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H2020 projects about "acutely"

The page lists 16 projects related to the topic "acutely".

# achronym  title  year 
1 PentaBrain Structural studies of mammalian Cys-loop receptors 2015
2 SynDegrade The Role of Local Protein Degradation in Neurotransmitter Release and Homeostatic Plasticity 2016
3 NORVAS Therapeutic and Biomarker Potential of long non-coding RNAs in Vascular Disease 2016
4 Bio-ICD Biological auto-detection and termination of heart rhythm disturbances 2017
5 RhoSNATCH Dissecting Rho GTPase signalling networks through acute perturbation techniques 2017
6 NEURO_NMD Functional impact of alternative splicing coupled to nonsense-mediated decay in developing neurons 2017
7 HEAR-ECO HEAR-ECO Innovative Hearing Aid Research - Ecological Conditions and Outcome Measures 2017
8 DC_Nutrient Investigating nutrients as key determinants of DC-induced CD8 T cell responses 2018
9 ATG9_SOLVES_IT In vitro high resolution reconstitution of autophagosome nucleation and expansion catalyzed byATG9 2018
10 NACHO Nicotine actions on beta cell function in health and disease 2018
11 OCOCAMKS Optical control of CaMKII signaling 2018
12 SENSATIONAL TETHERS Tethers for sensory mechanotransduction: from molecules to perception 2018
13 mitoUPR Cellular modulation by the mitochondrial unfolded protein response 2019
14 PhotoXLink Development of biomolecular tools for the spatiotemporal photocontrol of AMPA receptors mobility 2019
15 FunStructure Interdependence of functional and structural plasticity in cerebellar climbing fibers in health and disease 2019
16 ExploDProteins Exploiting the DNA damage response to induce degradation of proteins 2020