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H2020 projects about "threaten"

The page lists 47 projects related to the topic "threaten".

# achronym  title  year 
1 URDNA Origin and Protection of Unstable Repetitive DNA Elements During Sexual Reproduction 2015
2 FireAndRiskPrevention When the smoke clears: predicting and preventing catastrophic erosion and flooding after wildfires in volcanic terrains 2015
3 BIWAS Biological Water Alarm System (BiWAS) for protection of urban drinking water infrastructure against CBRN threats 2015
4 REVEN-X1 REVEN-X1: Automatic Vulnerability Detection in Binary 2015
5 StressNetAdapt Understanding evolutionary abiotic stress-network plasticity as foundation for new biotechnological strategies 2015
6 BioFUNC Maintenance of species diversity and the stability of ecosystem functioning 2016
7 ESTUARIES Estuaries shaped by biomorphodynamics, inherited landscape conditions and human interference 2015
8 COMRADES Collective Platform for Community Resilience and Social Innovation during Crises 2016
9 SMART Sustainable Market Actors for Responsible Trade 2016
10 TAIAC Breaking the paradigm: A new approach to understanding and controlling combustion instabilities 2016
11 BIO-Banana IN and OUT BIO: Banana IN and OUT - engineering resistance against Panama disease in banana 2016
12 AIMMS STAR-PLUS Scientific Top Training in Antimicrobial Research 2016
13 EASTMED-PALEOTSUNAMI Towards a paleotsunami chronology in the southern Aegean and Levantine seas, Eastern Mediterranean 2016
14 SIRCAH Secretariat for the International Research Consortium on Animal Health 2016
15 RICA Reputation Matters in the Regulatory State: Re-thinking the Fundamentals of Regulatory Independence, Credibility and Accountability 2017
16 SMARTTS Smart Tanks for Space 2017
17 SLATE Submarine LAndslides and Their impact on European continental margins 2017
18 PERIGROWTH States, firms and, sustainable economic growth: A view from the periphery 2018
19 PROFILE How should automated profiling be regulated? 2018
20 ZIRONITRO Constructed wetland to produce high-quality drinking water free from nitrates 2017
21 WATER4AGRI Securing water for food and safety with the world's most advanced soil moisture information derived from satellites 2017
22 SWFsEUROPE Legitimacy, Financialization, and Varieties of Capitalism: Understanding Sovereign Wealth Funds in Europe 2018
23 GEMS The World of the Gáidhealtachd and the origins of the Early Modern British State, 1513-1594. 2018
24 ConHuB Resolving the links between poverty and rule-breaking in a conservation context 2018
25 FIRE Fire Impacts in Rainforest Ecotones 2019
26 GEiMS GridEye State Estimation of Medium Voltage Distribution Systems 2018
27 PATH2EVOL Unravelling pathogen evolution breaking down crop resistance in agricultural ecosystems 2018
28 PathEVome Do Pathogen Extracellular Vesicles Deliver Crop Disease? 2018
29 CerQuS Certified Quantum Security 2019
30 SteriWeed The first bioherbicide blocking germination of herbicide-resistant weeds 2019
31 EDOWE Economical Deep Offshore Wind Exploitation 2019
32 DOGMATiCC Digestion, OsmoreGulation and Metabolism in fish relevant to AquaculTure and in a Changing Climate 2019
33 PRISENODE PRISENODE: Privacy- and secuRity-aware solutIons in SoftwarE-defiNed fOg Data cEnter 2020
34 ICL CHROM DNA interstrand crosslink repair and chromatin remodelling 2020
35 CASCADES CAScading Climate risks: towards ADaptive and resilient European Societies 2019
36 EAR Audio-based Mobile Health Diagnostics 2019
37 PALAEOCON Conservation palaeobiology of terrestrial and marine carbon sinks 2019
38 Vertical Sky Vertical Sky, the next generation wind turbine for sustainable, silent and decentralized energy production. 2019
39 FAIRWORK FAIRWORK: Building a Fairwork Foundation 2019
40 OLIGOARCHIVE Oligoarchive - Intelligent DNA Storage for Archival 2019
42 PANTHEON Novel Approaches for Plant Health Monitoring 2019
43 COENCO Display Color-enriching nano coating for mobile displays 2019
44 LOSS Narratives of Loss: Unravelling the Origins of Support for Socially Conservative Political Agendas 2020
45 NEMABOX Deciphering the cyst nematode parasitic program by uncovering how their virulence is orchestrated 2020
46 MicroMISTRANS Error-prone protein synthesis in fungal pathogens Microsporidia: its scope and potential therapeutic targeting 2020
47 ULTRA-VIOLENCE Ultras in Portugal: Narratives of Violence, Politics and Gender 2020