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H2020 projects about "arthropods"

The page lists 17 projects related to the topic "arthropods".

# achronym  title  year 
1 CheliceLand Molecular palaeobiology and comparative genomics of chelicerate terrestrialisation 2015
2 DOGMITE The unique dioxygenases of phytophagous spider mites: new enzyme players in plant-herbivore interactions? 2015
3 Hi-SynVir High-throughput characterization of host promiscuity for precisely designed synthetic viral capsid 2015
4 FLORALWOOD Selecting non-crop flowering plants for enhancing natural enemies of crop pests in agro ecosystems under climate change perspective 2016
5 INSECTBARRIER Insect-repellent coating for food packages 2016
6 EYEPOD The vision-strike conversion: Neural control of the predatory strike behavior in stomatopods 2016
7 JHSIGNAL Modulation of juvenile hormone signaling by receptor phosphorylation 2017
8 SOILBIODIV Beyond the limits of scale: a novel pipeline for the measurement of soil arthropod biodiversity 2016
9 SymMech Unravelling the mechanisms behind bacterial symbiosis in insects 2017
10 ElectroBee Mechanisms of electroreception in bees and other terrestrial animals 2017
11 TERRESTREVOL Exploring terra incognita: terrestrialization of arthropods in the era of genomics 2018
12 CHOCOLATE4LIFE Achieving sustainable agriculture in African cacao through DNA metabarcoding and food web models 2019
13 VALITEST Validation of diagnostic tests to support plant health 2018
14 INMIfungi Interactions of insect and soil microbial communities with insect pathogenic fungi 2018
15 WolAntiS Using antisense inhibition to understand Wolbachia symbiosis and antiviral protection 2019
16 FAB Functional Agricultural Biodiversity : Optimising ecosystem service provision via functional agricultural biodiversity 2019
17 ASENT Foundations of Animal Sentience 2020