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H2020 projects about "ras"

The page lists 25 projects related to the topic "ras".

# achronym  title  year 
1 ELOXIRAS Electrochemical Oxidation in the Recirculating Aquaculture Systems Industry 2014
2 GETUI Gestures in Tangible User Interfaces 2015
3 HepatoRiSK A new tumor suppressor role for RSK2 in hepatocellular carcinoma 2015
4 ELOXIRAS Electrochemical Oxidation in the Recirculating Aquaculture Systems Industry 2015
5 Lipid and Polarity The diffusion and nanoclustering of a polarity module in the lipid environment 2016
6 VicInAqua Integrated aquaculture based on sustainable water recirculating system for the Victoria Lake Basin (VicInAqua) 2016
7 MARS Mechanism of allosteric regulation of SHP2 phosphatase and its role in cancer and geneticdiseases: a multidisciplinary computational, structural and biological approach 2017
8 SAKLAS Feasibility of Salmon and Kingfish Land-Based Aquaculture Systems, Phase 1 2016
9 THERACAN Novel therapeutic strategies to treat pancreatic and lung cancer 2017
10 IVORIaN RAS/C-RAF interaction: A new pharmacological target in Kras-driven lung cancer. 2017
11 SAMNets Investigation of adaptive design and rewiring of Survival-Apoptosis-Mitogenic (SAM) signalling transduction network 2017
12 CLATHROPROBES Chiroptical, optical and magnetic probes for protein sensing based on cage metal complexes 2018
13 GeroProtect Developing Geroprotectors to Prevent Polymorbidity 2017
14 COLOSSUS Advancing a Precision Medicine Paradigm in metastatic Colorectal Cancer: Systems based patient stratification solutions 2018
15 SecureIoT Predictive Security for IoT Platforms and Networks of Smart Objects 2018
16 ChemRAS Chemical probing of transcriptional RAS effectors 2019
17 UB-RASDisease The ubiquitin system in RAS-driven disease 2018
18 SUPERA Supporting the Promotion of Equality in Research and Academia 2018
19 Stress Granules Using Reconstituted Stress Granules to Gain Insight into the Molecular Pathology of Neurodegenerative Diseases 2019
20 ROBINS Robotics Technology for Inspection of Ships 2018
21 FutureEUAqua Future growth in sustainable, resilient and climate friendly organic and conventional European aquaculture 2018
23 RASImmune Targeting RAS driven tumour immune evasion 2019
24 NOSCAR decipheriNg Oncogenic SIgnalling patterns to break CAncer drug Resistance 2020
25 RASATaC Regulating RAS Activity to Target RAS-Driven Cancers 2020