Increase in opportunities for strategic collaboration in the field of nanotechnology via twinning of IOP with institutions of European Research Area


 Organization address address: PROSPECT NAUKY 46
city: KYIV
postcode: 3028

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Titolo: Dr.
Nome: Olena
Cognome: Fesenko
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Telefono: +3 8044 5259841

 Nazionalità Coordinatore Ukraine [UA]
 Totale costo 554˙211 €
 EC contributo 498˙696 €
 Programma FP7-INCO
Specific Programme "Capacities": International co-operation
 Code Call FP7-INCO-2011-6
 Funding Scheme CSA-SA
 Anno di inizio 2011
 Periodo (anno-mese-giorno) 2011-12-01   -   2015-03-31


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 Organization address address: PROSPECT NAUKY 46
city: KYIV
postcode: 3028

contact info
Titolo: Dr.
Nome: Olena
Cognome: Fesenko
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Telefono: +3 8044 5259841

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 Organization address address: Place Jussieu 4
city: PARIS
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Titolo: Ms.
Nome: Ouerdia
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 Organization address address: ULIKOOLI 18
city: TARTU
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Titolo: Dr.
Nome: Marco
Cognome: Kirm
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Telefono: 3727374601
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 Organization address address: Via Giuseppe Verdi 8
city: TORINO
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Nome: Gianmario
Cognome: Martra
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Titolo: Ms.
Nome: Kalliopi
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 Obiettivo del progetto (Objective)

'The Nanotwinning Project is aimed at one of FP7 Thematic priorities - Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials & new Production Technologies. The project provides a number of events, which are focused on increasing opportunities for collaboration in the field of nanotechnology via twining of IOP with institutions of ERA. The Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (IOP) is the coordinator of the Project. European partners of Nanotwinning Project, namely Pierre and Marie Curie University (France), the University of Torino(Italy), the University of Tartu (Estonia) are well recognized in the world in the field of nanotechnology and European Profiles (Greece) will assist in creation of strategic plan of development of the IOP. There are 5 Work packages (WPs) provided in the Nanotwinning Project: the 1st WP is aimed at general coordination, achievement of all project milestones and implementation of the Project. The 2nd WP is an integration of scientists of IOP in ERA by experience exchange, creation of joined Surface enhanced spectroscopy laboratory and holding of “Nanobiophysics” conference. The 3rd WP provides involvement of youth into promising directions of research by open days in the Institute, issuance of short-term grants for training, travel grants for participation in conferences and holding of international summer school “Nanotechnology: a Hands-On Experience with Fundamental Background and ways of raising Finance in the science”. The 4th WP is the search for ways of additional funding attraction into science and innovations – it is planned to hold short-term theme workshops, technological meetings, where not only representatives of science and external experts, but also representatives of business will be involved. On the last stage (WP5) the system of strategic management of IOP will be improved by creation of plan of the Institute sustainability for the next 5 years.'

Introduzione (Teaser)

Nanotechnologies, materials and new production technologies are key priorities for regional scientific development in Europe. New initiatives include measures that are focused on increasing collaboration in the nanosciences within institutions of the European Research Area (ERA).

Descrizione progetto (Article)

The EU funded the three-year (NANOTWINNING) project to promote collaboration at the Institute of Physics (IOP) of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine in the field of nanotechnology. The project focuses on stimulating cooperation between Ukrainian scientists and European representatives of science, education and business. The final goal is to strengthen scientific collaboration and simultaneously improve industrial high-tech cooperation.

At the initial meeting in 2012, the NANOTWINNING project was presented with its tasks and goals and an advisory group was created. Technology meetings were organised in 2012 and 2013 where technologies developed by Ukrainian scientists were shown to the business representatives of Ukraine and Europe. In 2013 live streaming of this event was watched in more than 24 countries of the world.

During the first project period, advisory and consulting services were provided to help IOP scientists participate in the EU's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and Horizon 2020.

Nanotwinning project partners created the international laboratory in 2012. A micro-Raman spectrometer was purchased for the laboratory and put into operation, making possible the creation of new nano-structured sensor substrates and nanocomposites, as well as the developing new nano-biotechnologies in the future.

Within the NANOTWINNING project, two international summer schools were successfully held and one is planned for 2014. The aim of the school is to establish contacts between young scientists and experts from different countries for the development of their skills at the lectures.

NANOTWINNING also organised the international conference 'Nanotechnology and nanomaterials' in 2013, which involved about 300 participants from Ukraine and Europe. The conference is scheduled again for 2014 and will focus on the latest advances in nanoscience and nanotechnologies.

At the next stage, partners plan to hold theme workshops and technological meeting where representatives of business will be involved. This will help to create the system for strategic management of the IOP and plan for the Institute's future sustainability.

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