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H2020 projects about "ceo"

The page lists 52 projects related to the topic "ceo".

# achronym  title  year 
1 AquaPure Detergent-free process for dishwashers with cleaning and disinfecting properties 2015
2 MAGIC Middleware for collaborative Applications and Global vIrtual Communities 2015
3 InfoAggregation Information Aggregation in Elections 2015
4 HYPERQTOTAL “Diagnosis of Ischemic Heart Disease by means of innovative and highly accurate high frequency QRS electrocardiogram analysis” 2016
5 EuPRAXIA Proposal for a Horizon 2020 Design Study on the “European Plasma Research Accelerator with eXcellence In Applications“ (EuPRAXIA) 2015
6 Lumiblast A paradigm shift in cancer therapy – using mitochondria-powered chemiluminescence to non-invasively treat inaccessible tumours 2016
7 MODERATOR autoMated radiO frequency iDEntification enabled cameRA auTOmation solution foR fencing 2016
8 PAPER-P Unique technology to turn on-site paper waste from the printing industry into high-quality PHA bioplastic 2016
9 ULTRASTABLE Ultrastable optical frequency comb systems 2016
10 PITCHER boosting Performance with an Innovation associate with TeCHnical and business ExperRtise on short food supply chains 2017
11 ALGAMATER Using microalgae bioreactor technology to deliver the world’s most cost-effective, energy-efficient and adaptable system for the treatment of toxic industrial and landfill wastewater 2017
12 FLUINEMS Suspended Fluidic nanochannels as optomechanical sensors for single molecules 2017
13 FBT Transforming Brain Rehabilitation 2017
14 COLLABORATRICITY Utility-in-a- box software platform connecting local electricity producers and consumers to foster Collaborative Energy Ecosystems 2017
15 STORM The first cybersecurity management system providing evidence based metrics for cyber risk at the business asset level in real-time 2017
16 METEOR Recruiting electronic researcher to develop a predictive sensor to prevent frost on sensitive equipment 2017
17 HERMES High Efficiency Real-Time Multithreading Engine for Space applications 2017
19 AUTTO Unlocking intelligent workflow automation for the SME market through AUTTO, an AI powered micro-automation SaaS Platform 2017
20 ENVIROSTOME Exploring the contribution of bacteriophages to the emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance in environmental settings 2019
21 FACT Falex Application Center for Tribology 2018
22 PulSAR The incident management tool to use when everything goes wrong 2018
23 FuseX Novel device for simple and effective prevention of post-surgical adhesion build up. 2018
24 POM: Peace of Mind for everyone's invoice administration 2018
25 Airmee Optimizing Logistic Fleets with Machine Learning to Enable Sustainable On-Demand Deliveries in Cities 2018
26 FUNGLASS FUNctional GLASS 2019
27 FIBROHALT Advancing a novel peptide-based therapeutic for pancreatic cancer 2018
28 GASTEJO Decentralized Travel Apartment Distribution Platform 2018
29 ALL Animated Language Learning Ltd 2018
30 NMRT Using Nano-Magnetic Resonance to deliver the world’s most cost-efficient system for the treatment of toxic industrial and landfill wastewater 2019
31 ThinAirWater Providing water for everyone with water-from-air technology 2018
32 THRIVE Helping Businesses Thrive in Sales with a new fully automatic platform that integrates and coordinates different sales tools 2019
33 MoonVision 2.0 Using AI Computer Vision 2.0 for Visual Inspection in the Industry 2019
34 OpticalSpaceLink Optical link for free space laser communication to satellites. 2019
35 Racefox Making better runners & cross-country skiers by real-time AI coaching 2019
36 EMphiTech A new generation of electric motors that provides higher power density and safety features by a novel winding architecture 2019
37 BIOsens BIOsens – cutting-edge portable device for precise and rapid analysis of crops 2019
38 OvaVAx 100% Bacteria free eggs for use in production of human and animal vaccines 2019
39 APIIP API-Enabled Invoice Protection in Europe 2019
40 ElectroGas New Technology for Efficient Electrochemical Production of Synthetic Natural Gas 2019
41 Usersnap Suite Analyzing Smart Bug Tracking and Customer Experience Feedback to Create and Evolve Software Products Users Love 2019
42 CUBELIZER The first customer behaviour analytics solution for shopping-center portfolio management, deploying cost-effective & accurate advanced computer vision 2019
43 Stoli Catalysts Disrupting fine chemicals manufacturing with catalyst-coated tube reactors 2019
44 SolMate The world’s first “Plug-in and Use-Solar PV with Storage”, designed for small city apartments in the EU. 2019
45 FRAME FRAME - tumor genome-based personalized anti-cancer vaccines off-the-shelf 2019
46 SSB Surgify Safety Burr 2019
47 UNLOCK-EDD UNLOCKing next generation computer-guided Enzyme Discovery and Design. 2019
48 Digital Wallpaper The wafer thin, flexible, lightweight and endless scalable LED screen for dynamic ambient lighting and outdoor video walls 2019
49 Cenya Ex vivo cell labelling for in vivo imaging applied to cell therapeutics 2019
50 DigiPharm Value-based Healthcare Platform Secured with Blockchain Technology 2019
51 LPS For a full data privacy on the go. 2019
52 APOLITICAL The first global peer-to-peer platform for government, to help public servants find the ideas, experts and partners they need to solve today’s hardest challenges 2020