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H2020 projects about "rain"

The page lists 40 projects related to the topic "rain".

# achronym  title  year 
1 LOWBRASYS a LOW environmental impact BRAke SYStem 2015
3 SEERS Snapshot spEctral imagEr for cost effective IR Surveillance 2015
4 I-ALLOW Imaging analysis in all lighting and off weather conditions 2015
5 DIMR Data Intensive Modelling of the Rhizosphere Processes 2015
7 WATLY An autonomous and mobile water treatment plant powered by solar energy 2015
8 TWORAINS Winter Rain, Summer Rain: Adaptation, Climate Change, Resilience and the Indus Civilisation 2015
9 LiNaBioFluid Laser-induced Nanostructures as Biomimetic Model of Fluid Transport in the Integument of Animals 2015
10 AggregationKinetics Emergence of Large Particles in Cluster-Cluster Aggregation 2017
11 ROCSAFE Remotely Operated CBRNe Scene Assessment Forensic Examination 2016
12 EPIDYN Life on a leaf: species interactions and community dynamics in epiphyll communities 2016
13 EUREC4A Elucidating the Role of Clouds-Circulation Coupling in Climate 2016
14 SmartRAIN SmartRAIN: an IoT-based solution for real time rain mapping 2016
15 HyPump Enabling Sustainable Irrigation through Hydro-Powered Pump for Canals 2016
16 WINNER smart WINg panels for Natural laminar flow with functional Erosion Resistant COATings 2016
17 IDRICA Improving Drought Resistance in Crops and Arabidopsis 2016
18 RAINOLVE Accurate irrigation controller with multi-sensoring and interactive cloud-based platform to evaluate real plant needs and save up to 80% of water 2017
19 EXPECTATION Emerging Visual Expectation in the Brain 2018
20 MossTree A new smart city climate infrastructure with a capacity for reducing air pollution equivalent to 275 normal trees 2017
21 DrySeasonPf Dry season P. falciparum reservoir 2018
22 RAINDROPS Resilience and Adaptation in Drylands. Identifying past water management practices for drought-resistant crops 2018
23 FLOWCAASH FLOW Control Actuators at Aircraft scale manufacturing by SLM with high aerodynamic performance for using in Harsh environment 2018
24 ODALISS Optical Data Payload for Small Satellites – A complete satellite platform with integrated optical communications system for increased data transfer rates. 2018
25 CHOPIN Coatings with Hydrophobic and/or Omniphobic Properties against INsect contamination. 2018
26 LISTEN Lost In translation: Strengthening communication skills between real world and climaTe modEls for seasonal to decadal predictioN 2019
27 ULTRACEPT Ultra-layered perception with brain-inspired information processing for vehicle collision avoidance 2018
28 HyArchi Targeting Root Hydraulic Architecture to improve Crops under Drought 2018
29 LEP4BLADES Innovative Leading Edge Protection System for Wind Turbine Blades 2018
30 BICAR The definitive 100% energy autonomous, CO2-free and recyclable last mile solution 2018
31 Modules New Technology for High Resistant and Flexible Fabric Structures 2018
32 Polygreen The acrylamide free Superabsorbent Polymer for agriculture water footprint reduction 2018
33 RAINOLVE Accurate irrigation controller with multi-sensoring and interactive cloud-based platform to evaluate real plant needs and save up to 80% of water 2019
34 AIRWAVES Automated high resolution water sampler for environmental monitoring 2019
35 CloudCT Climate CT- Cloud Tomography by Satellites for Better Climate Prediction 2019
36 Photonic Radar Implementation of Long Reach Hybrid Photonic Radar System and convergence over FSO and PON Networks 2019
37 SUNCOAT Protecting wind-turbine leading edges with nanoengineered superhydrophobic urethane coatings 2019
38 ELEKTRORAIN Efficient and connected rain-gun sprinkler irrigator 2019
39 GLOBAL Tropical rain forest diversification: a GLOBAL approach 2020
40 SAInTHz Structuration of aqueous interfaces by Terahertz pulses: A study by Second Harmonic and Sum Frequency Generation 2020