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H2020 projects about "linker"

The page lists 23 projects related to the topic "linker".

# achronym  title  year 
1 Lx Micelles Coordination chemistry in doubly stabilized micelles for the tageted delivery of cytostatic drugs in cancer therapy 2015
2 PULVERCOAT Low Curing Temperature Powder Coatings for Outdoor Applications 2015
3 DendroBAP Green and robust approaches towards dual-purpose dendritic adhesives: Novel minimally invasive methodologies for bone fracture fixation applications 2015
4 Cleanup-MOFs Decontamination of emerging pollutant using porous Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) and silica-MOFs composites 2016
5 DEGLUMINATE Light-Responsive Adhesives for Debond-on-Demand Solutions 2016
6 ADC Next-Generation Antibody-Drug Conjugates for safer and more effective cancer therapies 2016
7 SWEETBULLETS Sweet Theranostics in Bitter Infections - Seek and Destroy 2017
8 MaintainMeth Quantitative analysis of DNA methylation maintenance within chromatin 2017
9 FluMToGaC Florinated MOF for toxic gas capture 2018
10 Green-linker Innovative eco-friendly crosslinker for leather and textile finishing 2017
11 LIDOS Light-Induced Spin Switch using Dynamic Organic Species 2018
12 BiT-XLMS Development of comprehensive and user-friendly bioinformatics tools to study protein structures and interactions in mass spectrometry-based chemical cross-linking 2019
13 DETRIMODE DEgradation TRIggered by MOdular DEsign 2018
14 Green-linker Innovative eco-friendly crosslinker for leather and textile finishing 2018
15 PULVERCOAT Low Curing Temperature and Energy Efficient Powder Coatings 2018
16 MMQIP Molecular Magnets: Coordination Cages, Frameworks and Multifunctional Materials 2020
17 CENGIN Deciphering and engineering centriole assembly 2019
18 MATCH Discovering a novel allergen immunotherapy in house dust mite allergy tolerance research 2020
19 TACT Targeted Anti-Cancer Therapies 2020
20 RECOBIN-PROTACs Reversible Covalently Binding PROTACs Technology for Protein Degradation in Cancer Therapy 2020
21 LINKER Elucidating transcriptional rewiring on hematological malignancies via computational methods 2020
22 MicroSynCom Mechanisms of Microglia Synapse Communication 2020
23 DNAGAM DNA-guided self-organized active materials 2020