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H2020 projects about "berlin"

The page lists 77 projects related to the topic "berlin".

# achronym  title  year 
1 SUCCESS Sustainable Urban Consolidation CentrES for conStruction 2015
2 DORA Door to Door Information for Airports and Airlines 2015
3 SPRInG Short Period Superlattices for Rational (In,Ga)N 2015
4 InnoManage BB EEN Innovation Management Services Berlin-Brandenburg 2014
6 Film265 Improving European VoD Creative Industry with High Efficiency Video Delivery 2015
7 INCAS Understanding institutional change in Asia: a comparative perspective with Europe 2015
8 URBAN LEARNING Integrative energy planning of urban areas: collective learning for improved governance 2015
9 POLYSOLAR A light weight, recyclable, tracking support system, for solar photovoltaic modules based on inflatable polymer membranes 2014
10 PoetEleg Aestheticization of Life and Cosmopolitan Modernity: The Poetics of Elegance in the Long 19th Century 2016
11 NETIA Neolithic textiles and clothing industries in the Aegean 2015
12 GATEWAY Developing a Pilot Case aimed at establishing a European infrastructure project for CO2 transport 2015
13 GY GameYourself - Create a virtual 3D model of a person’s face based on a short video taken with any smartphone cam. 2014
14 EPIC Centre of Excellence in Production Informatics and Control 2015
15 5G-Crosshaul 5G-Crosshaul: The 5G Integrated fronthaul/backhaul 2015
16 iLABOUR Online Labour: The Construction of Labour Markets, Institutions and Movements on the Internet 2015
17 InnoManage BB 1516 EEN Innovation Management Services Berlin-Brandenburg 2015
18 APRIL Applications of Personal Robotics for Interaction and Learning 2016
19 Be-IoT The business engine for IoT pilots: Turning the Internet of things in Europe into an economically successful and socially accepted vibrant ecosystem 2016
20 DOMINO DOMINO - Connecting Europe, Saving Energy 2016
21 BIG IoT BIG IoT - Bridging the Interoperability Gap of the Internet of Things 2016
22 PEACH Parental Employment and Child Investments 2017
23 Panatomy Panatomy 2016
24 RTHRIEL The Rhyme: Theory and History of the rhyme in Italian and European literature 2016
25 FLAME Fragility and Geopolitics in the Middle East and North Africa 2016
26 FITA2.0 A highly innovative size recommendation engine, disrupting the existing online apparel market by using big data and machine-learning algorithms. 2016
27 5G MiEdge 5G MiEdge: Millimeter-wave Edge cloud as an enabler for 5G ecosystem 2016
28 EJDFoodSci Food science, technology and engineering - European Joint Doctorate training towards knowledge, skills and mobility 2016
29 TRANSNATIONALaw Transnationalism and Unofficial Law: The Case of Kurds in Turkey and Germany 2017
30 IProBoard Intellectual Property Right Dashboard 2016
31 InsiliCardio Image-based High-resolution In-silico Modeling of Total Cardiac Function 2017
32 AGG-REST-WEB Let restore our soils : using the soil food web to engineer the soil structure and functionning 2017
33 AgedLGBT Ageing Diversity: LGBT* – Housing and Long-term Care 2017
34 SpinSolar Characterisation method for spin-dependent processes in solar energy technology 2017
36 InnoManage BB InnoManage BB 2017-2018 2017
37 MathInParis International Doctoral Training in Mathematical Sciences in Paris 2017
38 COLLABORATRICITY Utility-in-a- box software platform connecting local electricity producers and consumers to foster Collaborative Energy Ecosystems 2017
39 iSIM Integrated Standard Imager for Earth Observation Microsatellites 2017
40 ELVITEN Electrified L-category Vehicles Integrated into Transport and Electricity Networks 2017
41 EUCHILD Understanding the impact of EU policies on the deinstitutionalization of child care in non-EU Eastern European countries 2018
42 MERLIN Methodologies for Researcher Led INnovations 2017
43 Startup Lighthouse Lighthouse: Lighting the way for European scale-ups 2018
44 PLABOR Platform Labor: Digital transformations of work and livelihood in post-welfare societies 2018
45 TransSec Autonomous emergency manoeuvring and movement monitoring for road transport security 2018
46 X-TEC A groundbreaking renewable-energy technology for reducing truck emissions 2018
47 GAAL Of Awful Connections, East German Primitives and the New Black Berlin Wall: Germany and German History in African American Literature, 1892-2016 2019
48 EUSKOR Europe, the United States and the Crisis on the KORean Peninsula: Between a Rock and a Hard Place 2018
49 MEISTER Mobility Environmentally-friendly, Integrated and economically Sustainable Through innovative Electromobility Recharging infrastructure and new business models 2018
50 HisTochText History of the Tocharian Texts of the Pelliot Collection 2018
52 PLUS Platform Labour in Urban Spaces: Fairness, Welfare, Development 2019
53 SAMBAfun System for AcceleroMeter-Based Assessment of cardiac FUNction 2018
54 Konetik eLCV Artificial Intelligence based Smart Charging Assistant for Electric Light Commercial Vehicle Fleets 2018
55 REFREAM Re-Thinking of Fashion in Research and Artist collaborating development for Urban Manufacturing 2018
57 TCRabX Structural basis for the therapeutic efficiency of optimal-affinity T cell receptors 2019
58 InnoManage BB 2019 EEN Innovation Management Berlin-Brandenburg (InnoManage BB 2019) 2019
59 IndiGen Indigeneities in the 21st century: From ‘vanishing people’ to global players in one generation 2019
60 MossTree A new urban green infrastructure to actively reduce air pollution in urban hotspots 2019
61 OMNIUS SaaS platform for automated categorisation and mapping of digitised documents using machine intelligence semantic extraction 2019
62 AWESOME Airborne Wind Energy System for Off-grid and Mobile End-uses 2019
63 EUCANCan EUCANCan: a federated network of aligned and interoperable infrastructures for the homogeneous analysis, management and sharing of genomic oncology data for Personalized Medicine. 2019
64 IaM NUBIAN Identity and Memory in Christian Nubia: A study on strategies of (self-)presentation and preservation of the past in medieval African society 2019
65 CLOUDWORLDS Cloud Worlds: from Venus to Exoplanet 2019
66 REFLOW constRuctive mEtabolic processes For materiaL flOWs in urban and peri-urban environments across Europe 2019
67 DWC - Leading urban water management to its digital future 2019
68 SYZYGY Syzygies, moduli and topological invariants of groups 2020
69 SAFE-CAB Laser-Assisted Surgical System to Revolutionize Cardiac Bypass Surgeries 2019
70 SUSTEUS Assessing the socio-economic impact of environmentally sustainable redevelopment plans on communities housed in social housing estates in EU and US cities 2020
71 ArtsAutonomy The Arts of Autonomy: Pamphleteering, Popular Philology, and the Public Sphere, 1988-2018 2020
72 CoAct Co-designing Citizen Social Science for Collective Action 2020
73 INDIMO Inclusive digital mobility solutions 2020
74 USER-CHI innovative solutions for USER centric CHarging Infrastructure 2020
75 InnoManage BB 20-21 EEN Innovation Management Berlin-Brandenburg (InnoManage BB 2020-2021) 2020
76 B-HUB FOR EUROPE Blockchain HUB FOR EUROPEan startups acceleration and growth 2020
77 Goods of the Earth All the Goods of the Earth: Making and Marketing in the Pre-Mongol Islamic World 2021