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# achronym  title  year 
1 EXPLORATHON EXPLORATHON - European Researchers' Night Scotland 2014
3 FAWORIT 2014-2015 Looking over the Horizon - horizontal priorities in research and in everyday challenges of the researchers' career! 2014
4 BS_Night_140926_150925 Crossing Borders - In jedem steckt ein Forscher / European Researchers Night 2014 + 2015 2014
5 FLATLIGHT Functional 2D metamaterials at visible wavelengths 2015
6 SMIRP Silicon mid-infrared photodetectors 2014
7 e-CAERO 2 European Collaborative Dissemination of Aeronautical research and applications 2 2014
8 MISTRALE Monitoring of SoIl moiSture and wateR-flooded Areas for agricuLture and Environment 2015
9 Photo4Future Accelerating photoredox catalysis in continuous-flow systems 2015
10 RAGE Realising an Applied Gaming Eco-system 2015
11 MEDILIGHT Miniaturized smart system for light stimulation and monitoring of wound healing 2015
12 PQCRYPTO Post-quantum cryptography for long-term security 2015
13 GoMyTri Golden Mycological Triangle – joining forces to exploit mycological biodiversity for novel anti-infectives and other beneficial metabolites 2015
15 SuSiPOD Broadband Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors 2015
16 FACT Francophone African and Caribbean Theaters 2015
17 CHRISLAS Christian Diversity in Late Antique Sirmium (ca 350 – ca 450): A Historical, Literary and Theological Study 2016
18 WO for solar fuels Integrating molecular water oxidation catalysts with semiconductors for solar fuels generation 2015
19 THz Photochemistry THz Photochemistry: Biased Proton Transfer by Ultrafast Electric Fields 2015
20 PHELLINI Plasmonic Heaters Linked to Lanthanide-Based Nanothermometers for Photodynamic Therapy in the Near-Infrared 2015
21 STABLE_FABRY Calibration of Astronomical Spectrographs with Stabilized Fabry-Perot Etalons 2016
22 E-GRA-MONS OPTICS Coupling Quantum Emitters to Graphene Plasmons: a new route towards fast Quantum Optics 2015
23 DEW Detachment of water: Light triggered water droplet release from biomimetic honeycomb-structured polymer surfaces 2016
24 MISSION Mid Infrared SpectrometerS by an Innovative Optical iNterferometer 2015
25 Omniflow Next-generation hybrid wind and solar power technology 2015
26 BrainPEER Brain Performance Enhancement Revolution - Advanced Cognitive Training System for Football Players 2015
27 MILANO ROBOT Minimal Invasive Light Automatic Natural Orifice Robotic Platform 2015
28 OSS OpenSMESearch (OSS) 2015
29 CORSAIR Increasing the quality mindset of COnstruction workers involved in building Refurbishment processes through a Software Application capable of using among others visible or InfraRed pictures of defects 2015
30 EXTMOS EXTended Model of Organic Semiconductors 2015
31 DIACAT Diamond materials for the photocatalytic conversion of CO2 to fine chemicals and fuels using visible light 2015
32 OCAMIR The world’s fastest low noise infrared camera: Optic camera infrared 2015
33 S4F Setting the Stage for Solar System Formation 2015
34 CoDiS Compact, high-power, frequency-converted diode laser systems 2015
35 LIGHTKEY Visible Light Communication (VLC) application for mobile devices as control access, validation, master key or secure payment solution. 2015
36 GREENLIGHT_REDCAT Towards a Greener Reduction Chemistry by Using Cobalt Coordination Complexes as Catalysts and Light-driven Water Reduction as a Source of Reductive Equivalents 2015
37 ELICOS Enantioselective Light-induced Catalysis for Organic Synthesis 2016
38 COMBIOSCOPY Computational Biophotonics for Endoscopic Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy 2015
39 CapTherPV Integration of Capacitor, Thermoelectric and PhotoVoltaic thin films for efficient energy conversion and storage 2015
40 BioAqua Water as cosubstrate for biocatalytic redox reactions 2015
41 ALPS.INN3 Innovation Support Services for SMEs in North West Italy 2015
42 NOVLASE Novel light sources for biomedical-imaging applications 2015
43 POLIS Studying the bricks of microbial cities: characterization and structural properties of exopolysaccharides and their interaction with proteins and cations in anammox granular sludge 2015
44 RLTProFood RLTProFood - Remote Lighting Technology for processing and production of food 2015
45 PIX4LIFE Silicon Nitride Photonic Integrated Circuit Pilot line for Life Science Applications in the Visible Range 2016
46 MODULAR Modular mechanical-atomic quantum systems 2016
47 PHOBIC2ICE Super-IcePhobic Surfaces to Prevent Ice Formation on Aircraft 2016
48 IntelGlazing Intelligent functional glazing with self-cleaning properties to improve the energy efficiency of the built environment 2016
49 SHARP Southern Ocean and Antarctic Climatic Phasing:Tephrochronological Correlation of Southern Ocean Marine Records and Antarctic Ice-cores 2016
50 Local State State Formation Through the Local Production of Property and Citizenship 2016
51 COEL Cognitive Electronics 2015
52 PAAL-POC Practical Approximation Algorithms - Proof of Concept 2015
53 MURAB MRI and Ultrasound Robotic Assisted Biopsy 2016
54 Errspitals A knowledge transfer and sharing action for developing A new integrative approach to mitigating errors in hospitals: Resolving tensions in error research 2016
55 EDI-Net EDI-NET – The Energy Data Innovation Network; using smart meter data, campaigns and networking to increase the capacity of public authorities to implement sustainable energy policy 2016
56 InvisiblesPlus InvisiblesPlus 2016
57 EASY Pv EGNSS high Accuracy SYstem improving PhotoVoltaic plants maintenance 2016
58 FLAIR Flexible Hyperspectral Infrared Detectors 2016
59 BestRES Best practices and implementation of innovative business models for Renewable Energy aggregatorS 2016
60 CATA-LUX Light-Driven Asymmetric Organocatalysis 2016
61 ACCOMPLISSH Accelerate co-creation by setting up a multi-actor platform for impact from Social Sciences and Humanities 2016
62 GreenChalcoCell Green and sustainable chalcopyrite and kesterite nanocrystals for inorganic solar cells 2016
63 PHOTO ORGANO-GOLD Driving asymmetric photoreactions by merging organo- and gold-catalysis 2016
64 NCR Visible Light-Mediated Synthesis of Nitrogen-Centered Radicals: New Reactivity via Photoredox Catalysis and Electron-Transfer Complexes 2017
65 MCNANO “Multi-component nanoparticles as bimodal contrast agents for MRI and optical detection of tumors and for targeted photodynamic therapy” 2016
66 BRIDGE Bridging the gap: The Lost Centuries of Cypriot Archaeology between Rome and the Crusaders 2016
67 VOLTAIC VOLcanic lighTning: a lAb and fIeld ApproaCh 2016
68 cOMPoSe Optical Metamaterials by Polymer Self-assembly 2016
69 BrightPhoton Black phosphorus interlayer coupling in heterostructures with boron nitride for photonics 2016
70 RECORDER Rare Earth based Upconversion Luminescent Nanomaterials as novel bioprobes for the detection of cardiac biomarkers 2016
71 EARTHSCAPES From Landscapes to Earthscapes: Understanding Visual Cultures of Global Environmental Crisis and the Making of Global Environmental Images, 1945-present (EARTHSCAPES) 2017
73 THERMIDRONE Automated 3D Thermal Imaging of Industrial Plants and Residential Buildings by Drones 2016
74 ELUSIVES The Elusives Enterprise: Asymmetries of the Invisible Universe 2016
75 SmartGraphene Graphene based smart surfaces: from visible to microwave 2016
76 DYNAMOX Charge carrier dynamics in metal oxides 2016
77 EDU-DEM Democratization through Education? The role of education in strengthening civil agency and voice in Sub-Saharan Africa. (Case study: Uganda) 2016
78 TRISCPOL The role of the iron-sulpur cluster in human DNA polymerase delta 2016
79 MAPS-URBE The invisible city. Mapuche mapping of Santiago de Chile. 2017
80 MONACAT Magnetism and Optics for Nanoparticle Catalysis 2016
82 FAWORIT 2016-2017 Fascinating World of Researchers in the Age of Technology 2016/2017 - The New Generation of Innovators 2016
83 Smartphon Small - and nano - scale soft phononics 2016
84 PHOTODEMOS Citizens of photography: the camera and the political imagination 2016
85 HORTILED Market Opportunity Validation and Business Plan Development for horticulture research LED solution - HORTILED 2016
86 BUNGEE-TOOLS Building Next-Generation Computational Tools for High Resolution Neuroimaging Studies 2016
87 ImpAncCit The Impact of the Ancient City 2016
88 HERITAGE Monumental Art of the Christian and Early Islamic East: Cultural Identities and Classical Heritage 2016
89 MIRCOMB Chip-based mid-infrared frequency combs 2016
90 LASER-HISTO In vivo histology using femtosecond laser multiphoton tomograph for the early diagnosis of skin cancer and corneal diseases while simultaneously reducing Europe’s health care costs 2016
91 MEDIATE Middlebrow Enlightenment: Disseminating Ideas, Authors, and Texts in 18th-century Europe 2016
92 CoDiS Compact, high-power, frequency-converted diode laser systems (CoDiS) 2016
93 ASPAir Accelerated Synthesis of Nanoporous Photocatalysts for Indoor Air Purification 2016
94 CIRCULAR IMPACTS Measuring the IMPACTS of the transition to the CIRCULAR economy 2016
95 VIPERCON Emulating visual perception of contrast for image capture, post-production and synthesis 2016
96 SEED Supporting the Recognition of the Silver Economy in Europe in the Digital Era 2016
97 Data Pitch Accelerating data to market 2017
98 TRANSNATIONALaw Transnationalism and Unofficial Law: The Case of Kurds in Turkey and Germany 2017
100 chem-fs-MOF Chemical Engineering of Functional Stable Metal-Organic Frameworks: Porous Crystals and Thin Film Devices 2017
101 CrystalEyes Rapid crystallization design platform based on a novel stereo-imaging probe with anti-fouling system 2017
102 ChipScope Overcoming the Limits of Diffraction with Superresolution Lighting on a Chip 2017
103 AMPLIFY Amplifying Human Perception Through Interactive Digital Technologies 2016
104 NANOPHOM Nanophosphor-based photonic materials for next generation light-emitting devices 2017
105 CHARMED Characterisation Of A Green Microenvironment And To Study Its Impact Upon Health and Well-Being in The Elderly As A Way Forward For Health Tourism. 2017
106 Terpy2DMat Tuning of 2D materials properties through controlled functionalization with opto-electroactive complexes 2017
107 ProcessCitizenship Processing Citizenship: Digital registration of migrants as co-production of citizens, territory and Europe 2017
108 PHOTO-BORAD Boron chemistry in a new light: exploring the radical reactivity of boronate complexes through photochemical strategies 2017
109 NAROBAND Environmental friendly narrow band-gap colloidal nanocrystals for optoelectronic devices 2017
110 MILAS MIcro-pulsed, diode-based LASer 2017
111 INNO-CYANO INNOvative mapping, reporting and forecasting of CYANObacteria blooms applying the synergistic use of advanced in situ optical data, satellite imagery and statistical modelling 2017
112 qBioNano Quantifying bio-nano interactions of nanoparticles through microfluidic live cell Raman spectroscopy 2017
113 NANO-DIELECTRICS Nanostructured dielectric platforms for electric and magnetic field-enhanced spectroscopies and nonlinear photonics with low-loss characteristics 2017
114 QMBDyn Dynamical Phenomena in Quantum Many-Body Systems 2017
115 FEMTOCOLORS Femtosecond Temporally Coherent Supercontinuum Fiber Laser for Multi-Photon Microscopy 2017
116 DogSPEC Multimodal Spectral Imaging for Canine Skin Erythema Estimation: from the Lab to the Clinic – DogSPEC 2017
117 BogomolovMultiplier Bogomolov Multiplier 2017
118 SCHiMAT Silicon Cluster based Hierarchical photocatalysts produced by MATrix assembly cluster source 2017
119 FLUID Functional Low-Intensity Light Upconverting Inks for Everyday Applications 2018
120 WHIPCAT van der Waals Heterostructures for Innovative PhotoCATalysts 2017
121 TRANSARCHIVES Film Heritage and Archival Practices: Past and Present Transcontinental Encounters 2017
122 ALPS INN3 EEN Innovation Support Services for SMEs in North West Italy 2017
123 ASTEROID ASTronomy EuROpean Infrared Detection 2017
124 PHAROS Photocatalytic Generation of CarbAnions for Organic Synthesis 2017
125 POLMAG Polarized Radiation Diagnostics for Exploring the Magnetism of the Outer Solar Atmosphere 2018
126 Pilots4U A network of bioeconomy open access pilot and multipurpose demo facilities 2017
127 TRADE Turbo electRic Aircraft Design Environment (TRADE) 2017
128 NextWind Harvesting airborne wind energy using rigid kites. 2017
129 Struct. vs. Individ The ‘Declining Significance of Gender’ Reexamined: Cross-Country Comparison of Individual and Structural Aspects of Gender Inequality 2017
130 TRANSFORM Transforming Gender Justice for Conflict-Related Sexual Violence: The Gender Justice Prototype Framework for Analysis and Action 2017
131 PAIRPLASMA Creating an electron-positron plasma in a laboratory magnetosphere 2017
132 WORTECS Wireless Optical/Radio TErabit Communications 2017
133 SHOKA Community-based cyclist navigation solution to increase safety of utility bikers 2017
134 ArcheoDyn Globular clusters as living fossils of the past of galaxies 2017
135 Envision ENergy harVesting by Invisible Solar IntegratiON in building skins 2017
136 VisIoN European Training Network on Visible light based Interoperability and Networking 2017
137 CITCOM A Complimentary Inspection Technique based on Computer Tomography and Plenoptic Camera for MEMS Components 2017
138 microSPIRE micro-crystals Single Photon InfraREd detectors 2017
139 PhotoBioCat Light-driven sustainable biocatalysis training network 2018
140 POEM PARTICIPATORY MEMORY PRACTICES. Concepts, strategies, and media infrastructures for envisioning socially inclusive potential futures of European Societies through culture 2018
141 FEEDGALAXIES A new vantage point on how gas flows regulate the build-up of galaxies in the early universe 2018
142 PV-Prosumers4Grid Development of innovative self-consumption and aggregation concepts for PV Prosumers to improve grid load and increase market value of PV 2017
143 ARTIST Artificial cell-cell interactions for light switchable cell organization and signaling 2018
144 PolControl Engineering translation machinery to produce light-responsive protein-polymers 2017
145 NEBULAR Novel Blueprints for the Visible-Light-Mediated Assembly of C–N Bonds via Nitrogen Radicals 2018
146 COMICS Children in Comics: An Intercultural History from 1865 to Today 2018
147 CLAIM Cleaning Litter by developing and Applying Innovative Methods in european seas 2017
148 GRAPHENART Graphene as effective anti-fading agent for the protection of artworks 2017
149 CylcoRu4PACT Cyclometallated ruthenium complexes for photo-activated chemotherapy 2018
150 COGNAP To nap or not to nap? Why napping habits interfere with cognitive fitness in ageing 2018
151 SOLARX Photon Management for Solar Energy Harvesting with Hybrid Excitonics 2018
152 ESBO DS European Stratospheric Balloon Observatory Design Study 2018
153 RESISTANCE Rebellion and Resistance in the Iberian Empires, 16th-19th centuries 2018
154 SiNBioSys Luminescent silicon nanocrystals as bioimaging systems 2017
155 EPICA EPICA - Strategic partnership for the co-design of an innovative and scalable eportfolio ecosystem to improve the quality and visibility of skills 2018
156 ePersonam The simplest and most efficient platform to unify medical records and manage health careprofessionals. 2017
157 CoCoSym Symmetry in Computational Complexity 2018
158 Re-MAPMATH Re-Mapping the Numerical Brain. 2018
159 LIDOS Light-Induced Spin Switch using Dynamic Organic Species 2018
160 NEWCPLECS New circular polarized light-emitting electrochemical cells. 2018
161 ShaMROCk Superconductive MiR phOton Counter 2018
162 WoMoGeS Women’s movements and gestational surrogacy: engaging, debating and policy making 2018
163 BorGal Borelli Galaxy. Visualizing Galileo's Heritage (1635-1700 ca.) 2018
165 DarkMatterAndHiggs Searching for Dark Matter in the Higgs boson sector with the ATLAS detector 2018
166 DCMeta Dual Catalysis for Meta Functionalisation under Mild Conditions 2019
167 RURALIMAGINATIONS Imagining the Rural in a Globalizing World 2018
168 DeepInternal Going Deep and Blind with Internal Statistics 2018
169 ORO A General Strategy for the Generation and Use of Oxygen Centered Radicals in Organic Synthesis 2018
171 TropicalModuli Foundations and applications of tropical moduli theory 2018
172 Queer Muslim Spaces Queer Muslim Asylum Spaces: Between Righfulness and Rightlessness within Germany's Hetero- and Homonormative Asylum System 2018
173 MOSPhotocat Application of Metal Oxide Semiconductors in Photocatalysis 2018
174 ALATA The Making of Angels in Late Antiquity: Theology and Aesthetics 2018
175 LIMO Light Driven Stomatocyte Nanomotors 2018
176 PhotoCuRiOT Visible Light-Mediated Copper Photoredox-Catalyzed Ring-Opening Transformations of Activated Small Ring Aza-Heterocycles and Carbacycles 2018
177 WONT-HATE Online Hate against European Women Leaders: a Corpus-Assisted Multimodal Critical Analysis 2019
178 PHOTO-FLUOR Enantioselective Carbon-Fluorine Bond Formation: A Molecular Editing Approach toward Drug Discovery 2018
179 VACMA Vaccine Media Analytics 2018
180 MINERVA Mapping intentionality: demonstrating innovation in Neolithic pottery uptake in the Eastern Balkans. 2018
181 PLaTONE PLasmonics@Transparent cONductive oxidEs 2018
183 SWIRup HOT III-V II-VI Focal Plane Arrays for Space Applications in the Upper SWIR Band 2018
184 4DBIOSERS Four-Dimensional Monitoring of Tumour Growth by Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering 2018
185 XRayProton Ultrafast Structural Dynamics of Elementary Water-Mediated Proton Transport Processes 2018
186 AUTO NERVE Tracers for targeting nerves in the autonomic nervous system 2018
187 NICI Non-Invasive Chemistry Imaging in the whole human body 2018
188 TRAINEd TRAIN@Ed 2018
189 MNEMOSYNE EU ERA Chair in Digital Cultural Heritage: Mnemosyne 2019
190 Global Horizons Global Horizons in Pre-Modern Art 2018
191 BRiDGE BRiDGE – Bridge for Researchers in Danger Going to Europe 2018
192 DigRTEpi New integrated system to automatically record impact of interictal epileptic activity on behavior, reactivity, and consciousness of epilepsy patients 2019
193 Para-T System The Para-T System A quick blood group device to match in situ the donor bag and the receptor arm during a blood transfusion, avoiding major incompatible errors. 2018
195 SOLWET Electron Transfer Across Solid/Liquid Interfaces: Elucidating Elementary Processes from Femtoseconds to Seconds 2018
196 ELDORADO Electrophilicity-Lifting Directed by Organochalcogen Redox-Auxiliaries and Diversiform Organocatalysis 2019
197 MODES Multimode light shaping: from optical fibers to nanodevices 2018
198 PhotUntangle Rendering the opaque transparent: Untangling light with bespoke optical transforms to see through scattering environments 2018
199 GasFermTEC GasFermTEC: Gas Fermentation Technologies ERA Chair 2018
200 TeamUp5G New RAN TEchniques for 5G UltrA-dense Mobile networks 2019
201 FAWORIT 2018-2019 Fascinating World of Researchers in the Age of Technology – Cultural Heritage & the New Generation of Innovators 2018
202 H-Unique In search of uniqueness - harnessing anatomical hand variation 2019
203 LIGHTPORT From light-stimulated anion receptors to transmembrane carriers and pumps 2019
204 SSH Impact Conference on the “Impact of Social Sciences and Humanities for a European Research Agenda - Valuation of SSH research in mission-oriented research” 2018
205 MIGOSA MIGOSA - Image Sensor for low light Camera Applications 2018
206 LINCE Light INduced Cell control by Exogenous organic semiconductors 2019
207 ESCALON European-Latin American network for the assessment of biomarkers to predict and diagnose hepatobiliary malignancies and characterization of risk factors for cancer development 2019
208 ELIOT Enhance Lighting for the Internet of Things 2019
209 PAIDEIA PlAsmon InduceD hot Electron extraction with doped semiconductors for Infrared solAr energy 2019
210 SUPERSPEC Three-dimensional spectral modelling of astrophysical transients : unravelling the nucleosynthetic content of supernovae and kilonovae 2019
211 HANDLING Writers handling pictures: a material intermediality (1880-today) 2019
212 LEON Compact THz lasers based on graphene quantum dots 2019
213 TriQ New technology for improved food security and food safety to meet the increasing demand from consumers 2019
214 SPIRE A Photovoltaic Plant with thermal co-generation 2019
215 THOR TeraHertz detection enabled by mOleculaR optomechanics 2019
216 YMPACT The Yamnaya Impact on Prehistoric Europe 2019
217 METAmorphoses Shapeshifting Metasurfaces for Chemically Selective Augmented Reality 2019
218 TIMP Ultrahigh-speed nanometer-scale microscopy 2019
219 PoliticsOfPatents Politics of Patents: Re-imagining citizenship via clothing inventions 1820 - 2020 2019
220 Cinnamon From Essence to Cinnamon: Making our Proprietary CMS Open Source for Customizable Web- Platforms 2019
221 DALI Demonstrator for Aircraft heat exchanger LIfe prediction 2019
222 ASSALA Advanced Simulation Solutions Applied to Quality Control of Laser Deposited Metals 2019
223 Gender-SMART Gender SMART Science Management of Agriculture and life sciences, including Research and Teachning 2019
224 COSMOS COherent Support for MObility.E Strategy 2018
225 IMPRESSIVE ground-breakIng tandeM of transPaRent dyE SenSitIsed and peroVskite solar cElls 2019
226 WALCHEMY Early Modern Women and Alchemy, 1550-1700 2019
227 HUMANE Transcriptional characterization of human postnatal and adult neural progenitors and of the stem cell niches. 2020
228 BB-SLM Polychromatic digital optics for structured light 2020
229 uTSSreg Regulation of mammalian genes by new classes of promoter proximal transcription start sites 2020
230 PhotoCatRed Visible-light-driven Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction to Solar fuels by multinary N-Graphene based Heterostructure Composites 2019
231 DamBuckler Material damage and buckling instability: towards a unifying general theory 2019
232 WONDER Low-Bandgap Fused Ring Electron Acceptors towards High-Efficiency Organic Solar Cells 2019
233 2D_PHOT Two Dimensional Materials for Photonic Devices 2020
234 BeyondOpposition Opposing Sexual and Gender Rights and Equalities: Transforming Everyday Spaces 2019
235 ALPS INN3 EEN Innovation Support Services for SMEs in North West Italy 2019
236 ARCVIS Arctic Visible: Picturing Indigenous Communities in the Nineteenth-Century Western Arctic 2019
237 LOBSTER Development of Photochemical Strategies for the Generation and Use of Sulfur Radicals in the Assembly of C-S Bonds 2019
238 SMOLAC Theoretical design of non-fullerene small molecule acceptors for organic solar cells with improved efficiency. 2019
239 ENLIGHTEM European Training Network in Low-energy Visible Light IoT Systems 2019
240 GLASST Global and Local Health Impact Assessment of Transport: methods for prioritising model development 2019
241 HELIAUS tHErmaL vIsion AUgmented awarenesS 2019
242 VIREVOL Cells and giant viruses: a win-win co-evolution 2019
243 atoGRAPH Near-Infrared Optoelectronic Devices with Atomically Controlled Graphene Nanostructures 2020
244 PEAR Plasmonic Electronically Addressable super-Resolution: Accelerating the in-depth understanding of biomedical processes at the nanoscale via a novel real-time, optical limit-breaking imaging technology 2019
245 RESISTREE Identification of Phytophthora resistant beech trees by composition of endophyte communities, lesion formation and phenomics approaches. 2020
246 VERDAD A blood based biomarker identifying early Alzheimer Disease's pathology 2019
247 PEROGAN Novel Light Emitters based on Nanostructures of III-Nitrides and Lead Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals 2020
248 SCANOVIS Contactless, non-invasive scanner to detect, visualise, capture, and digitally preserve fingerprints and trace evidence in forensic investigations in one rapid, quality-proof step 2019
249 Solar-Win Next generation transparent solar windows based on customised integrated photovoltaics 2019
250 Light4Sight Light-activated carriers for the controlled delivery of therapeutic peptides in posterior segment eye diseases 2019
251 ATOP Atomically-engineered nonlinear photonics with two-dimensional layered material superlattices 2019
252 Dynamic BC Dynamic Bright Code: Delivering digital content in offline environments by connecting unique LEDbased optical tags with mobile devices. 2019
253 CITRUS-PORT Global advisory DSS platform for citrus fruit growers 2019
254 MERWIS Melanoma Early Warning System 2019
255 BiD4BEST Big Data applications for Black hole Evolution STudies 2020
256 BOB Business Opportunities in Biotech: Innovation Associate to leverage cell-free synthetic biology 2019
257 SPIAKID SpectroPhotometric Imaging in Astronomy with Kinetic Inductance Detectors 2020
258 NIRD Nanoelectromechanical Infrared Detector 2019
259 NANO4LIFE High-throughput 4D imaging for nanoscale cellular studies 2020
260 NanoBiOptics A Synthetic Biology Approach to Developing Optical NanoAnalytics 2020
261 SURPRISE SUper-Resolved comPRessive InStrument in the visible and medium infrared for Earth observation applications 2020
262 PhoToBe New ways from photon to behaviour: Finding new phototransduction cascades in fan worms 2020
263 LITCOM Literary Activism in sub-Saharan Africa: Commons, Publics and Networks of Practice 2020
264 PEROGAN Novel Light Emitters based on Nanostructures of III-Nitrides and Lead Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals 2020
265 RESILIENCE REligious Studies Infrastructure: tooLs, Experts, conNections and CEnters 2019
266 Light-COAT Visible Light-Activated Photoinitiators for Applications in Domestic Coatings 2020
267 SILENT Silent mutations in cancer 2020
268 BEAMOLED Beam-forming OLED with nanostructured fluorescence layer 2020
269 BRILLIANCE Bright, coherent and focused light to resolve neural circuits 2020
271 AETSOM Engineering a solution to the “resolution gap” problem for probing local optoelectronic properties in low-dimensional materials 2021
272 NITROGEN-LIGHT Photo(electro)catalytic Nitrogen Fixation 2021
273 Photo2Bio Photo-Organocatalytic CO2 Valorisation into Bioactive Added-Value Molecules 2020
274 CANALS Changing Water Cultures 2021
275 DiverseNile Cultural diversity in the Middle Nile Valley. Reconstructing biographies in the periphery of urban centres in northern Sudan during the Bronze Age 2020
276 PHOTOCARBOX Increasing the scope of CO2-utilising photoreactions: asymmetric photosynthesis of amino acids 2020
277 PolySolar Synthesis and nanostructuration of a Pi-conjugated polymer for dye sensitized solar cells 2021