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H2020 projects about "inversion"

The page lists 50 projects related to the topic "inversion".

# achronym  title  year 
1 3DWISE 3D Full Waveform Inversion on seismic data at the East Pacific Rise 2015
2 FITINV Fitness consequences of chromosome inversion polymorphism in mimetic butterflies 2015
3 APGAR Air Pollution, Growing brAin and cognitive disordeR in children 2015
4 FE-RUS-Blast Finite Element Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy to Characterize Maturation of Cortical Bone Elastic Properties 2015
5 WINTERC-3D Thermochemical imaging of the Earth’s mantle: Global inversion of seismic waveforms, satellite gravity data and surface elevation 2015
6 MAMSIE Mixing and Angular Momentum tranSport of massIvE stars 2016
7 HPC4E HPC for Energy 2015
8 SBNAF Small Bodies: Near and Far 2016
9 TopInSy Novel phases of matter emerging from topology, interactions, and symmetries 2016
10 Standard EF The research of spin orbit torques in perpendicular magnetic anisotropy systems. 2016
11 ADAPTIVE INVERSIONS Chromosomes on shuffle: disentangling the relative contributions of natural selection, sexual selection, and drift on the evolution of a chromosomal inversion. 2016
12 MIRACLS Multi Ion Reflection Apparatus for Collinear Laser Spectroscopy of radionuclides 2017
13 SOLMAG Solar magnetic field and its influence on solar variability and activity 2016
14 DMD2CURE Correction of duplications in the DMD gene by a CRISPR/Cas9 approach 2017
15 REALISM Reproducing EArthquakes in the Laboratory: Imaging, Speed and Mineralogy 2016
16 INVERTIDAL Chromosomal rearrangements and diversification on environmental gradients 2016
17 ENIGMA European training Network for In situ imaGing of dynaMic processes in heterogeneous subsurfAce environments 2017
18 ASPIRE Advanced Smart-grid Power dIstRibution systEm 2016
19 GEMex GEMex: Cooperation in Geothermal energy research Europe-Mexico for development of Enhanced Geothermal Systems and Superhot Geothermal Systems 2016
20 MiTopMat Microstructured Topological Materials: A novel route towards topological electronics 2017
21 MIR-BOSE Mid- and far-IR optoelectronic devices based on Bose-Einstein condensation 2017
22 321 from Cubic To Linear complexity in computational electromagnetics 2017
23 LINKIP Linking time domain spectral IP to hydraulic properties for environmental and engineering applications 2018
24 HYPNOTIC Hybrid Indium Phosphide on Silicon nanophotonics for ultimate laser diodes, flip-flops and memories 2017
25 OPLD Organic Polariton Laser Diode 2017
26 EMPHASIS Enabling Multifunctional Plasmonics on Hybrid Artificial Scale-Integrated Systems 2018
27 ISSP Infrastructuring SuStainable Playbour 2018
28 ESPSI Eruption Source Parameters for Explosive Eruptions in Iceland Over the Last 3 ka 2017
29 ROLEDS Highly Efficient Photoemitters for Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Intramolecular Rotation 2017
30 VHPC Optical valley Hall effect in gapped graphene for infrared and terahertz light photodetection 2017
31 FAST Fast electronics with Antiferromagnetic SpinTronics 2017
32 DNA ORIGAMI MOTORS Constructing and powering nanoscale DNA origami motors 2017
33 ADVISE ADVanced Inspection of Complex StructurEs 2017
34 IN2DIAG Application of genomic inversions as diagnostic markers in precision medicine 2017
35 XSTREAM X-ray-waveforms at the Space-Time Resolution Extreme for Atomic-scale Movies 2017
36 CASTLES Charge And Spin in TopologicaL Edge States 2018
37 NEWTON NEw Windown inTO Earth's iNterior 2018
38 MATHROCKS Multiscale Inversion of Porous Rock Physics using High-Performance Simulators: Bridging the Gap between Mathematics and Geophysics 2018
39 GRASP-ACE Development of GRASP radiative transfer code for the retrieval of aerosol microphysics vertical-profiles from space measurements and its impact in ACE mission 2018
40 IPTheoryUnified Inverse boundary problems: toward a unified theory 2018
41 BrainBehaviourModel Understanding decision making by linking brain and behaviour 2018
42 PICVOLC DePICting the interior of active VOLCanoes to reduce volcanic hazards: application to the present unrest at Nevado del Ruiz (Colombia) - PICVOLC 2019
43 ChEESE Centre of Excellence for Exascale in Solid Earth 2018
44 EUPHORIA Enhancing Ultrasound and PHOtoacoustics for Recognition of Intestinal Abnormalities 2019
45 STRATASCAPE Modelling and inverting the deep marine sedimentary record to constrain Atlantic Passive Margin landscape evolution 2019
46 XmonMASER Josephson maser and heat transport in dissipative open quantum systems 2019
47 TOCINA Topological Crystalline Insulator Nanowires 2019
48 FRESCO FeRroElectric control of Spin-charge interCOnversion 2020
49 TRAPS-2D Understanding The Role of the defects to Accomplish high Performance and Stable Two Dimensional Devices 2020
50 CHLARE CHromospheric magnetic fields in fLAREs and their evolution 2021