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1 Science at Aveiro Science@Aveiro, General public and researchers – Closing the Gap. 2014
2 AORAC-SA Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance Support Action 2015
3 MOCT Spectral Theory of Non-Selfadjoint Markov Processes with Applications in Self-Similarity, Branching Processes and Financial Mathematics 2015
4 AARC Authentication and Authorisation for Research and Collaboration (AARC) 2015
5 RABIOPRED RABIOPRED - Clinical validation of BIOmarker assay to PREDict treatment response in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) patients 2015
6 CTCPlus Multi-Parameter Monitoring and Control System for Grain Silo Plants (CTC+) 2015
7 REMAGHIC New Recovery Processes to produce Rare Earth -Magnesium Alloys of High Performance and Low Cost 2015
8 ONEPLY The Greenest Tissue Paper in the World 2015
9 IMMUNE-EXPRESS Proteasome-Mediated Gene Expression in Plant Immunity 2016
10 CARMI Cosmology, Astronomy, and Religion in Medieval India 2017
11 TICKLE ME Self and others in the sensorimotor system: a computational neuroanatomy of sensory attenuation 2017
12 ESASTAP 2020 Strengthening Technology, Research and Innovation Cooperation between Europe and South Africa 2020 2016
13 CALIPRI Smart CALIPRI Smart - the easy to use and failsafe handheld optical gauge for 2D-profiles. 2016
14 GUPPYSEX Evolutionary genetics of guppy sex chromosomes 2016
15 TimePROSAMAT Time-Programmed Self-Assemblies and Dynamic Materials 2016
16 GlycoImaging Imaging and detection of tumor-associated glycan structures on tumor cells 2017
17 HPE1 New high-performance excipients in pharmaceutical industry: an innovative solution for a more efficient and sustainable drug manufacturing process. 2016
18 Spontaneous activity Functional role of neuronal spontaneous activity for sensory processing 2018
19 SAURON Scalable multidimensionAl sitUation awaReness sOlution for protectiNg european ports 2017
20 SAbDA Sustainability Assessment based on Decision Aiding 2018
21 IN-PREP An INtegrated next generation PREParedness programme for improving effective inter-organisational response capacity in complex environments of disasters and causes of crises 2017
22 SAYSO Standardisation of situational Awareness sYstems to Strengthen Operations in civil protection 2017
23 PERCAL Chemical building blocks from versatile MSW biorefinery 2017
24 MCodaq Mcodaq is a new benchtop instrument for fraud detection in cosmetics, perfumes, candles and other consumer products, based on NMR and used by technicians without specific analytical chemistry skills 2017
25 MEACTOS Mitigating Environmentally Assissted Cracking Through Optimisation of Surface Condition 2017
26 StressGene The Genetics of Morbidity and Survival in Response to Significant Life Stressors 2017
27 NEUROON-MED NEUROON-MED – the future of at-home diagnosis of sleep disorders 2017
28 OpenPhilology Open Philology: The Composition of Buddhist Scriptures 2018
29 METEOR Recruiting electronic researcher to develop a predictive sensor to prevent frost on sensitive equipment 2017
30 CLINGLIO A Clinical Phase IIB trial with 2OHOA in patients with newly-diagnosed malignant glioma. 2017
31 KANTINSA Kant in South America 2018
32 REMOTE Remote area Energy supply with Multiple Options for integrated hydrogen-based TEchnologies 2018
33 PREDESA Non-invasive technology for remote screening and personalised therapy of sleeping disorders: EU piloting and commercialisation project 2017
34 Skypull Harnessing the power of high altitude winds - the biggest energy resource yet unexploited by humankind 2017
35 SynchroGuard Real-time distribution grid monitoring and automated fault management system 2018
36 Gri3D The industrialization and market entry of a novel bioengineered hydrogel grid to standardize stem cell cultures for precision medicine. 2018
37 SOFTCAR The cleanest and lowest cost car ever! 2018
38 MotionTech Tomorrow’s mobility solutions, today 2018
39 MEsHH DNA MEthylation for HPV-related disease among women living with HIV 2018
40 MODES Multimode light shaping: from optical fibers to nanodevices 2018
41 PreMa Energy efficient, primary production of manganese ferroalloys through the application of novel energy systems in the drying and pre-heating of furnace feed materials. 2018
42 ELASTIC A Software Architecture for Extreme-ScaLe Big-Data AnalyticS in Fog CompuTIng ECosystems 2018
43 ELEVATE ELEVATE - Automated Detection & Response Control Access Network Security Platform to face the most sophisticated security threats 2019
44 Neural Grader Neural Grader - Digitizing the Wood Industry 2019
45 EPS55 Electric Propulsion System for the Air Transportation of Tomorrow 2019
46 EMESAS Early Modern Exchanges in Sanskrit Astral Sciences 2019
48 PHOTALLICA 1,2-Dicarbofunctionalization of Alkenes by Merging Photoredox and Transition-Metal Catalysis 2019
50 StaphIMPACT SA.100: Next-generation targeted antibacterial product entering European market 2019
51 ASTORIA Advanced Steady and unsTeady distORtion sImulAtor 2019
52 SA-VOIR Assessing the feasibility of MT-011, a first-in-class drug to treat glaucoma and other neurodegenerative diseases via a breakthrough mechanism-of-action 2019
53 Proteomes-in-3D Three-dimensional dynamic views of proteomes as a novel readout for physiological and pathological alterations 2020