 2018
1857 NoLiMit Non-Linear Bayesian partition-modeling of the Earth's mantle transition zone 2018
1858 H2O-SPLIT Carbon-Oxynitride Coupled Artificial Photosynthesis System For Solar Water Splitting Beyond 600 nm 2019
1859 TROPHY The consequences of temperature-resource interactions for the future of marine phytoplankton communities 2018
1860 M-INHIB Non-linear temporal dynamics of mutually inhibiting pyramidal cells: underlying mechanism for bi-stable perception and disambiguation 2018
1861 MoonDiff Investigating the formation and early evolution of the Moon with a combined experimental and analytical approach 2018
1862 PPRdesign Engineering synthetic pentatricopeptide repeat proteins for the site-specific genetic manipulation of plant organelles 2018
1863 GROUP MOVEMENT Vocal and visual mechanisms behind coordinated group movement 2018
1864 PEAI Public Epigraphy in Ancient Italy (third-first centuries BCE) 2018
1865 DancingGalaxies Dancing with giants: dynamics of dwarf satellite galaxies 2019
1866 MFOptBF Multi-fidelity design optimization of long-span bridges considering probabilistic wind-induced instabilities of flutter and buffeting and hydrodynamics 2018
1867 VIAR Virus-induced autophagy restriction 2018
1868 MOVEMED Linking Human Mobility and Marine Megafauna Movement in the Mediterranean Sea for a better integration of Blue Growth 2019
1869 MoCRIV Modeling critical reliability issues in VLSI technologies beyond 2020 2018
1870 scTRYPseq Understanding the initiation virulence gene expression in African trypanosomes 2019
1871 ZEOCATALYST Development of Multifunctional Zeolites for the Amelioration of Biomass Catalysis by Measuring and Understanding Synergistic Effects of Catalytic Active Sites 2019
1873 SiPoMorph Genetic control and molecular mechanisms of cell wall modifications during sieve pore morphogenesis in the phloem of the plant vascular system 2019
1874 Metabeyond Beyond metamaterials: Designing novel optical materials from Angstrom-scale interactions 2019
1875 TCDL Topological Colloidal Double Layers 2018
1876 STELLAR multireSponsive hybrid Transition mEtaL dichaLcogenides-bAsed optoelectRonics – A European Fellowship for career development 2018
1877 SPLICEOSACT Biochemical and CryoEM studies of spliceosome activation. 2019
1878 VOLIV Role of volume-regulated anion channels in liver physiology and metabolism 2019
1879 InTheMLLrBALL Innovative Therapeutic Strategies for Mixed Lineage Leukemia-rearranged B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 2018
1880 TeSP Temporal Structure of Perception and Neuronal Stimulus Processing 2018
1881 THALLMORPHAL Insight into the Symbiotic Chemical Communication of Algae and Bacteria: Thallusin and Dedicated Analogues 2018
1882 InvestorCliques Investor Cliques in Stock Markets 2018
1883 IGpath Dissecting the functional pathways of B cell receptor immunoglobulin in antigen driven mature B cell lymphomas 2018
1884 PERSEUS A New Perspective On Star Formation and Spiral Structure in Our Home Galaxy 2018
1885 EuSuper Superconducting Magnetic RAM for Next Generation of Supercomputers 2018
1886 SINDIA Sulphide INclusions in DIAmonds: A Window into The Earth’s Interior Through Time 2019
1887 OXIREC Modelling of Oxide Interfacial Reconstruction 2018
1888 RydIons Coherent manipulation of cold trapped ions in Rydberg states 2018
1889 OPTOLEADER Optogenetic control of leader cell mechanobiology during collective cell migration 2019
1890 JUMP JUpiter Modeling Platform 2018
1891 HomTasBeh Mechanism of the Homeostatic Feedback Between Taste Circuits and Feeding Behaviours 2019
1892 MoMenT Modelling and Measurement of Thermal Phenomena in Metal Cutting 2018
1893 Top-Higgs coupling Measurement of the top Yukawa coupling with the ATLAS detector 2018
1894 FASTEST Fully Air-Processable and Air-Stable Perovskite Solar Cells Based on Inorganic Metal Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals 2018
1895 IMM-GNRs Human IMMune profiling of Graphene NanoRibbons 2018
1896 FASTMAGNETS Ultrafast Demagnetization Dynamics Using Novel Table-top X-ray Source 2018
1897 Entrans Energy Efficient Transprecision Techniques for Linear Solver 2018
1898 ROBBINS breaking frontiers for the utilisation of ROBust BIopolymer NanocompoSite materials through flow-induced and nanofiller-assisted tailoring of biomimetic structure and morphology 2019
1899 WORM_SLEEP Sleep homeostasis in Caenorhabditis elegans 2018
1900 NSINC Novel Soliton Synchronization and Interactions in Coupled Kerr Combs 2018
1901 TOMMY Tomography of the Milky waY 2018
1902 HMST-PC Synthesis of Hybrid Metal-Semiconductor Tetrapod Photocatalysts for Improved Water Splitting 2018
1903 EpiNoise The role of epigenetic heterogeneity in cell fate decisions 2019
1904 STARTlight STARTlight: cell cycle START decision unraveled by single-cell microscopy, modeling and optogenetics 2018
1905 PeLED Towards Efficient and Stable Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes 2018
1906 ISOPATH Multi-isotopic tracing of human and animal mobility in lowland Europe 2019
1907 INTERSPREC Investigation of interspecific pollen tube reception 2018
1908 PATGOV The governance of the European patent system 2018
1909 PreSTO Pilot scale hybrid Photocatalytic Processes for the simultaneous removal of Pathogens and Pharmaceuticals from wastewaters 2018
1910 MAPoPHAGY Maturation of plant autophagosomes: mapping the route to sustainability 2018
1911 HyThermEl Hybrid Thermoelectrics: From Model to Device 2019
1912 ReMorphOPV Recombination in Organic Photovoltaics: Impact of Morphology and Long-Range Non-Equilibrium Transport 2019
1913 2STOP_TBE Structural Openings to Understand and Prevent Tick Borne Encephalitis 2018
1914 FSI in hadron decays Final state interactions in heavy flavour decays 2019
1915 HG-Emo How sociocultural forces shape the emotion lexicon in hunter-gatherer languages 2018
1916 GRAINS Gravitation of Rubble-pile Asteroid with Internal N-body Structure 2018
1917 InCaSQuC Indefinite Causal Structures on an Integrated Silicon Platform for Applications in Quantum Computing 2018
1918 SCIMOD Foundations of Model Based Science 2018
1919 TOPOREF The Effect of DNA Topology on Eukaryotic Replication 2018
1920 FUTURA2020 Focused Ultrasound Therapy Using Robotics Approaches towards 2020 2018
1921 SAGEX Scattering Amplitudes: from Geometry to Experiment 2018
1922 MeSoMat Metabolic soft matter with life-like properties 2018
1923 PhaseControl How cellular suicide programmes control phase transitions in fatty liver disease and liver cancer 2018
1924 SympatimmunObesity Sympathetic and immune mechanisms underlying obesity 2019
1925 DEBATE Debate: Innovation as Performance in Late-Medieval Universities 2018
1926 EUSOL Solidarity in the European Union 2018
1927 TICTOCGRAV Exploring Gravity with Ultracold Cadmium and Strontium Optical Clocks and Bragg Interferometers 2018
1928 Loops and groups Loops and groups: Geodesics, moduli spaces, and infinite discrete groups via string topology and homological stability 2018
1929 O.M.J. Origin and Magnetization of astronomical Jets 2018
1930 CarE-Service Circular Economy Business Models for innovative hybrid and electric mobility through advanced reuse and remanufacturing technologies and services 2018
1931 PARADIGM Patients Active in Research and Dialogues for an Improved Generation of Medicines: Advancing meaningful patient engagement in the life cycle of medicines for better health outcomes. 2018
1932 ThermaSMART Smart thermal management of high-power microprocessors using phase-change 2017
1933 GeoRes Geomaterials: from Waste to Resource 2018
1934 SHADOW SHADOW: An exploration of the nature of informal economies and shadow practices in the former USSR region 2018
1935 SHADOKS Active nanofluidics towards ionic machines 2018
1936 ThermoQuantumImage Thermal imaging of nano and atomic-scale dissipation in quantum states of matter 2018
1937 PREMOL At the crossroad of molecular physics, quantum optics and spectroscopy:ultra-high-precision molecular spectroscopy for fundamental physics 2018
1938 CausalStats Statistics, Prediction and Causality for Large-Scale Data 2018
1939 HybReader Mechanisms of epigenetic gene regulation by R-loops 2018
1940 TRENSCRYBE TRapped ENSembles of Circular RYdBErg atoms for quantum simulation 2018
1941 DMIDAS Astrophysical constraints on the identity of the dark matter 2018
1942 POLICE The PIDDosome in Centrosome and Ploidy-Surveillance 2018
1943 C-CLEAR Complement: to clear or not to clear 2018
1944 DOCUMULT Documenting Multiculturalism: coexistence, law and multiculturalism in the administrative and legal documents of Norman and Hohenstaufen Sicily, c.1060-c.1266 2018
1945 Paget-Advance Advancing knowledge to improve outcome in Paget’s disease of bone 2018
1946 Dyn-Syn-Mem Dynamic mechanisms and functional roles of synaptic plasticity in memory 2019
1947 QUANTUM-N Quantum Mechanics in the Negative Mass Reference Frame 2018
1948 INTEXseas An integrated weather-system perspective on the characteristics, dynamics and impacts of extreme seasons 2018
1949 COCAN Complexity and Condition in Algebra and Numerics 2019
1950 GrowCELL The smallest of the small: determining size through cell number 2018
1951 COMPLEXORDER The Complexity Revolution: Exploiting Unconventional Order in Next-Generation Materials Design 2018
1952 HITSCIL How intraflagellar transport shapes the cilium: a single-molecule systems study 2018
1953 LEAP-EXTREME Local Edaphic Adaptation in Plants through Leveraging an Extremophile Model 2018
1954 BioELCell Bioproducts Engineered from Lignocelluloses: from plants and upcycling to next generation materials 2018
1955 NANO-MEMEC Membrane-based nano-mechanobiology: Role of mechanical forces in remodelling the spatiotemporal nanoarchitecture of the plasma membrane 2018
1956 HealthcareLabour Empirical evidence on the impact of the labour market on the production of healthcare and health 2018
1957 M4D Metal Microstructures in Four Dimensions 2018
1958 IAXOplus Towards the detection of the axion with the International Axion Observatory 2018
1959 AMDROMA Algorithmic and Mechanism Design Research in Online MArkets 2018
1960 CODE Coincidence detection of proteins and lipids in regulation of cellular membrane dynamics 2019
1961 COLMIN A Google Earth Approach to Understanding Collagen Mineralization 2019
1962 CodingHeart Novel Coding Factors in Heart Disease 2019
1963 FairSocialComputing Foundations for Fair Social Computing 2018
1964 pBioStrat-for-PDA Use of PAP as a biomarker and stratifier of pancreatic cancer to improve patient management 2018
1965 CellTrainer Low Cost Real-time Multi-Physics Virtual Reality Training System For In-vitro Fertilisation Microinjection Tasks 2018
1966 SOLO Single cell omics of the Oligodendrocyte Lineage in develOpment and disease 2018
1967 CoPEC Colloidal particles in elasto-capillary fields 2019
1968 UBioRec Development and Testing of a Reference Computational Platform for Understanding BiomolecularRecognition 2018
1969 RaftsStruc Structural sudies of the bacterial lipid rafts. 2018
1970 mTORmorS Role of mTOR signaling dysregulation in the tumor suppressor networks in hepatocellular carcinoma 2019
1971 MIRed Streak Mid-InfraRed Streak Camera 2018
1972 BactoBubble Microscale investigation of key bacterial phenotypes enhancing collection by rising bubbles and aerial dispersal 2018
1973 FindMEMO Functional contribution of visual features to hippocampal memory encoding 2019
1974 SE-SBR Sorbent-enhanced Steam Biomass Reforming for Integrated Bio-energy with Carbon Capture and Storage 2018
1975 PROCESS Engineering Solutions for the Process Industry 2018
1976 TALENT TALENT Doctoral Fellowship Programme 2018
1977 TImPANI Twinning in atmospheric Plasma science and applications 2018
1978 iBioGen Twinning for European excellence in Island Biodiversity Genomics 2018
1979 GNU200 Innovative Solution in Microbiome Modulation to Benefit Infant Healthy growth 2018
1980 HERCULES towards geoHazards rEsilient infRastruCtUre under changing cLimatES 2018
1981 MACI Moduli, Algebraic Cycles, and Invariants 2018
1982 LIPOMET Dietary Influences on Metastasis: How, When, and Why 2018
1983 BASILIC Decoding at systems-level the crosstalk between the T cell antigen receptor, the CD28 costimulator and the PD-1 coinhibitor under physiological and pathological conditions. 2018
1984 CRYOSOCIETIES Suspended Life: Exploring Cryopreservation Practices in Contemporary Societies 2019
1985 CONCERTO Intensity mapping of the atomic carbon CII line: the promise of a new observational probe of dusty star-formation in post-reionization and reionization epoch 2019
1986 MOLUSC Molecules under Light-Matter Strong Coupling 2018
1987 DYNACOTINE Signal transduction and allosteric modulation of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors:from ion channel electrophysiology to atomic 3D structures 2019
1988 REPLICHROMA Eukaryotic DNA replication: a single-molecule approach to the study of yeast replication on chromatin 2018
1989 eDrop Droplet Photoelectron Imaging 2018
1990 QBH Structure The Quantum Structure of Black Holes and the Recovery of Information 2019
1991 BACKUP Unveiling the relationship between brain connectivity and function by integrated photonics 2018
1992 SELF-UNITY The Unity of the Bodily Self 2019
1993 FAIR Fairness and the Moral Mind 2018
1994 ECO GAM 2018 Eco-Design Transverse Activity GAM 2018 2014
1995 Clean City Improve urban cleanliness while optimising resources and environmental footprint 2018
1996 Teraloop ESS A highly scalable grid-scale energy storage system utilising 3rd generation flywheel technology for effective integration of renewable energy. 2018
1997 Datumate Field data analytics cloud platform using drone-photogrammetry and computer vision algorithms for construction infrastructure planning, execution and delivery 2018
1998 LimuleX A bio-identical and non-animal replacement for the quality control reagent of pyrogen testing in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. 2018
1999 PROTECTA Pathogen-informed Resistance to Oomycete diseases in Ecosystems, Agriculture and Aquaculture 2018
2000 BRISDOM Bridging East and West: Wisdom Literature in Mesopotamian and Greek Traditions 2019
2001 PEN-CP Pan-European Network of Customs Practitioners 2018
2002 STURSKIN Innovative products by using tanned sturgeon skin 2018
2003 Nanosynex Ultra-fast Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test for diagnosing antimicrobial resistance to provide personalized antibiotic treatments 2018
2004 Xirus Augmented CAD: next generation of computer-aided design & engineering 2018
2005 SIESTA-PRO Advance atomic-scale simulation solutions 2018
2007 pHenom A cost effective, self-calibrating, low maintenance pH sensor for an integrated approach to monitoring sea and drinking water, facilitating improvements in ocean, animal and human health 2018
2008 PlantEmulGel Emulsions in Plant-based Edible Cellulose Microfibril Gels: Structure, Texture and Stability 2018
2009 DEEPEN Deciphering deep architectures underlying structured perception in auditory networks 2018
2010 Qosmology Quantum Effects in Early Universe Cosmology 2018
2011 TUgbOAT Towards Unification of Algorithmic Tools 2018
2012 MAGDEx Unmet MAGnetic properties in micro and nano-particles by synthesis through gas-diffusion electrocrystallisation (GDEx) 2018
2013 MagDirac Magnetic Doping of 3D Dirac Semimetals 2019
2014 PCAPIP Towards understanding non-canonical phosphatidylinositol kinases in the maintenance of prostate metabolism. 2018
2015 GENESE 17 Geometries of Exotic NuclEar StructurE 17 2018
2016 EQUALITY Efficient QUantum Light for TechnologY 2018
2017 SWIRL Short, weakly interacting RNA ligands for the development of high-concentration monoclonal antibody therapeutics 2018
2018 FESTA Flexible Euv SpecTrometer for Attosecond science 2018
2019 VitaminBlock Development of antibacterial compounds that block essential transport function 2018
2020 uEcologies Urban Ecologies: governing nonhuman life in global cities 2018
2021 ReFocuS 2.0 Road to Friday of Science 2.0 2018
2023 HARMONIC Discrete harmonic analysis for computer science 2019
2024 collectiveQCD Collectivity in small, srongly interacting systems 2019
2025 GLOWING Spatio-temporal measurement and plasma-based control of crossflow instabilities for drag reduction 2019
2026 SILVER Silver and the Origins of the Viking Age 2019
2027 ZoomDeep Zooming in on the core-mantle boundary 2019
2028 REPAC Repetition, Parallelism and Creativity: An Inquiry into the Construction of Meaning in Ancient Mesopotamian Literature and Erudition 2019
2029 KaraimBible (Re)constructing a Bible. A new approach to unedited Biblical manuscripts as sources for the early history of the Karaim language 2019
2030 MapCat High spatial resolution mapping of catalytic reactions on single nanoparticles 2019
2031 Scan2CAD Scan2CAD: Learning to Digitize the Real World 2019
2032 QNets Open Quantum Neural Networks: from Fundamental Concepts to Implementations with Atoms and Photons 2019
2033 COMNFT Communication Using the Nonlinear Fourier Transform 2019
2034 RePAST Strengthening European integration through the analysis of conflict discourses: revisiting the past, anticipating the future 2018
2035 Qombs Quantum simulation and entanglement engineering in quantum cascade laser frequency combs 2018
2036 SQUARE Scalable Rare Earth Ion Quantum Computing Nodes 2018
2037 HSciRO Handle with Science 2018
2038 5G EVE 5G European Validation platform for Extensive trials 2018
2039 LOGIC LAB Molecular logic lab-on-a-vesicle for intracellular diagnostics 2018
2040 ATTRACT breAkThrough innovaTion pRogrAmme for a pan-European Detection and Imaging eCosysTem 2018
2041 EUVPLASMA Laser-driven plasma sources of extreme ultraviolet light for nanolithography 2019
2042 HyGate Hydrophobic Gating in nanochannels: understanding single channel mechanisms for designing better nanoscale sensors 2019
2043 LoCoMacro Local Control of Macroscopic Properties in Isolated Many-body Quantum Systems 2019
2044 MUSIQ Multiphoton Microscopy and Ultrafast Spectroscopy: Imaging meets Quantum 2019
2045 LAST-JD-RIoE Law, Science and Technology Joint Doctorate: Rights of the Internet of Everything 2019
2046 BeyondA1 Set theory beyond the first uncountable cardinal 2018
2047 StrEnQTh Strong Entanglement in Quantum many-body Theory 2018
2048 NEVADA Novel microengineered environments for mouse embryonic stem cell (mESC) differentiation towards cardiomyocytes 2018
2049 PariTorMod P-adic Arithmetic Geometry, Torsion Classes, and Modularity 2019
2050 SPECs Sustainable plasmon-enhanced catalysis 2019
2051 REPLISOMEBYPASS Challenges on the road to genome duplication: Single-molecule approaches to study replisome collisions 2019
2052 ENTRAPMENT Septins: from bacterial entrapment to cellular immunity 2019
2053 WEO International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook analysis of the implications of the European Union’s Energy Union on key energy sector indicators. 2018
2054 MetaScience The Metaphysical Unity of Science 2018
2055 Tips in SCQFT Lattice gauge theories studies of timely theoretical and phenomenological questions in strongly coupled quantum field theories. 2019
2056 aQUARiUM QUAntum nanophotonics in Rolled-Up Metamaterials 2019
2057 SHARPER Sharing Researchers’ Passion for Evidences and Resilience 2018
2058 HR-Recycler Hybrid Human-Robot RECYcling plant for electriCal and eLEctRonic equipment 2018
2059 DYMOCHRO Dynamics of modified chromatin domains 2019
2060 PhotUntangle Rendering the opaque transparent: Untangling light with bespoke optical transforms to see through scattering environments 2018
2061 CLUSTER organisation of CLoUdS, and implications for Tropical cyclones and for the Energetics of the tropics, in current and in a waRming climate 2019
2062 SWEET CROSSTALK Training interdisciplinary glycoscientists to get a molecular-level grip on glycocodes at the human mucosa–microbiota interface 2019
2063 CURVATURE Optimal transport techniques in the geometric analysis of spaces with curvature bounds 2019
2064 NextGenRoadFuels Sustainable Drop-In Transport fuels from Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Low Value Urban Feedstocks 2018
2065 EMAGIN2D Electrical control of magnetism in multiferroic 2D materials 2018
2066 QUANT A Quantitative Approach to Neolithic Plant-working Techniques: From Assessing Tool Use to Modelling Human Dispersals 2018
2067 5D-NanoTrack Five-Dimensional Localization Microscopy for Sub-Cellular Dynamics 2018
2068 JENNIFER2 Japan and Europe Network for Neutrino and Intensity Frontier Experimental Research 2 2019
2069 CartographY Mapping Stellar Helium 2019
2070 ENCOUNTER Demography, Cultural change, and the Diffusion of Rice and Millet during the Jomon-Yayoi transition in prehistoric Japan 2019
2072 ModGravTrial Modified Gravity on Trial 2019
2073 FutureArctic A glimpse into the Arctic future: equipping a unique natural experiment for next-generation ecosystem research 2019
2074 OXIGENATED Hemoglobin based Protein Nanocarriers for Tumour Oxygenation and a more effective Photodynamic Therapy 2019
2075 EVOCLOCK From Evolution to Clockworks:Unravelling the molecular basis of circalunar clocks 2019
2076 Trop-ClOC Quantifying the impact of Tropospheric Chlorine Oxidation Chemistry 2019
2077 EVOCELFATE Evolution of cell fate specification modes in spiral cleavage 2019
2078 TOROS A Theory-Oriented Real-Time Operating System for Temporally Sound Cyber-Physical Systems 2019
2079 UncertainENV The Power of Randomization in Uncertain Environments 2019
2080 COEVOPRO Drivers and consequences of coevolution in protective symbiosis 2019
2081 ProtCap Protein Capsules 2018
2082 Fed4IoT Federating IoT and cloud infrastructures to provide scalable and interoperable Smart Cities applications, by introducing novel IoT virtualization technologies 2018
2083 KAPIBARA Homotopy Theory of Algebraic Varieties and Wild Ramification 2019
2084 PARACAT Paramagnetic Species in Catalysis Research. A Unified Approach Towards Heterogeneous, Homogeneous and Enzyme Catalysis 2019
2085 RockDEaF Dynamics of rock deformation at the brittle-plastic transition and the depth of earthquake faulting 2019
2086 BioInspired_SolarH2 Engineering Bio-Inspired Systems for the Conversion of Solar Energy to Hydrogen 2019
2087 HealthAge Joint Training and Research Program on Lifespan Regulation Mechanisms in Health and Disease 2019
2088 EuroPLEx European network for Particle physics, Lattice field theory and Extreme computing 2019
2089 EffectiveTG Effective Methods in Tame Geometry and Applications in Arithmetic and Dynamics 2018
2090 Vision-In-Flight Neuromechanics of Insect Vision during Aerial Interactions with Applications in Visually Guided Systems 2018
2091 EllipticPDE Regularity and singularities in elliptic PDE's: beyond monotonicity formulas 2019
2092 NONABVD Nonadiabaticity in Biomolecular Vibrational Dynamics 2019
2093 QRANGE Quantum Random Number Generators: cheaper, faster and more secure 2018
2094 PROVEC Promoting Osteogenesis through Vascular Endothelial Cells 2019
2096 AxScale Axions and relatives across different mass scales 2018
2097 CATALIGHT Exploiting Energy Flow in Plasmonic-Catalytic Colloids 2019
2098 In Motion Investigation and Monitoring of Time-varying Environments on Macro and Nano Scales 2018
2099 Topo2DEG Topological states in superconducting two-dimensional electron gases 2019
2100 STIMUNO Searching for novel strategies improving cancer immunotherapy 2019
2101 TerAqua Compact and powerful strong-field terahertz light source for exploring water in new regimes 2019
2102 MICROCOMB Applications and Fundamentals of Microresonator Frequency Combs 2019
2103 CReaNet Chemical Reaction Networks: signal amplification, spatiotemporal control, and materials 2019
2104 NeuTouch Understanding neural coding of touch as enabling technology for prosthetics and robotics 2019
2105 FastCode The Next 100 Optimizing Compilers 2019
2106 DYMOLAMO Dynamic Modeling of Labor Market Mobility and Human Capital Accumulation 2018
2107 PASQuanS Programmable Atomic Large-Scale Quantum Simulation 2018
2108 PhoQuS Photons for Quantum Simulation 2018
2109 PARAMIR Investigating micro-RNA Dynamics using Paramagnetic NMR Spectroscopy 2019
2110 BrainNanoFlow Nanoscale dynamics in the extracellular space of the brain in vivo 2018
2111 OldCO2NewArchives CO2 reconstruction over the last 100 Myr from novel geological archives 2019
2112 TERIFIC Targeted Experiment to Reconcile Increased Freshwater with Increased Convection 2018
2113 BioMedaqu Aquaculture meets Biomedicine: Innovation in Skeletal Health research. 2018
2114 eHONESTY Embodied Honesty in Real World and Digital Interactions 2018
2115 IM-ID Defining the intrinsic transcriptional programs and the microenvironmental signals tailoring lung Interstitial Macrophage IDentity 2019
2116 MORPHEUS Deciphering Bacteria-induced Morphogenesis and Protection in marine Eukaryotes 2019
2117 SUPERCOOL Superelastic Porous Structures for Efficient Elastocaloric Cooling 2019
2118 AXPLAST Deep brain imaging of cellular mechanisms of sensory processing and learning 2018
2119 ImAgine Exploring the link between innate Immunity and cellular Aging 2019
2120 CANCER INVASION Deciphering and targeting the invasive nature of Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma 2019
2121 CoAct Communication in Action: Towards a model of Contextualized Action and Language Processing 2018
2122 INSPiRE-MED INtegrating Magnetic Resonance SPectroscopy and Multimodal Imaging for Research and Education in MEDicine 2019
2123 NeuHeart A neuroprosthesis to restore the vagal-cardiac closed-loop connection after heart transplantation 2019
2124 SkewPref Skewness Preferences – Human attitudes toward rare, high-impact risks 2019
2125 TOCHA Dissipationless topological channels for information transfer and quantum metrology 2019
2126 POTION Promoting social interaction through emotional body odours 2019
2127 DYMO Dynamic dialogue modelling 2019
2128 MOSAR MOdular Spacecraft Assembly and Reconfiguration 2019
2129 HERMES-SP High Energy Rapid Modular Ensemble of Satellites, Scientific Pathfinder 2018
2130 PIONEERS Planetary Instruments based on Optical technologies for an iNnovative European Exploration Using Rotational Seismology 2019
2131 EMBEDDIA Cross-Lingual Embeddings for Less-Represented Languages in European News Media 2019
2132 PLUS Platform Labour in Urban Spaces: Fairness, Welfare, Development 2019
2133 QUICK Quick Disconnect System 2018
2134 ACTPHAST 4R Accelerating Photonics Deployment via one Stop Shop Advanced Technology Access for Researchers 2019
2135 B-LigZymes Bacterial Enzymes and Bioprocesses for Lignin Valorisation 2019
2136 ATM2BT Atomistic to Molecular to Bulk Turbulence 2019
2137 ESCAPE European Science Cluster of Astronomy & Particle physics ESFRI research infrastructures 2019
2138 ARBODYNAMIC Coupling dynamic population immunity profiles and host behaviours to arboviral spread 2019
2139 hipQCD Highest Precision QCD predictions for a new era in Higgs boson phenomenology 2019
2140 SM-Epigen Revealing the Epigenetic Regulatory Network with Single-Molecule Precision 2018
2141 EvolutioNeuroCircuit Cellular and genetic bases of neural circuits evolution 2019
2142 GRASP Overcoming plant graft incompatibility by modifying signalling and perception 2019
2143 FP-RESOMUS Fellowship Program of the NCCR MUST (National Competence Center for Research in MolecularUltrafast Science and Technology) and the Cluster of Excellence RESOLV 2019
2144 EXPC Challenging and extending predictive coding as an account of brain function 2019
2145 3D-FIREFLUC Taming the particle transport in magnetized plasmas via perturbative fields 2019
2146 DDRMac DNA Damage Response-instructed Macrophage Differentiation in Granulomatous Diseases 2019
2147 UNISCAMP The unity of scattering amplitudes: gauge theory, gravity, strings and number theory 2019
2148 PhilHumans Personal Health Interfaces Leveraging Human-Machine Natural Interactions 2019
2149 HY-NANO HYbrid NANOstructured multi-functional interfaces for stable, efficient and eco-friendly photovoltaic devices 2019
2150 BEBOP Bacterial biofilms in porous structures: from biomechanics to control 2019
2151 inCITe Seeing Citrulline: A Molecular Toolbox for Peptidyl Arginine Deiminases 2019
2152 ANTI-ATOM Many-body theory of antimatter interactions with atoms, molecules and condensed matter 2019
2153 LIGHTMATT-EXPLORER Experimental determination of the paraxial-vectorial limit of light-matter interactions 2019
2154 Me-Check Me-Check - Screening of the dry eye syndrome 2019
2155 THEAC 25 From heat to cold with THEAC-25®, the Thermo Acoustic Energy Converter. 2019
2156 ReSurface A combined developmental cell biology and tissue engineering approach to repair the articular surface of synovial joints 2019
2157 CRACK Cracking the neural code of human object vision 2019
2158 Affects Mobilising Affects: Politics of Security and the Withdrawal of Citizenship 2019
2159 PeV-Radio Digital Radio Detectors for Galactic PeV Particles 2019
2160 SYNPATH Regulation of synaptic development and plasticity by molecular pathways linked to human evolution 2019
2161 Orgasome Protein synthesis in organelles 2019
2162 AutoCPS Automated Synthesis of Cyber-Physical Systems: A Compositional Approach 2019
2163 GRACE Grounding RRI Actions to Achieve Institutional Change in European Research Funding and Performing Organisations 2019
2164 ELEVATE Early detection of cervical cancer in hard-to-reach populations of women through portable and point-of-care HPV testing 2019
2165 INTERACT Modelling the neuromusculoskeletal system across spatiotemporal scales for a new paradigm of human-machine motor interaction 2019
2166 LINCE Light INduced Cell control by Exogenous organic semiconductors 2019
2167 CITISENSE Evolving communication systems in response to altered sensory environments 2019
2168 IM2PACT Investigating Mechanisms and Models Predictive of Accessibility of Therapeutics (IM2PACT) Into The Brain 2019
2169 ReaxPro Software Platform for Multiscale Modelling of Reactive Materials and Processes 2019
2170 ICYBOB Initial Conditions of YMCs, Birth of OB associations and long term evolution of stellar clusters 2019
2171 VERICOMP Foundations of Verifiable Computing 2019
2172 PAIDEIA PlAsmon InduceD hot Electron extraction with doped semiconductors for Infrared solAr energy 2019
2173 REALNANO 3D Structure of Nanomaterials under Realistic Conditions 2019
2174 SUPERSPEC Three-dimensional spectral modelling of astrophysical transients : unravelling the nucleosynthetic content of supernovae and kilonovae 2019
2175 B Massive Binary massive black hole astrophysics 2019
2176 LIMBo Zooming the link between diet and brain health: how phenolic metabolites modulate brain inflammation 2019
2177 IMAGINE Non-Invasive Imaging of Nanoscale Electronic Transport 2019
2178 RADDICS Reliable Data-Driven Decision Making in Cyber-Physical Systems 2019
2179 PASS Program Analysis for Safe and Secure Software Evolution 2019
2180 MIGHTY_RNA Repurposing small RNA from ciliates for genome editing: single-molecule study 2019
2181 SomSOM Self-organisation of microbial soil organic matter turnover 2019
2182 NoLiMiTs Novel Lifesaving Magnetic Tentacles 2019
2183 AMADEUS Advancing CO2 Capture Materials by Atomic Scale Design: the Quest for Understanding 2019
2184 Liquid2DM Two-dimensional liquid cell dielectric microscopy 2019
2185 IONPEN Trapped-ion quantum information in 2-dimensional Penning trap arrays 2019
2186 DYNAPOL Modeling approaches toward bioinspired dynamic materials 2019
2187 Super-Pixels Super-Pixels: Redefining the way we sense the world. 2019
2188 iGame Multi-dimensional Intervention Support Architecture for Gamified eHealth and mHealth Products 2019
2189 EAGER Elucidating the effects of ageing on the nucleoporin-directed neural cell type-specific nuclear architecture and gene regulation 2019
2190 SELECTIONDRIVEN Gaining insights into human evolution and disease prevention from adaptive natural selection driven by lethal epidemics 2019
2191 SUPRANET Supramolecular Recognition in Dynamic Covalent Networks at Equilibrium and Beyond 2019
2192 KryptonInt Erasing the superintegron to understand the role of chromosomal integrons in bacterial evolution 2019
2193 EnDeCAD Enhancers Decoding the Mechanisms Underlying CAD Risk 2019
2194 MOBILIZE Improving health in people with multimorbidity: a paradigm shift in health care from disease-based curative models to personalized exercise therapy and self-management 2019
2195 TIGER Tidal marshes: bio-geomorphic self-organization and its implications for resilience to sea level rise and changing sediment supply 2019
2196 NemHatch Unlocking mechanisms of cyst Nematode Hatching for sustainable cyst nematode control 2019
2197 Cat-In-hAT Catastrophic Interactions of Binary Stars and the Associated Transients 2019
2198 SYNTHESYS PLUS Synthesis of systematic resources 2019
2199 ELECTRA Electricity driven Low Energy and Chemical input Technology foR Accelerated bioremediation 2019
2200 PREMUS Preservation and Efficacy of Music and Singing in Ageing, Aphasia, and Alzheimer’s Disease 2019
2201 EPICROP Dissecting epistasis for enhanced crop productivity 2019
2202 GESTURALORIGINS Gestural Origins: Linguistic Features of pan-African Ape Communication 2019
2203 WAAXT Wave-modulated Arctic Air-sea eXchanges and Turbulence 2019
2204 ICOPT Fundamental Problems at the Interface of Combinatorial Optimization with Integer Programming and Online Optimization 2019
2205 AGENSI A Genetic View into Past Sea Ice Variability in the Arctic 2019
2206 DIMENSION Real-time Data-Informed Multi-scale Computational Methods for Material Design and Processing 2020
2207 SPECTRACON Materials Engineering of Integrated Hybrid Spectral Converters for Next Generation Luminescent Solar Devices 2019
2208 ECHO Extending Coherence for Hardware-Driven Optimizations in Multicore Architectures 2019
2209 LEON Compact THz lasers based on graphene quantum dots 2019
2210 Atto-Zepto Ultrasensitive Nano-Optomechanical Sensors 2019
2211 BrightnESS-2 Bringing together a neutron ecosystem for sustainable science with ESS (BrightnESS-2) 2019
2212 HOTZYMES Redesigning biocatalysis: Thermal-tuning of one-pot multienzymatic cascades by nanoactuation 2019
2213 Q-AFM Quantum Limited Atomic Force Microscopy 2019
2214 SoFiA Soap Film based Artificial Photosynthesis 2019
2215 Fish-AI Developing an Artificial Intestine for the sustainable farming of healthy fish 2019
2216 IQubits Integrated Qubits Towards Future High-Temperature Silicon Quantum Computing Hardware Technologies 2019
2217 PUPILTRAITS Biomarkers of individual differences in human cortical visual processing 2019
2218 DirectThalamus How the human thalamus guides navigation and memory: a common coding framework built on direct thalamic recordings 2019
2219 DIFFOP Nonlinear Data and Signal Analysis with Diffusion Operators 2019
2220 BITNET-INNOSUP Improvement of Innovation Management Capacity of SMEs from Bosnia and Herzegovina 2019
2221 KAM2CY4 Provision of services for enhancing innovation management capacity of the Cypriot SMEs by the Enterprise Europe Network Cyprus 2019
2222 DCRIDDLE A novel physiological role for IRE1 and RIDD..., maintaining the balance between tolerance and immunity? 2019
2223 EXCHANGE Dynamic Complexes and Allosteric Regulation of Small Molecule Transporters 2019
2224 Algo-Grid Platform for Operations and Maintenance Management of Power Smart Grids based on advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence 2019
2225 OPTIMA PrOcess intensification and innovation in olefin ProducTIon by Multiscale Analysis and design 2019
2226 FUMI Future Migration as Present Fact 2019
2227 CANCEREVO Deciphering and predicting the evolution of cancer cell populations 2019
2228 FanCY Flow and Deformation of Cancer tumours near Yielding 2019
2229 PHOTOMASS Imaging Biomolecular Self-Assembly with a Molecular Photonic Scale 2019
2230 miniX MINIaturitzed coherent soft X-ray source for research and industry 2019
2231 WHOLE SUN The Whole Sun Project: Untangling the complex physical mechanisms behind our eruptive star and its twins 2019
2232 ESCulab European Screening Centre; Unique Library for Attractive Biology 2018
2233 ANTICIPATE Anticipatory Human-Computer Interaction 2019
2234 ME4OER Mechanism Engineering of the Oxygen Evolution Reaction 2019
2235 EpiCrest2Reg From Epigenetics of Cranial Neural Crest Plasticity to Intervertebral Disc Regeneration 2019
2236 ENFORCE ENgineering FrustratiOn in aRtificial Colloidal icEs:degeneracy, exotic lattices and 3D states 2020
2237 ETOPIA European Training network Of PhD researchers on Innovative EMI analysis and power Applications: ETOPIA 2019
2238 F-ELEMENT_ARCHITECT Building Precise Molecular Architectures to Unlock Remarkable f-Element Properties 2019
2239 MAGNESIA The impact of highly magnetic neutron stars in the explosive and transient Universe 2019
2240 APOSITE Apoptotic foci: composition, structure and dynamics 2019
2241 TheHiggsAndThe7Tops Mirror Mirror on the Wall, which Higgs is the oddest of them all: Exploring the Top-Higgs Interconnection with ATLAS 2019
2242 ImmunoBioSynth Synergistic engineering of anti-tumor immunity by synthetic biomaterials 2019
2243 SPINAPSE Creating complexity: toward atomic spin-based neural hardware 2019
2244 MarsFirstWater The physicochemical nature of water on early Mars 2019
2245 REMIND Epigenome maintenance in response to DNA damage 2019
2246 BrightEyes Multi-Parameter Live-Cell Observation of Biomolecular Processes with Single-Photon Detector Array 2019
2247 INITIUM an Innovative Negative Ion TIme projection chamber for Underground dark Matter searches 2019
2248 TALE Therapeutic Allele Engineering: A novel technology for cell therapy 2019
2249 HighPotOx Exploring the Limits of High Potential OxidizersPrediction, Validation and Preparation of Unusual Molecules at the Edge of Stability 2020
2250 LINCHPIN A platform to LINk between CHemistry and PhysIcs of colloidal Nanomaterials 2020
2251 DigitalValues The Construction of Values in Digital Spheres 2019
2252 NEPAL NEw Physics searches with tAu Leptons 2019
2253 NewMonEc Monetary Economics and Communication: New Data, New Tools, New and Old Questions 2019
2254 REMINISCENCE REflection Matrix ImagiNg In wave SCiENCE 2019
2255 STEP 2 Spatiotemporal regulation of T-cell Priming 2019
2256 uCARE Understanding Circumventing Antibiotic REsistance 2019
2257 ScienceGraph Knowledge Graph based Representation, Augmentation and Exploration of Scholarly Communication 2019
2258 PACA-MET Genome-wide surveys and functional analysis of pancreatic cancer metastasis drivers 2019
2259 WallCrossAG Wall-Crossing and Algebraic Geometry 2019
2260 EpiRIME Epigenetic Reprogramming, Inheritance and Memory: Dissect epigenetic transitions at fertilisation and early embryogenesis 2019
2261 NewHuman Pathways to humanity: Adaptive niche diversity at the origins of the human lineage 2019
2262 EJP RD European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases 2019
2263 ADMITTED Advanced Data Methods for Improved Tiltrotor Test and Design 2019
2264 DIFFUSION A device enabling quantification of molecular and nanoparticle diffusion within thin solvated films 2019
2265 ATHENA 2.0 The most accurate, actionable and user-friendly AI-econometrics powered tool to optimise pricing strategies in the Consumer-Packaged Goods sector 2019
2266 MINT.extract Truly refreshing document digitalisation Unlock the full potential of your documents using machine learning 2019
2269 NatDyReL Utilizing Natural Dynamics for Reliable Legged Locomotion 2019
2270 2D4QT 2D Materials for Quantum Technology 2019
2271 GREENER InteGRated systems for Effective ENvironmEntal Remediation 2019
2272 SCOPUS Smart Converters for Optimized Power Usage and Storage 2019
2273 MICTEST Biocontamination survey for Microbially Influenced Corrosion exposure TEST 2019
2274 Cryo-SECOM Unlocking the potential of cryo-electron tomography by simplification of the sample preparation workflow 2018
2275 PRiSM Programming Sensory regulation of Metabolism 2019
2276 DIA Deep Integration Agreements 2019
2277 BioDisOrder Order and Disorder at the Surface of Biological Membranes. 2019
2278 MOnACO Manufacturing of a large-scale AM component 2019
2279 NovelNMDA Novel NMDA receptor signaling in cortical synaptic depression 2019
2280 DAIRYCULTURES Cultures of dairying: gene-culture-microbiome evolution and the ancient invention of dairy foods 2018
2281 i-Weld Integration of advanced experiments, computation and data for Duplex Stainless Steel joininginnovation 2019
2282 RECENT Ultra-Dense Unsupervised Heterogeneous Wireless Cloud Coded Networks for 5G/B5G 2018
2283 CONMECH Nonsmooth Contact Dynamics 2019
2284 CARB-City Physico-Chemistry of Carbonaceous Aerosol Pollution in Evolving Cities 2020
2285 SLOW_SOURCE Finding the Origin of the Slow Solar Wind 2019
2286 ChaperoneRegulome ChaperoneRegulome: Understanding cell-type-specificity of chaperone regulation 2020
2287 SUPRAVACC Supramolecular engineering of glycan-decorated peptides as synthetic vaccines 2019
2288 iDysChart Charting key molecules and mechanisms of human immune Dysregulation 2019
2289 NewSense Perception with New Sensory Signals 2019
2290 QTONE Quantum Plasmomechanics with THz Phonons and Molecular Nano-junctions 2019
2291 MicroSPARK A Single-Molecule Technology for Resolving Chaperone Action in Neurodegenerative Diseases 2019
2292 Time Machine Time Machine : Big Data of the Past for the Future of Europe 2019
2293 MaGnum Majorana bound states in Ge/SiGe heterostructures 2019
2294 Biosensor Design Engineering Chemotactic Biosensors for a Diverse Spectrum of Metastatic Markers 2020
2295 iDAPT iDAPT: ice Dependent Adaptations for Plant Terrestrialization 2020
2296 InterPol Interfacing interacting Rydberg polaritons: From few- to many-body interactions 2019
2297 IceMelt3D Tracking 3-D meltwater production and runoff from glacial bare-ice surfaces 2020
2298 IDENSTEM Identification and characterization of enteric nervous system stem cells 2020
2299 Extending MEDT Extending the Molecular Electron Density Theory 2019
2300 cQMM circuit Quantum Magneto-Mechanics : interfacing single molecular spins with nanomechanical resonators in the quantum regime. 2019
2301 WEAVERBIRD_DEFENCE Unravelling an extended phenotype: sexual selection and the evolution of nest architecture in weaverbird defence against brood parasitism 2019
2302 Coevolution The genomic signature of rapid coevolution within a wild host-parasite system 2019
2303 ICARUS Higher-order constitutive relations for granular materials: a multi-scale approach 2019
2304 GPCR-MS Molecular Details of Membrane Protein Receptor Dynamics 2019
2305 RACOON High-reliability Low-latency Communications with Network Coding 2019
2306 ENGRAVINg Engaging Grammar and Visual Networks 2019
2307 DOGMATiCC Digestion, OsmoreGulation and Metabolism in fish relevant to AquaculTure and in a Changing Climate 2019
2308 GetToKnowPneumo A pooled CRISPRi screen to identify new cell cycle proteins in the opportunistic human pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae 2019
2309 Desiccation Survival Discovery of intrinsically disordered sequences conferring desiccation survival 2019
2310 deCrYPtion Decrypting Mycobacterium cytochrome P450 (CYP) physiological functions by testing hypotheses emitted form large-scale comparative genomics analysis 2019
2311 PLASMIONICO Plasmon-resonance driven thermionic emitters for improved solar energy harvesting 2019
2312 PCinBC Plasma cell heterogeneity and dynamics in patient tumors 2019
2313 FOCUSIS Focal volume Control Using Structured Illumination Sources 2020
2314 StringyGeometry Stringy geometry: quantum corrections and the fate of string compactifications from spacetime and the worldsheet 2020
2315 FORCE Molecular basis underlying the QTL responsible for the genetic control of flowering time in chickpea: an integrative approach 2019
2316 PhoQuS-G Phononic Quantum Sensors for Gravity 2019
2317 WavyRibbons Wavy N-doped Graphene Nanoribbons for Single Molecule Electronics 2019
2318 SpinScreen Screening of an electron spin by an epitaxial superconducting island in a semiconductor nanowire 2019
2319 COFFEE Controlling and Observing Filaments For Enhanced memristive Elements 2019
2320 ONTOP On-demand Non-hermitian TOPology 2019
2321 TLRstorm Spatial and temporal control of self/non-self discrimination in innate immunity 2019
2322 SeCRT Uncover mechanisms of unconventional secretion of tau using functional CRISPR screens - From basic discoveries to neurodegenerative disease therapeutics 2019
2323 ADOQ Adaptive Optics for Quantum Communication 2019
2324 LeaRNN Principles of Learning in a Recurrent Neural Network 2019
2325 NanoMechShape Molecular control of actin network architecture and mechanics during cell shape changes 2019
2326 FLEX-RAIL Paradigm shifts for railway – Technology uptake strategies for a lean, integrated and flexible railway system 2018
2327 BIOVIB Electric Interactions and Structural Dynamics of Hydrated Biomolecules Mapped by Ultrafast Vibrational Probes 2019
2328 IPQNet Information Processing in Future Quantum Networks 2019
2329 SMART THEME Surface-supported Molecular ARchiTectures: THEory Meets Experiment 2019
2330 PETRA Deciphering the magnetic record of planetary rocks using spacecraft and laboratory measurements 2019
2331 QuantumSolarFuels Photoelectrochemical Solar Light Conversion into Fuels on Colloidal Quantum Dots Based Photoanodes 2019
2332 FCHgo Fuel Cells HydroGen educatiOnal model for schools 2019
2333 Social Smart The Neural and Network Dynamics of Social Influence Across Adolescence 2019
2334 DECODE Decoding Context-Dependent Genetic Networks in vivo 2019
2336 TRADITION Long-term coastal adaptation, food security and poverty alleviation in Latin America 2019
2337 QSHvar Quantitative stochastic homogenization of variational problems 2019
2338 SCIROCCO Simulation and Control of Renewable COmbustion (SCIROCCO) 2019
2339 MinSol-PDEs Minimal solutions to nonlinear systems of PDEs 2019
2340 ElectroThermo New Paradigm in Electrolyte Thermodynamics 2019
2341 BALANCE Mapping Dispersion Spectroscopically in Large Gas-Phase Molecular Ions 2019
2342 EDSP Engineered dissipation using symmetry-protected superconducting circuits 2019
2343 HIGHWAVE Breaking of highly energetic waves 2019
2344 PROMINENT Solar prominences: unraveling the ultimate condensation catastrophe 2019
2345 FLAY Flavor Anomalies and the origin of the Yukawa couplings 2019
2346 NEUROFLIES Drosophila sechellia: a novel model to investigate nervous system and behavioral evolution 2019
2347 FUN2MODEL From FUnction-based TO MOdel-based automated probabilistic reasoning for DEep Learning 2019
2348 NU-RING NUclear reactions at RINGs 2019
2349 SO-CUP Southern Ocean Carbon Uptake 2020
2350 High-Risk-No-Gain A new approach to design wireless receivers 2019
2351 CLaQS Correlations in Large Quantum Systems 2019
2352 SleepCirc Claustrum, Brainstem and Sleep: Mechanisms and Function 2019
2353 Cata-rotors Visualising age- and cataract-related changed within cell membranes of human eye lens using molecular rotors 2019
2354 Foldmetcat Bioinspired Catalytic Metallofoldamers 2019
2355 PCPABF Challenging Computational Infeasibility: PCP and Boolean functions 2019
2356 Transcendence The Nature of Transcendence 2019
2357 kelbus2 Experimental and numerical study of long runout landslides 2020
2358 VOLCPRO Volcanic Forcing in Climate Model Projections: Towards a New Paradigm. 2020
2359 TURANDOT Tunable Radiation Tolerant 2D Terahertz bolometer 2019
2360 D3AiSF Screening Database to Discover Donor-Acceptor copolymers for intramolecular Singlet Fission 2020
2361 EDIFOU Foucault's manuscripts on phenomenology (1950s) at BnF archive: a digital approach to the edition 2019
2362 COMETS COllective action Models for Energy Transition and Social Innovation 2019
2363 Finite Memory Finite Memory and Dynamic Decision Problems 2020
2365 PENFIX Plasma efficient nitrogen fixation 2019
2366 EMAGICS Atomistic spin dynamics and spectroscopic investigation of spin-induced magnetoelectric multiferroic materials 2019
2367 uTSSreg Regulation of mammalian genes by new classes of promoter proximal transcription start sites 2020
2368 INFINITY Infinity in Mathematics: A Philosophical analysis of Critical Views of Infinity 2019
2369 MagnetoVirology Diamond Magnetometry: A Versatile Tool for Virology and Medicine 2019
2370 SYMBIO-INC Mechanisms of symbiotic incompatibility in the arbuscular mycorrhizal association 2020
2371 NSFTA New Strategies For Therapeutic Antibodies – Synthetic bispecific antibodies & Antibody-Drug Conjugates with controlled drug loading. General methods for unexplored ADCs and personalised therapies. 2020
2372 OXWALD 2D Oxide and van der Waals layered devices 2019
2373 SOS-CROPS Solving the tangled ontogenesis of the stem for sustainable crops 2019
2374 LADIE Investigation of nonlinear stimulated emission in optically excited dielectrics 2020
2375 F4TGLUT Food for thought: monitoring the effects of drugs and diet on neuronal glutamate release using nanoelectrodes 2019
2376 SNDTD Resolving the origins of supernovae: constraining progenitors with integral field spectroscopy 2019
2377 SELPH2D Spin Electron-Phonon in 2D materials 2019
2378 MolecularControl Harvesting out-of-equilibrium forces for molecular control 2020
2379 PhotoWann Bulk Photovoltaic effect via Wannier functions 2019
2380 PRISENODE PRISENODE: Privacy- and secuRity-aware solutIons in SoftwarE-defiNed fOg Data cEnter 2020
2381 Affects Mobilising Affects: Withdrawal of Citizenship and Politics of Security 2019
2382 PSF-2-PREDICT Predicting when plant-soil feedbacks promote or prevent alien plant invasion. 2020
2383 TEXDANCE TEXtiles in Etruscan DANCE (8th-5th centuries BC) 2019
2384 DIRAE A new edition and commentary on the pseudo-Virgilian Dirae 2019
2385 EmbryoPAINT PAINTing the architecture of the totipotency gene network during early mammalian development 2020
2386 ReproMech The Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Fate Reprogramming in Vertebrate Eggs 2019
2387 SQSig Oligo-Squaramide Rigid-Rods for Artificial Transmembrane Signaling 2020
2388 CoCoNat Coordination in constrained and natural distributed systems 2019
2389 ConscBreathDynamics Breathing dynamics in health and disease: how consciousness shape respiratory patterns 2020
2390 Makyaverri Machiavelli and Machiavellism in Japan: 1868-1968. For an Intellectual History of Realism from its Outskirts 2020
2391 incerta2cortex Neocortical long-range inhibition for learning and memory 2020
2392 GlucOrigami Modular DNA Origami Platform for the Design of Tunable Glucose Biosensor 2020
2393 Thin-CATALYzER Nanostructured anode catalyst layer for oxygen evolution reaction based on a novel thin-film architecture 2020
2394 PALEOCARBON PALEOcene greenhouse climate and the effect of basalt weathering on CARBON sequestration 2019
2395 DAMOSET With data-driven modelling towards a successful energy transition 2019
2396 CLIMB Calibrating and Improving Mechanistic models of Biodiversity 2019
2397 COHESiV Coherent Optomechanical and Hyperfine interactions Engineering with Silicon-Vacancy impurities in diamond for quantum networks 2020
2398 HARHCS Harmonic Analysis on Real Hypersurfaces in Complex Space 2019
2399 ELOTEQ Interfacing Levitated Optomechanics with Superconducting Qubits 2019
2400 SHINEShift Shape-shifting of vesicles induced by artificial tubular networks 2019
2401 META2 METAbolism of bone METAstasis (META2): Metabolic interactions between disseminated breast cancer cells and osteoblast lineage cells drive bone metastases formation 2019
2402 DarkSphere Search for light Dark Matter with a Spherical Proportional Counter 2019
2403 Narratives4Change Capitalising Public Narratives in the organising of Grassroots Roma Women 2019
2404 CHIRALSCOPY Probing Ultrafast Stereochemical Dynamics by Femtosecond Electronic Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy 2019
2405 Stable PeLEDs Towards Stable Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes 2019
2406 H2AH2B_Propagation Elucidating the propagation and function of H2A and H2B modifications across DNA replication 2020
2407 2D-MES Two Dimensional Molecular Electronics Spectroscopy for DNA/RNA Mutation Recognition 2020
2408 XYLAN-2.0 Plant biomass for high-performing sustainable materials 2019
2409 UMMs Unifying Monitoring Models of Verbal Monitoring. 2019
2410 Au-MLC Cooperative Au catalysis with chemically non-innocent ligands. 2019
2411 MODSIM Modelling of Twin Screw Granulation on Micro-Macro Scales 2019
2412 CausalBoost Using causal discovery algorithms to boost subseasonal to seasonal forecast skill of Mediterranean rainfall 2020
2413 REPRODAGEING Direct and transgenerational consequences of divergent reproductive strategies on ageing trajectories of parents and their offspring 2019
2414 ANAT-MEC Developing 2-photon optical imaging for neural-network studies in medial entorhinal cortex of freely moving mice 2019
2415 CatchGel Catch Bond Cross-linked Hydrogels 2020
2416 miRhythm Understanding mechanisms and functions of miRNA oscillations during development 2020
2417 Dielec2DBiomolecules Dielectric measurement of two-dimentionally confined biomolecules at the nanoscale 2019
2418 SingleCellAI Deep-learning models of CRISPR-engineered cells define a rulebook of cellular transdifferentiation 2019
2419 ATTO-CONTROL Attosecond X-ray Molecular Dynamics and Strong-Field Control 2019
2420 ChromaSTORM Visualising how proteins fold DNA into topologically associating domains in single human cells 2020
2421 CoopHeal Enhancing Self-healing Properties in Polymer Materials through Cooperative Supramolecular Interactions 2019
2422 NeuroSens Neuromodulation of Sensory Processing 2019
2423 CharmAsymmetries The charm of asymmetries or the asymmetries in charm (entangled edition) 2019
2424 TIPTOP Tensoring Positive Maps on Operator Structures 2019
2425 nuHEDGE Neutrinos at High Energies: Disentangling Galactic and Extra-galactic components 2019
2426 EDGE Cutting edge technology: understanding Palaeolithic stone tool design and use from a modern mechanical engineering perspective 2020
2427 CLEANERFLAMES CompLex thErmoAcoustic iNteraction mEchanisms in spRay Flames in Low-nox Annular coMbustion chambErS 2019
2428 WONDER Low-Bandgap Fused Ring Electron Acceptors towards High-Efficiency Organic Solar Cells 2019
2429 Adductomics Novel DNA adductomics methodological developments for research in colon cancer 2019
2430 IFSSOC Coming together or doing it for themselves? The apparent paradox of social information and individuality in foraging 2020
2431 LightBosons Search for Higgs boson decays into Light Bosons in Boosted Hadronic final states 2019
2432 AnalysisAtInfinity Analysis at Infinity: Integral Equations, Limit Operators and Beyond 2019
2433 MINT Multifunctional Immunocompatible NanoTheranostics to modulate tumor microenvironment and improve treatment monitoring: A double blow to pancreatic cancer 2019
2434 SynGut Molecular, morphological, and functional requirements for gastrointestinal serotonin release 2020
2435 Cal-Mate Automated Preparation of Ultra-Precise Chemical Solutions. 2019
2436 HomoJuridicus Homo Juridicus: Correcting Law's Behavioural Illiteracy 2019
2437 FaultScan Passive seismic scanning of the preparation phase of damaging earthquakes 2019
2438 LactaDiff Assessing cellular compartmentation of brain lactate using diffusion MR spectroscopy in vivo 2019
2439 LIFEMODE Possible Life: The Philosophical Significance of Extending Biology 2019
2440 CancerADAPT Targeting the adaptive capacity of prostate cancer through the manipulation of transcriptional and metabolic traits 2019
2441 RememberEx Human Subcortical-Cortical Circuit Dynamics for Remembering the Exceptional 2019
2442 Origins From Planet-Forming Disks to Giant Planets 2019
2443 HoloFlat Holography for Asymptotically Flat Spacetimes 2019
2444 PISCO Photochromic Solar Cells: Towards Photovoltaic Devices with Variable and Self-Adaptable Optical Transmission 2019
2446 CONTROL Laser control over crystal nucleation 2019
2447 FunI Revealing Fundamental Interactions and their Symmetries at the highest Precision and the lowest Energies 2019
2448 KIDS Kinetics and Dynamics at Surfaces 2019
2449 ScalableControl Scalable Control of Interconnected Systems 2019
2450 Division Division of Labour and the Evolution of Complexity 2020
2451 D4FLY Detecting Document frauD and iDentity on the fly 2019
2452 QUAMAP Quasiconformal Methods in Analysis and Applications 2019
2453 CERQUTE Certification of quantum technologies 2020
2454 RegulatioNFkB Deciphering transcriptional regulation of NF-kB target genes using integrative omics approaches 2019
2455 BOIL-MODE-ON unraveling nucleate BOILing: MODEling, mesoscale simulatiONs and experiments 2019
2456 MarshFlux The effect of future global climate and land-use change on greenhouse gas fluxes and microbial processes in salt marshes 2020
2457 ChemicalWalks Reactive Transport and Mixing in Heterogeneous Media: Chemical Random Walks under Local Non-equilibrium 2019
2458 WoMent 'Mad for Him'. Women, Religion and Mental Illness in the Late Middle Ages and in the Early Modern Age 2019
2459 NeSt Neural mechanisms of perceptual Stability in magnitude perception 2019
2460 LEAPh Light-modulated organic Electrolyte-gAted Phototransistors 2020
2461 nanoCellSense A nanotechnology-based approach for label-free single-cell analysis of cytoplasmic proteome 2019
2462 STARCloud Bringing Quality of Service to Blockchain-Based Clouds 2019
2463 PEPREP Peptide based self-replicating coacervate protocells 2019
2464 BioNanoLip Bioactive lipids at the ocular surface: from Langmuir surface balance to ophthalmic nanoemulsions 2020
2465 NEUROSHELL Advancing knowledge and acquiring expertise in shellfish research by investigating environmental, neuroendocrine and endocrine control of key stages in oyster aquaculture, using a rhythmic approach 2019
2466 CaRe-Space Cajal-Retzius cells role in the development of the spatial navigation system 2020
2467 STUDYES Structure and Ultrafast Dynamics in Deep Eutectic Solvents 2019
2468 TargetDUBs Targeting ubiquitin processing in cancer and fibrosis: novel probes for the Ubiquitin Carboxy-Terminal Hydrolases 2019
2469 BrownianReactivation Neural stochasticity and criticality in memory replay 2019
2470 BPLAN Biological Physics of Living Active Nematics 2019
2471 ReproXimera Modelling in vivo lineage reprogramming of human astrocytes into induced neurons in the adult mouse brain 2020
2472 Magik Star MAGnetic fIeld and Kinematic coupling for massive STAR formation 2019
2473 MonasByz The Making of the Byzantine Ascetical Canon: Monastic Networks, Literacy and Religious Authority in Palestine and Sinai (7th-11th centuries) 2020
2474 OBJECTPERMOD Explaining object permanence with a deep recurrent neural network model of human cortical visual cognition 2019
2475 BoundModProbAG Boundedness and Moduli problems in birational geometry 2019
2476 MONET Merkel cell polyomavirus Oncogenic Network 2019
2477 XmonMASER Josephson maser and heat transport in dissipative open quantum systems 2019
2478 Apple-Biome The origin, distribution, and dissemination of the apple microbiome 2020
2479 TWISTM Strongly correlated phenomena in twisted bilayers of graphene and transition metal dichacogenides 2020
2480 DEAP Development of Epithelium Apical Polarity: Does the mechanical cell-cell adhesions play a role? 2019
2481 HAMA New insights on Earth’s formation and differentiation processes from in situ analyses of halogens (F, Cl, Br and I) in meteorites and mantle samples 2019
2482 SHOR Social History of Riding in Late Medieval Spain and the Early Modern Americas (13th-16th c.) 2020
2483 PHOTOMECHANICS Photomechanical printing in Europe in the mid-19th century: History, theory, visual culture, science and the international network in the 1840s-1860s 2019
2484 MIRAGE Measuring Interstellar Reactions of Aromatics by Gas-phase Experiments 2019
2485 TOPOMIE Active topological photonic insulators based on Mie-resonators 2020
2486 PePiPOM Peptide-functionalized POMs as biofilm disruption agents: searching for synergy in bactericidal materials 2019
2487 CoNTESTA A geologic approach to resolving critical uncertainties in the impact of geomagnetic variance on in-situ cosmogenic nuclide production 2019
2488 EVERPHOT Molecular mechanisms of photoprotection in plants. 2020
2489 DendritesInVivo Prediction and validation of in vivo dendritic processing 2020
2490 QuanToPol Quantum Topological Polaritonics 2020
2491 RESIST Resolving Effects of particle Shape and Inertia in Scalar Transport 2019
2492 CLEAN Carbon fracturing and storage in shale with wellbore infrastructure monitoring 2019
2493 MemTrain Cell Membrane Training to Advance Industrial Processes 2019
2494 SCAFFOLD-NEEDS Commercialization of 3D scaffold platforms for neuronal cell culture models 2019
2495 Teraloop EES A scalable and sustainable grid-scale energy storage system utilising 3rd generation flywheel technology for effective integration of renewable energy. 2019
2496 SensoDream Smart Mattress for Babies 2019
2497 QuiescStemGBM Studying the role of Quiescent Cancer Stem Cells in GBM development using a novel in vivo cell cycle-based approach 2020
2498 InScope Integrated analysis of regulatory networks modulating seed coat permeability in natural accessions 2019
2499 EMPOWER EMpowering transatlantic PlatfOrms for advanced WirEless Research 2018
2500 ActiveMatter Active Matter: From Fundamental Science to Technological Applications 2019
2501 MODALES MOdify Drivers’ behaviour to Adapt for Lower EmissionS 2019
2502 FF-IPM In-silico boosted, pest prevention and off-season focused IPM against new and emerging fruit flies ('OFF-Season' FF-IPM) 2019
2503 FineFuture Innovative technologies and concepts for fine particle flotation: unlocking future fine-grained deposits and Critical Raw Materials resources for the EU 2019
2504 HIEIC Heavy ion collisions: collectivity and precision in saturation physics 2019
2505 SynProAtCell Delivery and On-Demand Activation of Chemically Synthesized and Uniquely Modified Proteins in Living Cells 2019
2506 ROAR Investigating the Role of Attention in Reading 2019
2507 CASCAT Catalytic cascade reactions. From fundamentals of nanozymes to applications based on gas-diffusion electrodes 2019
2508 Resonances Resonances and Zeta Functions in Smooth Ergodic Theory and Geometry 2019
2509 INSTRUCT Information structures in consumer markets 2019
2510 MCLPS The Migration Challenge: Labour Markets, Policy Reforms, and Social Cohesion 2019
2511 PrISMoID Photonic Structural Materials with Controlled Disorder 2019
2512 EVOMORPHYS Identifying how Evolution exploits physical properties of tissues to generate the complexity and diversity of Life 2019
2513 EAVESDROP Experimental access to volcanic eruptions: Driving Observational Potential 2019
2514 CanISeeQG Can I see Quantum Gravity? 2019
2515 YoctoLHC Yoctosecond imaging of QCD collectivity using jet observables 2019
2516 ENEFIRST Making Energy Efficiency First principle operational 2019
2517 PLANTGROWTH Exploiting genome replication to design improved plant growth strategies 2019
2518 HIPSAM HIgher Polylogarithms and String AMplitudes 2020
2519 STRATCAT-CO2 Surface functionalization with thiols: a novel strategy in catalyst design for the efficient reduction of CO2 to C2 products 2019
2520 SELENe Strain Engineering of Light-Emitting Nanodomes 2019
2521 CO2RR VALCAT Valence Band Tuning of Electrocatalysts for the CO2 Reduction Reaction 2019
2522 EuReCa Institut Curie EuReCa PhD Programme 2020
2523 UDE Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision for real-time diagnosis of public spaces 2019
2524 SentiSquareCX Qualitative Jump in Customer Experience: Omnichannel Impact of Distributional Semantics 2019
2525 ModCat Nanoparticle size selection tool for new generation Model Catalyst 2019
2526 SaPhaDe Know your enemy: systematic discovery of Salmonella anti-Phage Defences for the improved design of phage therapeutics 2019
2527 Nanostress Probing stresses at the nanoscale 2019
2528 DEVOCEAN Impact of diatom evolution on the oceans 2019
2529 SMART 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Advanced Research Training for Industry 4.0 2019
2530 PEARL Programme for EArly-stage Researchers in Lille 2019
2531 SmartGasGrid Enabling large-scale injection of biomethane in the European gas distribution 2019
2532 UHMob Ultra-high Charge Carrier Mobility to Elucidate Transport Mechanisms in Molecular Semiconductors 2019
2533 STRONG-2020 The strong interaction at the frontier of knowledge: fundamental research and applications 2019
2534 3DBrainStrom Brain metastases: Deciphering tumor-stroma interactions in three dimensions for the rational design of nanomedicines 2019
2535 PREVISION Prediction and Visual Intelligence for Security Information 2019
2536 INSPECTr Intelligence Network and Secure Platform for Evidence Correlation and Transfer (INSPECTr) 2019
2537 NGI Next Generation Imaging 2019
2538 GPCR Transcriptomics Exploring the role of GPCR expression diversity in receptor physiology and drug response 2019
2539 GenPercept Spatio-temporal mechanisms of generative perception 2019
2540 INO3D Mechanism of ATP Dependent Chromatin Modelling and Editing by INO80 Remodellers 2019
2541 DISKtoHALO From the accretion disk to the cluster halo: the multi-scale physics of black hole feedback 2019
2542 M-Runners Modal Nonlinear Resonance for Efficient and Versatile Legged Locomotion 2019
2543 SCAPA Functional analysis of Alternative Polyadenylation during neuronal differentiation at single cell resolution 2019
2544 HaLO How Language Oppresses 2019
2545 TRITON Controlling Wavefunction Overlap for Triplet Energy Transfer in Organic/Nanocrystal Quantum Dots Hybrids 2019
2546 QuSLAM Quantum simulation of strong interaction of light and matter 2019
2547 2D-QuEST Chemical Structure, Photo Physics and Emission Control of Single-Photon Emitters in Two-Dimensional Materials 2019
2548 OCHRE Oat CHRomosome Evolution and drivers enabling widespread terminal intergenomic translocations in polyploid species 2019
2549 BlackHoleMergers Formation of Black Hole Mergers in Dense Stellar Systems 2019
2550 EpiSeq Single molecule sequencing and biophysical properties of oxidized genomic DNA using magnetic tweezers. 2019
2551 BUNT Colorful Indications of (Ex)Change. 2020
2552 InDiQE Infinite-dimensional quantum effects 2019
2553 Clock-SAM Transcriptional reprogramming of Clock at Shoot Apical Meristem in regulating plant organogenesis and growth. 2019
2554 AL4BIOCH Assembly Lines for Biocombinatorial Chemistry 2019
2555 DIGIACT Digital Authoritarian Practices: Internet Surveillance and Repression against Transnational Activist Networks 2019
2556 Hepatic Thermogenesi Study the functions of the hepatic sympathetic nerve and the receptor Adrb3 in liver-mediated adaptive thermogenesis. 2019
2557 Exa-FireFlows Exascale framework for supporting high-fidelity simulations of multiphase reacting flows in complex geometries 2019
2558 MEMORIES Mapping dEndritic inforMation prOcessing in behaving mice using simultaneous spatio-tempoRal voltage and calcium Imaging and wholE-cell electrophySiology 2020
2559 PoInt Principles of Integrin Mechanics and Adhesion 2019
2560 DynaLight Light-driven atomic dynamics in solids and liquids – from fundamentals of optics to engineering of novel photonics technologies 2019
2561 OrthoChirp New method to mechano-spectroscopically investigate the transient evolution of a complex-fluid's microstructure subjected to a non-linear deformation or flow 2020
2562 BoostUrCAreer Boosting PhD employability @UCA 2019
2563 XMOS Multimodal context and voice recognition for seamless voice control technology interfaces with low upfront cost 2019
2564 5G-TOURS SmarT mObility, media and e-health for toURists and citizenS 2019
2565 POPGEO_BG Population Geography of Bulgaria, 1500- 1920: A Historical Spatial Analysis 2019
2566 T-NHL SUPRESSORS Tumor suppressor pathways counteracting oncogenic immune receptor signaling in T-Cell Lymphoma 2019
2567 Bio-Plan Bio-Inspired Microfluidics Platform for Biomechanical Analysis 2019
2568 ARTimmune Programmable ARTificial immune systems to fight cancer 2019
2569 Atomic Bands Next generation motion sensing bands for promotion of fitness and health tracking 2019
2570 DynapIP Innovative and ultra-low power neuromorphic unit for advanced signal processing in wearable medical devices 2019
2571 VENTuRE a Virtual and physical ExperimeNtal Towing centre for the design of eneRgy Efficient sea-faring vessels 2020
2572 InDx InDx - an innovative implant that restores natural motion to patients with thumb base joint arthritis 2019
2573 MicroRepro Medical microbots to support new assisted reproduction techniques 2019
2574 Chaperon ERA Chair Position for Excellent Research in Oncology 2019
2575 EMME-CARE Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East – Climate and Atmosphere Research Centre 2019
2576 MIA-Portugal Multidisciplinary Institute of Ageing - Portugal 2020
2577 Sano Centre for New Methods in Computational Diagnostics and Personalised Therapy 2019
2578 ECePS ERA Chair in E-Governance and Digital Public Services 2019
2579 O3-SML Ozone dry deposition to the sea surface microlayer 2019
2580 IMpaCT Imaging life from Molecules to cells - building knowledge on Cryo-electron microscopy methodologies 2019
2581 COBRAIN Armenia Center for Translational Research on Chronic Neurodegenerative Disorders: A Neuroscience Initiative on Maintaining Healthy Brain Ageing 2019
2582 HYDRACTFLEX Full-scale demonstration of a flexible inline production concept for breweries, drawing on water hydraulics 2019
2583 DEEPTIME Probing the history of matter in deep time 2020
2584 PyroSafe Integration of new nano-engineered safe energetic layers with Sensors and Electronics to manufacture Safety-Critical Microsystems 2019
2585 GeoUS Geothermal Energy in Special Underground Structures 2020
2586 MoVEMENT Mobility of Volatiles in the Earth’s Mantle by Experimental and Numerical Technics 2020
2587 PREDICT The Future of Prediction: The Social Consequences of Algorithmic Forecast in Insurance, Medicine and Policing 2020
2588 ICARUS Information Content of locAlisation: fRom classical to qUantum Systems 2020
2589 NoMaMemo Non-Markovian Memory-Based Modelling of Near- and Far-From-Equilibrium Dynamical Systems 2019
2590 ORIGAMI cOmpRession of Genomic dAta to facilitate precision MedIcine 2019
2591 AVATAR SW application for smartphones enabling accurate and easy-to-use 3D body scanning for digitalized design and production process in fashion and textile industry. 2019
2592 ViAjeRo ViAjeRo: Virtual and Augmented Reality passenger experiences 2019
2593 IMMUNOTRAP Diagnosis test for immuno-oncology therapies. 2019
2594 ELIT Empirical study of Literature Training Network 2020
2595 ArtMoMa Artificial Molecular Machines 2020
2596 KissAndSpitRhoptry Unravelling the secretion machinery for virulence factors in apicomplexan parasites 2020
2597 THREAD Joint Training on Numerical Modelling of Highly Flexible Structures for Industrial Applications 2019
2598 3TR Identification of the Molecular Mechanisms of non-response to Treatments, Relapses and Remission in Autoimmune, Inflammatory, and Allergic Conditions 2019
2600 NL4XAI Interactive Natural Language Technology for Explainable Artificial Intelligence 2019
2601 LISA Laser Ionization and Spectroscopy of Actinide elements 2019
2602 QUDOT-TECH Quantum Dots for Photonic Quantum Information Technologies 2020
2603 P4PLAY People, Place, Policy and Practice for Play 2020
2604 SUPERGALAX Highly sensitive detection of single microwave photons with coherent quantum network of superconducting qubits for searching galactic axions 2020
2605 H2OXIDES Efficient hydrogen sensing with atomically engineered materials 2019
2606 ONCORNET2.0 ONCOgenic Receptor Network of Excellence and Training 2.0 2020
2607 QUARTET Quantum readout techniques and technologies 2019
2608 IQLev Inertial Sensing Based on Quantum-Enhanced Levitation Systems 2020
2609 BOHEME Bio-Inspired Hierarchical MetaMaterials 2020
2610 ORIGENAL Origami electronics for three dimensional integration of computational devices 2019
2611 OLIGOARCHIVE Oligoarchive - Intelligent DNA Storage for Archival 2019
2612 DoSSIER Domain Specific Systems for Information Extraction and Retrieval 2019
2613 Ethno-ISS ETHNO-ISS: An Ethnography of an Extra-terrestrial Society: the International Space Station 2019
2614 SYGMA Synthetic photobiology for light controllable active matter 2019
2615 Let-it-Bi Bismuth Redox Catalysis for Sustainable Organic Synthesis 2020
2616 SAFEBIO Safe and Complete Algorithms for Bioinformatics 2020
2617 CMBLENS CMB Lensing at Sub-Percent Precision: A New Probe of Cosmology and Fundamental Physics 2020
2618 EMERGE Emergence of high-mass stars in complex fiber systems 2020
2619 ContraVib Chemical Control of Vibronic Coupling for Magnetic Materials 2020
2620 EpiRep Mechanism of nucleosome assembly during DNA replication 2019
2621 MOBI Modern Bigness : Challenges for European Competition Law 2020
2622 FLATBANDS Exploring strong correlations in flat bands 2020
2623 NIRD Nanoelectromechanical Infrared Detector 2019
2624 MODSTABVAR Moduli spaces of stable varieties and applications 2020
2625 CQWLED Overcoming the efficiency limitation of semiconductor quantum dot-based light-emitting diodes 2020
2626 BIOMOLMACS Molecular Machines Functioning in Cells 2020
2627 RIBES RIver flow regulation, fish BEhaviour and Status 2020
2628 CMBforward A programme for cosmology from current and next-generation Cosmic Microwave Background experiments 2020
2629 UpTrop Fundamental understanding of reactive nitrogen in the global upper troposphere 2019
2630 Black Sea CONNECT Coordination of Marine and Maritime Research and Innovation in the Black Sea 2019
2631 Extr3Me Extreme Mechanics of Metamaterials: From ideal to realistic conditions 2020
2632 GMOS-Train Global Mercury Observation and Training Network in Support to the Minamata Convention 2020
2633 PolyHelix Helically-Locked π-Conjugated Oligomers and Polymers with Tunable Twist 2019
2634 ULTRAIMAGE Advanced EUV/soft X-ray microscopy in the ultrafast regime: imaging functionality of nanomaterials across length scales 2020
2635 WoRShIP Wearable chemical sensors for public health-based business models 2019
2636 ClearFarm Co-designed Welfare Monitoring Platform for Pig and Dairy Cattle 2019
2637 SAND Secretion, Autophagy and their role in Neurodegeneration 2019
2638 PRISME PRogram for ISolation Manufacturing in Europe (PRISME) 2019
2639 DynAMic Dynamic adaptive microscopy for label-free multi-parametric imaging in biology and medicine 2020
2640 HMS Homological mirror symmetry, Hodge theory, and symplectic topology 2020
2641 LearnBugs Learning to Find Software Bugs 2020
2642 NEMOCRYS Next Generation Multiphysical Models for Crystal Growth Processes 2020
2643 GLAD Global Lagrangian Cloud Dynamics 2020
2644 SyNET From Network Verification to Synthesis: Breaking New Ground in Network Automation 2019
2645 PRIMES Structure in the Primes, with applications 2020
2646 CREATE Crafting Complex Hybrid Materials for Sustainable Energy Conversion 2020
2647 ConsQuanDyn Constrained Quantum Dynamics 2020
2648 AlgoHex Algorithmic Hexahedral Mesh Generation 2020
2649 GLISS Gliding epitaxy for inorganic space-power sheets 2020
2651 EuroSea Improving and Integrating European Ocean Observing and Forecasting Systems for Sustainable use of the Oceans 2019
2653 AUTO-MEA AUTOmated Manufacturing of wound components for next generation Electrical mAchines 2019
2654 CellularBiographies Global views of cell type specification and differentiation 2020
2655 HEATforecast Dynamical constraints for the predictability of heat waves in current and future climates 2020
2656 TAMING CORROSION Towards mastering the long-standing challenge of ageing infrastructures in corrosive environments 2020
2657 ASTRODUST The Heliosphere and the Dust: Characterization of the Solar and Interstellar Neighbourhood 2020
2658 ICED Impact of climate on mountain denudation 2019
2659 EnTER Enhanced Mass Transport in Electrochemical Systems for Renewable Fuels and Clean Water 2020
2660 SpinENGINE Harnessing the Emergent Properties of Nanomagnet Ensembles for Massively Parallel Data Analysis 2020
2661 TERAmeasure Non-contact millimeter and Terahertz frequency measurement paradigm for instrumentation and sensing applications unlocking metrology-grade results 2019
2662 BioCat Investigating the electron uptake mechanisms of bacteria on bio-cathodes for microbial electrosynthesis 2020
2663 FunBlocks Fundamental Building Blocks – Understanding plasticity in complex crystals based on their simplest, intergrown units 2020
2664 MEImpact The Consequences of Mismeasuring Economic Activity 2019
2665 3D-loop Mechanism of homology search and the logic of homologous chromosome pairing in meiosis 2020
2666 SweetBrain A new perspective on the metabolic pathway to neuronal dysfunction: Using organs on a chip to elucidate the role of the brain microvasculature 2020
2667 SpeciationBehaviour The genetic and neural basis of reproductive isolation 2020
2668 QUNET A quantum network for distributed quantum computation 2019
2669 QUIST Quantum information transfer between hole spins and topological states 2019
2670 CLAUSTRUM Optical interrogation of the claustrum from synapses to behavior 2019
2671 TWISTRONICS Probing topological valley currents by angular layer alignment in van der Waals heterostructures 2020
2672 FutureLSS Fundamental physics from the large-scale structure of the Universe 2020
2673 YEELP Youth Engagement in European Language Preservation, 1900-2020 2019
2674 Mereodao Mereological Reconstruction of the Metaphysical System in the Daodejing 2020
2675 PLANMod Regulation of extreme plasticity in planarian stem cells by mRNA modifications 2019
2676 PANGAIA Pan-genome Graph Algorithms and Data Integration 2020
2677 E-DIRECT Evolution of Direct Reciprocity in Complex Environments 2020
2678 CoEvolve Deconstructing and rebuilding the evolution of cell and tissue mechanoadaptation 2020
2679 ABODYFORCE High Throughput Microfluidic Cell and Nanoparticle Handling by Molecular and Thermal Gradient Acoustic Focusing 2019
2680 CriSP Critical and supercritical percolation 2020
2681 DistMaP Distributed and Massively Parallel Graph Algorithms 2019
2682 DynaGrow Dynamic Growth and Replication in Coacervate Protocells 2020
2683 SYSAGING A platform for rapidly mapping the molecular and systemic dynamics of aging 2020
2684 MAGIC Architectured Soft Magnetoactive Materials: Beyond Instabilities 2020
2685 SUBMODULAR The Power of Randomness and Continuity in Submodular Optimization 2019
2686 Fotokite Aerial Situational Awareness for Every Firefighter 2019
2687 EPICAMENTE At the epigenetics-cancer metabolism interface 2019
2688 SONOBOTS Acousto-Magnetic Micro/Nanorobots for Biomedical Applications 2019
2689 Corr-NEQM Correlated Non-Equilibrium Quantum Matter: Fundamentals and Applications to Nanoscale Systems 2019
2690 INFANT MEMORIES Dissecting hippocampal circuits for the encoding of early-life memories 2020
2691 MYOCLEM Elucidating the Molecular Mechanism of Myoblast Fusion in Vertebrates 2019
2693 SongNeuroGen Species discrimination in birds: A behavioural-neurogenomics approach to auditory learning 2019
2694 ANHARMONIC Anharmonic Semiconductors 2019
2695 sociOlfa Learning from social scents: from territory to identity 2020
2696 GAIA A Genomic and Macroevolutionary Approach to Studying Diversification in an Insect-Plant Arms Race 2020
2697 BOSADMIX Genetic admixture and its impact on domestication in the Bos genus: a model for genetic improvement of livestock 2020
2698 SSHARE Self-sufficient humidity to electricity Innovative Radiant Adsorption System Toward Net Zero Energy Buildings 2019
2699 SynLink Molecular Structure and Engineering of Synaptic Organizer Proteins in Health and Disease 2020
2700 LIP-ATG The missing link: how do membrane lipids interplay with ATG proteins to instruct plant autophagy 2020
2701 Ph.D. Phase map of dynamic, adaptive colloidal crystals far from equilibrium 2019
2702 AlgoQIP Beyond Shannon: Algorithms for optimal information processing 2020
2703 B-DOMINANCE B Cell Immunodominance in Antiviral Immunity 2019
2704 QBusSi Optomechanical quantum bus for spins in silicon 2020
2705 STAREX STARs at the EXtreme 2020
2706 UNITY Linking ecology, enzymes and ecosystems in the global nitrogen cycle 2020
2707 RESSPICAC Rational Engineering of Synthetic Systems for Propagation of Information via Catalytic Assembly of Copies 2019
2708 MitoRepairosome Dissecting the mechanism of DNA repair in human mitochondria 2020
2709 SWING Signals, Waves, and Learning: A Data-Driven Paradigm for Wave-Based Inverse Problems 2020
2710 TACCAMA Atomic-Scale Motion Picture: Taming Cluster Catalysts at the Abyss of Meta-Stability 2020
2711 SynaptoEnergy Molecular physiology of nerve terminal bioenergetics 2020
2712 PHAGOSCOPY PHAGOSCOPY: Dissecting cell-autonomous immunity with ex vivo electron cryo-microscopy 2020
2713 POLYQUANT Theoretical developments for precision spectroscopy of polyatomic and polyelectronic molecules 2020
2714 MAARvEL A Missing Key Property in Atmospheric AeRosol ChEmistry: the Laplace Pressure 2020
2715 DataVaults Persistent Personal Data Vaults Empowering a Secure and Privacy Preserving Data Storage, Analysis, Sharing and Monetisation Platform 2020
2716 TheCoroRevolution The Coro: a revolutionary product to bring breastfeeding into the 21st century 2019
2717 VIROME Shaping of long term innate immunity by viral education of bone marrow monocytes 2020
2718 ISEProD Industrial Structure and the European Productivity Growth Divergence 2020
2719 MELON Memristive and multiferroic materials for emergent logic units in nanoelectronics 2020
2720 TEACHING A computing toolkit for building efficient autonomous applications leveraging humanistic intelligence 2020
2721 Musicon BAND A complex educational tool based on the power of music, dedicated to preparing children for the challenges of the future by supporting global educational and therapeutic systems. 2019
2722 QUABODYP QUAntum Black hOle DYnamics and Phenomenology 2020
2723 FASTCORR Ultrafast dynamics of correlated electrons in solids 2020
2724 DecodeDegRNA Post-transcriptional regulation of RNA degradation in early zebrafish development 2020
2725 MOVING TOGETHER MOVING TOGETHER – reimagining mobility worldwide 2019
2726 G3P Global Gravity-based Groundwater Product 2020
2727 NQTPS Nonequilibrium Quantum Transport, Probes and Simulations 2019
2728 UNICOM Up-scaling the global univocal identification of medicines 2019
2729 EvoCellMap Tracing the origin and early evolution of animal cell type regulation with genomics and single-cell approaches 2020
2730 QGBoot Scattering Strings and Other Things: A Modern Approach to Quantum Gravity and the Conformal Bootstrap 2020
2731 AMASS Acting on the Margins: Arts as Social Sculpture 2020
2732 SMARTDEST Cities as mobility hubs: tackling social exclusion through ‘smart’ citizen engagement 2020
2733 UNCHARTED UNCHARTED: Understanding, Capturing and Fostering the Societal Value of Culture 2020
2734 PHOMETAPAN PHOMETAPAN- Meta-materials for Green High-Performance Soundproofing 2019
2735 AXONENDO Endosomal control of local protein synthesis in axons 2020
2736 Demos Design Principles of Branching Morphogenesis 2020
2737 EcoFoil Innovative, sustainable and globally unique storage method for food preservation 2019
2738 BIOMAP2SOIL Biological analysis of soils and advanced data analytics for precision agriculture maps 2019
2739 ATTOSTRUCTURA Structured attosecond pulses for ultrafast nanoscience 2020
2740 REVERT taRgeted thErapy for adVanced colorEctal canceR paTients 2020
2741 HCA Organoid HCA|Organoid: Pilot action to establish a multi-tissue human organoid platform within the Human Cell Atlas as a booster of future disease-centric, mechanistic, and translational research 2020
2742 REDIM Regional disparities in cause-specific mortality in Europe: the role of local context and national health policies 2020
2743 IMMUNETREH Trehalose as a source for privileged immunity in Drosophila 2020
2744 PROTEOFIT Adapting protein fate for muscle function and fitness 2019
2745 MOFCTP Micro-scale optofludics control based on thermoplasmonic effect of nanoparticle arrays 2020
2746 ELNANO Charge transport in nanochannels 2019
2747 BehavIndividuality Uncovering the basis of behavioral individuality across developmental time-scales 2019
2748 TWIST Twisted Perovskites - Control of Spin and Chirality in Highly-luminescent Metal-halide Perovskites 2020
2749 HUUVER Hybrid UAV-UGV for Efficient Relocation of Vessels 2019
2750 TOPOCELL A cell separation microfabricated platform for cell migration and invasion assays 2020
2752 XpeFundus A smart hyperspectral system for early, non-invasive diagnosis of retinal disease 2020
2754 ERABID Enabling Robot Adaptive Behaviours for NDT Inspections in Dynamic Contexts 2020
2755 SMIC Formal Models of Social Meaning and Identity Construction through Language 2020
2756 RibiTool Ribitol-phosphate: chemical tools to probe the biology of a unique mammalian carbohydrate 2020
2757 MonoComb Monolithic frequency comb spectrometers 2020
2758 ExpectBG Elucidating the Basal Ganglia Circuits for Reward Expectation 2020
2759 HyperK Modern Aspects of Geometry: Categories, Cycles and Cohomology of Hyperkähler Varieties 2020
2760 CHUbVi Ubiquitin Chains in Viral Infections 2020
2761 StuDySARCOMERE Structure and Cellular Dynamics of the Sarcomere 2020
2763 PEROXIS ground-breaking PEROvskite technologies for advanced X-ray medical Imaging Systems 2020
2764 MeM-Scales Memory technologies with multi-scale time constants for neuromorphic architectures 2020
2765 FURTHER-FC Further Understanding Related to Transport limitations at High current density towards future ElectRodes for Fuel Cells 2020
2766 READY Getting ready to treat human patients with nanobody-targeted photodynamic therapy 2020
2767 MycoProScale MycoProScale – Creating global markets with a unique large-scale Mycorrhiza production method 2020
2768 InteSens Innovative INTEgrated SENsor System for monitoring Infrastructural Assets 2020
2769 COMEDM Common mechanisms for decision-making and working memory in health and old age 2020
2770 NanoEP Enabling Novel Electron-Polariton Physics with Nanophotonic Platforms 2020
2771 TINTIN Visual narratives as a window into language and cognition 2020
2772 ATTIDA Attosecond space-time imaging of coherent quantum dynamics 2020
2773 MITOvTOXO Understanding how mitochondria compete with Toxoplasma for nutrients to defend the host cell 2020
2774 ESPACE Human Cell Atlas of the Pancreas 2020
2775 PSOTI Privacy-preserving Services On The Internet 2020
2776 FluxWIN The role of non-growing season processes in the methane and nitrous oxide budgets in pristine northern ecosystems 2020
2777 POPULIZATION Behavioral Foundations of Populism and Polarization 2020
2778 SIROCCO Remote control of cellular signalling triggered by magnetic switching 2020
2779 PhotoRedesign Redesigning the Photosynthetic Light Reactions 2020
2780 DDREAMM Dna Damage REsponse: Actionabilities, Maps and Mechanisms 2020
2781 AgingTimer Systems biology of the individual stochastic timer of aging 2020
2782 NONLOCAL Foundations of nonlocal and nonabelian condensed-matter systems 2020
2783 NextMGT Next Generation of Micro Gas Turbines for High Efficiency, Low Emissions and Fuel Flexibility 2020
2784 FLUSPEC Analysis of geometry-driven phenomena in fluid mechanics, PDEs and spectral theory 2021
2785 LocalGlobal Local vs Global Properties of Large Discrete Structures 2021
2786 PTEROSOR PT-symmetric electronic structure theory 2020
2787 BECAME Bimetallic Catalysis for Diverse Methane Functionalization 2020
2788 MolecQuantumMachines Molecular Quantum Machines 2020
2789 nbPTMs A multifaceted platform for exploring nucleotide-based post-translational modifications 2021
2790 ATTO-GRAM Attosecond Gated Holography 2020
2791 PODCAST Predictions and Observations for Discs: Planetary Cores and dust Aggregates from non-ideal MHD Simulations with radiative Transfer. 2020
2792 CRITICAL When Flows Turn Turbulent in the Supercritical Fluid Region 2020
2793 LightAtLHC Search for Axion-Like Particles at the LHC 2020
2794 CORPORATOCRACY The Business Corporation as a Political Actor 2020
2795 EXACTC Solving gauge theories in 4D: Exact correlation functions from integrability 2020
2796 PDPcardio Protein phosphatase 1-disrupting peptides: Scope and mechanism of action in the treatment of heart insufficiency 2020
2797 Hot Milk Flows of hot plasma connecting the Milky Way centre to the corona, halo and beyond 2020
2798 DiversiPHI Predicting the evolution of complex phage-host interactions 2020
2799 RandomMultiScales Computational Random Multiscale Problems 2020
2800 QS2DM Quantum sensing of two-dimensional magnets 2021
2801 SEE_QPT Imaging phase transitions in quantum materials 2020
2802 nanoDNArepair Next Generation Nanofluidic Devices for Single Molecule Analysis of DNA Repair Dynamics 2020
2803 RAGT Robust Algorithmic Game Theory 2020
2804 RRTB Recovery and Return-To-Base European Reusable Micro-Launcher Project 2020
2805 PURE Prototyping emerging bio-based products from lignocellulose by zero-waste pathways 2020
2806 M6AQuantKit Development and commercialization of kit for quantitative interrogation of a key RNA modification 2020
2807 ZENITH ZEbrafish Neuroscience Interdisciplinary Training Hub 2019
2808 MultiSeroSurv Algorithms and multiplex assays for integrated serological surveillance of malaria and neglected tropical diseases 2020
2809 InfoNet Informational properties of networks under communication constraints 2020
2810 GyroSCoPe Geomorphic and Sedimentary responses to Climate Periodicity 2020
2811 ForM-SMArt Formal Methods for Stochastic Models: Algorithms and Applications 2020
2812 DissectCMV Creating a comprehensive functional map of the viral and host factors in HCMV infection 2020
2813 TANDEng Engineering catalyst interoperability in next-generation tandem reactions for intensified chemical processes 2020
2814 ConTROL Charge-TRansfer states for high-performance Organic eLectronics 2020
2815 RiboTrace Bridging temporal resolution gaps to dissect RNA silencing at the molecular and genomic scale 2020
2816 MYCOREV A Mycorrhizal Revolution: The role of diverse symbiotic fungi in modern terrestrial ecosystems 2020
2817 EERAdata Towards a FAIR and open data ecosystem in the low carbon energy research community 2020
2818 BacForce Quantifying minute forces: How mechanoregulation determines the behavior of pathogenic bacteria 2020
2819 Niche4NbS Beyond assuming co-benefits in Nature-based Solutions: Applying the niche concept for optimizing social and ecological outcomes 2020
2820 ThoriumNuclearClock Thorium nuclear clocks for fundamental tests of physics 2020
2821 MUSAiC Music at the Frontiers of Artificial Creativity and Criticism 2020
2822 UnDark New Approaches to Uncover Dark Matter in the post-WIMP Era 2020
2823 E-SAC Evolving Single-Atom Catalysis: Fundamental Insights for Rational Design 2020
2824 Controlling MAC Structural basis of controlling the membrane attack complex 2020
2825 SPEAR Standard model Precision Electroweak tests at Acute Rapidities 2020
2826 3DPBio Computational Models of Motion for Fabrication-aware Design of Bioinspired Systems 2020
2827 DURARE DYNAMICS OF THE DURABLE. A History of Making Things Last in the Visual and Decorative Arts. 2020
2828 WACONDY Waves and concentration dynamics in biology 2021
2829 ICE_PACK Polymer Materials for Cryogenic Storage and Distribution of Biologics 2020
2830 KAM2CY5 Provision of services for enhancing innovation management capacity of the Cypriot SMEs by the Enterprise Europe Network Cyprus 2020
2831 CarbOcean An integrative approach to unravel the ocean's biological carbon pump 2020
2832 MARIX Methane and Ammonium Removal In redoX transition zones 2020
2833 NeuroTrans NEUROtransmitter TRANSporters: from single molecules to human pathologies 2020
2834 REpAIR Spatio-Temporal Regulation of Inflammation and Tissue Regeneration: Studying the immune system - tissue - microbiota communication to develop targeted therapies for immune-mediated diseases and cancer 2020
2835 Programmable Matter New materials enabled by programmable two-dimensional chemical reactions across van der Waals gap 2020
2836 INTEGRATE An Integrated View on Coupled Aerosol-Cloud Interactions 2020
2837 PIPE Learning Pixel-Perfect 3D Vision and Generative Modeling 2020
2838 RNAVirFitness The dark side of evolution: the deleterious mutational landscape of RNA viruses 2020
2840 CollectiveDynamics Collective signaling oscillations in embryonic patterning – revealing underlying principles 2020
2841 FDM^2 Structural multiscale modelling of extrusion-based 3D and 4D printed materials 2020
2842 MIGMAG Migration and the Making of the Ancient Greek World 2020
2843 GLOBAL Tropical rain forest diversification: a GLOBAL approach 2020
2844 EXTREMA Engineering Extremely Rare Events in Astrodynamics for Deep-Space Missions in Autonomy 2020
2845 SleepEpisMemory Sleep and episodic memory consolidation: ‘No-report’ paradigms, brain mechanisms, and dementia 2020
2846 ThermoRise Rise of the 3rd dimension in nanotemperature mapping 2020
2847 InstrAct From instructions to actions: characterizing the spatiotemporal neural signatures of instructions following. 2020
2848 ATRONICS Creating building blocks for atomic-scale electronics 2020
2849 SpaTe Spatio-Temporal Methods for Data-driven Computer Animation and Simulation 2020
2850 SENECA Shape-Shifting Ultrathin 2D Colloidal NanoPlatelets 2020
2851 GrapheneCore3 Graphene Flagship Core Project 3 2020
2852 DEEP-MAPS Deep Earth Mantle Phase Transition Maps: Studied by Time-Resolved Experiments 2020
2853 NANOVR Nanoscale Design using Virtual Reality 2020
2854 EVaP Elections, Violence, and Parties 2020
2855 e-MICROBe Energizing microbes with redox mediators for new bioproductions 2020
2856 GutBrainGABA Mapping the impact of gut microbiota on brain and behaviour through the lens of GABA 2020
2857 SEED Solvated Ions in Solid Electrodes: Alternative routes toward rechargeable batteries based on abundant elements 2020
2858 RECYPION Resurrecting the Carboxyl Polyether Ionophores 2020
2859 Phonon-ART Uncovering Phonon Dynamics by Advanced Raman Techniques 2020
2860 Green-MIQUEC Low-powered microwave quantum-enhanced communication: conceptualisation and preliminary design 2020
2861 MICROWATER Anaerobic methane oxidation processes in wastewater management, as sustainable applications against climate change 2021
2862 ECLIPSE Exotic superconducting CIrcuits to Probe and protect quantum States of light and mattEr 2020
2863 TANQ Taming Non-Equilibrium Quantum Matter 2020
2864 QUANTUMGRAIN Quantum Chemistry on Interstellar Grains 2020
2865 NUCLEARREV Towards a Third Nuclear Age? Strategic Conventional Weapons and the Next Revolution in Global Nuclear Order 2020
2866 Pollenity Introducing the Internet of Bees: A Smart Beehive System 2020
2867 HarmHoney HeAlth Regulation by the gut Microbiota in the Honey bee 2020
2868 CISBOOM Convergence of Information from Separate Brain Areas to Orchestrate Orienting Movements 2021
2869 QS21-Mech Target identification and elucidation of the molecular mechanism of action of saponin vaccine adjuvants QS-21 (QS21Mech) 2020
2870 REPLAY The Function of Hippocampal and Cortical Memory Replay in Humans 2020
2871 BeePath Impact of vector-mediated transmission on the evolution and ecology of a bee virus 2020
2872 DeepSeep Deep Serpentinization, H2, and high-pressure abiotic CH4 2021
2873 NINI Neuronal Information through Neuronal Interactions 2020
2874 STEMMS Storage and Eruption of Mushy Magma Systems 2020
2875 FuncDis3D Deconstructing gene regulation through functional dissection of the 3D genome 2020
2876 EXECUT.ER Dissecting the molecular mechanisms that execute developmental programmed cell death in plants 2020
2877 SNeX The origins of thermonuclear supernova explosions 2020
2878 CRYSTALCLOCK Readout scheme for solid-state nuclear clock 2020
2879 CODer The molecular basis and genetic control of local gene co-expression and its impact in human disease 2020
2880 Shades of Black The Darker Shades of Black. The Value of Skin Colour in the Mediterranean and Atlantic Slave and Labour Markets, 1750-1886 2021
2881 PeSD-NeSL Photo-excited State Dynamics and Non-equilibrium States under Laser in Van der Waals Stacked Two-dimensional Materials 2020
2882 NSTree Understanding substrate delivery for cell wall biosynthesis in plants 2020
2883 SIGMA Investigating Internal Magnetic Field Sources on the Moon and Mars 2021
2884 PRETZEL Dynamics of photoinduced resonant energy transfer characterized at the single molecule level. 2020
2885 WaspCLIM A continental-scale test of the climate hypothesis for the evolution of altruism in insects 2021
2886 SICNET Statistical Inference of the Cerebellar Network 2020
2887 DELIGHT DissEcting caLcium sIgnalinG in cHloroplasTs 2021
2888 SWEET JAZ Tackling plant growth-defense trade-offs by characterizing the role of PRL1 in Jasmonate responses 2020
2889 THIODIV Exploring thioalkynes potential in gold catalysis with a divergent reactivity manifold 2020
2890 MicroMix Microbial Conlonization in Confined Chaotic Mixtures 2020
2891 EpiStress Epigenetic mechanisms controlling hypoxia and pathogen Stress responses in plants 2021
2892 LSSgrav Testing the law of gravity with novel large-scale structure observables 2020
2893 GlycoSpec Unravelling Glycochemistry with Ion Mobility Spectrometry and Gas-Phase Spectroscopy 2020
2894 BRILLIANCE Bright, coherent and focused light to resolve neural circuits 2020
2895 RNADOMAIN Computational genomics of long noncoding RNA domains across metazoans 2021
2896 MEET Monitoring Earth Evolution Through Time 2020
2897 RADICALISATION ‘We’re not neo-Nazis anymore’: Radicalisation strategies in online far-right propaganda and disinformation campaigns 2020
2898 PropRT Property-Based Modulable Timing Analysis and Optimization for Complex Cyber-Physical Real-Time Systems 2020
2899 DiStRes Disentangling the stringent response to engineer novel anti-persister drugs 2020
2900 POLAR-4DSpace 4DSpace: integrated study for space weather at high latitudes 2020
2901 FINSEIS Quantitative analysis of the structural controls of faults on induced seismicity magnitude 2021
2902 GelPrint Printable polypeptide hydrogels with antimicrobial properties 2020
2903 ciTTub Molecular Basis of Tubulin Transport During Cilium Formation 2020
2904 SPINONICS Integrated devices based on spin-orbit photonics. 2020
2905 BRAVO Establishing Blend Repair limit of blisks –from A perspective of Vibration amplificatiOn 2020
2906 PregnancyAD Antidepressant discontinuation during pregnancy and relapse risk in the perinatal period 2021
2907 PROCESS REASONING Reasoning about processes: a logico-philosophical investigation 2021
2908 STIMULATE STING signalling modulation via the Electron Transport Chain 2021
2909 TRANSFA Translating the 'Father of Translation'. Linguistic and Cultural Transfers in Byzantium 2021
2910 BlochTG Bloch Oscillations, Wannier-Stark Localisation and Coherent Terahertz Emission in Twisted Graphene Superlattices 2020
2911 STMICRO Space-time visualization of microelectronic chip operation with femtosecond electron microscopy 2020
2912 NATIONAL-SUBJECTS Nation – Power – Subjectivity: The Making of National Subjects in Late Medieval Bohemia and Brabant (1300-1450) 2020
2913 EconCell Aligned one-dimensional nanostructure electrodes from Electrically Conductive pOrous coordiNation polymer for proton exChange mEmbrane fueL celLs 2021
2914 FACADE FAçade bio-CArbon based anti UV coating to prevent DEterioration of wooden buildings 2020
2915 THRESHOLD Thresholds and tipping points in ecosystem responses to global warming 2021
2916 PolyTEM Understanding Crystal Polymorph Control in Confinement using In-situ TEM 2020
2917 CitIndus The ‘Citizenship Industry’: Commodified citizenship, the corporate sector and global inequality 2020
2918 Pituitary enhancers Identification and functional validation of novel enhancer sequences involved in pituitary gland development and pathology 2020
2919 CARBOFLOW Streamlined carbon dioxide conversion in ionic liquids – a platform strategy for modern carbonylation chemistry 2020
2920 UNCARIA UNCARIA: UNcertainty estimation in CARdiac Image Analysis 2020
2921 GLoopID Mechanisms underlying regulation and removal of G-quadruplex/R-loop transcription-replication conflicts 2021
2922 COVADIS Deciphering the Code of Value Signals in the Human Brain 2020
2923 RMAG Rheology and Mechanics of Active Glasses 2021
2924 POL2-TERM Structural basis of co-transcriptional pre-mRNA 3’-end processing 2020
2925 MFILAMUXIAML Metal flow in laser additive manufacturing using x-ray imaging and machine learning 2020
2926 PHASE How is Populism and Health Associated in Europe (PHASE)? A multilevel analysis of the bi-directional interrelationship between populism and ill health 2020
2927 CuZnSyn Understanding Copper–Zinc Synergy for Carbon Dioxide Hydrogenation 2020
2928 BiLamVesicles Novel bi-lamellar lipid vesicles for studying double-membrane transenvelope proteins 2020
2929 BRICDOQ Bridging Integrability and Chaos to Decipher Out-of-equilibrium Quantum Matter 2020
2930 ExIQ Exponentially Improved Quantum memory 2020
2931 SPHERES Lipid droplet hypertrophy : the link between adipocyte dysfunction and cardiometabolic diseases 2020
2932 3D MAGiC Three-dimensional magnetization textures: Discovery and control on the nanoscale 2020
2933 BEEP Biodiversity Erosion in European medicinal Plants 2020
2934 TRADEOFF Deciphering fundamental constraints on pathogen adaptation 2021
2935 GrindCore Liquid-Assisted Grinding - from Fundaments to Applications 2021
2936 ELECTRAMMOX Bioelectrochemical anaerobic oxidation of ammonia for sustainable N removal from wastewater 2020
2937 BoRiS uncovering the anatomical archive of annual RINGS to understand abiotic and biotic drivers of SHRUB growth at the range BORDER 2020
2938 SHINE Chemical Approach to Scalable Fabrication of Hybrid Plasmonic Materials in the Strong-Coupling Regime 2020
2939 SANDS Stars, plANets, and Discs in multiple Systems 2020
2940 SECULAR The Secularization Theorem in the Long Nineteenth Century 2020
2941 EnFoRCe Effects of Electric Fields on tuRbulent Combustion 2021
2942 USOME Advanced Analysis of Polymersome and Exosome Hybrids for Potential Application in Therapeutics and Diagnostics 2020
2943 MATBFOB MAThematical modelling of Biofilm FOrmation on Biomaterials 2020
2944 SecondCANCERinKIDS What causes therapy-related malignancies in childhood cancer survivors? Dissecting the etiology of second cancers 2020
2945 Hydra Hybrid power-energy electrodes for next generation litium-ion batteries 2020
2946 BALTIC Machine learning based analytics for bacteria cell cycle characterization using super resolution microscopy 2020
2947 CellMechSensE Cell mechanosensing in the extracellular matrix 2020
2948 TweeTERS Coupling of Optical tweezers with Tip-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for single-molecule investigation of supramolecular systems 2020
2949 ANEMONE Evolving a Home for Nemo: Genomic Consequences and Convergence in a Model Marine Mutualism 2020
2950 MARACHAS MAss RAtio evolution in Clusters between HAlos and Sub-halos 2020
2951 Catenin-Condensation The effect of β-catenin condensation on the Wnt-pathway 2020