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H2020 projects about "strained"

The page lists 20 projects related to the topic "strained".

# achronym  title  year 
1 Strained2DMaterials Unlocking new physics in controllably strained two-dimensional materials 2015
2 POPSTAR Low power consumption silicon optoelectronics based on strain and refractive index engineering 2015
3 ORRmetIR Development and in situ Infrared study of Novel Strained Core-shell Electrocatalysts: Towards an Understanding of the Oxygen Reduction Mechanism 2015
4 PhotoniX PHOtonic Transmitters for Optical Networks and Interconnects in energy-efficient datacentres, supercomputers and homes based on VCSELs 2015
5 WAYTOGO FAST Which Architecture Yields Two Other Generations Of Fully depleted Advanced Substrate and Technologies 2015
6 REMINDER Revolutionary embedded memory for internet of things devices and energy reduction 2016
7 CyclAr Cyclic Arylenevinylene Polymers 2016
8 ANSWER Autonomous Soft Robots Without Electronics 2016
9 3DAM 3D Advanced Metrology and materials for advanced devices 2016
11 SONO-textile An advanced process for coating medical textiles with antibacterial nanoparticles through a one-step sonochemical reaction 2017
12 TELIOTES Thermal and ELectronic Transport in Inorganic-Organic ThermoElectric Superlattices 2018
13 ProMotion Probing Majorana quasi-particles and ballistic spin-momentum locking in topolocical insulatornanostructures 2018
14 WIREDETECT High resolution X-ray detectors based on nanowire arrays 2019
15 SCHINES Spatially-Separated Chirality Inspired Networks 2019
16 N-STRAINED Nitrogen-Radical-Based Radical Strain-Release Strategies for the Divergent Assembly of Polyfunctionalized 3D-Building Blocks 2019
17 BiREDOX Bi(III)/Bi(V) Redox Catalysis for Organic Synthesis 2019
18 BioSolar Leaf A sustainable highly efficient cultivation system that produces plant-based, organic, and healthy food ingredients 2019
19 IMPACT Industrial Manufacturing Process for A high temperature superconducting Coated conductors Technology 2020
20 CHALLENGES Real time nano CHAracterization reLatEd techNloGiEeS 2020