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H2020 projects about "gan"

The page lists 41 projects related to the topic "gan".

# achronym  title  year 
1 FLATLIGHT Functional 2D metamaterials at visible wavelengths 2015
2 GreenDiamond Green Electronics with Diamond Power Devices 2015
3 SPRInG Short Period Superlattices for Rational (In,Ga)N 2015
4 SuSiPOD Broadband Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors 2015
5 PINC Towards p-type conductivity in In0.5Ga0.5N nanocolumns on a Si (100) substrate with GaN buffer layers 2015
7 PowerBase Enhanced substrates and GaN pilot lines enabling compact power applications 2015
8 OSIRIS Optimal SIC substR ates for Integrated Microwave and Power CircuitS 2015
9 In-Need III-Nitrides Nanostructures for Energy-Efficiency Devices 2016
10 IminoBoron Iminoboronate polymers as dynamic smart materials 2016
11 ELeGaNS Europe-Leading GaN for Space 2016
12 QV-LIFT Q/V band earth segment LInk for Future high Throughput space systems 2016
13 GaNOMIC GaN in One Module Integrated Converter for EP systems 2016
14 InRel-NPower Innovative Reliable Nitride based Power Devices and Applications 2017
15 GaNonCMOS GaN densily integrated with Si-CMOS for reliable, cost effective high frequency power delivery systems 2017
16 PHASE-CHANGE SWITCH Phase-Change Materials and Switches for Enabling Beyond-CMOS Energy Efficient Applications 2017
17 SmaMoMeMoDs Smart Modulation Methods for Energy Efficient Operation and Health Monitoring of Future Motor Drives 2017
18 HiLICo High Luminescence In Cockpit 2017
19 ICOPE Innovative COoling system for embedded Power Electronics 2017
20 microSPIRE micro-crystals Single Photon InfraREd detectors 2017
21 ModulED Modular Electric Drivetrains 2017
22 MiGANSOS Millimetre wave Gallium Nitride Space evaluation and application to Observation Satellites 2017
23 ATOS Advanced Technological Solutions for X band Earth Observation Systems 2018
24 SERENA gan-on-Silicon Efficient mm-wave euRopean systEm iNtegration plAtform 2018
25 RAISE Reliable Aircraft electrical Insulation System sElection 2018
26 STAR Safe, Transparent, Active and Reliable mineral sunscreen technology 2018
27 5G_GaN2 Advanced RF Transceivers for 5G base stations based on GaN Technology. 2018
28 CoolHEMT Next Generation GaN Power Amplifiers 2018
29 FLEXGAN Ka-band GaN-based SSPA for flexible payloads and multicarrier operation for 5G satellite concept 2018
30 HEATPACK new generation of High thErmAl efficiency componenTs PACKages for space 2019
31 TELL Towards a fast-uptake of mEdium/Low-voltage eLectric power trains 2018
32 ENUF Evaluation of Novel Ultra-Fast selective III-V Epitaxy 2019
33 DELPHIS Disrupting ELectrochemical Processes with HIgh-Performance Power Supplies 2018
34 eleGaNt The first high performance gallium nitride wafers for mainstream power electronics 2019
35 MEMBOOST Memory Enhancing and Learning System 2019
36 GRACE GaN mm-wave Radar Components Embedded 2018
37 UltimateGaN Research for GaN technologies, devices, packages and applications to address the challenges of the future GaN roadmap 2019
38 Power2Power The next-generation silicon-based power solutions in mobility, industry and grid for sustainable decarbonisation in the next decade. 2019
39 SMARTEC Pilot line production of transceiver modules for the next generation of smart RF power applications 2019
40 eleGaNt The first technology enabling large-scale gallium nitride industrialisation for mainstream power electronics and RF applications 2019
41 AUTO-MEA AUTOmated Manufacturing of wound components for next generation Electrical mAchines 2019