Tools for Enhanced Photovoltaic System Performance

 Coordinatore 3E N.V. 

 Organization address address: Vaartstraat 61
city: Brussels
postcode: 1000

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Titolo: Mr.
Nome: Mauricio
Cognome: Richter
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Telefono: +32 2 229 15 19

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 Programma FP7-ENERGY
Specific Programme "Cooperation": Energy
 Code Call FP7-ENERGY-2012-1-2STAGE
 Funding Scheme CP
 Anno di inizio 2012
 Periodo (anno-mese-giorno) 2012-11-01   -   2015-10-31


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1    3E N.V.

 Organization address address: Vaartstraat 61
city: Brussels
postcode: 1000

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Titolo: Mr.
Nome: Mauricio
Cognome: Richter
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Telefono: +32 2 229 15 19

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5    AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

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city: WIEN
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Nome: Parik
Cognome: Michael
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Telefono: 43505506360

AT (WIEN) participant 409˙135.12

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Nome: Joerg
Cognome: Stahlmann
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Telefono: +49 441 798 5443
Fax: +49 441 798 2503

DE (OLDENBURG) participant 385˙623.40
7    Alitec SRL

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city: Filattiera
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Titolo: Dr.
Nome: Laura
Cognome: Botti
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Fax: +39 050 3869683

IT (Filattiera) participant 250˙218.00

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postcode: 6300

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Titolo: Mr.
Nome: Søren Bækhøj
Cognome: Kjær
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DK (GRASTEN) participant 5˙445.57
9    Enel Ingegneria e Innovazione SpA

 Organization address address: Viale Regina Margherita 125
city: Rome
postcode: 198

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Titolo: Dr.
Nome: Maurizio
Cognome: Gentili
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Telefono: +39 050 6185822
Fax: +39 050 6185651

IT (Rome) participant 0.00


 Word cloud

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tools    plus    monitoring    performance    storage    components    lifetime    electricity    pv    solar    control    power    integration    energy    reliability   

 Obiettivo del progetto (Objective)

'For a continued decrease of levelised costs of energy from photovoltaics (PV), the prices of PV system components have to be further decreased while performance, functionality, reliability and lifetime on the component and system level need to be increased. In an integrated view, PV system performance emerges from, but is not limited to the performance of the components. The Performance Plus project focuses on the PV system rather than on the component level. The main idea of the project is to optimise the system as a whole rather than the separate components.

The aim is to develop a collection of tools for modelling, monitoring and control of PV systems. All R&D results and models will be validated with empirical data. The realisations will be demonstrated. In order to ensure economic impact, possible pathways for exploitation will be explored jointly by the partners during the project execution.

The tools will serve to optimize and enhance the performance, reliability and lifetime of commercial PV systems beyond the state of the art. Means for a better integration of PV-generated electricity into the power system shall be provided by methods for short-term forecasting, integrated energy management and storage control, PV system monitoring and control.

Specific objectives are: - Robust system design modelling for diligent design and bankability - Robust operational modelling for optimising the system output - Integrated energy management and storage control - Real time monitoring and control: sensors communication and feedback - Hardware and software tools for testing - Validation, demonstration and target control

Performance Plus will bring scientific knowledge far beyond the state of the art for each of the objectives listed. The project is scheduled for 36 months.'

Introduzione (Teaser)

EU-funded researchers are exploring new approaches to improve photovoltaic (PV) systems' performance and reduce their investment cost. They aim to push the solar energy industry forward with new ideas and practical tools that will promote solar power systems' integration into electricity grids.

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