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H2020 projects about "import"

The page lists 63 projects related to the topic "import".

# achronym  title  year 
1 SYNCHRO-NET Synchro-modal Supply Chain Eco-Net 2015
2 NICHOID Mechanobiology of nuclear import of transcription factors modeled within a bioengineered stem cell niche. 2015
3 4FOLD 4FOLD Reduction of the International Transport of Empty Containers by Folding 2014
4 ARCGATE ARCGATE: maximizing the potential of Arctic Ocean Gateway array 2015
5 TRANSLATIS Translating from Latin: Contacts, Transfer, and Rewriting of Historiographical Texts in Medieval Iceland 2015
6 FISHARC FISHing Ancient Reasons to address current Concerns 2015
7 ESW European Structural Wood - for sustainable building components 2015
8 AMVA4NewPhysics Advanced Multi-Variate Analysis for New Physics Searches at the LHC 2015
9 DEPICODE Decoding the epigenetic signature of memory function in health and disease 2015
10 SMART GROUND SMART data collection and inteGRation platform to enhance availability and accessibility of data and infOrmation in the EU territory on SecoNDary Raw Materials 2015
11 CWT Clearview Trade - Cloud based collaborative custom system 2015
12 p-DRIVE Pyrolysis of Derived Residues of waste, providing Improved gas for Vehicle Engines 2015
13 EFFICIENT Environmentally Friendly Fire Suppression System for Cargo using Innovative Green Technology 2016
15 ERAD_SELMA Mechanisms of protein translocation in ER-associated protein degradation and the related protein import into the apicoplast of Plasmodium falciparum 2016
16 WPolitical Wittgenstein and Political Theory 2016
17 R2R-3G Towards Roll-to-Roll Production of Third Generation Solar Cells 2016
18 CCP Feasibility assessment on sustainable bulk products, made from coconut fibers 2016
19 MELASAT Low-Cost Metasurface Leaky-Wave Antenna for Mobile Satellite Communications 2016
20 4FOLD Phase 2 4FOLD Reduction of the International Transport of Empty Containers by Folding 2016
21 BIOCOMPLACK Eco-friendly food packaging with enhanced barrier properties 2016
23 NIPUNA Novel metrology tool for more flexible and affordable 3D validation of large industrial components 2016
24 Arctus Turn-key modular aluminium smelter for a Zero Emission Production Process 2016
25 MitoVin Mechanism and Consequences of the Interplay between Mitosis and Human Papillomavirus Initial Infection 2016
26 CarbonNext The Next Generation of Carbon for the Process Industry 2016
27 IACG-QFIIs Institutional Activism in Corporate Governance: Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors in China 2016
28 MiMo Inference in Microeconometric Models 2017
29 TRAPLAB Lab Based Searches for Beyond Standard Model Physics Using Traps 2016
30 CM Prevention of Cosmetic-Induced Non-Communicable Diseases and Micro Plastics entering Food Chains with the CosmEthics- Health App 2016
31 HONOURs Host switching pathogens, infectious outbreaks and zoonosis; a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Training Network 2017
32 FUNGITAINER FUNGITAINER: Innovative Modular and Mobile Indoor Farm for Mushrooms and Substrate Production 2017
33 BENDER BiogENesis and Degradation of Endoplasmic Reticulum proteins 2017
34 MoMa Mobility and management of cattle in Iron Age and Roman Netherlands 2018
35 TROPICSAFE Insect-borne prokaryote-associated diseases in tropical and subtropical perennial crops 2017
36 SYSTEMIC Systemic large scale eco-innovation to advance circular economy and mineral recovery from organic waste in Europe 2017
37 BIOSEA Innovative cost-effective technology for maximizing aquatic biomass-based molecules for food, feed and cosmetic applications 2017
38 GLOBALFIRMS Global Firms and Global Value Chains: Measurement and Mechanisms 2018
40 PIXEL Port IoT for Environmental Leverage 2018
41 MITIG Addressing MITochondrial Import by Glioblastoma cells to rewire respiratory metabolism 2019
42 TakeupSLaCk Role and regulation of dendritic cell functions by Solute Carrier Transporters 2019
43 IFDG INNOVATION, FIRM DYNAMICS AND GROWTH: what do we learn from French firm-level data? 2018
44 INPHORS Intracellular phosphate reception and signaling: A novel homeostatic system with roles for an orphan organelle? 2018
45 Stibiox Innovative antimony recovery process from lead and plastics wastes. 2018
46 PISPA Plytix Information Sharing Platform and Analytics 2018
47 MycoRailway Discovery and molecular investigation of mycobacterial transporters responsible for iron acquisition 2018
48 GENESE 17 Geometries of Exotic NuclEar StructurE 17 2018
49 InteropEHRate Interoperable EHRs at user edge 2019
50 FOG Frequency protector generator for honeybees 2019
51 TRAXEN tracking TRAXEN – Ultra low power, long life tracking sensor 2019
52 IRIOA Interactions between reversible and irreversible Operator Algebras. 2019
53 RetroChrom Deciphering the molecular mechanisms of HIV DNA nuclear import and the impact of 3D genome organization on integration site selection 2019
54 DiBiCoo Digital Global Biogas Cooperation 2019
55 NanoPhosTox Nanocomposite Engineered Particles for Phosphorus Recovery and Toxicological Risk Assessment for the Aquatic Environment 2020
56 FertiCycle New bio-based fertilisers from organic waste upcycling 2020
57 PCBIS Printed Circuit Board Innovative Solution 2019
58 SynOil Taking SynOil to the market: Synthetic oil (SynOil) from plastic waste with the molten zinc reactor 2019
59 NGTax Next Generation Taxonomy: Ciliophora and their bacterial symbionts as a proof of concept 2020
60 SAFELiMOVE advanced all Solid stAte saFE LIthium Metal technology tOwards Vehicle Electrification 2020
61 ARENHA Advanced materials and Reactors for ENergy storage tHrough Ammonia 2020
62 TOC-maker The assembly and structure of the chloroplast protein import machinery in plants 2020
63 MRTFSen MRTF/SRF signalling in regulation of cell senescence and melanoma progression 2020