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H2020 projects about "forks"

The page lists 18 projects related to the topic "forks".

# achronym  title  year 
1 HoogsCG Development of a multiscale modeling strategy to decipher how hybrid DNA/RNA triplexes and G-quadruplexes affect gene expression regulation 2015
2 DNA2REPAIR DNA strand break repair and links to human disease 2015
3 RecInRep Beyond double-strand break repair: specific mechanisms of homologous recombination at stressed replication forks. 2016
4 REPSUMODDT Mechanisms and regulators coordinating replication integrity and DNA damage tolerance. 2016
5 RTEL1inHHS Characterization of RTEL1 mutations in Hoyeraal-Hreidarsson Syndrome 2017
6 RepliStressTiming Impact of replicative stress on DNA replication timing control 2017
8 Rep. Fork Restart Restart of blocked replication fork at replication fork barrier 2017
9 Auto-Anode Automated Anode Fork Repair System for the Aluminium Rodding Plant 2017
10 ORI NUMBER Unravelling the effect of origin number on the success of genome replication 2017
11 DNAcheck Mechanistic analysis of DNA damage signaling and bypass upon replication of damaged DNA template in human cells. 2018
12 SinMolTermination Single-molecule visualisation of eukaryotic DNA replication termination to uncover novel mechanisms of replication stress 2019
13 HiMIN Histone H3.3 oncogenic mutations: a role in genome instability through altered DNA repair and replication fork stability? 2018
14 REPLISTRESS DNA Replication: From Physiology to Replication Stress in Human Cancer 2018
15 CRYOREP Chromosome Replication Visualised by Cryo-EM 2019
16 FriendlyKnife How to get rid of plastic cutlery? Biodegradable products made out of beer waste 2019
17 EpiRep Mechanism of nucleosome assembly during DNA replication 2019
18 Irrev Fork Arrest Deciphering the mechanism of irreversible replication fork arrest 2020